35 thoughts on “Ocean Waves 🌊 from Resin. Diorama DIY / RESIN ART

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  2. Получилось ОЧЕНЬ классно но если добавить кораблик который сел на мель было бы лучше

  3. Właśnie jestem nad morzem i fale które zrobiłeś całkiem podobne do tych prawdziwych 😉😁 jak zwykle dobra robota😁 Pozdrawiam

  4. You again created a masterpiece? That's is not well….. We all r being more bigger fan of u…. Pls don't make these kind of awesome arts…. 😄 😄 😄 😄 (just joking…. Pls make more of these…. We all love it.. And wait for them…). Love from "Infinity Workshop"

  5. So I do love your channel! I'm just curious why you use plexiglass instead of silicone molds or what not, is this cheaper and easier? Your very creative but I've been wondering this for the past few videos!!

  6. Лайк !
    А что за зверь такой – белая эпоксидка которая при высыхании становиться прозрачной ?

  7. I'd like to believe that if Bob Ross had access to these materials back in his time, he'd be making stuff just like yours. <3

  8. Sorry dude, I have to point out a flaw. Picky picky. As the depth of the water decreases the height of the wave increases, until it breaks and turns to beach foam.

    Excellent job, but backwards. Is the sand from a special beach youve been at and want to remember the good times had?

    Thank you for the idea.

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