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  1. How. Have. I. Never. Seen. This. It's. A. Freaking. Masterpiece. What. The. Hell. How? I love this so much yes to your editing skills and choice of scenes, you always put the most fitting scenes and can make someone actually feel it, it's so artistic.. literally every single second is beautiful.. wow

  2. Sooo late seeing it, but I love this; it always blows my mind when someone can take the same material that everyone uses and makes it feel fresh and original all over again through such great and different choices. I've seen so many great edits and I've tried it myself, but it still amazes me when you see what someone with a natural gift for it can make, how you can take the same source that we all use and know so well and come up with something so surprising and beautifully crafted. Great work.

  3. This is absolutely mesmerizing, I love the pace and the softness, your editing is awesome how every beat of the music is perfectly synchronized with the scenes!!!And the special use of the scenes, some of them felt like I watched them for the first time.3:33 – 3: 43 really stands out for me. GAH, perfect.

  4. I couldn't imagine this song fits these boys, I was sure they are entirely separate things and together they would look wrong. BUT it was sooo beautiful sooooo right and harmonious and light and endearing!!! A BIG 'thank you' for this piece of art!👏💕💕

  5. i'm glad i waited to comment on this until after seeing Call Me By Your Name because it's such a pleasure to come back to this video now and notice all the stylistic references to it. i mean, the intro alone – from the opening scenic shots (which is generally a way you tend to open your vids but also is indicative of the way scenery and location is accentuated in CMBYN), to the soft light leaks and the shot of their "wall collage" accompanying the title card, which of course, is in the CMBYN font. it's so clearly an ode to this film for anyone who's seen it and it's such a pleasure to watch these two queer texts come together in this celebration and examination of love.

    i love how simple your editing is here – it feels so appropriate considering the nature of this song, light and feathery as it is. it gives a new sense of delicacy to a lot of the shots that makes watching this sort of feel like floating. certain sequences that really stand out for me are 0:44–0:49 (the way you used foreground movement), 1:03 (such a soft and underused moment), 1:15 (i swear i got goosebumps my first time watching; this entire video is just extremely soft but i loved that you used this moment in particular as well as the pillow scene to just really embody the magical and euphoric ecstasy of falling in love).

    where the music shifts tonally around 2:40, i really love your use of the panicked 3×08 scenes and i also really like the cut from 3:38–3:42 during the final repetition of "blessed be the mystery of love", it just really works to bring the video full circle. i always feel like there's such a clear and methodical organization to your vids in terms of your scene choices and placement and this video is no exception. and then, of course, the paralleling of those two embraces at the end and the use of ambient sound to leave the video off on a euphoric and peaceful conclusion.

    ever since i first heard this song in the trailer for CMBYN and we gushed about it, eagerly waiting for the soundtrack to be released, i've wanted to see it used in an evak vid and while it's a shame we never got the chance to collaborate with it like we had talked about, i'm glad you felt inspired to work with it on your own and share this refreshingly simple, yet wonderfully nuanced and intertextual vid.

    (i want to lastly mention that i also really love your color grading here, it's very muted and distinct from your past SKAM vids).


  6. ok
    "oh to see without my eyes" and the timing of Isak closing his eyes wow
    "White noise what an awful sound" with him waking up alone ok cool cool
    as always in awe of your lingering shots that capture so much with so little
    (ok the shot of them on the bike with "alexander's lover" where Isak truly looks like some Greek character in that costume ok cool)
    "shall i find no other" with the shot of jonas i see what you did
    The way you have Even entering the shot with the music straight after that is Art
    oh and then from like 2:40 with the music slowing down and him looking for Even and looking so hurt and lost (and all the Sadness god why would you do this B???? all the soft shots with the soft lyrics oh wow i am not breathing)
    and ending with those hugs and the parallel with the new beginning and the 'end' of their story as we know it
    (also I love the almost circular theme of this video with the shot at the start of them at the dance and then towards the end as well with Even also coming int at that point, that was beautiful)

    As always, you have outdone yourself and made absolute perfection in video form, this is a blessing to my eyes, thank you for this <333

  7. Wow!!!!…….What you have done, is absolutely beautiful, blending some of the most beautiful scenes of what has become a favourite series to so many of us, SKAM with the most memorable couple and the great theme song from Call Me By Your Name. The outcome was perfect.

  8. every time i watch a masterpiece of evak video i get so upset we didn't get evan's season.
    this was absolutely stunning in every possible way.

  9. Dios, cómo quiero ver Call Me By Your Name. Y esto no me está ayudando. Malditas películas basadas en libros que nunca voy a tener en mis manos porque vivo en el Sur de la verga. Ok, me calmo. Sinceramente, lloré todo el video.

  10. better scenes could not have been chose, such a simple but beautiful and emotional video (only Isak and Even could also use this song besides Elio and Oliver) goregous

  11. this is so so so beautiful i have been obsessed with this song and CMBYN and this is like my fav things colliding thank you thank you thank you

  12. Wow really incredibly beautiful! The song I amazing(call me by your name ahhhh) and really fits the atmosphere of the video. Super light and filled with love

  13. is this song from the call me by your name trailer?
    this is so gay i'm dead but i'm also really happy and feeling alive and life is more beautiful now thank you very much

  14. Gosh. THIS SONG! it's just too much Q_______Q
    I'm absolutely in love with the way you choose and put scenes together. it's amazing, thank you.

  15. absolute perfection <3
    i am completely in love with your style! your scene selection is always so fitting, you manage to express so much emotion with every clip. and this song just makes me feel so much!
    will i ever get over isak and even and their incredible love for each other? no. i won't.

  16. I CANT BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY DID THIS!!!!!! fuckinfnsnaannsns seriosuly this is a MASTERPIECE!!!!! my heart cant take it

  17. oh my god. I felt this down in my bones, you literally never cease to astound me and make the most emotional videos I've ever seen. I'm speechless, I don't think I breathed for the whole 4:15

  18. i really feel like you are one of the few people who can really pull off the ~minimalist vidding (don't really know how to put it tbh haha) style. it's like YOURS and you excel at it. also….your scene selection plus pacing is so on point – little things like the black screen at 1:17 and 2:38…. those had such a big impact like goddam!!!!) it has like such a raw vibe i love it so much

  19. the first minute of this video already shook my entire core lmao… jesus. i don't even feel like i ? can come up w words to describe how this makes me feel and how beautiful it is? so? i dont know? wow. just wow.

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