Nail Foil Art Kit… is it the BEST?!

Nail Foil Art Kit… is it the BEST?!

(gasps) – I am so excited for this, because so many of you recommended that I try this product
out or this system. This is the Nail Foil Art Set. It has a foil gel and a foil sticker. 20 designs and 20 styles. This retailed for a rough $20.99 or $21. So in here, you get the two foil glues, and then you have the kits. The foil kits. Look at these really cool designs. There’s actually designs in here. Yeah, a lot of stuff happening
in here, and I’m excited. So inside the foil glue package, it comes with instructions of
how to properly apply this, get the best results. This system is for gel polish,
which I have right here. I’ll be using the CND Shellac Luxe. I’ll be using the black
and their top coats, a two-step system. Oh, excusi. So first step, let’s color
my nails with the gel. And the reason why I’m actually
painting my nails first is because I wanna make sure
the foils are nice and opaque. That’s why I chose black. I think it’ll be really beautiful. And it does say you can an optional, but, obviously, the first step is you need to apply the foil glue and then cure it in a UV or LED lamp. So make sure you do
have a system like that, and they do have a lot
of options on Amazon. All right, so next step is to
apply the nail art foil glue and cure it for 60 seconds. They don’t really say how
thick or thin to apply it, so I’m just gonna make sure I just cover my nail evenly. It’s somewhat of a thick formula, but it’s quite easy to apply. All right, they feel tacky,
so I wanna be careful when I take these out. Oh wow, it’s like a ribbon. So you can see what that
looks like right there. So, it’s literally like a foil that you’re gonna apply to the nail. So I’m gonna cut some
sections for the fingers, and that way we can stick it on. Probably should have cut
this before I did the polish. – [Andrey] How many do you need? – I think I wanna
maybe try different colors. Let me get two of these for me, please? – [Andrey] Your personal assistant here. – Thank you. So I think two is good for now. Wow, that’s pretty. Yeah, do two of those. Next step is you spread
the sticker on the nail, and then you press evenly
and repeatedly with fingers so you make sure it gets on there. All right, so let’s try this first. Let’s apply that purple. Alright Let’s stick it on, ooh, okay. Oh, wow, you see that? It’s coming off right on the nail. Wow! – [Andrey] Let me see. – Quite easy, actually. Just gonna make sure I hold it on there. Kind of press on it, like they said, repeatedly with fingers,
to get on all the sides. All right, are you guys
ready for the reveal? Let’s see. So remove sticker carefully
and repeat for not-foiled area. Okay, so I can definitely reuse
that then, that’s awesome. All right, you guys ready? (gasps) That’s so pretty! Wow.
– [Andrey] That’s cool. – That’s gorgeous. Wow, that’s so stunning. Alright, stick it on, and then
make sure I get all the sides. And I’m gonna smooth it out. Wow, this is actually really fun. It’s so cool to see it
literally lift off the paper. That’s so cool. I didn’t do as good of a job on this one. You guys can see right
there, you can see the black. I could probably go over that again, so you know what, let’s try that. I’m gonna do it like right here. As close as possible. – [Andrey] Probably use a tool, right? – Oh, okay, that’s
much better actually. Wow, that looks insane. – [Andrey] So it’s fixable? – Wow, that’s so pretty. All right let’s do this next one. I’m gonna use my cuticle pusher. The one with the silicone, and kinda really make sure I
get it in there on the edges. Wow. That is so pretty. And I’ll just use a little
acetone with a brush and just clean that up after,
or with a Q-tip, whichever. But you do have to apply pressure, and I can see why this is
good for like a gel system, that way you don’t disturb the polish or the glue underneath. This is so gorgeous. This literally looks like metallic nails, but so much better. – [Andrey] That is pretty easy. – Wow, this is ridiculously easy. All right, let’s finish this nail off. – [Andrey] So is this easier than stickers? – It’s easier, it’s more fun. It’s a little time-consuming, just because you have to cure it, you have to make sure you do
have an LED lamp or a UV lamp, so it’s the one thing, but then, I mean, the results, they
speak for themselves. I’m not even done, I didn’t
even put a top coat on, and I’m already obsessed
with how this looks, so it’s a huge thing. And then this is so fun, ’cause
you can get really creative. I mean, you have so many
colors to choose from, and then you have little toppers or designs you can put
on top of these colors, so I think that’s really cool. I mean, are you kidding me? Look how insane that looks. So the next thing is,
if you do want to apply any kind of design or pattern on top, you have to apply the
glue again on top of this, just because it’s not as tacky any more. Like I’m actually touching it,
and it’s not as tacky at all. So I’m thinking I’m
gonna keep it like this, I’m just gonna apply
one to the ring finger and maybe do some kinda design from that, just on the ring finger,
so everything else, we’re just gonna do a top coat. Well actually first, we’re gonna do the glue
on the ring finger, and then we will put a
design on that again. And I’m just curing it
for another 60 seconds, so that way I can apply some
kinda really fun pattern on top of it. I mean, you can definitely layer these, just make sure you apply glue before you layer the
colors or the patterns. All right so I want this diamond pattern. I’m gonna have Andrey cut it out for me, just literally, just right outside of it, and we’re gonna put it on the ring finger. All right, there we go. Ooh, that’s cool. All right I’m gonna clean it
up, and put a top coat on, and then we will finish the right hand. All right so these foils, they come off very easily
with acetone, so that’s good. It’s not really giving me any issues on the sides of my nails, to make sure they’re nice and clean before I put the top coat and cure it. And they don’t provide
you with a top coat, so whatever top coat
you like for your gel, you can just top it right now. And I’m just going to cure it. (machine beeps) All right I’m gonna remove
that sticky top layer with a lint-free wipe
and just some alcohol. All right I’m gonna finish my right hand, so let’s do some of these. Should’ve painted this hand
after I finished my left hand, just because I’m getting
fuzzies from my sweater, so make sure to pick that
off before I cure it. – Whoa. (laughs) That’s so pretty. Wow, that’s really pretty. – [Andrey] Oh you’re gonna go
crazy with the designs, huh? – Yeah, I just want the butterfly. Oh, how cute is the little butterfly? Oh I love that. – That’s so cool. That one’s really pretty for fall. Wow. That’s cool. All right I’m gonna apply a top coat, and I think we’re done. I’m just doing the very last step like I did with my left hand. I’m just taking off that sticky
layer with just some alcohol Right now, I’m applying
some nourishing oil, just to make sure my nails, not the nails, the cuticles, the skin all
around it, is nice and hydrated, just because I put alcohol on it. You know, all that fun stuff. How pretty are these nails? They totally don’t
match, but you know what? I just wanted to see what
I could do with them. I could go crazy, really fun, or I could do a little bit more mellow. My right hand looks like a
beautiful botanical garden. I love my little ring finger
with the blue butterfly. It’s so cute. You could just have so much fun with this, that’s what I like about it. You can go very crazy, you can go very minimal with
just like very minimal designs, but this is definitely for
those that wanna have fun with their designs, have
fun with their nails. This is a kit for gel
polish, so keep that in mind. You do need to have a curing lamp, and you do need to have a gel top coat. For the flowers, I would do maybe like a
white color underneath, so they could really stand out, but overall, I am very impressed. The process is actually
very simple, very easy. It’s very fun, like I didn’t think I was
gonna have this much fun. I had a lot of fun. I think the most time it took was just to apply the gel
nail polish, but again, that step is completely optional. But the steps that are not optional is you need to make sure
you use the nail glue, you cure it for 60 seconds, and then you apply your
foils or your little designs, and then if you wanna top them
with another design or foil, you make sure, you have to do a layer of the
glue again on top of that, and then cure, and then use a top coat. So if you weren’t doing
the color like I did, like the black, very simple,
very easy, very minimal. I really like that. I’m very happy when I
find amazing products that I can do myself, and
I’ve never done this before, so thank you guys for suggesting to try out foils for my nails. I’m so glad I discovered this. I’m gonna try to do some
really fun things with this, and I actually have picked
up a lot more colors and I will definitely
make videos on those. I think I got holographic,
I think I did, right? Some kinda holographic fun designs. You guys, thank you so much for watching and spending time with
me and my nail foils, and I am obsessed. Please share if you do nail foils, please share your pictures,
share your results. One thing I do wanna mention is you do have to be careful
of how you apply it first, so right on the edges, I’ll show you guys a
close-up of the nails. You can kinda see the black underneath, so you have to be very
careful of how you apply it. Maybe put pressure right on the ends right away around the nail
and then kind of use a tool like I did, the cuticle pusher,
but I use the silicone ones. That one actually really
helped me get nice and close to the edges of my nail, so I do like that I used
the tool instead of, well alongside my finger. So, keeping that in mind for the future, I’m definitely gonna use
a tool like this again to really push the foil onto my nail. All right guys, I’ll
see you in the next one. Bye. [muah!]

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