NOCH Modellbau: Perfekt-Set Winter Landschaft (Art. Nr. 60815)

NOCH Modellbau: Perfekt-Set Winter Landschaft (Art. Nr. 60815)

With the different Perfect Sets you have a lot of good products to start a project. In this video we would like to introduce the Perfect Set Winter Landscape. This set contains a few winter products for a detailed winter scene. The set contains: The Start-Set Snowflakes, Ice Crystals and Icicles, as well as NOCH Snow Paste. For applying these products we prepared a white pre-colored diorama base. There is a small lake made of 2K Water Gel integrated in the landscape. The roof of the mountain is also pre-colored in white. We start with covering the diorama with NOCH Snow Paste. For working with the paste we use spatula and brush. We have to stir up the paste to make sure the substance is homogeneous. After that, we use the spatula to apply the paste on the diorama for snow hills. on flat surfaces, for example a roof, we apply the paste more evenly. On uneven areas we use a brush. Step by step the diorma is covered with snow for a pretty snowy landscape. After drying, the Snow Paste is glittering like a real snow cover. Before we go ahead with the next step, we prepared a few snow fir trees for flocking. Also on the roof we would like to apply some powder snow. Therefore we use the Start Set Snowflakes. It contains a Puffer Bottle, Snow glue and the Snowflakes. We fill in some Snow Glue into a pot, open the package with the flakes and fill them in. Afterwards we shake the Bottle to get the flakes statically charged. Now we paint both sides of the roof with Snow Glue and put on the Snowflakes. That gives the snow cover a fresh powder snow look. After that we put the glue on the fir trees and put fresh snow on them, to create a fresh snowy look. For the next step we need the Ice Crystal Paste. For creating a layer of ice we press some paste out of the tube and apply it onto the lake. The surface has to dry out a while until it looks like ice. Meanwhile we apply some of it on the balcony and the windows. The final product we use is NOCH Icicles. We apply them on the roof sides. We stick out the gel and work from top to the bottom and turn the tube. The Icicles are very milky when they are applied fresh. After a longer drying period, they appear transparent. After drying of the Ice Cristal Paste the lake appears in an icy look. Our winter diorama is now finished, created with products of the Perfect Set Winter Landscape.

4 thoughts on “NOCH Modellbau: Perfekt-Set Winter Landschaft (Art. Nr. 60815)

  1. Do you do English versions of these videos? I enjoy watching but would like to know what is being said. I've seen so many great modelers that speak german that I'm thinking of trying to learn how to speak german. Thanks for the great videos. 🥶👍

  2. Sehr schön. Ich hoffe das dieses Jahr wieder so eine schöne Adventsserie mit "Märklinofsweden" kommt. Das wäre super !!

  3. 1/3 Kaisernatron, 1/3 Leim und 1/3 Farbe ergeben besseren Schnee und auch die Zapfen sehen mit geschmolzenen Glasklarem Plastik besser aus…

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