Mystic Nails – Nail art with Decor Foil.

Mystic Nails – Nail art with Decor Foil.

Nail art with Decor Foil. Add some Color Drop to Liquid Blue (acrylic monomer). File the nail’s surface. Remove the dust. Set up the nail form. Cut a peace of the Decor Foil and stick it on the nail form. Prepare the natural nail with Nail Prep and Acid Free Primer. Make the nail bed extension with Powder Pink Extension. Start sculpting the length of the nail with the colored Liquid Blue monomer and Powder Clear. Then continue the sculpting with Powder Clear. This way we can reach nice color blending in the sculpted nail. Make the C-curve with Powder Clear. Remove the nail form and the foil as well. File the nail to reach the desired shape. Buff the nail’s surface. Remove the dust. Decorate the nail with some dots made with Black Acril Paint. Cover the nail with Glossy Top Gel and cure it in UV light for 2 minutes.

21 thoughts on “Mystic Nails – Nail art with Decor Foil.

  1. This is HOT! Thanks for taking your time showing each step in detail. Where can I buy the foils? Gotta wow my clients. BTW: Your nails rock also. 😀

  2. Hi Dora gorgeous, simple yet effective design. Love your work, I could watch all day . I love the design foil , do you ship to England UK?? Would love to try your products. Best wishes, louise x

  3. That's a ton of acrylic on a nail. Why most of your product demonstration has to be on a long stilletto nail and the design is permanent; what happen when a customer request for a new design after two/three/four week after a new set, what would you do? Soak them off and starting all over again. It's a waste of time and customer will have tough time wiping themselves. make things traditional please: workable nails I meant.

  4. I went to the link for Décor foil and I cannot find the foil that you used in this video.  Can you please let me know where I can find the exact décor foil you used?  Thank you.

  5. Is it just me or did the side of the green part of that nail look really bad until she filed it ?? It was jagged and hard a notch in it and instead of filling in the green missing areas she just went ahead and put clear over it and it really looked awful until she narrowed the nail with filing but if she hadn't filed that side off it would have been very very noticeable. And why use a product that can't be purchased anywhere ?? These foil pieces with patterns in them are IMPOSSIBLE to find as most of us have found out the hard way looking for them for hours on end !! So why not make sure they are available before keeping the video on here ? If you show an interesting product like this people are going to want to use it but it's not available anywhere so that's really a big disappointment.

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