National Cowboy Poetry Gathering: "Purt Near!" with Randy Rieman

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering: "Purt Near!" with Randy Rieman

randy riemann makes his home now in Dillon Montana Squire omar barker wrote pert near they called him pert near perkins and unless the Booker glide he had Burton here done most everything that he had ever tried he pert near been a preacher any curtain air rope to bear and he'd met up with Comanches once and pert near lost his hair hey Burton air wet an heiress who had money buy the cake hey Burton air caught the measles and Heath Burton ear broke his leg and he Burton Earp in a trail boss and according to his claim he had Burton air shot Bill Hickok which had Burton air on him fain hey partner rode some horses on which no one else had stuck in fact this was the cowboy who had per tenir drown the duck now mostly all the Cowboys on the lazy SB spread they took this talking with a grin and let him fight his head but one named Tom again assorted told it to him tough he said you're working for an outfit now we're perta near ain't enough we tie our last ropes to the horn and what we catch we hold and pert near is one alibi we never do unfold in fact right now I'll tell you that no words I ever hear sound quite so plain damn useless as that little pair per tener that's how old Tom McGinnis later right out on the line and like a heap of preaching talk it sounded mighty fine till one day Tom McGinnis was riding out alone he lamed his horse and had to catch some nester neighbors roan to ride back to the ranch on and somewhere along the way a bunch of nesters held him up and there was held back tom claimed he hadn't stole the horse just borrowed him to ride them nesters hated cowboys and they told him that he lied they custom for a horse thief they caught him with the goods they set right out to hang him in a nearby patch of woods that old Tom surrounded with their guns all cocked to shoot it looked like this old cowpoke head sure heard his last owl hoot they tied a rope around his neck that throw or a limb and Tom McGinnis pert near node this was the last to him till suddenly some shots rang out from somewhere up the hill them nesters dropped that rope and ran like nesters often will when the bullets go to whizzing and Tom's heart left up with hope to see old pert near Perkins come a ride in that elope looks like our pert near got here just in time old perfect sill to see them fellers hang you Tom's face turn kinda red you pert near did he / tenir grinned paper tener had me strong you're looking at a cowboy who has per tener just been hung and also one that's changed his mind for no words ever said sound quite as sweet as per tener when a man's been hurt near dead you

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  1. It went straight to my heart. Like Perkins I purt near did a lot of things but alas always fell short.

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