30 thoughts on “No More Love – SPOKEN WORD & POETRY INSTRUMENTAL /Beat

  1. Thank you for this it was beautiful! I just used it in my video and mentioned you in the comments . Again thanks for sharing

  2. baby why you lie and say you die for me-
    so many times that you cried for me-
    and i still see no pain in your eyes-
    funny how our demons look so beautiful when they disguise-
    Funny how your feelings changed

  3. i lost my everything .. i was buying her chocolates buying her promise rings
    i shouldve known better
    her moods were changing just like the weather
    i really miss you baby i can’t deny it
    i’m kinda sad and sometimes i can’t hide it
    but now that you’re not around all i gotta do is fight it ….

    i really thought you was gonn ride
    never really saw you txting me a good bye
    that day you had me in tears inside
    yea ig i felt like i wanted to die
    i couldn’t take the pain
    our love ended but who is it to blame
    i guess my hb are right these hoes the same
    they try to play you but you already knew the game …

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