NOT EASY BEING GREEN? | Monochromatic Watercolor Study | Painting with Only One Color

NOT EASY BEING GREEN? | Monochromatic Watercolor Study | Painting with Only One Color

So today I thought it would be fun to practice my watercolors *i’ve got paper coming out of my wazu* Oh, okay, and I saw some videos on YouTube where people used one paint. So like one color of watercolor and practice like a monochromatic You know illustration painting thingamajig I thought that’d be a really good study for me because I think one of my biggest fights with watercolor is trying to mix Colors, that look good together and so I was like Why don’t I try to teach myself to actually use the watercolors properly without having to worry about that? I’m going to pick one color and then I’m going to practice Painting from like the darkest tone to the lightest tone by adding more water and practicing that so I’m gonna make some swatches then once I’ve got that down I’m going to actually paint something This piece will work pretty good for that, maybe they just do it in the line I’ve got water So these are my colors. I Like never use green, so I’m thinking I’m gonna go towards one of these and these are really bright and gorgeous I’m leaning towards this one, but I also really like that one And then this one too, like how am i supposed to pick? I mean I could always do more than one I think I’m gonna go with emerald mmm yellow hmm Which one did you guys pick yellowish green? Emerald green or green? Gotta pick pick pick. Well, it looks like greens one of the colors I use the least so, you know what let’s do that Let’s take advantage of using green. Yellow green. No, we’re going with green. I’ve already made the decision first I’m just gonna try and get it as much on here as possible draw a nice little cube Then we try to add a little bit of water to that and see if I can get it a little lighter This is my first time ever doing this I assume if you ever learn watercolors they make you do this So this seems like something I should do Hmm, is it actually getting lighter? So I feel like some of these look darker than the ones up there Mmm, if anyone has experience with this do leave me some tips. This is a really pretty color though. I’m diggin it Let’s try to add more water. I’m definitely not seeing a nice gradient But this is my first time ever doing this so I’m gonna cut myself a little slack. I Am seeing a difference in color from the very beginning to the here So I’m not doing too terrible the job maybe if I can figure out what I’m doing Let’s practice here if I can figure it out, then I can do a better one next Okay, I think I’m getting a little better as I go, huh Still not sure this one’s any lighter than like that one and they might all be kind of equal I think I’m gonna give it another shot actually while I try again here and see if I can do better than this one So start with try getting the most pigment to water ratio Nice dark, super tone green. see, I’m learning here See that is significantly lighter than that one So when you use the paper towel, it seems to adjust the water I think it seems to suck more water out of the brush before sucking more paint out of the brush. Does that make sense? Am I getting somewhere with this? It’s like you could just go like this and slowly Take it out of the brush And you’d still get a very similar effect Oh We’ll see if I have my water then and then still continue to See that sort of works. That’s the way you could do it. I don’t know if that’s really the proper way to do it. You probably need to learn how to Play with it on the palette and try and get like a proper ratio Definitely having a little trouble understanding that ratio How did I get it all over me already? What the heck? Why was there purple on me? I’m not sure how many I suppose a more experienced painter would be able to get more swatches and have a nice more Steady gradient, whereas a more beginner has less swatches And a less even gradient, so I guess that shows which side I am on that spectrum at the point where you can barley see it anymore And that’s the cool thing about watercolors is the fact that you have so many tones oopsies come back You have so many tones with one color so you can get like a lot of cool effects that way Well, yeah, why don’t we tape down some paper and prepare for an actual painting of something? that’s not just little cubies tape that down so that we can apply a lot of water and hopefully not get a ton of the What’s that called? Buckling buckling? That’s Like a belt buckle, huh? I’m giving a new definition to the term struggling artist oh come on seriously there we go hehe Did you hear that, that was a beautiful sound Since I’m not willing to take too many chances I’m gonna find myself a reference to try and copy because I I know my limits the kind I wanted to do a landscape and I’m definitely Avoiding using any sort of line art because the line art can be a bit of a crutch for me Since the point of this exercise is to try and use tones to separate the different You know the subject from the background and things like that and line art you can kind of use that to Use very similar tones next to each other So I’m gonna try and avoid it all costs using any kind of line art and go just for tones something with not too many straight lines because That’s not my jam. Something Simple since I have no idea what I’m doing. This is kind of cool I don’t know if you can see that. It’s not got a lot of different tones, but I think I could play with this. I Kind of don’t like keeping my phone in frame cause my camera just doesn’t pick it up very well But I’ll put the picture here so you can see it with watercolors You want to start with the lightest to the darkest? So definitely need a bigger paint brush honestly got a bigger one i Don’t know if I’ve ever really use this for anything. It’s three quarters of an inch flat brush. Well actually How do you do this in watercolor? – So it’s like a sunset kind of like that and the lightest part is right here and then there’s like dark trees so oh and then there’s like a lake so I think What we want to do is have a dark gradient that goes down so Let’s just add some water first Some “wet-on-wet” kind of thing. And then they’re just a smidgest the smidgest amount of green. I Feel like Bob Ross with this giant brush Just a bit more than that maybe Just work our way down Is that working? is it working? I want it to slowly get darker. There’s a lot of water here So and I have the water that’s I’ve already applied to the paper and I’ve heard Canson XL watercolor paper is not the best for adding a lot of water. We’ll see what happens I shoulda need to go a little bit further down because there’s nothing it it actually needs to go Dark to light and then a little bit too dark again. Yeah that make sense And I think since I put the water down first, it should smooth out a lot of the strokes I’m hoping is anybody drawing with me? You got your sketchbooks out? This brush is like grabbing too much of the pigment and dragging it. Just throw a bunch of paint up here And pull it down No, I don’t like that I’m already getting a lot of buckling with this paper. It can’t seem to hold this water So I added a little too much water My bad. Problem is: the paper is like buckling. your gonna be very familiar with that word by the time I done with this but I think I’m just gonna let this dry Hope for the best And then start adding another darker tone On top of that because this was supposed to be the lightest point and now the lights points up here because of the buckling Can I hold that down No, come on I think the paper is fighting me. Okay gonna let it go- come back when it’s dry Okay, it’s dry now, but it looks so much worse I’m hoping I can kind of hide the *yuughhh* With like the trees that are gonna be in here. So let’s go in with the next darkest Thing which is…. I wish I had like some masking fluid like that stuff where you can do dots and then you rub it off Afterwards and then it’ll look like stars but I do have a white gel pen. So I’ll probably end up using something like that [in the distance off camera] oh wait–i found something! It’s masking liquid in a marker so I can do like the stars that are in my reference here I don’t know how to prep this i havent used this in years. Oh, you can’t really get too fine with this, but So cool that I have this thing this came from a Scrawlrbox like a long long time ago I don’t get a little finer spots, but I’m not sure a little bit of work. We have to wait for that to dry Thats the thing about painting. It’s a lot like sitting around waiting And I’m an impatient person. I’m gonna let that dry But I can just use this brush. I can work on darkening up this basically, it’s kind of like here-ish comes across That way Add some more pigment to that with this pretty dark Yeah trees back there so you can probably have some weird bumpy’s to the top Make it look like some trees Back there and then here there’s gonna be trees So that’s gonna block off this so that’s not that important, but this continues around to here There’s like a lake see! and then the trees are more obvious here Darken that up maybe a bit. Actually. I think it’d be kind of cool if this like jetted out that way a bit Guess that’s not really a tree. It’s more like some kind of plant Tree would be a lot bigger than that. It’s dry now I am now adding in some more paint to the top here to try and create the gradient Like a darker gradient. The biggest problem is just the Beveling of the paper and the buckling so I’m having sections that are like raised the lightest part shouldn’t really be there That’s stupid boom boom keep working my way down maybe ♪ “walking fast, faces pass, and I’m home bound” ♪ That is so streaky though, how do I get it to be more? Like a smooth gradient. Is that more water or less water do more of this sort of a texture? No, I don’t like that either. I kind of prefer the lineys . I think a lot of my problems are coming from this paper But yeah, let’s let that sit and dry tree trees So I’m gonna do a ton of pigment cause these need to be really dark that’s like the darkest part of the drawing but it’s basically just some splotchy shapes around here Comes down like this farther to Work on the outside shape later. I need to get the base shapes. So there’s actually a tree here Like a pine or something well, that needs to be darker see look its blending in with that background so I need a lot more pigment. Oh, yeah, that’s better we need to be able to block out that other section that Comes all the way down Fill that in get a little bit more water sorta blend that out This tree actually probably should come out a little bit farther Just looking at the reference. It’s still wet. So I have time to work on them but imitate the shapes of leaves Actually, I think I’m gonna blend these things together a bit more just like that…maybe darken the edge of it I want this to look a little bit more like leaves Well… I could grab a smaller paintbrush I suppose But are we gonna do that? This is a different kind of tree. I don’t want it to look like this Spruce or evergreen or whatever definitely having a difficult time doing like an even wash? That’s probably something that comes with you know practice I Think what’s missing in this tree is like spaces cause looking at the reference there’s like some spaces we could see the sky behind it and then Okay, and then there’s also a tree that’s like right here. Oh, it’s wet down here. Why is it wet down there? What have I done in that area recently? I don’t remember huh its really wet over here–did i do something?why would it still be wet over here? Yeah, I’m just doing like really quick strokes kind of trying to imitate Leafs Leafy’s leaf shapeys Oh, that’s a really dark color i like that Some sorta leaf shapes up there I like the texture of like the way it’s spread with the wood because it was so wet– im trying my best ill play with this but im having a lot of fun so.. Build up some shape. I like sitting on waiting for things to dry. Then the thing. I don’t want to dry dries super fast…. Wow. I see which side you’re on Dang…i kind of just ruined this. This was one of the best parts of the painting and i just ruined it can try and lift it yeah, I lost the whatever gradient I had down there I dunno…that’s in the reference there we go, I gotta wait for that to dry before I can do anything else, okay It’s not quite dry yet, but I think I don’t had like a little row boat In the lake where to put it maybe here Yeah, this isnt working at all , it’s a bit bigger It just kinda looks like a blob Anyway, I have a small brush out. I should try and add some finer details around here Could be cool. Maybe some sticks It was more like a tree yeah, I Feel like I failed. I don’t know. I guess it’s not a total failure You’re like the goal was to play with tones. And I kind of feel like there’s only two here. There’s dark and light When but that’s also kind of the trouble I was having with this so it’s kind of like: “go figure” like you’re having trouble with This you’re gonna have trouble with that so Guess that makes sense, you know, just darken up this top section again im gonna add a reflection thats dragging down–That kind of actually worked heyyy looks kinda cool i like that Okay, I feel like for never drawing backgrounds This isn’t that bad and I definitely noticing that I lean on line art as a crutch to separate colors more than I should so this is definitely something I need to continue doing until I can get good at it because I Feel like it’s not only — it’s actually really really fun for one. So like… Do it, but it’s good for you. So It’s like finding out that ice cream like leads to a healthy BMI or something. I Think I’ve reached that point where I’m just gonna make it worse So I’m gonna wait for it to dry and then remove that masking fluid That’ll be kind of fun hopefully I can do it without removing all of the other paint as well So, it’s just about dry we’re gonna start attempting to remove the Masking fluid to show the stars this is cramping my hand more than drawing does I think 40 percent of my struggles are just from the paper. The other 60% is from an experience so if I could fix that 40 percent of struggles, do you realize how much like Better this couldve turned out. So yeah, I’m gonna try and try out some new papers next Because I’d like to see how this would turn out if the paper didn’t buckle and like ruin the gradient and the paper wasn’t chewing away And I’ve heard like the better the paper the better you can build up more Pigment like on top of each other and create some pretty cool effects. So Definitely gonna look into that this parts a little tedious Let’s try some white stuff here add something between the trees– the tree holes Looks like all of them. I think I got it all okay lets add some final stars. It’s a little Janky up here. but There we go, there’s my Monochrome why don’t we peel these? Look at that clean line YUM That’s actually quite pretty oh not quite a straight line there see me did better on this side ooo pretty, I forgot what the color white was cause like this was sort of like my white but that is way whiter Yeah, look at that Okay for my first attempt, I’m definitely gonna give this another go this was really really fun If you want to see closer see the mistakes up the close Was actually really really fun I’m gonna have to do more studies like this if I do what color should I do next? Should I go to one of those other greens? Mmmmmm Yeah, I need to practice doing this again and this again and maybe a different subject. It’s more references would be fun This is really really fun. Oh good Anyway, thank you guys for watching. I had a lot of fun playing with my watercolors. Um, I still think This paper though. I think was like the biggest struggle like that with my inexperience felt insurpassable using this paper the canson XL watercolor paper I’ve heard pretty terrible things about this but also good things about this like I’ve heard it’s like really good for beginners But maybe I’m at a point where I’m trying to do techniques that you can’t do With this paper. I don’t know because I’m such a beginner I don’t even know so maybe I should still keep using this paper. This is definitely fun Like I enjoy just taking a paper and blobbing You know, that’s just really really fun to me blobbing out a tree blocking out a little rowboat You know, I just enjoy that like process of applying the paint and it just being so blobular you know because like sketching you like you take your pencil and you like get you sketch count details and This is so much more freeing and like no, it’s fun. Yeah, I definitely wanna get better at it stuff. Yeah thank you guys for watching ♪ Have a delicious evening full of waffles! ♪ BYE!!! byeee

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  1. Doing the gradient exercise was and is always my least favorite. You might try to empty your brush of paint when moving from one tone to the next it is a little wasteful, you can empty the brush in a well of your pallet for swatches yet to come, by adding water into the well with the paint. I have trouble with excessive water too. You can stretch watercolor paper on wooden stretcher bars and "mask off" smaller areas for more compact pictures. You did a very good job with this one color picture. I know you will only get better as your very dedicated and talented too! Have you thought about getting more half pans of your white nights, adding to your color selection? I find I use convenient colors more and more. I use Arches sheet paper but you might be happier with a watercolor paper Block it has the paper glued down on all sides and it will not buckle!

  2. It's really pretty! I know it didn't turn out like you wanted it too, but wow. I really love the end product 😊

  3. I know this video is from a while back but it came up in my recommended videos and I think this looks so cool! Also, a trick my grandma taught me with water colours is that you can sprinkle salt on the page while it’s still wet and it will add lighter or white spots that can be used to mimic stars or snow. Just thought that might be useful in the future lol

  4. I would use a large clean palette and take one color and each pocket add a extra drop of water so i could remember how much water for that tone.

  5. Oh so beautiful 😍 that green is my favorite color. Also, I am currently doing a watercolor painting on the canson XL paper and having buckling issues 😂😅

  6. I had this wild memory from my time in Art school. I never learned how to water color. I was absent for being sick that day the professor taught the proper technique but when I got back the professor forgot I wasn’t there and got me the watercolor paper and said paint. And I did. Never learned how to properly use water colors but they are the ones I get better, I love water colors. I just forgot the fact I never learned the proper way and assumed I learn in school but seeing you talking about ration just brought back the fact that I just went for it and master it. I blend and work better with watercolors/acrylics mix with water rather than markers (which I’m dying to master). How did I forgot that detail?

  7. The only experience I have with this water-activated or alcohol-activated paints that are used in FX makeup/ bodypainting. A good rule of thumb is the more water/ alcohol you add, the less saturated the color with be. Less liquid = more color; more liquid = less color.
    It looks like that rule can apply here but since your swatches are so small, maybe it did not have as an impactful effect as it should have

  8. Do 100 percent cotton rag paper! I use Arches, because I can get it from Hobby Lobby, but when I'm feeling really bougee about my work I'll get a single sheet of the expensive rag paper from my local art supplier and cut that into smaller pieces. The reason Canson isn't great is because wood pulp is used, and it doesn't always correctly absorb the water, thus the paper buckles. Cotton will fully absorb the watercolor and brings out a richer color and won't buckle or rip!

  9. i was a bit surprised when i saw russian on your palette😄 then i realized that it must be just our russian watercolor "Белые ночи"

  10. Please do a series on this!!! This is reallllyyyy gooodd and you are amazing when it comes to your art and showing your learning procedures!!

  11. Since I don't see a Cavetown reference anywhere, I'll just leave this here.


  12. For watercolor (the only type of art I’m familiar with lol), you really shouldn’t do streaks. You’re supposed to do like a dabbing technique (like a dabbling technique. I really don’t know how to describe it)

    Also, for the gradient, it’s a LOT easier if you don’t do rectangles, but create a strip of paint, and instead of dark to light, try light to dark.
    If you don’t understand, here’s what I mean: so just get your paintbrush and put ONLY WATER (no pigment) on it, then use an up and down, almost scribbling motion (like what I said to not do). Then, add the smallest bit of pigment into the water, instead of adding water to the paint, then continue on your strip. If you keep repeating those step, slowly but surely you will have a very nice ombré effect.

    Now these are the processes I use, but everyone is different, so it might be easier for you to try other techniques (and better paper).

  13. Some advice from a college art student: they always tell us to start with the lightest color first especially when you're doing the swatches in the beginning, it's easier to darken the color than to lighten it, and it wastes less watercolor! Still looked amazing though!! Loved it!!

  14. Rin: I am only going to use ONE color
    Me:oh she’s going to use purple obvi
    Rin:were going with green

  15. Me:that looks like the pic
    Rin: I failed
    Me: Rin I have no idea what your talking about. It looks good and you know it looks good. Stop making yourself miserable.

  16. i would pick emerald green because it is a mix-stir of booth colors so i could kind get 2 in 1 deal

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    Im putting glue on my table and it looks cool, does that count?

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    Waffles, you are amazing!!👐🏼👏🏼

  19. At 4:10 am I the only person who thinks her napkin for wiping the brush looked like actual artwork itself? It looks really cool!

  20. I use this really good brand of watercolor paper; brand Fabriano. I use cold press but it also comes in hot press

  21. Oh man, my favorite thing is always peeling the tape off of watercolour paper 😍
    1) It makes the painting prettier and cleaner

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  25. So for stretching the paper I was taught to prep it by getting it completely wet and taping it down with a gummed kraft paper tape that has a water-soluble adhesive that works really well on wet paper. I would tape it down to a board because when doing a gradient like you were doing you can get a much more fluid gradient. You would get the gradient area wet like you did and then apply the color to the dark side of the gradient and then tip your board to let it flow down to the light side. Hope that helps!

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  27. Hey Rin 🙂 have you ever tried sprinkling salt on your watercolors as it dries? The salt soaks up the color it sits on and once dries leaves a speckled, starry effect you might have fin with.

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