NOOB Attempts GEOMETRIC Wood ART Peacock

NOOB Attempts GEOMETRIC Wood ART Peacock

welcome back to the channel today I have a very special project for all of you I want to share with you something that we've been waiting for for a long time that I want to build to create for our daughter Belle right now we are in the middle of a bedroom makeover for her and were days away from the big reveal if you guys haven't seen that series go back and watch it and we'll link the first video below for that series because in that video I asked though what does she want for her room and well the one thing that she told me was she wanted a peacock on her wall so I gave us some thought and I wanted to do something creative I didn't want to just buy a peacock decoration a vinyl decal something like that that could have looked cool but it wasn't what we wanted to go for we like to do things that are kind of unique and handmade the special yeah so I said what can I do and we were brainstorming about this and we came up with this idea of sticking with a style of our house we're going with a minimalist kind of almost Nordic vibe I guess it's very natural a lot of simplicity and a lot of wood so with this I wanted to use wood I know that I wanted to use wood to make a decoration for her wall and I decided it would be fun to stick with the simple geometric style I've seen a number of people do like geometric wood art and it's really cool I've always liked it I've never done it this is my first time attempting geometric wood art but I said how cool would it be if I could make a peacock out of geometric wood art and I looked for this online I didn't see anybody else do it I didn't see any example so I had to come up with my own from scratch design to create this peacock out of wood and only using simple shapes so that was my kind of basis I wanted to keep it really clean really simple so this right here is my canvas we're gonna be creating a peacock on this piece of OSB so the first thing I did was go on the computer and I opened up an editing program it's actually like a vector image program because that's what I'm called while using and I basically created a blueprint a layout of my art because let's face it I'm not gonna be able to do this freehand so I had to come up with a pattern I did that on a vector art program so after I had my plan done I ripped a bunch of boards just like this this is from a 2×4 we had a bunch of scraps laying around so I ripped them down the quarter inches thick this doesn't have to be a thick project it's just decoration so after all my wood was ripped I had to cut it to shape that was pretty easy too I just clamped a piece of wood to my my chop saw so I can do a repeating cut and have everything the same exact shape and that shape is basically like this where these are all the same length there's a simple equal diamond and it's basically two 45-degree cuts really simple so I made a whole bunch of those out of two different types of wood because I was hoping to get some variation in the wood grain and then the finish then I had to create the eye of the peacock feathers because you know peacocks they're known for that I on the feather so I took a half inch Forstner drill bit and I just drilled through the center of as many of these as I knew I wanted an eye on so this was all part of the blueprint to lay out I knew how many circles I needed yeah so I drilled them out that wasn't too hard but I don't recommend doing it unless you can properly clamp these down because sometimes I drill bit if you're holding this and you're if you're holding a small any small piece of wood and you're drilling into it if that drill bit catches it'll snap that wood right out of your fingers and you can really hurt yourself so don't do what I did and hold it with your hand clamp it cuz it is scared when it catches it's scary and it's not like you can prepare us just it goes it goes it goes after that was done we started staining we decided to buy actually two different colors of stain since we're making a peacock we got green we got blue those are the two colors you think of when you think peacocks I know there was a lot of different variations but that's the colors were going with and I'm going to start with the green actually so these are blue pieces these are all gonna be green and in fact all of these are gonna be green too you like them let's slide these over pick some blueberries guys this is coming out really cool you can see I just did the blue the blue is the body there's one more piece we got a stain and that's the circles for these feathers to do that I kept it simple and I just bought these half inch flat head plugs this should come out good I'm looking forward to seeing the final product so we're up to date guys this is where we're at we are done the stain has dried everything looks good and we are ready to start assembling and I'm pretty excited to see this come together me too it's not gonna be a big piece of art we're planning on maybe 3 feet by 18 inches so 3 by 1 and a half so what I did was I marked out the center line on my OSB I also have some lines on either side of where I want this picture to end I'm not cutting out the shape yet because I feel like it'll be easier to cut it at the end and have like square edges you'll see that so I cut this piece 3 feet long that's the width I want this picture and I'm going to be attaching it to the bottom edge and this will be my working edge I'm gonna work from here out using my center line and this line as my guide so I hope that explains everything up until that point and it wasn't too boring you're ready to start start all right quick break this is coming out really good my cuts aren't perfect but considering this is my first time this is looking pretty awesome yeah I'm sure you guys can see it really coming together we're ready to start putting in our dots our blue dots and the eye of the feather crack mm-hmm we'll have to be careful we already started so I have to commit to this all right let's talk about what just happened these button plugs that we bought were inconsistent in size I tested them on different holes and I found that some of them are really fat some of them are skinny someone fall right in and some of them you can't pound them in and since we're only working with quarter-inch thick wood we cracked them we cracked one for maybe four of them split when we tried pounding them in it split the green part and that's really frustrating luckily it's not very noticeable mm-hmm they don't stand out very much basically the plug is tapered and when you're pounding it in it's spreading the wood and it it just splits the green so I'm gonna not pound some of them in flush we're gonna leave them out and it gives a little bit of dimension to the picture it's not what we intended but we're gonna go with it again first time we're gonna leave it because we don't want to break it and have to start all over again okay guys we got all of our pieces cut and laid out the way we want them you can see we're using two different varieties of wood so let's get them all glued into place it's gonna dry and then we can clean it up this one right here was cracked but we were able to pry it out and replace it with a good one so that might look a little different that's why this is coming out awesome it looks so good and I think we're done for the night we're gonna let the glue dry remember no nails this is all just glued down we put a lot of glue on it push them in place they shouldn't be going anywhere should be nice and solid like morning tomorrow morning we're gonna mark and cut with my saw a nice straight edge all the way around and it's gonna look so clean the only downfalls that we've had the only problems with were these buttons what I should have done in hindsight is put the buttons in first before I glue them and I could do them with this tool just squeeze them together and pop them in I should have done that and then if a piece of wood craft I could replace it before it gets glued and we wouldn't have all these bumps sticking up but I don't mind the dimension we're gonna go with it alright we let this dry overnight and it's looking pretty awesome everything feels solid the glue should be plenty dry now so we're going to go ahead and mark out or our straight lines all the way around this jagged edge and just cut it with the circular saw and get a nice tight clean edge on it alright guys now we got to build a frame for this so we don't see this raw OSB edge so we flipped the art piece over to build the frame and I've decided we're actually going to end up bulking this up we started with 3/4 inches we're gonna move it up to an inch and a half and we're gonna build out the back so I can make a hidden hangar system so that's gonna be pretty cool so the first thing I'm going to do is attach a little frame to the back here this is how the hidden hangar system works we basically beveled this piece of wood at a 45 degree angle we're going to be facing it down on the back this is the top this piece we attach to the wall and then it hangs on it just like that whoa I'm just capping off the edges with a quarter inch piece of trim that I'm making so it's just going to cover up all this raw OSB and all these layers that we've created we're gonna be hanging this picture over the bed area kind of centered we figured out how low we wanted it to hang and then we figured out where the studs were so right here right here is the studs we're gonna be screwing this right to the wall and that's with the beveled facing in toward the wall and that's going to be the catch for the picture to hang on to so that should be bubble yep perfect hang you're in place and now this inside bevel can you see that yep hangs right on that solid really secure that's about there there it is guys Belle's request a peacock on her wall can you see the peacock it makes sense to us I think it's really cool and especially for simple geometric are just simple shapes that you can create something that's beautiful I think it's cool a lot of dimension I like the use of the fur and the pine that looks cool yeah I think it came out so awesome mm-hmm and it look like goes with the room and this is the kind of art we can do yeah we can't draw we can't paint so we wanted to keep this a surprise from you guys who've been given us all kinds of suggestions and links to different things to book peacocks and all we hope you guys enjoy our rendition of a peacock in our idea to go with our house and our theme it's coming out so good the big reveal is coming soon it should be very soon so keep an eye out for that if you're not subscribed please subscribe because you don't want to miss that bells gonna be so excited to walk into the space and see everything that we've set up for her and we still have pretty much the whole house to redo so lots and lots to do yeah that's all we got for today I hope you guys enjoyed the video and enjoyed seeing my first time making geometric wood art let me know in the comments below how I did was it away it wasn't a battle I like it yeah I'm happy that's all that matters but there's my first attempt yeah thanks for watching and until next time take care bye oh the flight has landed on my face right in the end cuz this hidden fastener system it's so secure and yeah you

42 thoughts on “NOOB Attempts GEOMETRIC Wood ART Peacock

  1. Just one word, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Simply amazing! You are the best! Belle enjoy your new room.

  2. I'd like to place an order for a geometric-art piano keyboard, about the same size as the peacock, along with a custom hanging frame. Can you ship UPS?

  3. You are such creative, loving parents. I love the time you took to make Belle's room look beautiful and with her ideas. That pepco k is magnificent!

    It is sgf o wonderful to see such loving caring parents, your love for each other is evident in your interactions with each other and trickles down to your children. I enjoy watching you in creative mode.

  4. Absolutely beautiful & so special! ❤ Belle will love it. There's nothing more special than something handcrafted from their parents or loved ones!! God Bless! 😊

  5. Very very cool! I got a truckload of lathe torn out of a 1930 house being renovated for free. I cut small pieces and made wooden quilts for kitchen walls. Used leftover paints. Love your creativity! When we spend the time we're rewarded with our handmade art! 👍❣️😁 PS could the peacock have an eye?

  6. beautiful! You did a wonderful job! She’s going to absolutely love it! She’s definitely going to have a unique, one of a kind, beautiful and functional room! I’m so excited for her. Blessings..

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