so there certainly is a risk of arbitrary enforcement and potential discrimination and in talking with you Jackie I can really see why those who are doing crafting videos are particularly concerned about this kind of enforcement without you we cannot win this this is by far the most important video I will be putting on this channel because if we don’t take action by December in January 2020 many crafting and art channels will be gone for those of you who don’t know YouTube was recently fined 120 million dollars by the FTC for serving up personalized ads to pretty much who they thought were adults but kids were using the adults app in order to navigate the platform even though this is a law that’s going to be passed in the US it is going to be implemented on YouTube as a whole so whether you are a creator internationally or in the US you will be 100% affected by these rules so what are these rules pretty much anything that seems that child appealing will be deemed as a child directed look at these I’m gonna be using a lot of air quotes so this makes it really scary for those of us who are gaming or crafting or doing arts because kids have diverse hobbies anything that is child content will be monetized in a completely different way in other words more demonetised than monetized and Philip DeFranco describes it in the best way possible right so essentially imagine you go into work and your boss says hey by the way in January we’re gonna pay a 60 to 90 percent less not only will our videos be demonetized but the comment section removed which means we cannot communicate I love communicating with you grains I love joking and interacting but these will be disabled if the Machine believes that my content is kids appealing on Twitter Bluebird describes this perfectly if YouTube thinks your content is aimed at kids for example if you use dolls kids toys etc they’ll cut off personalized ads and you won’t be able to comment on videos and you’ll have minimum engagement with the creators and the creators won’t be earning anything basically what worries me the most is that the category of child appealing is so broad it includes things like the type of music used in your videos a lot of us use pretty uppity type music the types of colors that are on your screen that is really worrisome they also said slime type things last I checked the king of random did so many different slime type experiments are these for children no are they educational yes are they family-friendly yes and that’s where the line of family-friendly and child appealing becomes really blurry and so thousands of other topics are going to be heavily impacted namely the Arts and Crafts community as well you are not immune so things like dolls and squishies and craft kits will be child appealing and so it’s really scary to know that even though as creators we can say that whether or not we are targeting kids the rules are still very vague to say that if it’s child appealing it might automatically be child directed see the problem here if I’m not targeting kids but if it’s appealing to kids the machine might actually put me as child content less monetization no comments so the issue here is instead of looking at what we’re doing with the item it’s probably going to be looking at the item objectively hey here’s a doll that dolightful is transforming into a work of art which is a blank canvas now that’s a doll that’s for children do you monetize hey look here’s a squishy that Mariah Elizabeth is turning into an upcycled the new work of art nah it’s a squishy that’s for children hey here’s nerdecrafter reviewing a craft kit to make sure that those with the buying power can make informed decisions nah bro that’s a toy that’s kids are you using colored pencils by Crayola to make a review or trying to make an epic piece of art that is also deemed child appealing potentially what if you’re drawing an anime character or some kind of Disney character in your work of art or sculpting a Disney or anime character well guess what characters are deemed as child appealing all these things in the back I’m a dork it doesn’t take that into consideration it’s just going to see characters and automatically classify them as toys or child appealing and so as it is the rules right now are going to harm so many of us on YouTube and when I talk to someone at YouTube and told them that what I’m doing is helping adults make informed decisions they said that it’s the topic of craft kits that I should be staying away from so even YouTube is worried about this what means I should be extra worried about this and trust me grains today I really wanted to make a very different video I wanted to craft or review something but if I didn’t put this out there I would be a hypocrite and not trying to help and not try to help I really want this community to stay alive I still want to make videos I still want to interact with your grains and I want all of us here in the arts and crafts community also to get together and make sure that we don’t lose what we’ve worked so many years on making a bigger community we can’t let this rule pass as it is and the good news is we can take action if we work together by the way for this next part I’m going to be saying the word male and female quite a bit in no way is this discriminatory towards gender identity please understand I’m just using these terms as in the traditional sense and if you think about it in the arts and crafts community the topics that are deemed child appealing are mostly female type content and so the FTC is putting female type content as childish so if we’re into painting and squishies and dolls that were transforming them into works of art they are potentially going to be flagged as child content child appealing which makes absolutely no sense because many of the creators in the arts and crafts community do we use things like power tools and machines how is that fair for female type hobbies to be classified as childish these are topics that also take a lot of work and practice to perfect it’s almost like they’re saying save the women and children and yet now the boat is sinking but they’re letting us all sink together female topics are not childish topics let me be clear the collateral damage of this new FTC rule is going to hurt female creators because of our female type hobbies again I am NOT saying that there are male creators who don’t do this I’m just saying that it’s that category in itself is hurting a lot of us female creators just think about it think of your favorite creators who are doing arts and crafts and so even though when I talk to someone at YouTube again they did say that we can appeal the decision by the machine that decision is not reversible now probably some of you are like but Jackie what’s the point of appealing if you can’t reverse it my guess is that YouTube wants to protect us because if the FTC thinks that our content is child appealing and we didn’t do the right decision we can be fined up to 42,000 dollars per video you heard that right if we said we are not targeting kids and the Machine doesn’t catch us but then the FTC watches our video we can define 42,000 dollars per video that they think is child directed because they can be like ha you’re using a squishy which means that is for kids now as a creator I love again I’m gonna say this I love YouTube I want to protect it in every way possible but if you like YouTube has its hands tied because it wants to follow the law however the law can be changed if we work together and that’s why I need you so much right now so what can we do there are links in description box below in order to comment to the FTC don’t click yet don’t click listen to me listen the FTC actually wants to hear from both creators and viewers on YouTube they are actually really open to hearing our arguments which means that if we can make smart well argumented pieces of comments the chances of overturning the rule as it is, is pretty high but we need at thousands of comments there’s also a petition in description box below if you’re not sure what you can discuss and what points you can discuss there’s also a link for a document in description box below about different talking points please make sure that you are polite and make sure that your sentences are clear and coherent and all of these links were given to us by Jeremy Johnston who is currently a non practicing attorney who’s been at the forefront trying to change these rules and meeting with the FTC so please please please be as polite as possible because the FTC wants to learn they don’t know much about YouTube but they really want to learn about it and this is where we come in as a community to educate them what does YouTube need to us and how is it that girly topics are not childish topics so we really need you so let’s send them a thousands of comments so they know that personalized ads are not a bad thing either I personally would rather get an ad for the new sculpting tool than a horror movie or if a parent gives permission to a kid to use their account that is consent to get personalized ads because the other thing is if you are watching crafting videos regardless of your age if YouTube deems that that is child appealing you not count as an adult anymore watching these videos it will count you as a child so we have to make sure that these kinds of topics are not put indirectly into child appealing or child directed simply because we’re using dolls or craft kits or art supplies for those of you are still naysayers and really want to have more information on this I had an interview with Jeremy asking him some of the questions that are really important to the arts and crafts community as well as some of the vagueness of the FTC the rules are so vague that’s what makes it scary and according to Jeremy also unconstitutional because even though I am NOT personally targeting kids what is child appealing if I am NOT targeting kids and what is the line between family-friendly and child appealing so please please please today send that comment sign that petition and so enough jibba jabba on my side because I am so I’m so invested in this in all seriousness though I really don’t want to lose you grains and I don’t want to lose what we’ve built here together and so I want to introduce you to Jeremy Johnston he’s also creator here on YouTube and he has a family vlog channel this is an interview we’ve had together so bear with me here hey Jeremy please briefly tell my subscribers about yourself and your channel hey Jackie thanks so much for letting me be a part of this video so I’m Jeremy Johnston I have five little kids and five years ago one of them came up and wanted to watch some videos on YouTube and I started searching and I came across family vlogs which looked like just home videos to me and I was amazed that millions of people were watching as I dug deeper into and kind of saw the genre and what it was all about we decided it was something we wanted to do and so we feel really blessed today we now have two billion views on YouTube two million subscribers as I’ve learned about what’s going on with the FTC I’ve wanted to speak out and let people know what’s happening and what we can do to try to make a difference at the time that we started YouTube I was a civil litigator a practicing attorney since we’ve gone full time to YouTube I’m no longer actively practicing and I’m not intending any of this to be specific legal advice for you and you’re sharing some of my opinions as I’ve reviewed these things so we all know that the FTC is worried mainly at child directed content but that term is really vague as someone who does arts and crafts for an adult type of content does learn I’m trying to talk here so even though I’m doing a crafting and art channel for mainly adult type viewers I was pretty alarmed at the article that was released by because it said that there were thousands of topics that would be affected by this so even though they briefly mentioned that slime stuff’s technically slime as a topic is a scientific topic it is a chemical reaction but there are also hundreds of channels that don’t necessarily just play with slime but they also focus on different reactions with different ingredients and I use the example of king of random in no way is king of random targeting children but of course kids have so many hobbies that they really enjoy that will they watch it yeah they could I’m rambling I’m sorry so now my concern really has to do with the Arts and Crafts community so we use materials like squishies dolls colorful pencils craft kits and so on as it is with the vagueness of the definition do you think that arts and crafts fall under the risk of being put under child directed or child appealing categories one of the big problems with the government regulating content is no one really knows where they’re going to draw the lines they haven’t defined clearly what child directed means but they have given us ten factors we can look to, to see whether or not our content is child directed the problem that was even within those ten factors it’s unclear how we should measure those factors or define them for example one of the specific factors is whether or not you are featuring celebrities that children like to watch that raises all kinds of questions you know like for me with our channel we know that we have a lot of viewers we don’t know exactly how many of them are kids does that mean that we are celebrities that children like to watch and if so is it based on how many subscribers you have or how many views or what percentage it is and if it is based on those things where do you draw the line of when you are a celebrity or not that’s just one example of the 10 another question is what’s the subject matter and so what subject matter is child directed or not you know within crafting if you’re talking about colorful pencils or slime or different things that children may be attracted to does that count as subject matter that is child director or not no one really knows so there certainly is a risk of arbitrary enforcement and potential discrimination and in talking with you Jackie I can really see why those who are doing crafting videos are particularly concerned about this kind of enforcement a lot of the crafting videos include things that are attractive to children but will that be considered a child directed no one knows and that’s a big problem because when we’re facing the kind of penalties that could come about with this regulation you want to know whether or not you’re breaking the law or not another category worries me is the idea of characters would creating fan art of a cartoon or animated character also be put under the child directed or child content it’s a really good question because any type of content for a general audience is going to do some things that are maybe more specific or attractive to children so for example with Aladdin coming up recently if you were doing a craft that was around Aladdin the FTC could come and say look this is child directed because you’re doing something about Aladdin okay Jeremy this this part here is what bugs me the most and this is the part that I feel very strongly about because I know that even though it is not directly targeted at female creators it is collateral many of us here in the community do use colorful things art supplies craft supplies that could be a child appealing even though we are not necessarily child-directed so I feel like many traditional female type content and hobbies are put into the childish categories and this scares me because many people use arts and crafts as a way to deal with their own anxiety and just have a hobby there’s nothing wrong than having a hobby arts and crafts is not just for children so as a female creator in an already male-dominated platform it really feels like if these rules pass we as female creators would have a harder time climbing the ladder and making content that we enjoy naturally again I am using the terms as male and female in the traditional sense please great understand just I’m doing these trust me I grew up playing with action figures alright okay here’s my question so as it is the FTC’s of big rules will mainly affect female creators in the craft see and artsy space is that a stretch for me to assume given of course the vagueness of the actual definition of child directed or child appealing I think that there’s certainly a risk and a concern about discrimination and this being unfairly regulated against women I think it’s especially scary if the FTC does decide to expand the regulation of Copa to include not just child directed content but child attractive content I think it’s fair to say that children may be more drawn to or attracted to stuff like crafting or other things that female creators are primarily talking about we’re making on YouTube and this is a big deal this is part of why we want to talk to the FTC about this and let our voices be heard that there’s big concerns about them trying to regulate content especially when they’re using a law that’s all about privacy Copa is about putting power in control in protecting their children’s personal information online but instead the FTC is using it to remove parents from the process and ignore parents choice we know from the statistics that 81% of parents let their children 13 and under watch YouTube if parents are consenting to that it isn’t something where we should come in and punish creators and when we start regulating that content the government is on dangerous ground are starting to have discriminatory regulation my next question is for channels who are not directed at children but who would be flagged as child appealing and potentially child directed if we lose our comment section and even our monetization what would happen to the platform I’ve been primarily talking about the FTC and the concerns around government regulation but there are a lot of unknowns and a lot of questions about how YouTube is gonna come in and police this situation as well I think it’s unclear right now how YouTube would look at a review of a arts and crafts kit one good thing about the way the regulation is set up is that it will be video specific so say that that video was flagged as being more for children or a concern about that you could potentially lose comments or personalized ads on that video but that doesn’t mean that the whole channel is gonna be shut down or impacted because of that and the good news is Jeremy is that the FTC wants to learn about it so there are different steps that we can take here and you really did put quite a few resources together grains by the way these are going to be in description box below but Jeremy really did put things together and one last question YouTube says it’ll treat any view from a child appealing content as coming from a child regardless of your age whether you’re twenty five forty five sixty five if they deem a topic or children even if you’re an adult and you enjoy crafts and arts you will be categorized on YouTube as a child viewer so the question for you is how will this impact our content does this mean that the person view doesn’t count for us as creators yeah it’s very difficult how little control we have and it’s ironic because what the FTC has said is they’re changing their enforcement to now consider creators as operators as though we’re running our own website the problem though is that we don’t have any controls over the operation so for example on our channel we make documentary content that we never intended to be directed at children we wanted it for a general audience but we don’t have controls over what YouTube does with that and how they suggested so they started placing our stuff on YouTube kids and people are watching it there but I have no control over what’s on YouTube kids or who they’re suggesting those videos too so it is frustrating if this can come up to harm us or lead to us being considered child directed over things that we don’t have control over the other thing too is we know what our intent is and who our intended audiences but if they expand this regulation that becomes less of a factor because they’ll just be looking at who’s watching or enjoying the content but again we shouldn’t be looked down upon just because kids also enjoy our content I want to make family-friendly content I’m okay with the fact that children find our content clean and entertaining but it doesn’t make sense to me that we should be penalizing those creators who are making that type of content that’s the kind of result that’s gonna cause more quality good family-friendly content to shrink while more mature content grows that’s the problem people are gonna have an incentive to try to prove that they’re not child-directed this is that concern where you’re gonna have creators feeling like they need to mature fi their content maybe adding language that’s more for adults or topics that are more extreme where they can point out and say look I’m not child-directed it is really concerning that the way that this regulation is being crafted is to focus on the content because even as an adult if they’re watching our content and they want to participate in it they want to comment or they want it to be suggested they lose that opportunity if it’s deemed as child directed and so adults aren’t having the opportunity to have an experience as an adult they’re going to be treated like they’re little kids and it’s not fair to those people in our audience who want to participate and have comments and other features that would be available on normal general audience content I really appreciate you taking the time to talk about this issue I just invite people to sign our petition send a comment to the FTC us letting our voice be heard really can make a difference the FTC is sincerely trying to do what’s best they just didn’t have as much information about how this was impacting creators or those negative unintended consequences that this was going to cost us letting them know about those things on a big scale can make a difference in the decisions they’re making about changes that they should make on their enforcement and regulation of copa so thank you so much Jeremy for being at the forefront of this it really means a lot to a lot of us creators we really can’t stay quiet on this we have to send as many comments as possible you grains you viewers our subscribers you matter so much without you we cannot win this so please make sure that you send a really polite and a very well-written comment to the FTC I’ll leave the link down below all these links were put together by Jeremy because he’s been going to visit them and talk with them and they’re very open so it means that we just have to be very vocal and also sign the petition I’ll leave a comment that I wrote for them in description box below and if you want a sample of something that you could potentially send to them I’ll leave a sample down below change it tweak it to make it as personal to you and your experience as possible to make sure that they hear us out thank you so much grant I will see you on Friday with a crafty or review video I’ll see you later

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    Creative, artistic, character-based, or colorful content can not simply be classified as "Child-Directed". The reason I say this is because there are animated shows or videos with characters that are not appropriate for children, yet this rule is going to classify them as such. For example, many Japanese animes are not child-appropriate but do include characters and very colorful imagery, as well as inappropriate topics or themes such as drugs, sex, and violence. If a creator were to draw a character from one of these adult-oriented shows, would it be classified as "Child-Directed" because it's a character and potentially colorful, even though it's adult-oriented and not for children? It's not just Japanese anime either, there is an animated show on Netflix called "Big Mouth" that on the surface looks like a show for children (even the characters are children) but the content is adult-oriented and completely inappropriate for children. If you were to let a robot (or a person who isn't aware of a show's content) decide if a video is "Child-Directed" couldn't that lead to something being flagged that isn't child-appropriate and cause more harm than good? Just because something looks "Child-Directed" or "Child Appropriate" doesn't mean it is.

  35. As an "ADULT" colouring channel, I am now set to (No, set this channel as Not Made for Kids. I never upload content that's Made for Kids.). All of my videos will now be set to ("No, it's not Made for Kids") ..So, Note to all kids under 18 : "GO PLAY OUTSIDE" ! I have met your requirements YouTube. It is impossible to control YouTube's viewers as they don't even need an account to watch, so any child that comes to my channel, YouTube should be found accountable/liable & not me !

  36. Why isn't YouTube like if you don't sign in you can't access any videos. So if a child is watching a video on a adult signed in account then its consent. Parents will have to keep there log in details safe and sign out. Just a thought that's all.

  37. I am also an arts and crafts channel that is really confused by the system; I make content that mostly teens and older watch (that I can see from my analytics anyway), such as making pendants out of Polymer Clay (which is both suitable for kids and adults but isn't aimed directly at young kids)… Because Polymer Clay is what kids can use, does this make my content for kids? I also make painting videos aimed at adults, but will they be flagged because kids can make art out of Acrylic Paints? This whole system is confusing me and I will sign your petition. Thank you for your video, good luck.

  38. yup I think I'm out. My vids are "family friendly" though not "for kids" in my opinion, however the FTC list of things that counts as "for kids" applies to a lot of my vids.. I just can't risk the fine.

  39. Let be honest yes this affect the art community but do not forget about the Gacha community which is also one in the art community because we drew Gacha character, we work so hard and YouTube are just gonna play us like that? Oh hell naw we are so gonna stand up for our self! So who's with me?

  40. But i dont think my mom will allow me to sign up tho ;^; i really want to but i know she would say no and i dont wanna ask her cause she will ask about the gacha community,my vids, stuuf like that. So please sign up for meh ;w;

  41. So as a little girl I am allowed to like Disney movies, MLP, Transformers, Pokemon and what not. But once I hit 21 (which was a long time ago) I am now required to not like them anymore because then I will be considered childish?
    Fan art will be right out then! As will upcycling, experimenting, informing parents about products and just in general: making art. Will they flag Bob Ross for using Cad Yellow? It’s a bright colour after all…

    Just a thought, but I think these people need to rewatch I, Robot, and rethink their decision on having a machine make decisions that influence the daily lives of milions of people.

  42. Wow. YouTube is really going to target people who make family friendly videos just because they think it's aimed at children. Really? Wow.

  43. YouTube arts and crafts channels: exists

    FTC: the line between family friendly and child-targeted She doesn’t even go here

  44. I don't see how they can get things mixed up when your basically just showing your artistic abilities online. How is it now just becoming an issue and why are they targeting the crafting section. They should be targeting the things that children SHOULDNT BE WATCHING.

  45. This is more of the same censorship that I saw as a child when Tipper Gore got all the records labeled. The government needs to stop trying to parent our kids, they need to go after the real problem, the traitors within.

  46. Jackie i signed the petition and i sent it to a few friends i told them to share it too and i donated some money i hope this helps youre my favorite youtuber

  47. What about oh I don’t know Gach life that’s cute characters and skits but are they all appropriate for children no what about some channels that swear but have “child appealing content” not all of the content is me for children and not appropriate for them but will be assumed it’s meant for children

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