MyGuru Tutoring - Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Math Analogy Process

MyGuru Tutoring – Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Math Analogy Process

welcome to the my guru online m80 classroom today we're gonna talk about a specific topic that you may see on the m80 that may be a bit surprising and that's math now for many folks the m80 represents an alternative to the GRE precisely because it doesn't have calculation based math and it still really won't you might see some problems that deal with basic ratios but really m80 math cares more about definitions and sequences than calculation now that all said the first step as we already know for any m80 analogy problem is going to be to identify what the pivot term is going to be based on this pair of double dots that indicates that you cannot relate term B to term C so since term C is the blank we know that term B is going to be our pivot so we have to identify how right relates to either acute or obtuse now there is a really clear mathematic definition between acute and right in that acute means less than 90 degrees so that means that acute is less than a right angle and exactly less than because 90 is 90 degrees so that means that this has to be greater than something now we then can go to our answer choices and look at how they relate or in some cases do not so first we can eliminate angle because that is just general to all terms and so we should be able to eliminate that pretty concretely me like yeah though all of them are angles so you can't have that be the right relationship to obtuse and that angle is not less than obtuse now then we've got three different terms when it comes to the exact relationship between the blank and obtuse and another concept to just be aware of is that while kind of alike is unacceptable for the m80 exactly alike is a possibility so that means we can't just get rid of right because right angle is in the analogy originally so we have to actually think about the relationships now supplemental is what happens when you add two angles and so that is just the wrong relationship because you add the angles and you get to 180 now then again straights is going to be a reversal because straight a straight angle is actually greater than an obtuse angle and the correct answer is actually going to be right again just an exact duplicate because it fits all of the requirements from just a mathematic perspective and it falls into a common little tactic the m80 likes to apply where duplicate terms can in fact be correct

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