Natsuki's Dad RETURNS!!! | Doki Doki Literature Club Mod: A Brand New Day (Part 5)

Natsuki's Dad RETURNS!!! | Doki Doki Literature Club Mod: A Brand New Day (Part 5)

I answer the phone I hear a scream now save me Maddie Patti he's going to the phone hangs up its net Sookie's number and deeply masculine hahahaha that's it I ring the doorbell and pound on the door I hear yelling stay in your room someone answers the door it's like the worst jump-scare ever dad Sookie [Applause] good theoretical more day hey guys and welcome to a very bright and early GT live if you are here in the US of A but if you are international happy afternoon doki-doki literature club a brand new day Monde yeah but it's a it's a fancy mod for it step where our character has gone from like the depths of depravity and being a terrible human being to like steps below that because he started off as a good guy just just to recap for all of you who are tuning in for the first time or have missed the extended play through that we've been going through as a part of this like this might be one of the longest so serious this might be one of the longest like series we've done on the channel like triple the length of the actual game it is it's actually yeah it is much longer than the actual game but basically it's a mod that allows you to save all the girls in one like extended long playthrough and at first that sounded really good we saved we saved say Ori from hanging herself and it was great we started you know pretty quickly and we were like okay great one down three to go yep we're like boom boom boom you know a couple days here a couple days there but but boom they're all saved no ladies and gentlemen today we are continuing where we left off last time where we are in the middle of macking on all four within hours of each other yeah we have just finished making out with netsuke making out with say Ori we even we even got a kiss from Monica herself and now Yuri is next on our little tonsil hockey block open up and stick it in ladies and gentlemen that is where we are at and that's it you know this guy to do that with hi so uh last time we ended Yuri had just killed herself because we are a terrible human being who answered in compared with the one choice we had to make in like the five hours of gameplay that we went through last first encouraged us to make the wrong choice we made the wrong one apparently but like I think we've been impossible for us to know well she would have been randomly let's like give Christy much little credit here I see URI pull out a knife and grade yeah we're starting here I see you're gonna pull out a knife and place it towards her chest great I immediately oh okay so we've started after the choice I immediately take the portrait of Mark Hofman smash it hard cuts oh wow weird last time all we had to do is punch her in the face now we literally have to beat her over the head oh no oh no ladies and gentlemen like you're starting off on the right foot here the best part of waking up with GT live is smashing a fictional female anime girl across the face with a book like how else do you handle situations well I'm sending good messages for how to handle conflict at school well you know what I immediately take the portrait of Mark off its mission hard against her forehead song URI is out cold on the floor I take advantage of this moment and kiss her on the lips because I'm a disgusting human you well I can't seem to remember anything since we left the club ouch oh my head I proceeded to lie my ass off to save her great oh that's the way to really endear yourself to people you lie today you know you gotta help these women somehow all right uh you took me to this room because you wanted to read just the two of us but you slipped on something wet on the floor and banged your head off pretty bad I pointed to a spot I poured some anti septic I pointed to a spot where I had poured some antiseptic at on he poured himself down the floor she slipped on him quote I saw your arms when I was checking if you were all right fortunately I had a complete first-aid kit in my bag so I treated your wound I'm also a paramedic that's some serious damage is there anything you want to talk to me about I'm your friend Gary I'm here for you I'm also here for all of your friends in the capacity that allows me to make out with all of them pretty much simultaneous my lips are here to help you lately I've had these weird feelings to know your mind is possessed by some demonic creature from a different video game what the odd oddly specific I have strong feelings for you oh that's similar demonic demon from another video game love sir I mean how can you tell this apart really like honestly I know you love me I know I've heard it like three other times today like what old hat at this point Yuri get in line who told you you did remember Yuri gets flustered the thing is I didn't get to give you my answer back really so now it's my turn I go close to Yuri and holder wait nothing is stopping me now I proceed to hug Yuri close to me and kiss her I was not voluntary now that was not consensual she said wait nothing is stopping him he separable protestations are you saying that I as a man should be it listening to what a woman has to say about what I can and cannot do to her come on I just bandaged her stuff and lied to her Yuri does not struggle back the smart there's no struggle the smart animals in the wild know that you have to go limp and play dead he's not wrong that is good obviously she does not struggle back I'm so happy right now I could just write a poem about the UH don't worry you don't have to I give Yuri another hug try to force another kiss upon her it doesn't talk to the hand anymore and I'm going to burst all right anger Oh No but before I do I have a gift for you oh really I pull out the manga collection and hand it to Yuri I stole that oh you stole this from that dude yeah I know you don't read much manga so I completely ignored that and got you this ha ha ha ha well this is certainly different sounds exactly thing I ever really wanted again any gift from you and I will cherish it Thank You us the proper answer don't just what do you please smack me over the head with them sometimes don't you well I'm gonna smack you right now don't just cherish it read it to okay because it's not enough for me to dictate what I give you but also how you enjoy it I'd love to hear what your opinion of it is I sit down at the table immediately I sees Monica's slide next to me the other girls fight to sit next to me – because I am a pinnacle of masculinity netsuke is small and quick and gets the better of say were you really look a little bit disappointed because they have to be raped relegated to just looking at my beautiful masculine face the girls start pouring drinks and handing out snacks wait I got another surprise for everyone I run to the corner of the class and grab the large bento box I made earlier I place it on the desks we're sitting at I proceeded to open up the box lunch the girls all stare at the been towed you can cook literally everyone else has already seen you do that netsuke starts to drool I put my cup in the air to make a toast here's to a successful festival it wouldn't have been fun without all of you I'm happy to have joined the club to club to have joined to club if I didn't I would have never been able to see any of your beautiful smiles I think I may have gone a little too far Maria Nora oh my gosh is this live I thought this was a video what is this magic this is the magic of the livestream mustache cookie Manny you need a therapist Madi Patti needs a therapist yeah Matty Matty Matty Matty Matty Matty Matty Matty man does not do therapists I have a perfectly healthy relationship with all sorts of women folk what healthy right you are you know about all these women folk guys Chris I'm so disappointed in Matthew why am i does it well because I have like healthy friendships with people of the opposite sex where I'm not kissing them to heal their wounds that's crazy psychological scars unless you're involuntarily hugging them all the time I mean really I don't know I don't even know you look around and can't seem to find that Sookie has anyone seen dat Sookie last time I saw her she was in the closet you may want to check around there literally or metaphorically I literally looked to the back of the classroom and the open door I do not see her right hey that's okay oh yes actually she's sound asleep hi gently poke her cheek she responds like a little turtle frog Oh what wake up sleepyhead this is the literature Club not the napping Club I wish it would that it were the napping Club what that were the napping Club I finally get to use the line say where you used on me I hold the evil grin inside also I made a box lunch especially for you and I thought you might want to eat it you you did why didn't you say so I'm so starving I had to sleep just to save energy hearing that makes me want to beat the crap out of NAT Sookie's dad more a hand netsuke the bento she proceeds to eat the bento you know what nothing is more satisfying than seeing your food buy one you love words sleazeball oh you didn't have to see dubby netsuke tries to punch me but it's too weak from lack of eating it feels like I'm being punched by marshmallows my bandages fell off earlier today I don't possess simple dexterity that would allow me to refill I sure can't help you you poor helpless woman I would love to help you isn't that a man's role do you have where you were you confident yeah were you poor I shake my fist at this game big woman woman with large breasts were you were you confident enough to bring those bandages with you were you a decidedly not apparently not I URI hesitates for a moment I forgot them at home don't worry my simple-minded woman don't worry it's alright it's expected because you're a woman I check my bag luckily I still kept my medical supplies from last time I still have some bandages left in my bag because man come prepared I could ask the school nurse if we need more is that okay with you I answer the phone I hear a scream no save me Maddie Patti he's going to the phone hangs up its net Sookie's number and deeply masculine hahahaha I got the number back no one answers that bastard going to kill him sorry I need to save natsuhi not by dialing an emergency number but by sprinting over to her house and doing something reckless I'll dial nine-one-one you should probably do that too he may be dangerous no no I call the police oh no I called the police on my phone what happened there it is said of call a useless feigning oh oh but don't worry I've run into the kitchen and grab Yuri's Night oh great it's still covered in blood so no I watched already attention to the detail Stephanie come on I run upstairs and grab my retractable metal baton really sharp nice I run upstairs oh yeah my retractable metal baton but I just so happen to have laying up by my bedside what Chris is like what are you talking about I keep my collection of retractable metal batons next to my bed every night from that period I was moonlighting as a member of the SWAT team that's it I ring the doorbell and pound on the door I hear yelling oh oh yeah old man that Sookie stay in your room someone answers the door it's like the worst jump-scare ever dad Sookie dad Sookie dyeing my hair you thought you were going to see your sweetness Sookie the only thing you're going to see young man today young man is your dress walking into my house just sign your death sentence oh crap this guy is nuts as if I couldn't put that wig you is wearing earlier and his strangely old boys he approaches me brandishing a very large knife he slides out from his jacket let's see her but your attractable metal batons stand up to this Sonny luckily I have a retractable metal baton and a giant hairy knife I back up as far as I can against one side of the room he starts running towards me even though we were just inches apart a second ago I swing out my baton and pull out Yuri's Night dual wield I deflect his first attack and narrowly missed his nest slash why do you love to reading your daughter like such garbage you're the world to her that thing she's just a useless piece of trash I keep her out Jay means nothing to me so that's why you've been starving her and beating her God might forgive you but I won't Sookie's daddy used to use items around his house towards his advantage I'm telling you what just taking away the one knife doesn't help my arm gets nicked by his blade while I hit him square Squar in the head our baton ah why are you doing this your daughter loves you I just lost all feeling for everything and I stopped looking in mirrors the only thrill I found was causing pain with what I had left it became so addicting Wow we're having a therapy session no everyday seeing her struggle with little or nothing that I gave her Oh satisfying it's now coming to the point that I'm bored of it I just want to finish her off today yeah you know just just finish her off that's fine no one will notice weapon clashes with weapon knives into flesh blood spills on the floor this illustration really sums up all use the power of your imagination ladies again they didn't have the budget to animate that feels like eternity lasts only several minutes and one stationary screengrab in front of us both the bloodied from this fight again you won't see that depicted on screen use your imagination I finally stand the victor after a several after a several well-placed heavy blows onto his head I mean he is like 80 I'd be really shocked if you couldn't take him down a several I knock on that Sookie's door now Sookie it's me matty patty I'm here for you like I promised is he gone I took care of your dad for now I called the police but they should have been here by now Natsuki opens the door lets me inside her room oh you look terrible what did he do to you that took he screams when she sees how bloody him that's necessary scream guys haters gonna hate you're nice you're nice happy oh you're a nice happy daddy oh sorry okay forgive me for not being able to cold drink daddy's still got his jaunty speech there oh oh I'm losing tremendous amounts of blood but your knife happy daddy Oh happened I stopped him don't worry he's alive thank you yet Sookie proceeds to cry I hold bet Sookie close to me and pucker my lips the police finally arrive as we come outside I give them my phone with the recorded audio they proceed inside the house and arrest mitsuki's dad oh the police accidentally slam the door on us it Wow wow that's he's already hogtied isn't that like undue use of force right right they do things differently up in Canada which is where we've established this game definitely is ignore the Japanese the Canadian Mounties take no prisoners oh cool Mounties they always get their man or strangely Drake dressed dad figure right take out the knife and baton and lock it into my desk for now I toss my shredded clothes into the laundry hamper now I know how a ninja turtle feels like no you don't the idiot the Ninja Turtles don't wear clothes no I can't sleep no no can I rest no no I'm okay with it no you're more than welcome to compress with me go ahead get changed Thanks let Sookie precedes to leave my room and come back a few minutes later this game is the worst I'm back come on in don't worry you're not alone anymore you're with me now and all of the other women I'm currently dating is mopping saliva window with me and my retractable metal the time thanks next I turn off the lights in the room and try to get some sleep I'm gonna check on Sayuri wait here dance dude you okay sure I go inside Sarah's house oh no oh no well are you ready to go yeah yes let's go to school Wells random Oh Oh a new artwork what new artwork Tom take my head I gently hold salary's Han oh no are we gonna do the double handhold as we walk outside it's gonna be really gross yeah oh yeah I forgot to tell you that Sookie's staying at my place that doesn't bother you right even though you think that we're the only two were dating right had this other game you sleeping in late don't heard me express my undying and committed affection for you but just lino and sleeping with this other girl right it's not a big deal right I'm a big issue is it it's fine you got your girls okay with that you're all interchangeable right keep going oh yeah I forgot to tell you now if you keep sitting at my place with time being see what you got a girl sleep over at your house and it wasn't me for shame Matty patty it's because of her dad you would total psycho I can't see you working here a total psycho here you're okay with this now I had her a breakfast bar I love food oh oh just cake bribery won't work on me it'll take another breakfast bar punches on the bar I hand her a second it wasn't his idea say Orry it was mine okay I have nowhere else to go I only feel safe with Maddie patty is near me that's actually many babies response I feel like that's probably a good place to break as we kind of start the whole literature Club sequence yeah we're gonna let it go today has to be a little bit shorter part of the reason why we're doing it earlier actually is I have to go disappear to a thing that we'll be taking in like all night literally all night I'm pulling like an all-nighter yeah it'll be a long week for me I'm pulling a lot of all nighters this week hey guys thank you so much for watching this shortened version of GT live now over the last couple weeks you'll have noticed and we've seen you guys kind of missing out on the full-length live streams there's a reason why we haven't been pushing to them because we couldn't do it actually YouTube removed the functionality of us being able to promote those unlisted live streams but they are back and we are now ready to go and so if you want to watch the full uncut live stream of this dhoka dhoka mod click the box to the left click that link to the left you see every painful awful and awkward moment of this live stream or make sure you the next one by subscribing it's two bucks no I want to spend more time with dad Sookie clock right he's a special man

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  1. I remember watching this back in march 2018 and for some reason, it glued itself in my brain that Dadsuki was cannon…

  2. Dual wield:attack 20% faster while double wielding one handed weapons

    (Also gives 50% more damage to weird pink haired men who try to kill you)

  3. Dadsuki enters the scene

    Matt Pat: What the f**k!??!?

    Youtube: I am tempered to hit the demonitize but I will show mercy “presses monitization button”

    You better be happy and not swear you in fact are a kids channel


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