Occult Literature 231: The Mystic Dream Book

Occult Literature 231: The Mystic Dream Book

all right everyone it's time for a cult literature video number 231 the mystic dream books from the 1880s so it's definitely on the old side 138 pages so it's full-length it is a very elaborate work of dream interpretation I had some problems getting it actually upped because Amazon twice inquired about you know the author's date of death and stuff Hartranft he actually was a Pennsylvania native wrote a bunch of stuff like on trains and and what was it he wrote some medicinal works I think to a decent core of literature anyway link in the description of my edition of this work on Amazon second and third links are to my books blogs I haven't made the blog update yet for it because I wanted to get this video out of the way I got some outdoor work to do today in the garden preparing for my trip of course gotta fertilize and hyper water everything before and make sure that it's all you know taken care of before I depart anyway this particular work is is just dream interpretation some of the fortune-telling works like this they roll it up with other things so they'll truncate the dream interpretation slap an Oracle and maybe some astrology and call it a day this one is entirely dream interpretation in fact the first what they call a preface is twenty pages of more explicit stuff and it goes through like like dreaming of certain things for different employment so like this is what this dream means for a farmer that's what it means for a clerk and this is what it means for a carpenter and stuff like that by the way the list of activities people employed him very much different from what you would see today there's a lot of those jobs either like cobbler there aren't many cobblers in the world a shoemaker a seamstress and stuff like that this one is more by gendered than most of them a lot of these dream interpretation works the older ones the audience reading them primarily would have been male because males tended to be more literate but by this time we're talking you know 30 years into the Industrial Revolution women are joining the literate workforce in larger numbers the middle class especially and literacy has gone from being primarily the upper class in the 1700s to extending to this new working class as well at least to some degree so the literary audience was far more vast and so before a hundred years before a lot of these works would talk about things and it would really apply to the the intelligencia the upper crust like like the life of leisure sort of people that manage a plantation or something now although all of a sudden you have it geared towards even the lower classes for the first time in many cases it's very interesting it's similar dream interpretation stylistically to a lot of other works of the era which is there's a lot of inversion like marriage means death death means marriage with the exception of things that at the time were universally agreed upon to be negative like toads snakes and stuff like that for the most part it was very much a tale of inversion that is a storm means calm is coming dreaming of loss is good for most people unless it was to someone who's very poor already I mean I mean very rich for a rich man a dream of his riches is a bad idea essentially and it's it's partially subconscious analysis but really if it's more mystic at this point it isn't until the early 20th century that it takes on the more subconscious psychological aspect dream interpretation that is within the occult again this is the best dream interpretation work I've read it's the most complete it's the longest as opposed to some of the works of 30 or 40 pages it's of dense material but it's got an Oracle other prognostication astrology usually this one omits all of the other things and is just dream interpretation so if you're interested in that definitely this is the work to get I'm fascinated by fortune telling and Oracle's dreams divination of various kinds I find that to be other than herbalism I find it to be the most fascinating subject within the broad scope of the occult if you're interested in that this would be the work definitely highly recommended for general prognostication it's still Napoleon's Iraq ulam but this would be a close second to that and then focuses very much more on dreams and the impact thereof you can take it or leave it as far as your belief in what the dreams represent but at the very least it's good by the way this was such a labor of love work again not just with the Amazon rejecting the files twice because of me needing to elaborate hey this is work this is works almost 150 years old it can't be caught right and even if the author were were cryogenically frozen that's number one but also the initial work was so awfully out of order within the the sections for the letters it was an alphabetical there were like at the end of the work for some reason pigeons was listed a second time for example and right at the end like in the ex section or something and it just didn't make any sense so I had to go through entry by entry and re alphabetize everything in order to make it actually you know logically a flowing work there were some grammatical errors as well by the way some terms not fully modern for instance abortion in this work has nothing to do with abortion post Rovi way it has to do with like to suddenly end something like to abort a procedure to abort a job or to abort a situation that's what it means this happens with some other things as well where terms are used that are kind of antiquated but it's interesting I wanted to leave them intact as is as much as possible I did redact the redundant passages because like with pigeons the second one actually compared to the first gives a totally different meaning and I don't exactly know why it was doubled didn't make any sense by the way really quickly at the end it mentions a Thomas Jefferson's book of fate or something like that I couldn't find any info on it and it sounds like almost like the book of forbidden knowledge which is really really is one of the most popular things that I've edited by the way you should get a copy of that too it's quite good I can't find anything on it if you have a copy lying in your attic of this apparently late 1800s era book definitely you need to immediately consult somebody who's skilled in the preservation of books then you should probably consult me as well because I'd probably pay quite well for such a new volume be the only one with an edition of it that sort of thing is like lifeblood to me but again link in the description of my edition of this work on Amazon second and third links to my books blogs definitely highly recommended I'll be adding it to the fortune section later the divination section that's about all peace out

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  1. Group members want to be confident of their inclusion in the group, so they willingly accept this indoctrination. The value of a dream does not depend on any quality of "interpretation". It's meaning stands conveyed by the dream's dreaming. Like all "divination" the diviner reads into it what he/she desires. If you're beyond that kind of desire, you're also beyond a serious interest in "divination". If you really want to freak yourself out, work seriously with a pendulum for a while! hahaha…Have fun!

  2. https://youtu.be/QOicSXZ5FxA I am a HUGE fan. Libertarian and former occultist as well. Best regards from Trashyland

  3. Interestingly enough, I know of the existence of a: "Napoleon's book of fate." Perhaps it was common to create these sorts of books on famous characters.

    Btw, I created a book of occult poetry, if you have any interest.-

  4. Hi Styxx, I’m fairly new to your channel, spot on with the politics ! I can relate to you politically ( although you are far more insightful than I am)and I share some of your interests like gardening and herbalism. Fuck I even dress like you and still have long hair at age 70. But what I really wanted to compliment you on is this occult video. First one I’ve seen. Now I am going to go back and watch all of them. The occult is something I have always been fascinated with as well. Keep up the great work young man.

  5. Getting. I always like a labor of love- this must be good. But I have so many works to get. Soon, though. Very cool, Styx- as always. Books are the shit.

  6. Do you know Colin Wilson? He was/is a writer who'd write on the Occult but also wrote a fantastic book called "The Criminal History of Mankind"…

  7. Styx speaking of dreams if you could take a moment and go to our new site , it would be an honor.. premonitionvault.com

  8. You ought to read the old testament it has alot of supernatural stories in it. Plus you may find out that some of the stories have actual evidence to back them. Such as exodus which really took place through Saudi Arabia and can be found on YouTube videos produced by individuals who had access there. Also there are videos of exhibitions going through an ark found on a frozen mountain top. Interesting stuff check it out.

  9. Thomas Jefferson's book might have been burned in the capital building burning .a lot of books went up in smoke . That's y they have elf door in the capital .to bring water up .So that it doesn't happen again. Too dream and remember is great . I can never remember .bon que.merci Styx .

  10. I keep having recurring dreams about a job i was in over 20 years ago which i wasn't good at, hated it and stayed in way too long.

  11. dream on. got it!!
    "i've been uptight and made a mess; but i'll clean it up myself i guess"

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