Oney Plays Mario Artist: Paint Studio WITH FRIENDS – EP 1 – I Miss Photoshop

Oney Plays Mario Artist: Paint Studio WITH FRIENDS – EP 1 – I Miss Photoshop

Oney Plays! *Chris noises* With friends! Chris: Welcome, to Bario Studio Juilian: Who’s that man? Chris (ignoring Julian): Mario Artist Paint Studio DingDong: AUGH Chris: *laughs* wha? Julian: What is this? DingDong: *shocked* That’s my uncle! *Chris and Julian laugh* Chris: Here we go! Chris: Uhhh?
Julian: How do we play this? Chris: *funny voice* What is this Arabian language? *all laugh* DingDong: It’s okay, you can read it underneath Chris: Stop fucking with me! DingDong: Look, “Four artists can draw together!” Chris: “Animate your drawings!” Chris and DingDong: “Explore!” Chris: Let’s start with this one DingDong: That’s a good idea Chris: Who’s this fucking LOSER?
Julian: There’s a little anime boy DingDong: No, you gotta pick three people!
Julian: I’m gonna throw up Chris: Do I really?
Julian: I’m gonna throw up DingDong: Yeah Chris: Are you guys playing with controllers? Julian: Yeah Chris: Okay Chris: Woah! Chris: Look at this! DingDong: Wow DingDong: We can all draw Chris: This is real! Chris: What are we gonna draw? DingDong: Uhhh
Julian: Oh, I don’t like that Julian: How do I undo? Chris: What we draw? Julian: Am I just- okay
DingDong: *weakly* I want this one Julian: Am I just- okay Chris: Wow this is- this is real fancy DingDong: Ew, I don’t want this color Chris: I’m got a mouse, DingDong and Julian have Chris: Controllers *chuckle*
DingDong: Yeah, we’re using controllers Julian: How did the brothers chaps use this? Chris: This is actually really responsive! Chris: This feels good! DingDong: There you go *Chris makes funni sound* *Chris and DingDong laugh*
Julian: Just start using this from now on! *more funni noise* Chris: *funny voice* hElloo Julian: Oh my god, what happened here? Okay DingDong: I’m gonna choose a new color.
I want this one Chris: Julian this is you! Julian: Spray ca-? Julian: Okay there we go Chris: This is ac- this feels really good Chris:I’m not kidding Chris: This feels better than most actual mouses Julian: Can I not pick black now? DingDong: Well DingDong: Lemme tell ya,
drawing with a controller is not easy Chris: Yeah I know, I did it for the fucking Jet Set Radio, remember? (referencing episode 6 of their Jet Set Radio playthrough) Chris: *giggles*
DingDong: Well DingDong: That didn’t turn out so good Chris: *laugh* DingDong: But we tried Chris: Is that Homer? Chris: *imitates Homer* Chris: He’s a very surprised young man! Chris: *giggle* Chris: Okay, so you can go: Thick, Medium, Marker Chris: Oh fuck me~ Julian: This is very difficult Chris: Pencil
(10/10 commentary) DingDong; I want t fill my drawing in
Chris: *makes noise* DingDong: There he is, it’s Homer Chris: Chalk?
Julian: Oh no Chris: Oh you can shade shit?! Chris: Can you undo? DingusDongus: Uhhh DingDong: I think there’s an undo
Is that what this is? DingDong: “Preview” Chris: That thing there? DingDong: “Eraser” Chris: “Rocket” Chris: Rocket? Oh, that kills everything DingDong: Yeah that kills everything Chris: Ummmm Chris: Whas this? Chris: What wou- ohhh DingDong: Oh, you did good there Chris: What the fuck!? DingDong: You blurred it Chris: What’s blurring for?! Julian: yeawhawoudja why would that happen? Chris: I didn’t know!
DingDong: *noises* Chris: I’m gonna give him some rea- DingDong: Look, he’s a Creepypasta! Chris:*laugh* DingDong: Why??? Chris: *stifling laughter* This looks like a Creepypasta Julian: *wheezes* DingDong: Then his eyes bleed! *all laugh* DingDong: Noooo!!! Chris: Just like a Creepypasta Julian: *laugh* DingDong: Whyyyy Chris: This shading’s awesome! DingDong: We should get a bunch of mice for this Chris: Yeah DingDong: This is actua- be fun to come back to Julian: They’d go “squeak squeak squeak” DingDong: Cause the mouse is actually really responsive when I was using it Chris: The mouse is awesome! Chris: This feels great! Chris: Ummm Julian: I wanna get back to the origina- DingDong: Here, this is Julian
Chris: What the fuck is this fucking weird fucking cryptic shit?! DingDong: It’s Julian. See? Chris: Heh, it is Julian DingDong: He’s trapped in the internet Chris: *laughs* Chris: We need to give him his little mustache DingDong: I tried to Julian: *chuckle* He’s trapped in the internet Chris: Thi- this is really good Chris: I did not expect it to feel like this DingDong: Oh look, there’s patterns! DingDong: Here’s a flower! Julian: This is very difficult Chris: Julian look it’s you dude Chris: So everyone at home, I hop- DingDong: It’s so beautiful Chris: I hope you’re having fun Julian: Do they have a paint bucket? Chris: A paint bucket? DingDong: The Pain Bucket™
Julian: I guess not Chris: *laugh*
Julain: Oh, “fill” Chris: You cant- we- Chris: So Chris: This is just for drawing. What’s this? Chris: “Preview”? Crowd: OOOOOOOOHHHH
Chris: What’s preveiw? Aww DingDong: You did it! Chris: Very nice Chris: Awww
DingDong: *chuckle* Hang it on the wall~ Chris: Very *chuckle* nice DingDong: Throw it in the trash
Julian: Can we print this out? Chris: Can we print this out? Julian: Is that a thing? DingDong: Uhh DingDong: I don’t know? Chris: I would love to DingDong: Now he’s a Creepypasta too~ Chris: OOOOOOOO Chris: Here Julian, I’m gonna make you bleed like the bitch you are Julian: Oh boy Chris: *demonic creepypasta noises* Chris(?): I’m sorry Chris: I also want Chris: I want Chris: Crayon Julian: How do I- I- I’m trying to get black again Chris: I like the brush, it feels really nice Chris: This is actua- I love this, I would play this for fucking hours DingDong: I mean, if you had a bunch of people over and you all had mice, this could be really fun for a long time Julian: We’re all sailing on the seeeeaaaa Chris: *chuckle* You’ve got the chaffn’ nipples Julian: My friends and me~ Chris: This is a fucking mess! DingDong: I’m fixing it! Chris: No You’re not! DingDong: Yes I am! Julian: Can you extend the canvas? DingDong: I’m drawing Mario™! Julian: How come the preview guy is so mad? Chris: Where’s the preview guy? Julian: Down here Chris: He’s just bored
Julian: See? He’s mad Chris: He’s bored waiting for you Julian Julian: I’m done Chris: *dying seal noise* DingDong: Look, Mario™! DingDong: Its’a Mario™!
Julian: I maed a boaht Chris: Should we do something else? DingDong: Check this out, this is funny
*proceeds to ruin everything* Chris: NOOOOOO!
Julian: Oh my god! Chris: Here, lelelelet me- DingDong: Lost forever! Chris: Let me draw the basics of something and you guys fill it in, okay? DingDong and Julian: Okay Chris: Ummm what will I draw? DingDong: I don’t know, what will you drawn? Julian: A graaaaaaaaandMAH Chris: A grandma? Julian: Yeah Chris: Wait I’m gonna do that again Chris: *chuckle* Chris: A grandma. Okay, here I go DingDong: I’m upset we didn’t get this game over here Chris: Why didn’t we? This is awesome DingDong: Cuz it didn’t sell well in Japan DingDong: So they just never brought it over here Julian: *laughs* Julian: Why do you always do these pucker mouths, Chris? Chris: Cuz it’s funni Julian: *chuckle* *a seagull flies over head* *a bigger seagull follows* Chris: Grandma? Chris: What’d you give her a fucking dog nose for? DingDong: She’s a Reptoid Chris: *laughs* Julian: *giggles* A Reptoid Chris: No! What is with this?! Chris: What is this?!
DingDong: She’s a Reptoid! Chris: A green line separating hair from skin?! DingusDongus: She’s a Reptoid! Chris: WHAT ARE YOU DOING DingDong: SHE’S A REPTOID Chris: N’fucking idiots Julian: *laughs*
DingDong: Put a tongue on her now Chris: Who is this fucking rancid old bitch? Julian: It’s grandma! Chris: Granma Slime!
Julian: We’ve established this DongDing: She sued the pant’s off of Santa Chris: Are you making her into a tank? Julian: Yeah! Chris: WHAT ARE YOU DOING JULIAN? DingDong: She’s a Reptoid! Chris: Also it’s her birthday~! DingDong: *laughs* Chris: *funni noise* Chris: *laugh* Chris: You guys aren’t taking this picture exercise seriously DingDong: But also she’s a Creepypasta! Chris: *laughs* Chris: She has the craggled fist of an angel DingDong: When her eye’s bleed, you know you’re in for trouble Chris: mdnmy this is a great little mouse I gotta say DingDong: It’s more responsive than my mouse Chris: That’s what I’m saying, I’ve never felt a mouse feel so good before Chris: Well uh, you fucking ruined the grandma, good job DingDong: Fine, she can DIE Julian: THAT WAS THE POINT Chris: *laugh manically*
Julian: NOO
Grandma Slime: *SCREAMS OF AGONY AND PAIN* Julian: NO GRANDMA NOO Chris: *chuckles* DingDong: Ok Julian, do you wanna try the mouse? Julian: nnnnno DD: Oh, you don’t? Julian: No DD: owh 🙁 Julian: Cuz I’ll hog it Chris: I’m gonna drawn the Nostalgia Critic™ Julian: Oh, fuckin’ DO it DingDong: Here let me blur it a little bit Chris: What the fuck are you at?! Julian: Stop doing that! DangDongus: I’m just gonna blur it a little bit Chris: STAHP DiamondDog: lemme just blur it a little bit Julian: Cut it out! Chris: Now- what the fuck is this supposed to be DingDong: Why is that even an option? Julian: Oh, it’s a ghost now! Chris: *chuckles*
DingDong: Why is that an option? Chris: Now I gotta start it again DongDing: Heh, why is that an option? Julian: How do I get my- DingDong: Why would you ever use that? Chris: look its the stolgia critik
Julian: There we go *various chuckles* Julian: *judging* Chris Julian: His are not tiny Julian: But Julian: He does hav- oh, this fuckin’ whatever Chris: *gremlin noises* Julian: He has Julian: Hair like this Chris: NO HE DOESN’T Julian: He does, it sticks out of the top
Chris: What are you at?! Julian: It’s sticks out of the top of his head Chris: He gotta beard Chris: He gotta a nice chiseled chin DingDong: It’s so hard to draw with an analog stick DingDong: *laugh* DingSong: That actually looks pretty good Julian: IT DOES YEAH, IT LOOKS LIKE HIM Julian: CHRIS HOW’D YOU DO THAT DingDong: Oh my god Chris: I’m a fuckin- Julian: Chris that’s incredible Chris: I’m a fucking autismo Chris: How does his hat look? Is that it? Julian: What is that thing? DD: I’ll make Peter Griffin here instead Chris: *giggles* Chris: Does he ha- he has sideburns I remember that Julian: I don’t think he does? Chris: He doesss Julian: It doesn’t look right Chris: He does Chris: What are you talking about Jul- you don’t know shit DingDong: God fucking damnit Chris: I’m gonna shad him like a true master of my craft Chris: “Oil Brush” Julian: Chris, just call this Doodle Doods™ Chris: Ok Chris: WHAT ARE YOU DOING NN STOP Julian I’m trying to get the pencil! Chris: There we go Chris: Everything is back to normal DingDong: It’s so hard to draw wiht an analog shtick Chris: I know Chris: I’m sorry DingDong: Ok, here’s Bart™ DingDong: He’s- Chris: *homer voice* BART DingDong: Very bright Chris: *chuckle* DingDong: He’s also Chris: Hoh my god Julian: *wheeze* Chris: I fucked it up
Julian: *laugh* Chris: This is fucking really hard Chris: I miss photoshop DingDong: Wow, look at my Bart Julian: Photoshop the Pokemon?
(referencing their playthrough of pokemon red) Julian: The Bulbasaur? *sounds* DingDong: Chris, check it out. That’s how good the analog stick is to use Chris: *laughs* DingDong: There’s Bart Chris: Where’s his classic red tie? Chris: *funny laugh* See? It’s him! Chris: *laughs* DingDong: This is a mess
Chris: *laugh* DingDong: eughhhh
Chris: Let’s Creepypasta it! *all laugh* DingDong: You gotta make th-
here I’ll help I’ll help I’ll help
Chris: *gremlin noises* DingDong: You gotta make the eyes black Chris: *creepypasta sounds* Chris: Everything is dyi- *bursts into laughter* DingDong: there you go Chris: I put in a Nintendo cartgridge and the Nostalgia Critic and Peter Griffin bled at me Julian: *laughter* Chris: hehe zahh DingDong: Wait, can we finish this up with one last thing? Chris: Yeah Chris: You’re blurr- *starts laughing* Chris: If you logged into someone’s game and saw this you’d- *laughter interrupts* Chris: You’d fucking scream
DingDong: It’s actually getting worse each ti- *more laughter* DingDong: Look at Peter Griffin! Chris: That’s scary! *even more laughter* Julian: It’s becoming real Chris: Make that Doug your icon on Skype! DingDong: Well move your mouse out of the way!
Chris: You need to stop blurring it! DingDong: Move your mice! Julian: I’m trying! Chris: Leave it leave it! That’s perfect! Julian: We can move when you’re clicking things Chris: That’s awful Chris: HE’S GETTING ANGRIER Chris: HE’S GETTING ANGRY EYES Chris: WHAT IS HAPPENING WHY’S IT DOING THAT
Julian: *STARTS CACKLING* *all laughing* Chris: WHY’S HE LOOK SO SCARY DingDong: There’s a new face revealed! Chris: Okay stop it! DingDong: HE’S TAKING YOU INTO THE DARKNESS

100 thoughts on “Oney Plays Mario Artist: Paint Studio WITH FRIENDS – EP 1 – I Miss Photoshop

  1. After this video, the three were never seen again, and some say they remain trapped in their copy of Mario Artist: Paint Studio.

  2. ive always wondered what song they used for the scary nostalgia critic part. nobody told me what it was until i realized it. it was the nostalgia critics theme slowed down. i feel smart

  3. You know what I fucking hate about nostalgia critic? Every time he cuts back to himself and does one of the lame ass cartoony autist rants he always holds for a beat on whatever stupid face he’s making before cutting back to the footage of a movie. It’s always like one second too long and it’s the most annoying thing.

  4. Ok, so i watch let's plays or listen to podcasts while i play Elder Scrolls games. Its been my jam for the past few years while i relax. This channel specifically is killing me and I'm crying from laughter.

  5. 8:59 "I put in a Nintendo cartridge and the Nostalgia Critic and Peter Griffin bled at me" A line you can only hear here on OneyPlays

  6. Aw, Ding Dong drawing himself and then turning it into Peter Griffin after Julian asked "What's that thing?" is sad.

  7. 6:47 Poor naive Ding Dong from 3 minutes ago,you clearly aren’t as smart as Ding Dong from 3 minutes later

  8. This vid is a great example that I don't see these people as youtubers, I see them as just some friends in a couch that make each other laugh

  9. If I bought some old paint game and found some creepy pasta type drawing on it, I'd just take the fucking cartridge to a priest. I ain't taking my chances with a possibly haunted piece of software.

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