Norwegian Wood – The Beatles – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

Norwegian Wood – The Beatles – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

Bobby Crispy This Video Is Part of my Guitar Lesson Series so today I’ll show how to play Norwegian Wet by the beatles [ah] [okay], first of all have a capo the second fret Here [the] Rhythm is [Throughout] the song is like 1 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 so okay, sounds broken up Into Two Sections the Intro Verse and the bridge Okay, so i’ll play the Intro Verse First and jos Played okay Play it as A Partial D. Chord Be Like [2nd] string 3rd fret 3Rd String 2nd fret D open And do a little Lap Hammer on the 3rd string Throat it [ok] so d There and the Second String on the Third fret Hammer on to the Fourth Second Open and There’s A Fourth string Fourth fret And you play it little Freestyle so you Can. Mix that little Riff There with the Chords okay, so You saw the Fourth string for threatened with a, d so [we’ll] play that [A] couple Times One [One] [Two] [Three] The Fourth String Second fret Third String Open Fourth String Fourth fret Back to the Partial D This is A festering Third fret Third String Open [Fifth] string [Second] fret Back to the pressure [D]. Couple Times so Once Again Slowly oh okay the bridge is this okay Starts off as D Minor Then to d Minor all you do is with A [first] string open With, the rest of the D key Four beats Right to the D Minor D-Minor 9 II – evan – [Beets] and A seven okay [okay], that’s the Main part of the Sauce [in] [Traverse] and Bridge, okay [so] the song Structure Is Intro Verse Times [Four] Then The Bridge and Intro Verse Four Times The Bridge The Intro Verse Times Three okay, and if You want to play the sitar Part On Guitar They’ll play it first so it’s played Okay, so [let’s] first string Fifth fret Fifth and Rounded seventh Fifth Third Second Second String Fifth fret for Strength A third Second Second String [Third] fret Second String first first string Third Second String Open Third String Second fret okay and that’s the Lesson I hope you have Found it Helpful and Thanks for Watching

19 thoughts on “Norwegian Wood – The Beatles – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

  1. HI Bobby, Great lesson!

    Could you please do a lesson on big log by robert plant?

    Thanks for all the great lesson over the years!

  2. Killer video,dude. I've always wanted to know how to play this and never had any luck. Do you have I'm Only Sleeping? or can you post one of that Beatles song? Again,thanks for work.

  3. Hey Bobby I've been subscribed for some years now and love your videos! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on Going Blind by KIss. Would love to be able to play that 🙂

  4. Hi Bobby, just bought acoustic guitar, i'm total newbie. and because of your lessons already can play some stuff. Thanks for what you're doing. Could you add something that would sound cool both on acoustic and electric. 🙂

  5. adding the chords in between is what makes his a tricky riff, it sounds just as good with just the main guitar parts though

  6. Stop putting tabs in the thumbnail if you don’t include the tabs in the video bitch it’s annoying and you’re wasting my time

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