N•15 Unboxing / Review HQS+ Madara by Tsume Art

N•15 Unboxing / Review HQS+ Madara by Tsume Art

Hi everyone ! I’m back for another unboxing and I’m super excited because today is another Tsume that is not out yet !
It’s Madara ! So let’s stop talking and I want to talk I just want to see it
already. So I’m going to show you the box. I already opened the box so that’s why
I’m gonna carry it, and they’re gonna be super light. Because it’s super heavy to
do it so I already open everything on the side so I can unbox and show you
guys. But let’s do it ! so I’m going to show you the brown box,
real quick, just a so you guys can see the size of the box and how they look like.
So nothing crazy on the box as usual brown we have Naruto, you have the
Sharingan here, you have the name Madara Uchiha the box one out of two and you
have two out of two and a second one. But I’m going to show you the art box. So
that’s the first box and I got the other one. So there is the two hard box. Super
nice ! Super well done ! I don’t know if you guys can see it but we have the little
smoke here on the black. The Naruto Shippuden is red shiny red and we have
Madara here and we have Kyubi here. So it’s pretty cool to have both, they like
a different art box on both. Let’s see on the side, so same thing on the side we
have the same logo except the number. And then on the back, we got the exact same
thing except the pictures of the statue you have different ones in one. It’s
actually pretty cool because it’s actually shiny
I don’t know if you guys can see it on here but you have like a different color
and you can see the eyes in the middle. I don’t know if that will go well on the
video. And on here I think… oh no it’s not the same thing. Here we explain
everything about Madara Uchiha and here we have all the details that
hide everything, the size, the kilo, so it’s 26 kilo total. We have everything
all the artists, everything… Let’s open it ! So let’s see the Beast !
So guys it looks super big ! I’m gonna get ! Look at that ! Guys ! Wow !
Huge ! I don’t know if you guys can see the bottom, what’s inside I mean under.
Super cool but look at the size compared to me ! It’s huge ! And it’s not that heavy. I mean it is
heavy but if compared to the size it’s not that heavy. I’ll try to put it on the
middle. So I will try I’ll see if it works under, I don’t know if the rotation
will work. It’s super heavy but you know why we’ll try. It’s okay. Let’s
get the other one, let’s get the rest ! So we got smoke . Other smokes. And the last one… boom ! So we got that two eyes, which are clear. I don’t know if you guys can
see I’ll do some close-up look. So there are magnet. So the eyes will go straight
to Madara. You have the logo, also magnet. So I’m not going to show you guys all
the teeth but we have to put all the teeth. So you guys actually have
numbers here that match here. So that’s pretty easy to put them together. And we have Madera, look at that ! And if you guys can see it but the details on it is
awesome. And he’s huge ! Look that compare me ! Really really big ! And we have the face ! Wow ! I don’t know if you
guys can see by it good. I’ll get some close-up, but the details on the face is
amazing. Wow, guys look at that statue ! It’s awesome I’m super excited to be
able to see that sample. I mean is awesome. I don’t know if you guys can get
it but all the details are amazing ! The size is huge ! I know it’s hard to get it
on the video but it’s a really really big statue. And it looks awesome. Let’s do
some close-up so you guys can see it better ! Some close-up look. So we do have the
base that Tsume do. Always the same base that’s cool they go all together. We have
Madara write in stones with Uchiha logo. Then we got dirt, you know if
you guys can see it from here but we have the invocation here sand. Then we
have Madara look at that the details. A little scratch on the armor, so
sick, the texture is pretty crazy and look at the face.
So without the eyes light up that’s how I look like, I’ll show you guys with the
light-up effect right after. Really real really cool. Then we have Kyubi, look at
that details ! Look at the tongue, look really good ! Super super good. Same thing
Kyubi without the light-up eyes. So just to show you guys where the light-up
function are, you don’t have a AC adapter. You have to like take that apart and
activate it from here. Same thing with Madara you have to take that out this
magnet and you have to like turn on. So that’s one thing that I don’t like about
that statue is that you do have to take two things apart to let them up. And you
have to change the battery every time that you use it so. I will love it AC
adapter well you can use with the remote, it’ll be super sick. But look at that
beast, the chainsaw look at that. Go on the back show you guys. Details on the
back ! Look really good look at the hair. The smoke. Really cool and Kyubi look at the hair ! Really cool ! Okay I’m gonna try to show
you the light-up effect, so you guys can see it, let’s do it ! So like I said to turn up the eyes of Kyubi you have to take that apart and
activate that little switch and boom ! So sorry guys I don’t have a battery on
both. I just have enough battery to put in one by one. So I’ll show you guys this
one and I’ll put the battery on the other one in show you guys light up fonction,
but look how cool. With the light up it looks so much better ! I mean for me it’s
totally totally better, so that’s why the AC adapter is missing for sure for me
because I know what I’m using my light-up function on every statue I like
to use it with the remote. So it’s easy you don’t have to like touch the statue
or anything just press the button this on and with battery like, that you have
every time to take it that out and turn it off turn it on. And when it’s like
that you never use the light up. So basically it will always be like that.
But it’s really cool show you guys again. Looks so much better with the light-up
function. And I’ll go straight to Madara you’ll see, Madara looks so
much better as well with the light up ! So now we’ll go straight to the light up, so
again you have to take that apart, and you have to activate the little switch
here and look at that ! Boom ! If you guys can get the eye as
well, but it look really really cool ! So the light-up function on this statue is
awesome. For me it change everything. That statue is like 9/10 but with the
light-up portion it’s a 10/10 for sure ! Sorry for the focus I’m trying to
show you guys the eyes well. Look at that, overall . I look like and
imagine with Kyubi light-up eyes, is so much better ! But it’s such a pain
actually like turn on from here both Really really really cool ! Awesome ! Super
sick ! So guys that was my review and that amazing unboxing ! Super lucky to be able
to do that ! I will thanks “Fan de Tsume”, it’s a French group, if you guys want to
join that group you can directly go to Facebook and leave message at Fan de Tsume , also I leave the link down below so you guys can go and see all the unboxing,
they’ll get all the prototypes. So you guys like to do that go on the website.
But again that statue for me is awesome the size, the details, everything is
really really really cool ! The only thing that I don’t like again is that you have
battery here and here. And to turn on it’s a pain. Something you’ll do once but
with time you’ll never use the light up, you know? It’s such a thrill like to
change the battery and then turn it on turn on. And if you do have a case over
something then you will never use the battery, and that statue looks so much
better with the light up ! So that’s the downside but except that, it’s really
really really good . I hope you guys do like that kind of video, with sample that
it’s statue that are not out, if you do like it remember to leave a thumbs up !
Comment down below ! That really do help the channel and it help me to do more
unboxing and content for you guys. Again super happy ! Thanks for following the
channel ! I’ll see you on the next one ! Peace Out

12 thoughts on “N•15 Unboxing / Review HQS+ Madara by Tsume Art

  1. Wooow 🤩🤩 The light effects on Madara are really good, it remind me when Madara fight versus all the alliance and activate his Sharingan 🤩

    Oh Kurama without theeth is really funny 😂 is like and old kurama

  2. Le visage de madara est boff et pas du tout représentatif du manga ou de anime. La couleur de la tête de kurama est trop fonce

  3. Impatient de la recevoir, dommage que tu n'es pas pu mettre les deux résines avec les lumières ! Cette statue a vraiment de la gueule je trouve, par contre le socle est TELLEMENT MASSIF lol. Je bave devant tes vidéos à chaque fois ! Keep it up boyyy.

  4. Mec tu as 400 abonnés…..arrete de faire le kainry serieux !
    Parle Francais !
    En plus Tsume est Francophone !
    Bref…… downgrade de fou……..
    De pire en pire Tsume….
    Des escrocs !
    Ils ont bien changé depuis qq temps….

  5. Thumbs up for your hard work putting this video together, but thumbs down because this thing is nothing compared to the quality, detail and paint applications of what was originally shown.

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