what is going on Sharers welcome to
the vlog welcome to another awesome day today we are here with my sister Grace
oh yeah and today we’re gonna do a sis VS Bro Nerf paint splatter war
last Nerf war we did was with my brother Carter and I did it and we were white merch shirts and look what
they turned into that looks so good so cool so grace and I just got back from
the store and we got so many different colors of paint so we just got so much
stuff grace you want to show what we gotta be so excited to see them okay
let’s see where are they we got so much stuff I think they’re all oh the cars
locked it’s locked oh why is it opening oh there we go it’s
open oh yeah one bag full of pain purple a red an orange a pink a blue and a
green crease I think we got like four bags worth of pain so much paint it’s
gonna be epic oh yeah we also got some more Nerf splatter paint guns oh my
goodness let’s dump out all the supplies we got so many colors oh I forgot we got
these I don’t even know what these are but they’re like they’re like paintballs
I don’t even know how we’re gonna use them and we also got this kind of paint
to fill the Nerf blasters with we got orange blue red green pink this is gonna
be so awesome we also got this huge roll of white paper now
we’re gonna lay this out slider some Pinot
to see how good this stuff is case you want to go ahead and open these oh yeah
I don’t pick pink I don’t know how these are gonna work I think you’re gonna have
to get your fingers all painted oh boy this could be a mess let’s see how do
these things even work oh look at all this Hey I can’t wait to splatter it try
it whoa no way I’m so excited oh great I
think you should throw it as hard as you can against a piece of paper and maybe
those things will explode be so fun you ready yeah okay here we go in three two
one Oh what grace that is so cool that looks
so awesome whoa Chris grab like a handful and just smack it down look I
have five in one hand this would be so much paint splatter
oh yeah paint spider grenade here we go you ready three two one oh that it helps
butter oh so splattered in the grass wait reset
reset okay here we go in three two one go
oh yeah that looks so good okay Chris I got to add to this let’s see what color
should I do oh let’s do orange oh yeah hoping these
orange ones oh they’re so they look like orange Fanta soda I’m just gonna grab a
handful and go for it you ready grace oh yeah oh here we go
orange splatter in three two one that looks so good oh this is so cool these
are so cool but grace we are having a Nerf paint splatter war so I gotta test
it on you wait testing it on me Wow paint splatter grenade against Grace’s
back okay yeah you ready here we go in three two one go whoa that’s so cool it
looks so good it actually looks amazing wait you know we should do grace let’s
a bunch of different colors will put different colors in our hand and we’ll
do a paint splatter yeah it’ll be like tie-dye it’ll be so cool Steve it’s time
to get to you back I’m gonna do one of each color I’m gonna take a purple a red
an orange a pink a blue and a green oh yeah that looks so
colorful oh yes tie-dye paintball splatters grace whatever you do just
make sure you get them all on the back of me so I turn completely tie-dye
are you ready oh yeah I’m ready okay here we go
ready Steve I’m ready in three two one colors that purple mixed so whoa we
haven’t even brought out the Nerf beam spot or guns yet grace this is amazing
you ready to step it up oh yeah so shows we went back to the store and
we got grace her very own pink nurse water pink gun grace how awesome is this
so awesome I’m so excited to use this but before we get to opening that Nerf
blaster grace I’m gonna annihilate you with some of these colors in three two
one so cool that’s so awesome
let the Nerf war begin so the rules for this Nerf splatter paint more is there
are no rules the first person that gets the most paint on them loses I’m gonna
fill this one up with all this awesome blue goop and I’m gonna slide it on to
the blaster spotting it all the way through then you just twist give it a
little shape pump it and test fire oh my god you think yours
is cool minds of you filled with pink paint oh yeah oh that pink looks so good
oh yeah it’s so bright okay let’s fill this up oh right that is it’s like a
pink smoothie oh that looks so good Oh Gracie you loaded your sabotage so
great it’s like mashed up strawberry it looks so good it looks like a smoothie
and now we just screw it on and fire and pump it all now Gracie we forgot to take
the trigger safety off oh no holders we have a slight difficulty Chris we gotta
break that piece off otherwise it’s gonna keep firing it’s an automatic
weapon right now oh oh no technical difficulties fix it for you okay
now give it a test okay ready for the test run your grace test against me oh yeah that looks so good why don’t we
got one more blaster left let’s fill it with the orange paint
oh yeah the orange works Nerf splatter paint war are you ready
for this grace oh yeah here we go in three two one go oh my goodness grace
your code writer to the orange I need a brighter color I’m running out – oh no time my treat
oh I need some of these watch out great step back watch people look what I found
it fun yellow oh yeah Gila grenades coming up oh yeah blue create explosion whoa ready with blue oh look I got some of the skin
on me this is so cool I’m reloaded purple grenade against grace here we go Gracie would annihilate it in those
colors uncle you got in my hair whoa chairs these are so cool because they’re
the same size as Nerf rival rounds check this out whoa they’re so cool oh there’s
those one crazy nervous splatter paint worn crazy enough Wow whoa oh my
goodness well sure is that you have it that was our nurse butter paint work you
have any awesome crazy ideas come with them down below and until next time you
know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace!

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