Night in the Woods Animated Tribute

Night in the Woods Animated Tribute

welcome home me I never knew how much I miss the sound of those trains I’d always hear them at night during the fall the leaves were down it’s you it’s me it’s me we don’t play out we have jobs made working on the plan that’s why I’m working like seven days a week [Music] it’s a bleep in two years since I lived here Park stores gone food donkeys gone it’s a whole new world sweetie hey killer what’d you do it no one’s you forgotten who you are or what you did you know small town polite so you got some watching it’s really great to be back dude we can hang out every day oh my god holy crap what is that an arm that’s an arm let’s with a stick I call first [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] say something about this take one more step forward if you want to die

100 thoughts on “Night in the Woods Animated Tribute

  1. I would love this to be a series because the animations are so good and the voice acting is amazing. Very well done. I love it 😁

  2. Still watching in 2019 I love watching this video over and over again it just makes me think how cool it would be if night in the woods had a movie or plot based on the game. Anyway great video and I love the animation and art and the voice actors are amazing

  3. Alec will be missed, his work helped out my life when I was feeling down, I related to his characters in so many different ways. It's sad that the SJW's in this world can't be happy except for when they cause genuine folk harm.

  4. For anyone coming here to comment about Alec – PLEASE read Scott’s recent backer update. He sheds a very important perspective on the situation:

    Before seeing his post, I was reading all around, trying to find out who’s right and who’s wrong and becoming overwhelmed by the extreme division between sides. But like Scott says, all you read are short windows of what’s really a long and nuanced situation. I can’t come to a conclusion myself – right now I’m just a confused teenager – but Scott’s post helped me feel like there’s sanity in this whole controversy.

  5. RIP Alec Holowka, you will be missed. If only our world and the people in it were better, your life may not have been lost.

  6. Это самая топовая игра! С самый шикарным сюжетом, даже на равные с Салли Фейс, и ФренБоу, только чутка адекватнее. Завязанная на отношениях и самоанализе! Прекрасная игра! А самое прикольное это аниматики по ней! Это так Круто! Просто Божественно ♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍

  7. This would be so dope as a running show because the idea of the actual game could be tied in and all that. I really want this to happen

  8. so sad that Alec had to leave us on such a sour note, he did so much good for so many people by bringing awareness to mental health, yet there is an unconfirmed possibility that he did something awful as well
    I don't support sexual assault or harassment in any way shape or form, but I think I'll stay neutral to the situation, and simply say goodbye to a talented creator

  9. The creator of the game left us, but this is a great way to remember his work.
    With an amazing animation, perfectly fitting music, and an awesome voice dubbing.

  10. This isn't just a tribute, it's a reinterpretation of the game for a new medium! You recreated it in a way that works for animated film while still being faithful to the story. It wasn't just repeating things as they happen in the game, there was VISION to this! I especially love how you recreated the iconic image of Mae walking on the telephone lines, as well as some of the artistic liberties, like showing things from different angles. And the acting in both the animation and voices are perfectly timed.

    I know it's cliche to say, but this feels like a real movie trailer! And I want to see this movie!

  11. Oh my GODNESS! This is amazing, I bet if the creators of Night In The Woods saw this, they would be very proud and appreciate you made this!I am very impressed with the animations and voices, they fit perfectly and the music aswell!

  12. The animation isn't bad but the voices really take me out of it; I know some people say that it's really accurate, but I don't see it at all, personally. They all sound really off.

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