NigaHiga Roast (DISS TRACK) ๐Ÿ”ฅ Ryan Higa Parody

NigaHiga Roast (DISS TRACK) ๐Ÿ”ฅ Ryan Higa Parody

you commented 2 rows ryan higa and then you come again again again and again and again he just walks in a world where the most successful YouTube channel our toy unboxings, nursery rhymes, click me and this garbage there remains one creator who dares to do the unthinkable and be creative dave ryan higa he is the last of the Golden Age of youtubers making comedy videos only wants four weeks but there’s a business or organization intend on ending his career at their day oh I you guys are supposed to be here yet i’m in the middle of walking ryan higa and if you’ve seen my other roast you know that this is usually the part where be runs in here and says something like people given that just about you and I have had you can’t believe it can you rap video of some nosh and then after that I get really mad and I get inspired to roll that youtuber but I just can’t imagine Ryan said anything mean like that but I guess we’ll find out when be running here and 54321 he cat gasps what learning us Ryan need a roasted be even better he followed you on twitter just blocked me on twitter that he has roughly roast know we can block you followed you with this is twitter profile a gray horse and I think thinking a card yeah same thing anyway did you say anything like this video sucks or chat is good yeah he did he come to town you do haha like this one oh my god he completely ruined me what are you talking about he thinks he loves to me out nobody Ryan always talks in riddles and puzzles there’s a hidden message in his coming for example what is a Twitter profile hi unicorn exactly a gray horse and what do gray horses eat i don’t know had what you get a hard to eat high and they also be great exactly eight letters and there’s a bar why pay and an end and what is that way you and a 5g I always been an anagram when you rearrange the letters and actually found something out of the common he left you it’s probably an agreement you and haha love this one you see the hidden message yet and he’s from Hawaii high alone and that leaves the following letter at this oh hi shoe have hint exactly to what kind of shoe them are wearing it looks like an off-brand version of chucks located shops for them ok now how would you describe these shoes Old gray beat up they look kind of sad you sound as mich and you repair them what do you get chat and it makes a smiley face Ryan’s laughing at me Wow talking about you and now i need to roll come back anytime I needed totally wrote somebody i do hella crazy research so i hacked into YouTube headquarters and listen two alive that competition you to quickly go Susan would just be director of creative partnership Jamie quirk ok Susan its giant oh hi Jamie how are you and more importantly how are our top creators 200 our top creators are doing press that’s perfect and how is our number-one moneymaker doing a ride toy review job to do great good great it was so much work into every single video we need to make sure to keep telling like that creating our website haha beginning of putting it so much work into every single day are we now have nearly all of our top creators were using at least one video every single that Wow our Creator spending one whole day to create a video okay Jamie take note of this i want our creators spending habit i want two videos a day from them and did you mention some are doing less than one a day oh yeah we got one creator who put so much work into every video it would be a possible for him to put out content daily um who is it was Ryan Higa who you know ryan higa you know channel nigahiga no I have never heard him what you got popular way back in the day long before you got here is it a toy shadow not a nursery rhyme cattle a video gaming shadow not a 1000 nikli hot knife to the comedy channel who a comedy channel i thought we got rid of all of though well this was still hanging on I mean he’s still getting like 50 million views and remote 50 million how is that even possible using only once every two days haha actually he related content only like once every seven down once we started dating we can’t have been setting a bad example to all of our other Creators I tried everything I mean I told him to quit living in the past youtube of today’s about quantity not quality but you all listen well it’s just copyright strike all of his most popular video we already did that but that didn’t stop them well if he won’t listen we’re going to have to go code Terminator what you can I have you the only way to stop him is to send the terminator back in time to before his channel is popular and ask ask a nate him i’d like to go on record here that I’m totally one hundred and gets this idea code terminator I repeat code Terminator and this Terminator back to july 25th 2007 and send it to Ryan she goes how oh my god i need to stop it from happening I can’t let Ryan too fast good thing I still have this time machine I used for my Smosh roast video alright let’s go back to july 25th 2007 meeting I got something like 2007 save ryan here from being obsessive explain more like I hear the flutter control over a foot rub your top here Ryan yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s not sure on I’m sorry I remember the wrong place i’m looking for Ryan he go Tai O God and gray is that all why are you wearing a sweatshirt in Hawaii definitely hot years you never to get laid looking like that but I don’t getting lay but getting lay is a hawaiian tradiaion trees 2011 function until they all what I you know but you cannot be serious yes I can and so can I hurt how could add her it was only up top dreams while your pump or soda pressing oh yeah your life is soda pressing sewed up practically all right over the bugs who are you guys I’m writing I’m shine fully you guys look so young how old are you guys at 12 tag oh no I travel too far back inside the septum is not going to be here for another five years yes yeah five years from now you guys are going to start a YouTube channel right here channel oh it’s not invented yet but it’s like an internet thing where you can share videos with your friends all was just like NASA judgment videos yeah I like that and you guys are going to be the number one most popular why yeah well eventually putative number one because kids love watching him play video games wait in the future kids watch other people play video games yeah I was not worried about that right now right now I have to teach you guys how to protect yourself against the ask asking okay whatever now yeah that’s good but I need you guys how to be ninja being a job by first looking for being an injury to make a wileyplus ourselves when you hit haha a true and you can catch things with his chopsticks less than 3i true into know how to teleport from place to play question number 5 yes I kept for you must be able to perform a fay tally who got real girls over there will be setbacks the future will be my final up for you guys is about copyrighted music in your videos always use why he he said all our videos always use the sweater door but its rightful alive yeah I don’t have the computer to get the chance to visit the channel still exists that means I saved them yes Michelle is still here and all that 20 million subscribers hopeful time for me to rossum never liked your friends are good talk you would be a little we do over your III your your healers could be using the taste of your own that in college and my shoulder socket this break a leg but thats good luck don’t get in my face you little your little whenever you yes you did you’re not the real find left my temper comment really good friend your mom we can make strictly platonic we talked about for months and all better your mom talks with them to track and we’ll beat around the bush look at the clock your world your back what you say we want to tell you that anything to your creative you wanna not many great you too I dollars your friend already your normal ready alright totally relevant to them well got kinda pushy at the end there but you know i love ryan higa his stuff is amazing thank you write for all the inspiration thank you guys for the comment down below in a minute i’ll become as we hang out with you like I do for every upload for at least 30 minutes after you upload so make sure you have that little bell symbol turned on so you can get your quick and hang out with me down below if you haven’t seen this video yet definitely check that one out if you haven’t seen this video yet check that one out too here’s where you can subscribe to me here’s where you can subscribe to be a that runs to okay i’ll see you guys real soon with a brand new video

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