Nail Art EFFET PULL pour se réchauffer 😊 Nail design PULL EFFECT

Nail Art EFFET PULL pour se réchauffer 😊 Nail design PULL EFFECT

Hi everyone and welcome to this
new video ! As promised here is the tutorial on the pull effect and I made you
a matte version a glitter version! We will start with the matte version
is the most classic version of the sweater effect and to save time, I have already laid my two layers of color and my top coat that I
degreased! To do this effect you will need gel, I took my gel
usual is the gel clear fiber of at Nails Company and this gel is perfect
to make motives because he is thick enough, it does not flow alone,
so it does not move! So I come and take a little detail brush
to take some gel and I’m going to come on my top coat which was, I repeat,
catalysed and degreased, it is very important and here I am coming
directly create the patterns of my pull effect! So for this capsule I
shows you the most classic pattern indeed pull, the one we see a little
everywhere, you have to start with split the capsule into three
two lines in the direction of the height being careful to leave a
fairly wide space in the center for to be able to place the pattern, because if
it’s too narrow, you’re going to have bad to do the motive then! Enter
my two lines I come to place kinds of zig zag and I intercalate them
in each other to the bottom of my fingernail or capsule. Try to
put enough gel on your brush to be able to have a little bit of
relief, it’s important that your motive a little in relief if not the
result will not be the same! We do not forget to go to the edge of the
capsule and to add the small detail also in
up to make as if the motive went on forever! On the sides I
decided to repeat the same pattern so I come do obviously half zigzag
since we do not see the motive whole on the sides but if you have
want to make it simpler you can simply do strokes or
points, it works too! You have may have noticed that I still have
not talked about catalyzing the freeze, it’s precisely because I have a pretty gel
thick, that it does not flow, so I can allow to do my whole pattern
before finalizing this effect but if you have a gel a little bit more
liquid, it’s possible to do it many stages ! So the big secret of
the pull effect is the acrylic powder transparent!
It’s just resin! Of course it’s better to have it
transparent because that’s what will give the effect tone on tone. So I place myself above my little triangle to be able
recover the powder in excess and I come sprinkle directly on my uncatalysed pattern, it’s very very important not to catalyze your gel before
do this step! I am very generous on the powder … the more you put on it and
the more the gel will be well impregnated and the more the effect will be nice! This time
we put in the catalyst lamp to two minutes !
When you go out of the lamp, there is nothing left more than to remove the excess powder
with a small brush and the effect is completed ! Of course we do not cover
no top coat otherwise we lose all the effect! We now go to version
sequined … So here I put a purple background to change a little bit but that’s the
same thing, I put my two layers of color and my top coat and I
degreased. I made a pattern a little different but that starts in the same way, so I do the same thing that just now, I’m doing 2 traits in
height to separate the capsule into three leaving the space quite important to
middle but this time I come to do a big zigzag with good lines
straight across the height of my capsule! If you are looking for ideas to do different motives, go make a
little trick on Pinterest, you go find a lot of ideas …
This time on the sides I did more simple that just now, I just
makes small strokes at an angle and for to finish between the zigzags I added some
points. This time I did not take any resin, I took thin glitter
transparent and golden, these are the BB Magic 8 from Brillbird that normally are made to do some kind of effect pearly but they are perfect for doing this kind of patterns because if you put glitter too thick, the features
will not be net the result will only be not pretty at all! As for the resin I
sprinkle generously on my gel not catalyzed and I obviously put in the lamp two minutes! As earlier, once
catalyzed, just remove the glitter over with a small
brush! Tell me in comment what is your favorite effect and do not hesitate
to ask me all your questions! If you liked, leave me a little thumb
blue and especially do not forget you subscribe to the channel so you do not miss
my next videos! I make you full kisses and I tell you very quickly!

13 thoughts on “Nail Art EFFET PULL pour se réchauffer 😊 Nail design PULL EFFECT

  1. les 2 effets rendent très bien. Petite préférence pour le mat mais les paillettes sont jolies aussi : difficile de choisir … 😉

  2. Impossible de choisir les deux sont magnifiques, pourquoi vous dites que si on met le top coat on perd tout alors que (dans ma tete) si y a pas de top coat le vernis s'écaille et les paillettes disparessent. Merci

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