[OLD VIDEO] FORCE AWAKENS... sigh | Video Essay

[OLD VIDEO] FORCE AWAKENS… sigh | Video Essay

Wow this has been something I've been holding in for the last couple of years there's a lot of theories to how the world will end global warming disease Cthulhu but after re-watching force awakens I have a new theory that mankind will eventually die out from mass lobotomy from a culture of pretty images devoid of communicative or thoughtful value I can't be the only one who's noticed as is consistent descent into an era of mediocre script writing it's not overtly apparent but it can be felt a new cultural reliance on stories that isn't rooted in the nursing and exploring honest ideas or communicating authentic feelings but rather a reliance on a collection of old familiar narrative cliches that can be organized to make something now last for two hours and can qualify as a movie on a technical level but it's actually devoid of any particular human substance it feels like we're living in a culture where we're constantly given a bag of sugar rather than an actual meal I mean once in a while we'll get a big film that actually provides something but they always feel so far in-between people accepted force awakens when I first came out just because it wasn't the prequel but it's safe to say now that that specific itch is scratched with so many classic looking star wars films from the last four years that force awakens is looking more and more unremarkable in retrospect but unfortunately it has all the hallmarks of this modern-day growing issue and let me preface this by saying that I don't think force awakens is a god-awful movie by any means or on March pull I'm not insane or blinded by emotion of to disregard that it was made by passionate people but every time i rewatch it it feels like I'm getting kicked in the balls because there's something genuinely rich and powerful that's ready to blossom but it's actively being squashed by a terrible and lazy script that takes no risk and therefore there's no reward it's not a real movie but an imitation that successfully deceives in its flattery because Disney has so clearly understood the inherent guaranteed profitability in providing the familiar and the bare minimum I'm not saying you're an idiot if you like force awakens I'm saying this is why I don't like it and why I feel like I'm an idiot better yet the last sane person in the fucking world while I'm tackling those common criticism head on which is how force awakens rips off the plot to a new hope in the problem isn't that is derivative unoriginal cynical manipulative artistically bankrupt lazy cowardice redundant or wasted opportunity commercially driven shallow disrespectful failure of imagination in a step in the wrong direction when it comes to the movie industry because you can take an old story and pack something new with it nostalgia is ultimately just cosmetics if you have an original Center then it's still redeemable but the big problem is that you can't take an old story beat for beat and then transplant new characters in them because now the themes and ideas are irrelevant to these new characters the story lacks real estate for these new characters to blossom logically you see all Star Wars films even the prequels have two large components that feed into each other a character-driven drama about growing up and then the very politically pointed backdrop that gives everything a more immersive communicative depth the original Star Wars films was about a boy answering the call to action and leaving home to fight an evil empire it's a very simple hero's journey where the Death Star is a very simple artistic way to articulate a gigantic evilness of the Empire while on an artistic intellectual level the Death Star was basically George Lucas's critique on America during the Vietnam War the superior technological power that loomed over and destroyed people's home just because they can and that the heroes of those brave enough to stand up against it everything in the story worked in natural harmony to convey this the good guys are the rebels they're using asymmetric warfare against a highly organized Empire I think we call those guys terrorists when I did it they were Vietcong exactly so were you thinking of that at the time but now for force awakens they took the same story and now it just doesn't line up like if the first order or an allegory for terrorists this time why would they be more technologically superior than the government powers and not only that but now Ray's story is completely irrelevant to anything the story about a lonely girl who has no home waiting for her parents unlike Luke who's a victim of totalitarianism has nothing to do with the themes of rebelling against the dominant Empire unless her parents were taken away by the first order or that the first orders of pressing jakku which were in a really fun direction because they could have explored the relationship of terrorism in the environment and deconstruct the very essence of what differentiates rebellion versus terrorism's you know like half way group of the towers of the heroic rebel was only to live in the world where the rebels of her lifetime are the villains and I'm not saying my idea is amazing by any means because it'd probably make a very boring movie for most people but you need an understanding of the original material that isn't just shallow images and the events but we have now of the actual force awakens is a movie trapped in another movie now shockingly enough I'm not going to devolve this discourse and lazily resort to saying that Wraith and Mary Sue because she's a fantasy character so it's fine oh but how does she know how to fix the Millennium Falcon and I'm like do you need special needs because they wasted 20 minutes of my life establishing and overly emphasizing her life as a boring scavenger who's grown up wasting her life away being a boring mechanic fixing shit so obviously not only is she good with machines but the Millennium Falcon is supposed to be an unremarkable bog-standard ship junk so why wouldn't she be able to fly it or fix it it makes more sense than Luke beam to fly an x-wing like he may be a good bush pilot but you've got to know about military fighter plane controls and how to coordinate with the proper procedures with other pilots to do the correct squadron maneuvers without crashing into each other at out during Luke's childhood of drinking from plastic cups of his overly protective elder they aren't uncle would have taught him that and I like criticizing the original trilogy I'm just saying that it's not a real problem it's a thread that doesn't need to be polled because it doesn't just unravel Force awakens but everything the real problem of Rey is how completely not cystic the poorly thought-out she is here like I think she's a fantastic character in last July because there's some genuinely original intimate character moments that's always genuinely powerful but here nothing makes sense and force awakens like Rey's supposed to be this young girl who longs for adventure and has great potential but is pulled down by her own unwillingness to let go of an empty dream of her parents this is a powerful premise for a character but it doesn't naturally develop at it should and all the details in between are just wrong like logically there should be a moment when she finally lets go of the past and chooses to grow up for Luke it was when his freakin family burned to death for Rey you think it would either be her becoming best friends with Finn or hond becoming a surrogate father or seeing the first road blowing up all those planets but there's no moment in the film devoted into lighting these relationships and events sink in when Luke answers the call for adventure we linger on his sadness and we see his determination take over and we experience everyone's paternal relationship deepening they feel is real and it's a moment where the audience can really truly understand the character underneath any protagonists cliches we don't get the equivalent moment for that for Rey until last Jedi we don't have the quiet scene where Finn and Rey have a heart-to-heart and maybe bond over being abandoned children which would have been a great way to deep and raise search for a home and show that finn has accepted this place as an emotional nomad so it's actually heartbreaking when he leaves her because they both know it's something inevitable instead she's just sort of okay because there he was you she was just some guy that she met after a day similarly again there's no theme of Han like there was with Luke and obi-wan like I can't stress this enough everything writes itself but they couldn't do it if you really think about Han should find Rey as an opportunity to redeem himself as a paternal figure after failing with his actual Sun and thus finally give ray of home so it would actually matter when he dies instead again we don't get anything he's just some old man that offers her a job and they don't develop beyond anything more than that poor Davey Ridley trying her best but is given nothing to work with and the third most baffling opportunity is when the hosnian system blows up we see every character's reaction but hurting instead I don't think she even knows about it because the scene we do get of her she's still focused on wallowing in self-pity and the point I'm trying to make is that Rey is really poorly written because she's treated as being completely obligatory these details and nuances that normally create powerful emotional scenes is something you can only get from immersing yourself into the intricacies of the character like we all have different opinions of West Jedi but this is a harsh contrast how Rey is in last Jedi and how she is in force awakens when it comes to the quality of writing I love how Rian Johnson confronted rays and Liu Suri dreams of her parents by deflating them and committed very deeply to the idea that Rey is a lonely person dealing with the pain of isolated self inadequacy in this fantasy world but what we end up having here in force awakens it's not really a character or someone that feels real but a mascot in development not a real protagonist but someone that seems like a protagonist because what we do get are these well placed but emotionally illogical token mean character moments that doesn't make any sense on any natural level like she has the biggest reaction to horns death even though Han and Finn has to had more screen time together she hugs Leia even though she doesn't know who she is they send rey to find luke with no one else but Chewie even though they probably could have sent someone who's more experienced and as more trustworthy as a representative the only real good scene is the one between her and kylo Ren but that's too little too late ven's art doesn't make any sense and I'm not talking about why a guy from Sanitation would be so proficient with shooting people or is even on the front lines to begin with I'm talking about how these clowns destroyed his entire character arc just for one funny reaction from an old character like in theory Finn's arc should mirror Han Solo's in a new hope they're both about characters who are motivated by a sense of self-preservation but then redeems themselves by coming back at the end and so one of the reasons why Han has to shoot Greedo first because it punctuated the type of person he starts out as and makes his Redemption all the more poignant Finn in contrast is supposed to be a childlike bumbling guy who can't stomach what his side is doing and so he abandons to war and tries to run away to save himself and the moment when he sees two Starkiller base blowing up planets killing trillions of people that's when he feels guilty from his own passive position and so chooses to stop running and to help the good fight and the movie up to this point does a really good job he's my favorite character because he naturally develops like a real relatable person but I couldn't do that right because they added a stupid twist reveal in the end sanitation and how do you know how to disable the shields I don't I'm just here to get right people are counting on us the galaxy is counting on us this character all about developing maturity doesn't have his motivations correctly matured this longing causes Finn to completely utterly deflate instead of guilt and responsibility shaping him like a real person and affecting him instead he's just motivating to wanted to get the girl and I get the sense – originally his arc was about caring about himself and then also about caring about Rey but eventually they must have altered it and thought it was a good idea to bring in the third Death Star because presumably the dumb fans would clap upon seeing something recognizable so it's a character of scenes from two different arcs that negate each other like when he talks to Leia who for some reason looks like a manager at a shop he's not desperately wanting to help the resistance instead it's so then he can trick the resistance into helping him well done you clowns or it's just neglect because they were like you know wouldn't it be funny to see Hans funny reaction if he found out that Finn hadn't changed at all during the whole movie either way this could be re-written so easily just have Finn assume Rey had ran off safely to make his priorities purely to take out the laser to save lives maybe even give him a few more scenes with PO away suddenly feels the loving community of the resistance rather than the cold military culture of the first order and have him bump into Rey by accident on the base ever become all proud of him for standing up and this inspires her to join the fight again I'm not saying this is perfect but these small details matter so now last Jedi is immediately put into the awkward position of do we follow what force awakens' thought it did or do we follow what it actually did because force awakens' thought finn changed by the end because it treats him as a hero when he fights kylo Ren it thought he was standing up as a new man but it's really because he's childishly latched on to a girl and she just got hurt so he's technically still an immature unchanged child but ultimately the last Jedi did a brave thing and called Finn out and gave him the Aki should have had here now I like kylo Ren but only because of last Jedi because he's so confusingly written here because I was supposed to take him seriously or not his introduction is him stopping a laser in midair which anchors the sense of threatening presence but the moment has immediately deflated when Poe doesn't take any of it seriously so it's very hard to understand you water search him like I'm not saying poach to be shitting himself but Leia didn't immediately make fun of Darth Vader's breathing so I'm getting two complete tonal clashes at once and the film is littered with these sort of oxymoronic moments like when he gets pissed off and cuts up the chair it's really intense but the emotions are completely trivialized because it's used as a setup for a joke these two bumbling stormtroopers you're like oops Yuri go to the girl now you could argue that this is the point because kylo Ren is supposed to be an angry child great destructive power and it's a story about the untamable wrath of youth but wrong about this interpretation is that there's an immediate semantic barrier you can read it as such but nothing particular is being said because there's very little connective Anchorage this writing is really lacking in deep characterization we don't get a moment like kylo Ren and Hawk talking about abducting kids and kylo can go off on a rant talking about how fathers don't care that children are taken away or I have a scene where Tyler has an emotional moment seeing Chewie again because it doesn't have any beef with him but he still with someone gone forever in his life instead were given nothing he's effectively a stereotypical Byronic mopey teenage stereotype you seen anime in young adult novels which is a completely fine archetype to build off of but kylo Ren suffers from a lack of strong specific moments I thought kylo Ren is a great character in last July because Rian Johnson identified him as a victim of child abuse there was both a perpetrator and the victim of an unescapable cycle of bad mistakes but here in force awakens is nothing but just bland dialogue ripped straight from other media for the entire film or a big torn apart poor item drivers trying to make it work but it literally felt like Lawrence Kasdan and JJ Abrams just didn't Karen was like well whoever writes them next can do whatever they want we don't want to make any comment commitment through this character just in case people tear him apart like they did with Anakin what's a quick digression Snoke sucks my balls like I remember all the way back in 2015 when I saw him in the cinema I was like oh they don't care because they can't design a more generic looking villain than a growly voiced bald dude with a scarred face and an evil looking robe like didn't even try and I was like there's no way you can go with this character in the future that isn't a generic predictable direction because whatever you convey with this character will be packaged with a stupid space for the more looking guy even the goofy sparkling grandpa robe couldn't give the characters and personality no wonder Rian Johnson just killed him off and was like yeah he's just a generic relic of the past to exemplify the form of generic evil from a pre secular culture here though they tried to make him intimidating and it just sucks there's no presence it's just crap yep I'm gonna moan about this too all right I like Han Solo knowing that weird American male sort of obsession wait for the record my name's not Ted Peterson it's Han Solo but in the original trilogy he's a great charismatic character that actively steals to show whenever he's around I bought from in Return of the Jedi where Harrison Ford for some reason hands it up to children present its level of goofiness for some reason but Han is the root of all the problems and force awakens unfortunately when he shows up this is when the movie immediately collapses on into itself in such a way that there's no return the story ceases to invest in the new characters because they ceased to drive the direction of the story all of its attention is now diverted it's evident even in this introduction just when the movie gives our new characters finally a moment to naturally develop and to drive the clock all that real estate is immediately taken away hon literally shows up to hijack the film all our new characters suddenly lose their agency and become secondary characters if the movie cared they would have taken the opportunity to let the new characters choose to find hon so their motivations can develop you know like half in recognized in general solo must be nearby so it wants to get in touch to get safe passage out of the first order territory but Raymond wants to go back to jakku there's so many possibilities to push these characters in the reading natural direction but no we get nothing again because seemingly JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan just lost their patience and wants to write about that I can't it can't solo and not these two other characters that came up with those over there as a result harnesses weird preserved mascot in the film a guy who hasn't changed and developed like a real person in 30 years I know some people didn't like how Luke was changed in last Jedi because the discarded decades of beloved continuity that celebrated a character for a completely different isolated direction and that's a whole different rabbit hole but that's an artistic character change Han Solo in force awakens a straight-up character assassination like at least Luke was deeply affected by his nephews change Han didn't change at all upon losing his son and was weak unwise and the movie tries to explain this by having Leia be like I just never should have sent him away that's when I lost him that's where I lost you both but that doesn't negate what awful people these characters are there's being flawed and there's giving up on your fucking flesh and blood we both had to deal with it in a wrong way I went back to the only thing I was ever any good at talk about being a bastard and the movie never addresses us there's not even a token line of dialogue that indicates that Han had at least spent a decade looking for him or something or there's not even a scene where Han is sitting alone in the Millennium Falcon looking sad or anything instead he's still the same smiling cheeky guy from before and it's the movie wanting to incompatible things at once and once to have Han Solo be the father to kylo Ren because they want the old fans to accept this new character but they also just want han Solo to be exactly how we remembered him so they haven't committed to the artistic convictions this great character that was once so realistic and dynamic in the original trilogy is now devolved into just another prop to wave around for a round of applause from the audience like the Millennium Falcon or any other nostalgic imagery and it's just sad seeing Han Solo in this movie just makes me sad and depressed and be like this what the Star Wars has come to and if the cherry on this diarrhoea cake is the writing for Han Solo's death it's so mediocre that I'm scratching my head over what could have been the writing process because there's no honesty to the scene it's just a collection of reliable cliches all throughout fiction it works but there's no soul it's the typical you can change I believe when you've seen no one is gonna reference the lines Snoke is using you for your power when you guess what he wants to crush you in the same iconic way as because Hans final moments doesn't dig deep into anything from his character and it doesn't help that we have so little amount of insight on kylo ren's perspective that when he kills Han it feels artistically unearned you can understand the choice to kill Han on a business level but there's no further value we're not given anything between them before the death all we have is this very original safe def scene made up of a series of cliches this is even more infuriating after last Jedi because this one moment when Luke says in my hubris I thought I could train him I could pass on my strengths says more than this entire scene because we learned that han was so out of his depth of Jedi culture that he was disinterested in his own sons importance think about all the narrative opportunities did Han even tried to bond with his son in the past even though we didn't know anything and this was a tragic end of something inevitable or is it the tragedy of a neglectful father trying to fix his lifelong regret think about all the artistic capacity of what could have been done of what could have been explored such a perfect cast a great director and having John Williams while he's still alive with a bottomless check from Disney it's all wasted with a film that has no sense of ambition force awakens and a lot of ways killed star wars for me because it didn't look like there was a future for this franchise it didn't look like there's gonna be any new stories or even the desire to seek for them I look back on the original trilogy and I think of Luke Han Leia and Chewie fighting in the Galactic Civil War then I looked back on the pre-course and I think of Anakin obi-wan and had me during the Clone Wars there was something distinctive about each trilogy like any piece of art George Lucas expressed something vulnerable about his feelings this beautiful charismatic universe that was built on infectious enthusiasm to express something honest his fears hopes believe some dreams shaped by a war that constantly changing flaws so each trilogy was tailored to express his honest emotions about the time maybe that made fans feel alienated when the pre-quiz had little resemblance to the original trilogy in terms of execution but there were films that didn't completely rely on novelty and because of that they have value in them the rebels in the Empire encapsulated a perspective on the Vietnam War the Republic and separatist said something about the Bush administration but the struggle is between the resistance in the first order doesn't encapsulate anything in particular it doesn't feel like real Star Wars but a hollow imitation and I know a lot of people like to say that force awakens captured the spirit of Star Wars but I can't be the only one who believes that the spirit of Star Wars isn't just seeing x-wings again or retreading of a new hope but with something complex and more than just silly entertainment a challenging universe of complex drama in intricate conceptual ideas it begs the question the force awakens wasn't so preoccupied with nostalgia there would have been so many possibilities the film could have discussed the legacy of war like put emphasis on jakku being this war-torn planet where it raised part of a generation of orphans and so the first-order recruits or the angry young men and women with the promise that they can take revenge on the new government that had abandoned them maybe even make Finn one of those kids perhaps we could have gone to the hostage system and see the largely new secular Republic they had forgotten the history of war because of the economic differences and thus give reason for ray wanted to help and find Luke so she could change the minds of the type of people she grew up with who the only hero left in the galaxy that represented something good in their childhood but instead there's absolutely nothing the Starkiller base is stupid and it completely locks the third act up calling the new republic the resistance is nonsensical there's no reason for it apart from nostalgic illusions because to be called the resistance you would have to resist the dominant Authority and the first orders are just a small private group if they cared they would have noticed this it would have made more sense to swap the names around if you think about it but if the world isn't exactly the same as the fans over 30 remember then the movie wouldn't be commercially safe and I'm not saying my version is good but if the movie just didn't imprison itself with his own sense of nostalgic obligation then anything would have been possible a good story should write itself because it takes a life of its own but instead were given fan fiction and not even good fan fiction one written by thirteen-year-old like why our dear for episode 7 is that it's like episode 4 but with a go Luke and a stormtrooper becomes her best friend and they fight a bigger Death Star and sound so low within the most of it I can't have been the only one madly disappointed because I feel like I'm Superman when he was in bizarro world in all-star Superman where everything doesn't seem to work properly I hate to sound snobbish but the way people disgust force awakens kind of depresses me people look back on it already as it was all right when it came out or it was what I was expected so it was good and then that's it people are talked about great moments or discuss complex ideas but describe it like how they would describe a transaction at McDonald's like I wanted a safe franchise soft reboot and I got it so I liked it this perspective of an audience that judged a story based on successful business decisions rather than artistic ones makes me sad because I thought Star Wars could be more than that it should always be ahead of the curve even when people didn't like it it was still poignant and refused to be safe and be like other movies you could say it was because it was originally made by a rich dude who had all the money through didn't really care but now Star Wars is made with his corporate approach and force awakens is the most corporately made movie that's up there with The Mummy with Tom Cruise maybe it's because people became so jaded by the prequels that they were just flattered with this fidelity but flattery isn't good enough if it's hiding a lack of content there's an ugliness – force awakens where every narrative decision doesn't come from an artistic standpoint but from a business one they didn't remake a new hope because they had a story to tell but because there was a safe strategy to rebrand Star Wars under this new management and I know everyone sees through this but we shouldn't just be ok with this knowing the risks our ability to appreciate stories that do take risks that don't offer immediate gratification but long lasting reward movies are stories and stories shouldn't adjust itself for the audience instead it should be the audience to adjust themselves for the story because otherwise where is that opportunity to see the world through someone else's eyes and for that we need to reconfigure a qualification for films passable isn't good enough anymore thanks for nothing

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  1. The way you describe how people talk about Force Awakens pertains to the same way majorty of people talk about movies. It's usually an empty shell of words that tells you nothing about a film but how "It's important" or "It does its job".

  2. Honestly, you've changed my mind for a lot of the Last Jedi.
    Not totally, because I still despise the narrative decisions Ryan Johnson made. But, I gotta appreciate his dedication to character arcs and development, regardless of plotlines and screentime.

  3. While I enjoyed TFA as a "popcorn flick," I agree with your assessment. It's slowly drifting down my rankings of the saga films as time progresses, and this is exactly why. Even though TPM and AotC were incredibly awkward films, they were at least ABOUT something. TFA seems to be mostly about "Hey look, it's Star Wars!" rather than any of the strong political and philosophical ideas that characterised the other films. And this is not an either/or; they could do both, and George DID do both in the past (TPM and RotJ are the most blatant examples). What's dissapointing was that there was plenty of room in TFA to have both, but they decided not to. Now, it's not even the worst offender. They did a little better with Rogue One, and leaned heavily into ideas and themes in TLJ, but Solo is… just nothing. That sucks, because it has some truly great acting performances. In the franchise that CREATED the merchandise-driven film, Solo goes so damn far as to not even feel like a Star Wars film, it's so flimsy. Star Wars might have created the concept of the merchandising film, but it also proved that it didn't require the films to be empty shells. Solo gives you a white and blue Millenium Falcon model to go along side your brown and orance one.

  4. Luke had at least flown something before taking control of an X Wing. That was established.
    For all we know X Wings and Skyhoppers are similar so going from one to the other is a breeze.
    There's nothing established about Rey flying the Falcon.
    By the sound of your voice you are far too young to understand Star Wars so give it a rest giving fans a lecture about it.

  5. I agree. I saw both TFA and TLJ with friends that know barely anything about Star Wars. They didn't like TFA and liked TLJ.

    It seems like Disney didn't have a clear plan on what to do with Star Wars:

    TFA is a New Hope remake.

    Rogue One had massive reshoots because only after completing shooting Disney and the director talked about killing all of the characters. He tought Disney wouldn't let him do that so he didn't add it to the film, and after completing the shooting Disney said yes to this, what caused reshooting the third act.

    JJ Abrahms amd Rian Johnson didn't even talk about the movies (at least not before Rian finished his draft). So Johnson didn't know anything about the characters from TFA (other than the names and simple facts) before finishing his draft. No wonder some characters changed massively from TFA.

    I haven't seen Solo so maybe it's a good movie, but it's a movie made only becaise of buisness decisions. And let's not forget that they reshot most of it, and by that they increased the budget abd made it the first Star Wars movie that flopped.

    Mabye I'm just overjudging the Rise of Skywalkwr trailer, but it seems like Disney is now in emergency with Star Wars. Bringing Luke and Palpatine (and also Lando) back are cheap moves, and the title sounds like a buisness decision more than a creative decision. The trailer offers almost nothing new or unique. Rey fights a starfighter, shots of characters, a shot of the death star and then Palpatine's laugh. That's with a narration of Luke in the background.

  6. Luke flew T-16s, look up what that is. He had a certain level of training, apparently enough to warrant putting him into a cockpit. Plus, the rebels were desperate as fuck and their approach is a very simple formation.

    Rey may have been a scavenger, but just because you cut up old Russian Il-2s and salvage what is still useful doesn't mean you can repair a 747 or even a B-17.

    Also, she never flew anything, so no, she shouldn't be able to fly anything. Just because you can repair a plane doesn't mean you can fly it. How many F1 engineers are F1 drivers? None. How many F-18 engineers and mechanics fly those birds off carrier decks? None.

    Rey is a Mary Sue. The end.

  7. Wow you and I should talk.
    Like thanos said you’re not the only one cursed with knowledge.
    You’ve given a voice to the crazy irony that is these 2 films.
    Any artist of great talent will always have the love or hate it stigma to carry.
    If there’s one thing an artist work doesn’t want to be called is ineffectual, lacking emotion, and worst of all boring.
    It seems like rian knew there would be backlash bc he begs Star Wars lovers to let go of the past, to let it die
    But also reminding us “this is not going to the way you think”

    Which are super meaningful lines that break the 4th wall and speak to the audience.

    When you said they are no impactful lines in ep 7. It made me realize how much more people would quote ep 8. Almost every scene pushes and challenges our characters.
    And you’re right, Finns and Poe’s arcs which don’t really get a completion in ep 7 get one in 8. As Poe is this gunslinger take on a dreadnoyght by himself guy which was hinted at in ep 7. There is no consequence for his carelessness. It seems a lot of his development is cut out which really fools people into believing that finn and Poe have a strong friendship like the fox and the hound but no it’s more like finn and rey but Kylo is intrigued w rey?! Ah yeah both happen. I’m pretty sure your explaination of Han Solo is the safe bet to this gross character assaination to moves them just Han Solo.

    People been crying over Luke sooooi much … it makes you realize Han must have been frozen in carbonate after return of the Jedi as well. There is so little exposition about their relationship and why Han is not actively looking for his son it gets to be too much to explain.
    Han was being to Han about it.
    Anyway there is so much I’d like to discuss with you.
    Anyway you gained a subscriber for life and someone who felt very alone in his thoughts before seeing this video

    It was like yes- someone fucking gets it—- I’m not the only one
    I felt like I had to explain in detail how rey was not a Mary Sue why she could fly the spaceship that basically flys itself and that her powers specifically come from her connection to kylo. Then having to explain that neither will go to the other side bc they represent balance.
    Then ep comes out and no one sees that Snoke is completing kylos training and that everything that happened was part of snokes plan.
    Like everyone forgot the final test of sith was to kill their masters- the last attachment addressed in kylo and snokes opening conversation.
    Bc it’s not bc rey is so powerful that she beats Kylo it’s bc it’s Kylo. Any other trained combatant would have probably best her but no one seem to see them switch personas when around each other.
    Meaning rey becoming aggressive and angry and Kylo becoming pensive, compassionate and talkative
    There are several scenes juxtaposed to show this- interrogation scene -Kylo v Poe Kylo v rey
    Fight scene Kylo v finn Kylo v rey

    It’s all there even that Luke is Snoke counterpart in the light and needed to ascend to face on a whole other force level.

    Goddamit that people don’t get that all the titles to the original trilogy can be switched to the new trilogy and they all work.
    Call ep 4 the force awakens ep 7 a new hope ep 5 the last Jedi and ep 8 the first order strikes back.
    For gods sake Snoke is only afraid of one person- Snoke is trying to kill Luke before he literally tries to bring about “the return of the Jedi”
    So why is everyone so sure when Luke says “that he is not the last Jedi” he is talking only about rey
    So finally with Luke off the sidelines call ep 9 return of the Jedi
    And bc Luke is the only Jedi in ep 6 call it “the rise of skywalker”

    Please dm somewhere we can converse. I support what you’re doing and understand how isolated it can feel.
    Like am I the only one that sees this????

    For years and even now I have not found anyone that has figured out the princess bride is a tragedy and a retelling of the great gasby

  8. Ok so maybe Disney wanted to profit off the old characters but perhaps the second movie could have built and developed the new characters instead of trying to subvert expectations…thats all im saying

  9. The Millennium Falcon is a heavily modified YT-1300 Corellian Light Freighter. How the flip would Rey know how to fix it when she's been spending her whole life scavenging from old wrecks and not fixing anything. We see her cleaning old parts to sell for food but we don't actually see or hear about her fixing up things or putting them together. Also she has zero experience with flying that kind of ship, a speeder isn't relative to a light freighter so somehow being able to pull off maneuvers and fix the ship better than its freaking own who has decades of experience is bs. Luke is a decent pilot because he spent a lot of time flying in his T-16 Skyhopper which was manufactured by the same company that produced the X-wing and they were intentionally built to have basically the same controls so someone who has good experience with a T-16 was able to fly an X-wing no problem. Also the Rebellion was quite the ragtag group so they'd take anyone with some decent piloting experience and Luke did have the Force helping him a bit thanks to the little training he did get.

  10. Yeah, i still dont like LAst Jedi, but i don't like Force Awakens either…so i sort of agree with you but i don't think how they proceded with art college vision was the way to go either.
    Seeing Starwars nowadays i like seeing the crimes of Grindelwald and its effect on the HP franchise; sometimes, you should just not do new stories if you dont know how.

  11. I don't generally comment but it's nice to hear somebody making such a cohesive critic of the corporate nature of this movie and ultimately it's lack of soul , it's sad that so many obviously talented artists worked so hard on something that feels like it has so little substance. Maybe the platform was just set to high in everybody's mind but TFA feels like a movie that didn't even try to jump.

  12. I think Star Wars Disney's greatest failure was that they should have gone for 10 episodes, and given us an intermediate before the Rey story. They should have given us a nostalgia film that set us up for the new story. A reset. A palette cleanser.

  13. TFA had no ambition. Didn't move the characters forward.
    TLJ had no honor. Overwrote the characters to start from square one.

    Both films wasted the limited and fast-expiring time of the aging actors.

  14. I think the big problem is that JJ Abrams is obsessed with mystery box rather than giving us meaningful ideas.
    After TFA , people discussed what happens next. Nothing more about the film itself.
    But after TLJ I have seen atleast dozen video essays discussing it's themes and ideas.

  15. Amazing every thing you said about this movie Is everything i though about Rogue one AND solo …. Everyone can pick their own poison.

  16. This was great to watch after seeing your last Jedi one . Subscribed ! Keep doing your thing man . Are you a filmmaker yourself ?

  17. Great video! desrves more views, i am fan editing force awakens and last jedi to be a 2h50min alone movie, and i try to fix some of those things but it's hard, but i already cut finn's sanatary joke

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