NAMING MY MARKERS? | & Capturing Emotion & Feeling in Art | Mystery Art Supplies | Paletteful Packs

NAMING MY MARKERS? | & Capturing Emotion & Feeling in Art | Mystery Art Supplies | Paletteful Packs

Today we're gonna be opening up the July
Paletteful Packs box! oh I didn't…- one second. [cuts box] we're gonna find out what's
inside and then we're gonna make some art with it! ♪ ooOoooOoooo so the first thing I see is
this koi travel watercolor brush [riiip!] you can see it right there then it has a cap to
hold the water in it if you need to separate it while you're traveling and
boom you got your watercolor brush – next thing I see are these aqua pen graphics Oh dual tip so it looks like one side is a bullet and one side is a brush now I don't believe this brand puts color names on their brushes, not even on
the box so I guess I'm gonna have to name them so we've got ashphalt black the
missing skittle blue light denim wash blue what people usually call Robin's
Egg Blue but robin's eggs are more blue than this one of my favorite colors and
a 'let's hope this shows up on paper' grey all right we're gonna have to dig
a little further to see if there's anything else is this another pack of these? did I
even check to see that these were a brush? oh yeah for sure brush on one end and
bullet on the other and these are water-based so you can mix them with
water and get kind of like watercolor washes with them so here we have a bunch
of more colors 12 to be exact come on out!! why does my voice sound funny? hmm oh we
got another ashphalt black then we have 'what's that on my shoe' Brown 'what's that
on my shoe' Green ABC wintergreen gum one of those markers that looks yellow but
it probably paints green purple yeah baloney pink 'I could get lost in your
eyes' blue actual robin's egg blue 'just skimmed my knee' red cheeto fingers
orange and pretty pastel yellow so now we have quite a few here we've got like
18 markers only 2 are duplicates, 2 of those ashphalt blacks here's the menu
with the list of the art supplies which comes in every box and is this a square? I don't know if you can read it it's very shiny
it's the Bee Paper Company super deluxe mixed media paper Professional Series
six inch by six inch and 93 pounds [wipple wipple] yeah a little flimsier than we've been
getting lately so we'll have to see how well it works with these water-based art
supplies because these can definitely tear up a piece of paper (and not like a
dance floor) oh wait okay oh cool the Sakura micro perm ultra fine 03
permanent on most surfaces pen let's start with that guy so I'm gonna swatch
all these art supplies in front here so we have two sets of graphics aqua pens
the first one is the mega mesh set which I believe were these hey 'I hope this
shows up' grey actually does! oh I just put those in the wrong spot!! this is
actually…. (way to go) so these are actually the metropolitan sets see how I
wrote twelve and there's only six colors here yeah I'll just put a line and then here we will have the mega mesh twelve im really
excited see what this pink looks like: Oh cute! the brush tips definitely don't rip
up the paper as much as the bullet nib because when it comes to water-based
markers you don't want to go over the same spot more than once or it starts to
rip up as you can see i swatched with the bullet nib over there and the
papers a little funky but I've been using the brush nib over here and the
tone of color is much more even so there are our two marker sets let's try
adding some water here and seeing if it adjusts even after they've dried okay
yeah so these markers pick up no matter how long you've waited for them to dry and then if we actually just take water and leave a little spot and grab a
marker it should fill in like Boop ain't that fun? you kind of like spread
it out just like you do watercolors you can see the more water you mix in and
the further you stretch it the lighter and more pastel it will get and
you can do that with all of the colors obviously with the really light ones I'm
not gonna have as much of a range Oh what we didn't test was water on top of
the pen looks like it's sticking pretty good
that's good to see so the next thing we need to do is to come up with an idea of
what to draw and I know Paletteful includes I think a prompt for every week
of the month – so we have metropolitan office, future, and shy – so we can try to
sketch some things that make us think of those words I'm gonna grab a pencil if I
have one just sketch some things so if we're gonna do shy which is the week 4
one – we're gonna draw a character I would think or an animal or something like
that who doesn't have a lot of self-confidence
obviously so when I think of shy I think of not looking someone straight in the
eye, trying to hide maybe their face, very scrunched up body features because
they're just they don't have the confidence cuz usually when you draw
someone with the confidence they're very open their stature is very confident
obviously when you're confident you're not afraid of things happening to you which
means you kind of like expose all your vital organs but when you're shy you're
worried and everything is very scrunched up your arms are like covering your body
to keep you safe and protect you more like this maybe the hair… I think
of Violet from Incredibles you know the first half of the movie she's very
shy, she's very closed off, her hair is always in front of her face and she has
zero confidence you can see just how changing the expression not only of the
face but of the body can help further an emotion see how the shoulders are higher
here and the shoulders are lower there it's obviously a very exaggerated
difference but I think that helps when you're starting out to kind of just
pinpoint differences and then you can be a little bit more subtle
the more comfortable you are with it and then for like fashion I'm going to
really exaggerate it and give her a clothing that is big and comfortable and
makes her feel safe I think would be fun for an illustrative point of view would
be to include both the confident and the shy character and maybe they're the same
person but it depends where they are that makes
them feel their own way so it depends on the environment they're spending their
time in like maybe they'll be back-to-back so
this is the confident one this is the shy one so I'm gonna like hunch it over
a little just using like rectangles to be their bodies for now – I don't want
to make it look like the confident ones like actually taller we have to make
sure that the body is scrunched so that they could be the same body if we want
them to be the same person and I'm thinking we should probably give this
character like a unique outfit or hairstyle so that we don't think they're
two different people shoulders forward and the shy one can be turning away from
the camera "camera" maybe even this one's hair is
sort of blowing in the wind with perfect confidence this one's just like sort of greasy and flat it's kind of a little something
we've got I think I need to try it again though I think I'm getting a better
grasp of what I want let's start smaller make sure we have a silhouette that I
like we have square paper so I should probably make our thumbnail square
I want our confident character on this side I remember reading an article
that said:"before a job interview or if you're nervous about something just
do the Wonder Woman pose" like this and you'll just feel better about yourself
so if you're feeling a little lousy just put your hands on your hips with your
feet shoulder-width apart and just stand there and absorb your confidence you
know? kind of just nervously looking over their shoulder mmm still missing
something and that looks like Buzz Lightyear they're like this one better
where the faces heads were looking completely different directions let me
try that again maybe if we draw it as one shape would that
be weird? maybe slouch this character even more a little we've got the shy one just peeking over
the side with their shoulder over their chin like that put
their hands in their pockets that makes it seem kind of closed off this I feel
like is loosing that "they're the same person" vibe, because of the way they're
standing over top of each other but I mean that doesn't have to be a bad thing
I'm gonna be able to emphasize that they're not the same person or I could make one
younger and one older so it's like this is their future self kind of thing but I
do want to try and use a little color here and see if that can help push the
vibe we're going for so if I use like blues and like kind of sad cool colors
on the left side and then brighter warmer colors on the right side that
might even help push the emotion I'm looking for we can also at the same time
test how these work in this sketchbook and we're using a lot more water looks
like Portal blend them out see how that looks
there's no wrong way to fill a sketchbook let's make it rain on her so sad you can see how the paper is buckling and creating divots
which the water then like pools into that's usually the sign of the papers
not quite thick enough for what you're doing I think what I'm gonna do for the
next iteration here is maybe cut into this so we can focus more on the faces
I'll leave that to dry we can start working on this side and I can keep flipping
back and see what I liked about these different drawings and try to
apply them here so I think I just want to make the characters a lot bigger this
one's gonna be looking down there's this one's shoulder there's kind of scrunch
this one's looking more upwards – I do want to like turn the heads the opposite direction something about this just doesn't feel
like my art I don't know if it's my shyness about the subject and I'm not
confident in the way it's turning out but something's not quite right so let's see
if I can move closer to the direction I'm looking for – let's try this again see drawing two characters is always a little bit difficult because you have to
make the heads the same size especially if they're supposed to be right next to
each other getting correct proportions becomes really important and that's
something I'm missing here here we go something's connecting a little bit
better here and we'll draw confidence over here something like this I still need to do some
outfits of some kind this one I want it to be in like baggy comfy clothes and maybe
this character can be a little bit more confident showing off some skin turtleneck over here the shy character can wear a turtleneck sweatpants maybe it's
big bulky clothes now I'm gonna make these look like the same character not
sure it's possible hmm the outfits are so different the statures are so
different I mean I could do like what I wanted to do which was give them some
pretty unique hair I've definitely been both these people like even on the same
day depending on the hour what if I give them like a birthmark and some
freckles – some kind of mole there and then freckles so there'd be a mole
here and then freckles oOoooOoo maybe another one up here bye the nose there you go now
they look like the same person right so now I can give them a different
hairstyle maybe so like this one oh maybe they do have the same hairstyle
and buns but this one's they're like drooping and falling out so like our
confident character has their hair pulled behind their ears they're showing
their face which shows their emotion I think would be a very confident thing to
do and then our shy one her hair probably falling anywhere even in front
of the face like that might lose a little bit of detail and because she's
scrunching her shoulders the hairs hitting the shoulders which makes it
looks longer and a little bit heavier which I think will weigh down the
character a little bit but I do want to try and show that mole so maybe some of
the hair is gonna get caught up here like that there we go – i just want to make
sure that they look like the same character so I'm just gonna do the
lineart and then we'll go in with the colors because we know the line art will
be permanent under the water so we can do that first so yeah let's do that! [snaps fingers] there we go!! I just need to erase the pencil we don't need any more I had a
issue with the part of hair because I realized that I did the center part in
this one didn't and I tried to move it so there's a little bit of an iffy
there but no we have a mess because I can't find my kneaded eraser I just need
to add a few freckles so I definitely want them to have like the same skin and
hair color just not sure if their clothes should be the same color so that they look like the
same person or not let's look at back what the colors looked like I could also
do this character gray and blacks – so no color, and then this character
having saturation that might work we have the black and we have that one gray
color but we can mix the black with water and get more gray tones I'm going
to use black I might even mix them on this card try and get as even of a tone as we
can with this and then we can maybe even use almost
straight asphalt black for the bottom sweatpants it's a little darker
in the shadow there but you live and you learn alright so then for this character I'm gonna stick to the lighter tone on top
darker tone for the pants idea but I'll add color maybe is this a good like hair
color? for some hair oops wrong cap try pink for the top I really like this
color I think it's very pretty blend out some of these edges then how
about purple for the bottom being very light so we don't rip up the paper once
these are all dry- oops I'm dripping it everywhere – you might be able to add the
slightest hint of color to our less confident character over there
it looks real patchy what happened here?! uh-huh..:( I need a couple layers very interesting not crazy about the way that looks purple you disappointed me! [throws marker] you betrayed me! [throws again] and just made me very unhappy! [throws one last time for good measure.] I waffled back and forth about what to do here but I think this is probably the best choice if I want
them to look like the same character use this ashphalt black and outline some
things make them pop a little more I definitely prefer alcohol-based markers
water-based ones are a little trickier to work with you kind of get that
Crayola texture like you used Crayola markers
I'm sure there's a way to use them so that they look like this I've yet to
find that I really like the black it's nice and pigmented and you don't even
have to worry about it layering on top of each other and creating a different
tone because it's already so dark I don't really quite have anything that
I'd love to use as a skin tone so this might be the end of this so we have our
confident and our shy character I'm gonna have to see how other people use
these markers because it's kind of like my third attempt using water-based
markers it always just looks so grainy and
unprofessional I guess I don't know I think I like using them as like one
color as an accent color in my sketchbook but when I try to like mix
the colors together and like use them as I would any other medium that's when I
starts looking a little weird and like the colors are all so vibrant I do want
to thank PalettefulPacks sending me this box to try out and to share with you
guys if you're interested in getting your own paletteful packs I will have a
link in the description where you can learn more information about that if
that's not in your budget I will be giving away this box so check the link
in the description for a giveaway I'll pack up these art
supplies and send them your way,yeah thank you guys for watching! I hope you enjoyed!
and I hope you all have a delicious evening full of waffles! bye! ♪

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