Online Tutoring Video - Center for Excellence in Writing - Florida International University

Online Tutoring Video – Center for Excellence in Writing – Florida International University

my name is sandy and I'm an online tutor here at the center of excellence and writing I'm here in our Biscayne Bay campus where we conduct online sessions unlike sessions are great if you cannot make it to campus due to work classes or if you're living abroad so just as a person you work one-on-one with the tutor for 45 minutes for sessions we use wconline it is a new program we introduced earlier this year and simple and easy to use in this two-part video series I will show you how to reserve an appointment and in the second part I will show you how to access your appointment written down instructions can be found in the video description or in the automatic email generated after booking an appointment thanks for watching and happy writing welcome to the voiceover on how to reserve an online appointment if you're already familiar on how to book a session feel free to skip ahead to part tube now to start off go to the writing centers website Writing Center FIU edu on the banner click on make an appointment tab after that click on online scheduler this will automatically take you to the online schedulers login page if you haven't made an account yet click on register for an account and provide your student information and register it with your FAU Panther email once registered log in with your email address and password under available schedules select online with the current semester term now we're in the online schedule under the scheduled selection you can see schedules for previous and future weeks it's useful if you wish to book appointments in advance especially if your instructor requires writing Center attendance on the Left column you'll see the names of the online tutors and the right is their availability yellow slots mean the appointment has already been reserved white means the time slot is available at that hour to book a session click on the white time slot to open the appointment pop-up window type in the course ID your instructors name and a brief overview of what you'd like to work on if the work isn't for a class write in na or the title of your project for the course and n/a for instructor for the last box write in if there's anything you'd like your tutor to know such as if you're coming late if you sent your document to our email or if you require special services for a condition once finished click on save appointment and you're done this concludes the tutorial on how to book an appointment this applies to in person appointments as well we have tutors available at MMC BB C and the engineering campus take advantage and see you soon

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