My story is painted on my body | Chantelle Brown-Young | TEDxTeen

My story is painted on my body | Chantelle Brown-Young | TEDxTeen

Translator: Anaë François
Reviewer: Denise RQ I wanted to start off by asking
a question to everyone in the room, and you can take a minute
to think about this question. I wanted to ask
what do you find most beautiful? And not in the world, like butterflies
and flowers, but in a person. What do you find
the most attractive in a person? Is it eyes? Do you like pretty eyes? Blue eyes? Curly hair? Long nails? Big feet? Some people like big feet. What is it about people
that we find attractive? I think that the way
that we think of beauty comes from different things like: social media, the Internet,
magazines, especially, if that’s coming from a model. I feel like those are kind
of what define beauty today. And personally to me,
I feel that beauty is in everything. Some people may say
that big feet are not cute, but there’s going to be a pair of shoes
that will look better on my size 9 feet than a size 6 foot. So, I find that there could be
beauty in everything. For example, I love your dreads! They are amazing. Your gorgeous hair, Talia. Oh, my god! I wish I could get mine to be that big. Sir, with the shiny bold head,
I think that this is amazing. That sheen, perfect! As you can see,
I find beauty in everything. And, of course: “I find beauty in everything”
is super duper cliche. Like beauty in everything. I don’t think everyone thinks
that there is beauty in everything, but the reason why I feel
that there is beauty in everything is because when I was young, I was picked on for something
that today I feel is amazing. One thing about me connects
millions of people around the world. And that is something I think
you can probably see, it’s my skin condition,
it’s called vitiligo. And vitiligo is basically my immune system
that feels that my melanin which is what makes color in your skin, thinks that my melanin is a disease, something similar to the common cold, so it fights it off, and that makes my skin turn white. I was singled out
because of this skin condition. I was bullied. I was alienated. Even by people who didn’t mean
to alienate me. For example: we would, like everyone does,
take family pictures, and my mom would bring
a little top of makeup, and it was her makeup. My mom is not the same skin color as me,
she’s much darker than I am. So, could you imagine me having
a dark paste of face, and the rest of me as like brown, white? I obviously didn’t feel comfortable, but my mom was trying
to make me feel comfortable. I was alienated. In school, I changed school in about grade 3, grade 2 and it’s already hard to make friends
when you change school especially at such a young age, but luckily I found two girls
who were willing to play with me. They didn’t really know who I was,
but they wanted to play, they wanted to check me out
and see if I was one of the cool kids. And after a few weeks of being
in that school and having those friends, all of the sudden, I didn’t have them. And I was kind of confused as to why
I was struggling to make friends. I finally did and now, where did they go? They would avoid me at recess,
they would avoid me at lunch, and I finally went up to them
one day and was like, “Guys, what’s going on?
Why aren’t you talking to me anymore?” They said to me, “We can’t talk to you anymore, sorry. Our parents said that we might catch
your skin condition.” Can you imagine how that made me feel
in grade 2, grade 3? That hurt. I was alienated,
I was embarrassed, to be honest. I didn’t know what this skin condition
was in grade 2 or grade 3. I wasn’t asked if I wanted
this skin condition. I didn’t ask for it,
yet I was alienated for it. But here’s the thing,
when I got a little bit older, I didn’t want to be in that position
anymore, I didn’t want to be bullied. So rather that taking myself out
of the position, what did I do? I became the bully. And it’s not better
on one side than the other. I can tell you,
because I’ve been on both sides. I didn’t want to be bullied anymore so I kind of took lead with those people
who were bullying and I said, “Cool, those are going to be my friends
now because I don’t want to be bullied, or on this side of the spectrum. So I guess the only side is to be
on this side, this must be the good side.” So I decided to go to that side. I would pick on kids. I would be like, “So ugly your hair!” “Ugh, who did that?” “Rude, right?” But I came to a realization that I was trying to put myself
into a mold that I didn’t fit. I mean, who’s to say that I’m supposed
to fit in a mold anyway? I can make my own. So, I decided that I was going
to take myself away from this side and away from this side,
and make my own side, and fit myself a new mold. And that mold is so cliche, but I feel that there is beauty
in everything. So, I just want to put this idea
in your head, that it takes one person to realize that there is
beauty in everything. And you don’t have to be
on one side of the spectrum or the other side of the spectrum, or fit into someone’s mold,
your mom’s mold, whoever’s mold
that you are trying to fit into. Be your own person. Know for yourself what beauty is rather than looking to a magazine
or to even me for what beauty is. Know it in your heart,
and make your own mold for what beauty is. (Applause)

100 thoughts on “My story is painted on my body | Chantelle Brown-Young | TEDxTeen

  1. Yes, U r Beautiful Dear. No need for any Explanation. As It should be notice in every eyes of People what they find in a Human who is Beautiful.

  2. I have the same skin condition that she has and I feel proud of my skin. And also I understand her soo weel

  3. I refuse to let models tell me that beauty is on the inside. If you make a living off your looks and have all the privileges that come with being good looking and don’t talk about beauty is from inside. If these bitches got a massive scar right across their face and could no longer model they would have a very sharp change of heart.

  4. Her confidence, her accent, her mentality. The wisdom that developes with life experiences is meant to be passed along. Please take away a lesson with each Ted talk you watch.

  5. on ANTM she always played the victim card whenever criticized, always talked about her traumatic experience as a bullied child, said she finally had to drop out of school because the bulling became too much to bear. but here she says she actually managed to befriend the bullies and even became one herself, until she realized it was the wrong way, stopped being a bully or a victim and finally made peace with herself. so when did she have to drop out of school because of bulling? I'm sure she had a lot of hard time, but something doesn't add up with her story.

  6. Having vitiligo for so many years never felt proud but I do now because I got to share this disease with the one & only Winnie..

  7. WTH is wrong with some of you guys ???? " self centered brat " reallyyy ????? This was a beautiful speech ! She was telling HER story and so obviously it's going to be about HER . But she's also letting out a message to everyone with vitiligo and others facing any types of problems . So if you don't get this speech keep your irrelevant opinions to yourselves and if you have a problem with that , let me know . I have vitiligo , if someone called me a selfish brat , I would dead smack your hairline from your forehead , having vitiligo is hard . I WISH I could be as confident as her and talk about it . It's because of comments like those that makes people hide everything . Damn , it's 2018 , and people still don't get it .

  8. I have vitiligo, it's not an easy life. But, through people like her and Michael Jackson, I learned that I am unique and some people are just mean. ❤❤😀

  9. This video was boring, predictable and as she said a few time "cliche". Although quite attractive she still suffers from an inferiority complex. She really need to work on her story, timing, memorization. Should have practiced a few more weeks.

  10. I once had this best friend and I was at a point in my life where I was really struggling so I told her that I was self harming and within like 2 days she was avoiding me and not taking to me and I asked her what was up and she said that her mum didn’t want her being friends with me anymore and that I was causing problems in their lives so that felt really bad cos she abandoned me when I really needed her the most

  11. I'm super creeped out by her skin condition I don't know why? I've seen others who have it and i don't care, but I like it, but her's just reminds me of a clown so I don't like it but am creeped out by it sorry this is not for me

  12. Didn't know about her until today I use an app where u speak out ur thoughts. There some women made a topic about me with hearing Winnie Harlow. I Googled and I am here. I can relate to her life. I wasn't that opposed by friends ever. It's just in my relatives and home want me to get tratemnt. I took for like 10-11 years. No more now. I like myself.
    First discovered in the age of 15
    Current age – 28

  13. God bless all of the world
    لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم الحمد الله والنعمة لله رحمتك وعفوك ورضاك يارب يارب الحمد الله الذي عافني بما ابتلي بيه غيري وفضلني عن كثيراً من عبادة الصالحين يارب اشفي كل مريض يارب الحمد الله والنعمة لله عفوك ورحمتك يارب

  14. The beginning of this reminds me of Mean Girls "You get a crown, and you get a crown. We all get a piece of this crown!"

  15. Get the REAL MESSAGE-find beauty in everything. Be positive and loving. Those of you that have commented about her speaking skills please-I don't see your name on TEDx 🙂

  16. TEDx talks frequently don't have audiences so everyone can stop getting outraged as there likely was none and the clap was just an added clap track.

    A real TED talk will always have audiences because, well they are worth seeing.

  17. I hate how you're all saying the crowd was stale. It was a perfectly good speech. But I wasn't funny. If it's not funny, you don't laugh. The crowd was fine, the speech was fine.

  18. For all future performers/speakers, have an effective way to send a message. If you need to read off your entire speech, due so. This young lady could have sent her message a lot more powerful if it was delivered adequately. But then again, everyone is different.

  19. Good for you for changing to a positive attitude and standing up for what you believe in and keep moving forward…your are an inspiration🙌🏻

  20. My little brother has been diagnosed today with vitiligo,thank u Winnie for inspiring me to be strong for him❤️

  21. I have vitiligo too and I could relate to every damn thing, and yes beauty is in everything………. I love you, Winnie

  22. I`ve used numerous products where I acquired no final results. The vitiligo therapy treatment “Bαdαmzοt Tdα” (Goοgle it) does wonderful things for me and my disorder. It was the white spots that began to lighten first until it’s no longer visible. I am looking forward to getting instant results from my other body parts since improvement of spots from my hand may take a little longer. This is a true and tried treatment method to your ailment..

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