oh WHOA Hi Sup Guys so we’re doing Another Optical Illusion Video I really liked the last one I wanted to do Another one When your hair Malfunctions (we feel you girl) so we’re Gonna get right into this So this is a Picture of some Cars on a street it looks like an Old Style pic Until You go to the next One and They’re Just Toy Cars on a piece of wood at a angle so it’s like how do You go from this to this I mean that’s Pretty insane Angles Are Everything talking to all you Girls on insta. so take a look at this When you look, away it’s supposed to speed up so Oh my god it’s going so fast I can See that the Corner of my eye is going really fast Try it (awkward silence yeah ) Oh my god Stare at this for 30 Seconds and Watch van Gogh Starry night come alive Yo I ain’t got 30 Seconds But Let’s Stare at it whoa this is like some Real-Life Hypnotism Hypnotism Hypnosis I don’t even know how to say it whoa is this like Trippy Right now okay, I don’t see van Gogh’s Starry night Anywhere Have I not Been Staring at it Long enough whoaooa Is how you Brainwash People? is this what Drugs Feels like? Is this what happens when you Take Marijuana ? I Don’t See Anything but Spinning ass Circles Whoa, whoa No Dude Everything is Moving my Drink Is moving whoa, I want to do that again hold on i’m Gonna Stare at this again Cuz it like Makes Everything move like Really Freaky, oh you’re Supposed to look at. His Starry, night pic After First we’re gonna look at this I think I’ve been brainwashed enough I mean I aint got 30 seconds to just chill here string at this and then look at this Wow It’s moving it’s moving it’s coming to life okay, it’s not as cool as like real life Stuff I suggest you look at that and then you look around your room and everything is like Yeah Alright so this is a gif its Definitely Moving that’s not an Illusion it’s Definitely Moving so blink fast Or wave your Hand in Front of it very fast I? Feel like Unless Blink I See, like Stuff all Around like Changing Images Okay, that that ain’t that cool Calm Yo Titties I saw This I saw this the other Day and I was like no way? no way in Heck the blue and Green Spirals are Actually the Same color you see this That’s not the Same color as This, oh so see Exposed No These are not the Same color Copy pasted Into Photoshop Whatever use the Eyedropper it’s not the Same color yeah We go put this a Photoshop We’re Gonna find out for Ourselves okay so you say the blue and the green are the Same Colors How Could it be the Same Colors I just selected it it’s green I just selected it as blue I don’t I don’t trust this I don’t get These Things Don’t don’t fall for These things but it’s not the Same Colors I don’t trust These Optical Illusions Anymore when you look at these two pics Which circle Looks Bigger This Orange, One Or this Orange One Obviously This one Looks much Bigger but There’s Supposed To be the Same Size Even When I zoom in that Does all Look right, We gonna Test this out okay so that? oh my god it Is It’s the Same Size Jeez Christ it’s Jason Bourne they, don’t Look like it I think you could agree Those Two oranges They’re The Same Size but do the Carpet Match the Drapes What what what so this Is the Sculpture in New Zealand it’s not a picture it’s not Photoshopped or Anything it’s supposed To be a tissue it’s real yeah this is the coolest Thing ever I love cows that cows Buy it Did They go moo, oh Those are Buffalo they’re not cows, sorry I’m Stupid Sorry, I was jumped on my head as A baby Whoa? so this Dude he Disappears Look at this Look at this What is it a reflection like Behind him? Or something I think it’s a reflection but yeah this is Creepy I don’t know what do You Guys Think? Okay so back to this thing the green and the blue is supposed to be the Same color but I still, don’t get This but Watch This so they’re Taking Away the orange Stripes Right now so Do you see the orange Stripes in Here They’re Taking Away the orange Stripes Just to leave the pink so they took Away the orange Stripes and Now There’s only Pink Stripes and Green and They Took, away the pink That Stars Are all green all Green Look at this again This is the trickiest of Them all like I can’t believe it here’s the original Pink There’s Orange and Pink Stripes Going Through the Green but it’s Making it Look blue and now you Take Away the Orange and you Can See that These are green But Green Right next to the pink Makes it Look blue and you Take it away Oh i can’t i can’t what Is this? Blue Looking at this Pic and the blue I think There’s something Wrong with my eyes Or there’s something wrong with my brain I don’t get This It was blue? And now it’s green, we’re Gonna Stare Screen for This one We’re Gonna Stare at the Middle of the Screen and then We’re Gonna Look at our Hand I Mean This Is similar to the one I just did but I mean I want to do it again because this was fun this Is Like being on Drugs But Without Paying Money for it and Doing DruGs and Failing your Drug Tests and I don’t know I’ve Never done Drugs so i i don’t know what to tell you Guys But i’m Still Staring at this I Think we’ve Stared at it A good length of Time Maybe a couple more Seconds and I feel like is my too slow I like the other One Because it’s like going like Hella Fast but okay, I’m Gonna Look at my hands now Whoa Okay, oh, my eyes Hurt Look at These hot Dogs right Here Delicious right, oh only One cut that’s Cuz, it’s a Drawing so they Drew A hot dog Took all that effort put real Ketchup and Mayo on it And then cut it I don’t like those Kind Of hot Dogs I like the ones you can eat all right Stare at this red dot for ten Seconds Whoa Okay, Just Change colors I’m Staring at the red Dot There’s A Countdown Timer Are you Guys Staring at the red dot You best be Staring at the red dot Tah-dah, oh my god I can See Colors I Mean it Lets You See Colors for a little bit So this Picture went viral a while Ago and I stared at it for so Long Trying to Figure out What was Wrong? With it Cuz it Just Looks like Bricks to me and There’s like a little Pebble Rock Thing I don’t know it just Looks a little off you know if You Guys don’t know what’s wrong with this Picture I’ll give you a second Look at it did you find it yet did you find it yet, do you see the Cigar I Thought This, was a rock at. First but Somebody Just put a cigar like in Between the Break and It Just Looks so often now Once You’ve Seen it you can’t unsee it so one of These Faces Is Female and one is Male Which one is it did you just Assume this dude’s Gender it’s Actually the Same Person. I don’t know If it’s a deuteron Guy don’t ask me But it’s the same face you Probably Said This One was the Male and This one was the Female it Looks like they have Read her Lips It’s the Same exact Picture With Different levels of Contrast, oh Look, what a nice Parrot What’s wrong With it something’s Wrong With It sing your average pair it you Don’t want no fruit Loops Cuz it’s a person With Body Paint See this is the Face This is Their arm It took me a while to see this House like a look at Him Like This Does not Apparent it’s not a Painting of one it’s a person See this is the leg They put the Leg up this is their knee This Is not Family-Friendly Okay, Look at the dot above, we’re Gonna Stare at it Is Anything Gonna Happen Find out on the next Episode of Dragon ball Z? Wow I don’t know why that scared me it just changed Color I Wasn’t Expecting the Pic to move i didn’t Think it was a gif I thought it was Just a pic all right Take a look At this Pic what do you see, Cuz I see good but Apparently it Says good and Evil like inside the good C if you look Closely this is A Ii-V-I L Shook 2017 You Can Make Clouds all you gotta do Get a can Spray Into The Air I’m Kidding you Can, Make I thought it was A cool pick, oh? What A beautiful Pickup some dolphin Swimming Look, We got A dolphin here, We got A dolphin here? We got dolphin here and Here this is the tail this is the dolphin this is Another dolphin But if You Look at it again You Must even do This Grab it are you sure about that it depends how You Look at it if you ask a Kid to look at this Pic They’ll See Dolphins but if You Ask an Adult They’ll See Two People doing Things A Kid will See, Dolphins Because They have no context of what’s going on like They’ve Never Seen This happen they Don’t know what it is they have no cognitive Recognition Is that the word Because the Dolphins? What if your Parents Never Took you to seaworld as a Kid no I remember I wanted to go to seaworld so Bad and all My Cousins, Were like Bragging About it like yeah We went to seaworld I want to go to seaworld and We never want seaworld? Actually We got Tickets I thought my dad got Mad and then We just went Home Without going to see Where all the things that got A refund for the Tickets Bro My life so is this Lady Spinning Clockwise or counter Clockwise Just She changed the Direction I’m Looking at. Her right Now and She’s Going Clockwise I Don’t want to blink and miss it but She’s going Clockwise right now She Keeps Spinning Keep Spinning how Long Is this jiff? Gif I don’t know, oh she Switched she changed she changed, I saw her Changed Proof I saw her Change now She’s going Counterclockwise but Anyways that’s all for Today I hope you guys Enjoyed this Video if you Did Make Sure That Felt like Fettunta that subscribe to the Wolfpack Well I love you guys so much Thanks for Watching bye Guys?


  1. optical illusions! bo3 and ow vids + vlogs soon 😀 (also did a summer games x100+ loot box unboxing stream/vid yesterday)

    have an awesome day!

  2. At 5:02 I know why the stars are blue then turn green the stripes are overlapping the blue stars and there are no pink stripes on the green stars I see the green a tiny bit for the blue stars

  3. I saw evil, because I’m a redhead and there are many many myths about redheads!Can You Do a video on redhead myths please?

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