Online Tutoring  as Business

Online Tutoring as Business

online learning for students and teachers is one of the fastest growing trends in educational uses of technology how will this impact my current student base how will it affect revenue growth will this replace my in-person tutoring it's important to understand that online tutoring is not harmful to your franchises it's a compliment to in-person tutoring and should be use as a tool for increasing student performance according to the Department of Education study the blended approach of online learning with face-to-face learning is far more effective for greater student achievement of course having an in-person tutor is extremely beneficial to the student it's having that interaction with another person the voice speaking back to you the body language and the one-on-one relationship that is formed over the course of tutoring the added benefits of having an online tutor coupled with an in-person tutor increase student achievement now the student can go home and if they have questions go online and have access to that tutor it's on demand 24-7 in today's world the average family is a non-stop machine and to be able to have something as convenient and flexible as an online tutor to reinforce what the student has been working on with the in-person tutor does wonders for that student and their family from the standpoint of franchise owner you needn't worry adding online tutoring increases your revenue stream with your current students with whom we've already established brand loyalty online tutoring is not meant to be a standalone program it should be seen as an enhancement so your students still receive the one-on-one in-person sessions within your tutoring centers it's an added bonus for everyone your revenue grows and students are able to have more learning hours which leads to better student achievement let's take a look at how this works the student logs in and gets connected to a tutor the instant messaging and the whiteboard technology the student in tutor can communicate fluidly back and forth working together on the students questions and educational concepts this highly interactive virtual whiteboard features a toolbar with grass shapes and other helpful tools such as a document upload feature that all enhance the learning experience I'm the father of three girls all under the age of 11 often times I've said to my wife I feel very much like a taxi driver with all the activities they have happening dance sports friends sleepovers and then you throw homework on top of it my eleven-year-old for example she struggles with math and science and I do the absolute best that I can to try to help her but often days she'll come home she's she's frustrated she doesn't know what to do and I can't help her all the time we're really fortunate that we've had her in some in-person tutoring sessions she goes initially was going once a week she's now up to twice a week and it's made a huge difference but i will tell you what's made a significant difference and adding to that was the online tutoring sessions what i have seen in the last couple of months with the online tutoring sessions is i see a kid now who's very self-confident she sits down at the computer she interacts online with her tutor it follows up to the things they've been doing in person it's kind of a check back time and I've seen in her personality just a whole different type of kid you know the combination of online tutoring and in-person tutoring has made a significant very positive difference in my family my name is Emily I'm 13 years old and I'm in seventh grade I do cheerleading and I do sailing and I do swimming and dance communicating with the online tutor was very easy whenever I do my homework I asked my parents and they don't always know the answer and it's not like I can go and like call my teacher to know the answer I go online and that makes learning easy and fun usually I go on for just help on understand or help on homework but when I asked him the question he hasn't just give me the answer he asked me more questions that leads fan sir it made me feel a lot better that the tutor was very nice because it kind of boost my self confidence and they said I was doing it right well being able to do it anywhere is a lot easier because whether it's on car rides on trips and on vacation I'm seconds I'll be able to have it anywhere and still not take up time with friends or family it helps a lot I went in for my in-person tutoring on Tuesday and then on Thursday I wanted review for a test and because of that I got 99 I've achieved so much more than I thought I could with the tutoring it's easy flexible convenient and best of all it increases the students learning potential the student will have access to a tutor any time of day and the best part is the notes from the in-person session are related to the online tutor as a follow-up to know exactly what the students working on there is no downtime and trying to catch up with the students progress online tutoring is not a replacement for in-person tutoring in fact it's designed to complement in person tutoring in every way as cited by the Department of Education what else could be better than letting our students know no matter what there's someone there to help guide them on their path to achievement we recognize a successful tutoring experience is based on the trusted relationship you've built in person it's this relationship that enables you to make a confident recommendation of adding online tutoring to your current student base with whom you have a trusted brand

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