36 thoughts on “'One Less Lonely Night'- Jidnya Sujata | Spill Poetry | Spoken Word

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  2. Is it possible to fall in love in 3 minutes 35 seconds?
    Me after watching this video : Yes. Yes it is….

  3. It's not about love its all about the moment we share with someone special that we never forget and sometimes we not wanna forget them because we still waiting to live that again and thats love😊

  4. Delhi, Mumbai…. are these even in India? Why are these people so obsessed with English and Urdu? Both languages of invaders… And these idiotic "Indians" pushed English on rest of India as well, fucking bastards. It's pathetic I have to type this in English. I would be doing it in Sanskrit if not for these sold out sepoys.

  5. I just visited a Maharashtra Village where there is no water to drink. Why am I listening to this shit?

  6. I think she is trying to do what Monica in F.R.I.E.N.D.S did, but that was Monica and Friends ofcourse. Lol

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