Need Co-Op Hours?  I'm Looking For a Student!

Need Co-Op Hours? I'm Looking For a Student!

hi everybody and room is cahier with dental al I am a mobile dental hygienist so my company or my practice is dental al mobile hygiene and I am looking for a co-op student an intern student who needs hours and who wants to learn from a mobile dental hygienist so I love teaching as you guys know I teach dental hygiene and dental assisting students and I thought I'm sure there are a lot of either dental assistants or dental hygienists out there who want to perhaps be part of a mobile practice so I am looking for people who want to learn from me there will be lots of learning lots of mentoring you will not just be sitting on the side you know watching you will actually be learning and doing what you can so if if this is of interest to you let me know I can take about two to three students per term so I want to work based on your hours and what you need you know what your schedule is so that's why I'm taking two to three students evenings weekend's weekdays it doesn't matter just whatever you can do I probably work 24/7 so I'm always working so it just kind of depends on whether you're able to do but as I said you guys there will be lots of learning okay so if you want to learn from a mobile dental hygienist where I go to patients homes kids adults seniors with all of my you know stuff I teach them clean teeth I do admitted administrative duties to so I'm doing the bookkeeping I'm the receptionist all of that so if you wanted to learn the whole package this is it now I am currently based in Kitchener so if you're able to make it to Kitchener but I do see patients in London Woodstock st. Thomas tilson burg all in kind of that area so if you're in one of those areas and you would like to learn something that I'd be more than happy to do it that way too so let me know I'm just kind of posting this quick video I'm going to actually do a post as well in a couple of the Facebook groups to just see who might be interested I I work with your school too so depending on what program you're taking typically this program director likes to contact me to know like the hours you are able to to work the things you are able to do so I am more than happy to help with that too okay so I am here to help so thank you guys I look forward to meeting some of you that would be awesome and let me know if you would like to learn more about the dental hygiene mobile practice but this is for our dental assistants also so I'm taking any dental professional student I guess who wants to learn something more so because a mobile practice there's not too many of them and not a lot of them have the time or see enough patience to be a mentor to somebody but I'm seeing a lot of patience so I think it would be kind of fun to also get some help but also kind of teach you guys how the mobile hygiene side of things works so thank you guys I'll see you very very soon

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