63 thoughts on “NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of DAYVIN ROSS (LEAKED)

  1. Honestly… I liked the blooper reel better than the actual skit. The skit was taken too seriously, so I couldn't find it funny. This… this was hilarious! Because you weren't trying to be serious. Just my opinion though. Thanks for this!

  2. "And that's what painting is, adding in things that were never there, to begin with.
    Like me. I wasn't here before I began, were you?" 8:09

  3. Oh my god, I love this so much. Suggestions for paint colors: Dad's Belt, Moist Hands, Cram Sesh', and Grandma's Racist Remarks

  4. Man, I really tried to get through these, but when I watch you guys all it makes me think of is Lee. Maybe I'll return. But for now I cant enjoy these videos. I'm sorry, good luck you guys.

  5. This really highlights the work that the editors put into each video, being able of creating a solid 10min sketch out of funny chaos and insanity.
    Kudos Kevin and Kait.

  6. OK… I just don't find this character funny at all. The things I liked best about The Valleyfolk was Your Show and Valleycast, which just aren't going to be the same. I'm tryin' guys, I really am. Edit: Movie Movie Game and Trivia Bidet also rule, actually.

  7. Accidentally scratching a line through the painting is one of the fucking funniest things I’ve ever seen. That is so real as an artist.

  8. I wish some of these goofs could have made it into the final cut. So funny! I really really hope to see even more dayvin some time ❤️

  9. The fact that Dayvin Ross has a tattoo on his wrist that says "JOKES" brings a whole new level of mystery to his already unknowable character.

  10. I was sitting on a windowledge watching this and moved off for fear of falling out a building from laughter – NOW THAT'D BE A HISTORY ROAD

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