| Oil painting “AKT 3” |  w/ subtitles

| Oil painting “AKT 3” | w/ subtitles

Welcome everybody
to the first episode of this cycle: «Maciek, home alone» This cycle is devoted to everything I make when I’m alone at home In the first episode I would like to share with you how I painted this oil painting, for my friend who turned 50 years Today this painting will change its owner, I hope he will like it. Not only is the painting my work, but also the frame The frame will be presented in detail, in the next episode of this cycle. What is interesting about this frame is that it’s made of pallets. Nothing else than pallets. Pallets are quite popular at this time and I’m diving into this theme as well. Today I will show you how this painting was created, step by step. And I would also like to invite you to the next episode: how this frame came to life. Welcome

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