MY WIFE IS A HACKER?! Vy Qwaint Secret Revealed She is a Project Zorgo Member in Real Life!

MY WIFE IS A HACKER?! Vy Qwaint Secret Revealed She is a Project Zorgo Member in Real Life!

– Oh, my eye, ugh. PZ9 really punched me hard in the eye, Vy. – Aw are you okay, Chad? – Chad, Chad!
– What, what’s up, what’s up? – We have something to tell you, Chad. – Okay, let’s hear it. – Oh, Vy, can– – Can you leave?
– What? – Yeah, I just, we kinda wanna
talk to just Chad right now. – Sure, I mean, I guess I
can go to the hardware store, I do have to pick up some stuff. – Okay, here, give me the camera, Vy. – Okay, yeah.
– Bye, guys. – [Chad] Bye, Vy. – Bye!
– See ya. Guys, that was really weird,
why did you want Vy to leave? – Could you come over here for a second? We have some horrible news. – Sure, okay, one sec. – Chad, remember when Vy was on her laptop talking to somebody? – [Chad] Yeah. – We thought it was the pizza person. – Yes.
– It wasn’t the pizza person. – What do you mean? – Vy was talking to a hacker. – Why would she be ordering
a pizza from a hacker? – We have proof right here on our phones. – Let’s see, I wanna see this. – On my phone I have Vy’s
half of the conversation. – And on my phone I have
the Project Zorgo member’s half of the conversation. – If we play the two videos side by side, it’s proof that she was
talking to a hacker. – Okay, hit play, let’s
get your phones up here. – Ready, one, two, three, go. – Play. – I want to order a pizza. – Why are you ordering pizza? – No. Ugh. – Whoa.
– See? They’re definitely talking to each other! – It seems like it but I, could be coincidence, let’s keep watching. – I want pepperoni,
zucchini, extra cheese. – Oh! Pepperoni and zucchini, extra cheese. The secret language. – See, pizza is a code word. – Yeah, she wasn’t
actually ordering a pizza. Pizza means something else
in Project Zorgo language. – Pepperoni and zucchini? – Those are definitely
code words for something. – What do you think that could mean? Spy Ninjas, if you know what
pepperoni and zucchini mean in Project Zorgo language
leave a comment down below. – She has a huge secret
she’s not telling us. We gotta confront Vy and ask
her what the heck is going on. – But you just kicked
her out of the house! – Oh, you’re right! – She’s at the hardware store. – Okay, should we go
to the hardware store? – I feel like she’s not being honest, I feel like she’s not
at the hardware store and she’s somewhere else. – Well, why don’t we
just go there right now and see if she’s there? – Yeah, let’s do it, let’s go! – Okay, okay. Okay, we’re here, I think
we should all three split up so we can find Vy more quickly. – All right.
– Okay, Spy Ninjas, last time we were at the hardware store we did run into some
Project Zorgo members. They were hanging out here, you saw them, hiding out, tampering with
our things we were buying, trying to ruin, I think it was
the build a boat challenge. So maybe Vy is coming here
to meet with some hackers. – Man, guys, I don’t think Vy is in here. I’ve been waiting for so
long for her to show up. I think she lied to us. I think Vy said she was
going to the hardware store but she’s really going to
meet with her hacker friend. I thought the Spy Ninjas
were her only friends, she has another friend
she’s not telling us about? And it’s a hacker? Her worst enemy? How could she do this to us? – I gotta think of a
plan, she might be here. I wanna trust Vy. You know what, I have an idea. I’m gonna write her a note. And I’m gonna pretend to be a hacker. Because you know hackers do those things. I’m gonna leave it at the
entrance of the hardware store. And I’m gonna tell her
on the note to meet me in the tool aisle, and if
Vy goes to the tool aisle. She’s gonna get these fists. – Oh, wait, maybe this
is why Vy came here. Pool floaties. You guys know she can’t swim, maybe she just came here for that. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I’m not losing my faith in Vy yet. As you guys know Vy is
a tiny, tiny Spy Ninja. She can hide in all the smallest places. (suspenseful music) Okay, she’s not in that grill. There’s a lot of grills here. She could be in any one of these. (suspenseful music) Vy? – Look, I could use one of these paint samples to write my note! This a pretty color right here. I’m gonna write, meet
me at the tool aisle, from your hacker friend. Yeah, because, you know, Vy’s
friends with the hackers now. Maybe. – Okay I haven’t found her yet but, let’s see, what was Vy wearing? I think she was wearing the
gray CWC shirt and black pants. So I should be able to
spot her pretty easily. Oh my gosh, guys, that’s
gotta be Vy right there. Gray shirt, black pants, long black hair. Turns out she wasn’t lying after all, she did come to the hardware store. I’m gonna call Daniel
and Regina right now. – Chad’s calling me, hello, Chad? – Daniel, Regina, I found Vy. – Oh, so she is here after
all, she wasn’t lying. She really is running errands
at the hardware store. – Oh, wait, I see Vy,
she’s on her phone too. – She’s on the phone? I bet she’s talking to her hacker friend. – [Chad] She’s in the gardening aisle. – Wait, really? I’m in that aisle, I don’t see her. – She just turned around,
she almost spotted me. I don’t want her to know I’m trailing her, cause she’d be like, Chad
why are you spying on me? She’ll get really mad at me. I’m just gonna go approach her right now. I’m just really mad at her. She better not be talking
to a hacker right now. (suspenseful music) Vy!
(Regina screams) Oh, Regina! – What the heck, Chad? – I thought you were Vy!
– No! – You’re wearing the same
exact outfit Vy’s wearing. And you have the long black hair. – That is true, but I’m not Vy. – Wait, you were just on
the phone talking to me? – Yeah, I’m looking for
her, she’s not here. – Keep searching, sorry for the confusion. – Okay, I’m here at the entrance. I’m gonna leave the note right here. Up ahead is the tool aisle. Let’s go, let’s go,
let’s find a hiding spot. I found a hiding spot in the tool aisle. If Vy comes over here, that confirms it. She’s 100% working with Project Zorgo. I’m on to you, girl, I’m on to you! – Yeah, I don’t think Vy’s
here, I think she (gasps). Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
you guys, look at this. Look, right there, what is he doing? That’s definitely a hacker. Maybe Vy’s gonna come meet him right now. That must be Vy’s hacker
friend she’s been talking to. I gotta let everybody know. Chad, Regina! – Hello, Daniel? – What’s up? – I have visual on a hacker
here at the hardware store. – You found a hacker? – There’s a hacker, where? – I’m pretty sure that’s the hacker friend Vy’s been talking to. – Let’s just keep looking
to make sure Vy’s not here. – Oh my gosh, I think I see Vy. (dramatic music) That’s her for sure,
its a tiny, tiny woman. So come over, meet me at the tool aisle. Okay, let’s approach Vy right now. What is she doing here? (suspenseful music) Hey, Vy!
– What? – I knew it, I knew it all along! You know that note you read? About meeting your hacker friend here? That was me all along, it was
a trap and that confirms it, you’re a part of Project
Zorgo, you’re a hacker! You’re a hacker!
– What are you even talking about?
– You’re a hacker! – I don’t know anything about a note. What are you talking, why are you being so rude to me right now? – You’re tricking me, Vy. I know you’re here for a
secret meeting, stop lying. – Secret meeting for what? Regina, why are you being
so mean to me right now? Do you know why I’m here? I am here to get a
sewing kit for Mr. Bear, right here.
– Mr Bear! – To sew him back, like
I did the first time. And you’re being mean to me? – Wait, really, aw! Mr. Bear.
– Yeah, I sew. I sewed him back before,
and I was gonna do it again because he’s missing a leg right here.
– Aw, I’m sorry. I feel so bad! I didn’t mean to accuse you! – Got you, I knew it!
– What are you talk– – I knew you’d be here. – What are you guys doing? What is going on with you guys right now? I’m here for a sewing kit. – I think she’s innocent. – Wait, really, Regina?
– Innocent? Innocent for what? I don’t even know what you
guys are talking about. I can’t believe you are accusing me of whatever it is you are. I’m gonna buy this and go! (Daniel and Regina gasp) – Oh my gosh, jeez. – I’m sorry, Vy.
– She’s really mad. – She’s really mad, we should
have trusted her, I guess. – Yeah. – She was just buying stuff
at the hardware store. – She was trying to fix your Mr. Bear. – I know. – Wait a minute.
– That was so nice of her. – Wait.
– What? – What?
– Do you guys see that? Guys, you see that? Something is sticking
out of Vy’s backpack. – Yeah, get out the binoculars. – I have the spy essential kit right here. Binoculars!
– Yes! – I think, okay, there’s like, something sticking out of her backpack. It’s definitely, it’s
an envelope, I think. – [Chad] What does it say? – Oh, it says, it says
Vy on it, it says Vy. That looks like the envelopes
that say Vy’s secret on it. – [Daniel] Didn’t we
already open all of them? and Chad you burnt one, right?
– I burnt it, yeah. – PZ9 said there was only three secrets but there is a fourth one in her backpack. – Something’s really fishy,
we better get that note. – [Daniel] Let’s go outside,
go, go, go, go, right here. There’s Vy, (shushes). Stay quiet, guys. – [Chad] Where is she going? Okay, we should follow her. Where is she going? – I don’t know, we’re at the park now. – I thought she’d be going
back to the safe house. Something fishy’s going on here. – [Chad] Yeah, let’s see,
just keep following her. – [Daniel] She’s over there. – [Chad] Oh, oh, yeah. – Let’s go behind this tree. She’s a Spy Ninja so we
gotta be extra sneaky. – [Chad] Yes, she’s looking around. – [Daniel] See? – [Chad] She’s suspicious,
who’s she looking for? – I don’t know. Well, she’s at the park, right? Hackers are always at the park! – That’s right! – Yes, she might be meeting
her little hacker friend. – You’re right.
– I don’t know, guys, I feel really bad for
accusing her like this. Remember she tried to sew back Mr. Bear? That’s why she was at Home Depot. – But don’t forget about the envelope. It’s still in her backpack. – You know what, guys? I have a theory. When you won the board
game challenge, Chad, and you opened up the envelope, I feel like that was a fake envelope and the real one’s in
her backpack right now. – So you’re telling me
that the one that I burnt is a fake one? – Yeah, I think Vy switched it out. When we were playing the game Vy didn’t seem to care that
much that we might win, reveal her secret. – Huh, that’s true! She was just playing the game all happily. – Maybe she’s working with PZ9 then? – No, not him! – [Chad] Yeah! – Maybe he’s trying to take her on a date. (Regina gasps) – Oh, that sucks for you, Chad. – And it sucks for you ’cause he just doesn’t
want to date you anymore. – Wait, she’s talking to
someone on her laptop right now. – [Chad] What? – Hey, it’s me again. Yeah, pepperoni, zucchini, extra cheese. – It totally is that hacker,
she said extra cheese again. – They’re speaking in codes again. – Zucchini, pepperoni. – Okay, well right now she’s distracted. Now’s a great time for us to sneak and try to get that envelope. – We found the first two notes, the third one is in her backppack, so we could piece it all together and see why she’s talking
to her hacker friend. – Who volunteers to go get
it out of her backpack? I don’t know if I should. – One of you guys. – Chad, she’s your wife. She’s betraying you the most. – Ooh, yeah!
– It’s up to you. – Oh, man, fine I’ll do it. Okay, Daniel, you see
that tree right by Vy? It’s blocking the right side of her view. I think she won’t be able
to see me from that side. – [ Daniel] Okay, good luck. All right, there he goes, Regina. – [Regina] Go, Chad, go. Look he’s running like a fast man. Fast Chad. – [Daniel] Fast Chad. There you go.
– Go fast, Chad. Sneaky Chad. – [Daniel] Fast Chad
turned to sneaky Chad. – [Regina] Now he’s a tree Chad. – Good job. Chad has to be really careful because she’s a Spy Ninja and
she has really good hearing. – And she can also
probably smell his aroma. (suspenseful music) Oh, gosh, that was so close. – Oh!
– Chad! – [Daniel] Dang it! Oh, no! – [Regina] Dang it, he’s not. – Dang!
– I almost had it! – [Daniel] What happened? – You’re not as sneaky as Vy. She would have gotten it. – Hey! I got a plan guys, so clearly she is FaceTiming with
somebody on her laptop. Why don’t I just FaceTime her? That’ll distract her. That’s gonna allow one of you. – Huh, me?
– To go (pops lips). – Yeah, you, Regina.
– And get the note. Yeah Regina, come on. You’ve gotta show your Spy Ninja skills. – What if I trip? – Yeah, you do trip and
you’re kinda clumsy. – We gotta get closer. – I’m calling her right now.
(phone rings) – Come on Vy, answer the phone.
– Answer my call. – [Vy] Hello? – She answered, she answered.
– Vy, hey, it’s me. – [Vy] Chad? – Yeah.
– What you doing? – [Daniel] She’s putting down her stuff. – What’s going on?
– Regina, go, go, go. Go get it. – [Daniel] Now’s your chance, go, go, go. – [Chad] Yeah, Vy. – [Vy] Come on Chad, spit it out. – [Chad] I just wanted to, just, you know, see how you were doing. Oh gosh, Regina, what are you doing? – [Daniel] Oh, my gosh. – [Chad] Oh, jeez. So Vy, you know, I just wanted
to see how you’re doing. – I got it, I got it, I got it! – Oh, oh, oh! – [Vy] Wait, got what, what did she get? – Yeah. She got, what did she get? She got. – Got the–
– She got the– – The chicken nuggets. – Chicken nuggets! ‘Cause I told her to go get them. ‘Cause I’m really hungry. Thanks for getting those. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh, Regina! – Okay, Vy, I gotta go, see you later. – Did I ruin it?
– Regina, Regina, get behind the tree, get behind the tree.
– Oh, gosh. I ruined everything. – No, no, no, you got the note. – Oh, I got the note!
– You got the note, so you didn’t ruin it. Oh, look, she’s leaving! – We got the final missing
piece of the puzzle, we can finally figure
out what her secret is. – Okay, let’s go back to the
safe house and open that up. – [Daniel] Let’s go. – Follow me guys, over here, over here. – Let’s open this thing up. – Over here, these are the
first two letters we’ve gotten. Look, there’s missing pieces. – [Chad] Uh-huh. – [Regina] And if you put
them together, like so– – [Chad] Whoa. – [Regina] It fills in the blanks. – Vy Qwaint has betrayed the Spy Ninjas. She has been blank with blank. So that third note you just took, Regina, should fill in these blanks! – Mm-hmm, let’s open this baby up. – Come on, come on, come on.
– It’s Vy’s juicy secret. – It looks like its gonna fit. – Yes! See, I was right. Vy definitely swapped out the envelope in the board game challenge. – [Chad] So the one I
burnt was a fake one. – Yeah! That’s why we couldn’t
find anything, Regina, when we went back and
tried to look inside. – Oh, my gosh. Now we’re finally gonna know why she’s been talking to this person. – Lay it on me, Regina. – All right, here we go. – It works! – Yes, it does!
– Oh, my gosh! – Look at that, what does it say? – Vy Qwaint has betrayed the Spy Ninjas. She has been working with Project Zorgo for the past three
months behind your backs! (everybody gasps) – [Daniel] What? – Wait, wait, that can’t be
true, that can’t be true. PZ9 is the one who made these notes. He’s trying to get us to hate Vy. (Daniel gasps) – Wait, you mean PZ9
is making all this up? – Yeah, I mean he does have Vy’s phone, but PZ9 probably just
typed these up himself. – But it’s definitely confirmed that she’s talking to a hacker. Remember we found the
conversation on the two phones? We played it together?
– Yeah, but she’s maybe trying to help us? By ordering some pizzas
or something, Daniel. – Oh, no, wait, Chad, that
note was in Vy’s backpack. You know, she swapped it out for a reason. This is probably something she
didn’t want us to figure out. – I don’t know, I don’t
know what to think. – [Daniel] Wait, whoa,
whoa, whoa, wait a second. – What, what?
– What’s up? – [Daniel] See, look
at those weird numbers on the bottom of the third note, see that? – Seven dot 20. 14 hundred. – [Daniel] What does that mean? – 14 hundred, that’s gotta be like a time. 12 o’clock then it goes to one o’clock. What if, maybe 14 minutes? – 14 minutes!
– 14 minutes? – Yeah, maybe.
– Yeah, 14 minutes. But seven dot 20, what does that mean? (Regina yells) Come on, Regina. What if it’s a date? Like a month and a day? (Regina and Daniel gasp)
– Oh! Seven is July.
– Yeah. – July 20th maybe. – July 20th, boom!
– Oh! – But that’s a month ago. – Yeah, what were we doing a month ago? What were we doing on July 20th? – [Daniel] Hmm. – How could we ever remember that? If only there was a
way we could figure out what we were doing on that date. – Let’s check our videos, our videos! – Yeah, yeah. Check my phone
– Got your phone. – [Daniel] Go on YouTube,
what were we doing that day? – YouTube, July 20th. Yeah, yeah, go to Chad Wild
Clay’s channel, that’s me. Wait, Daniel, Daniel? – Yes, what?
– Is this your phone? – That’s my phone, yes. – Why are you not subscribed
to the Chad Wild Clay channel? – It says I’m not subscribed? – Yeah, let me teach you, Daniel. You take your phone, you turn it this way, you go underneath the video,
there’s a red subscribe button right there and you click subscribe. If you want to be a true Spy Ninja you should be subscribed to
the Chad Wild Clay channel. – Oh. – Anyway, it’s the video
called CWC vs Best Friend, the one with Justin. – Okay, what about it? – Yeah what, what does that
have to do with this note? – [Daniel] Well right here
Chad, 14, like you said. – 14 minutes. Okay, let’s skip to the 14 minute mark. What was happening? A bunch of hackers. – Hmm.
– Hmm. – [Regina] What’s so special about that? – [Chad] They’re just
standing in a circle talking. – What if you pause right on 14 minutes? – Okay.
– Something’s happening at 14 minutes.
– Let’s see. There, I paused. – [Daniel] Okay. – [Chad] And what do we see here, hmm. – Wait a second guys, wait a second. Did you see those pants,
look at the pants. – [Regina] I know those
pants, I know those pants! With the tie things on the side. Those are Vy’s, she’s a fashionista. – Yes, I’ve seen those.
– Yes! Vy’s pants. – So what, everyone has
those kind of pants, it’s super popular right now. – Yeah, but did you see this, right there? – [Chad] Her shoes. – [Daniel] Her shoes man,
those are Vy’s shoes. – Yeah.
– That’s true, that’s true. But they’re very popular shoes. Hackers probably love
though types of shoes. – Hold your horses! Let me zoom in. (Regina gasps) (diamond dings)
Oh, no! – [Daniel] What? – It’s confirmed, look at it, look at it! – No, I didn’t wanna believe it. Nobody has that ring. That’s the ring I gave Vy
when I proposed to her. It’s a very special ring,
I designed it myself. Nobody else has that exact ring. That was definitely Vy
wearing that hacker costume. – Wait, so PZ9 is telling the truth? Vy Qwaint is working with Project Zorgo? – Yeah, and she’s been working
with them for three months! – Oh, my gosh. (door opens)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – Hey guys! What’s going on? What are you doing? (dramatic music) (static buzzes)
(switch flicks)

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