hey guys is a B and that's another video and today I will be doing a long awaited video so I could be distracted because my cat is here and he is the light of my life he is so perfect he is the most and the entire world wish was to meet me in this video just be about him I could talk about him forever is the sweetest okay ouch Claude hello yeah I am all over the place and I have cat hair all over you today I will be doing my updated poetry collection I did a poetry favorites before but this takes all the poetry books I own I managed to go pretty fast because I have a lot if you want a more specific video on the absolute favorite science collection I can do that later but I just want to show you guys everything that I purchased and how a kind of time came across these things because I've gotten a lot of questions about how to find good poetry that's more contemporary in that kind of thing so let's get is it really in a particular order I'm kind of doing it in my phone once I purchase first and the work that I purchased recently but mostly it's not in any order of like favorites or anything like that so what the first couple books someone talked about the ones that I mentioned in my other video and I just wanted to reiterate that because I've gained a lot more viewers soft I'm sure that the first book I have is languages eleven misadventure she has written several other books that I don't own and I've had this one for a very long time I really enjoyed it when I first got except got all these little sticky notes I have things to code so I really enjoyed this book lots of really cute shorter poems a lot of them rhyme and I really like that about them there's just some really fun ones in here it's not my absolute favorite but it's a good one I suggested if you are kind of starting out contemporary poetry and just like kind of want a good general ideas like what it kind of sounds like the next one is kind of associated when you leave it is a michael prophet this is her boyfriend famous than something with that they've been dating for a while he also has a new book out which I haven't picked up I marked a couple in here he's not my absolute favorite because this just has some like erotica stuff in it and it's kind of a third but he also kind of just the shorter little poem and then you've got some longer prose so yeah it doesn't unenjoyable one two there's some good ones I recommend it if you're a little young don't recommend it just because there is some spectrum and explicit stuff in here so we'll be you next to you I'm going to cream officer I wrote this for you and I wrote this for only five please finds it and I love these people always made some of my favorites they are really beautiful they're really beautiful more prose line type of poetry they are paired with photographs in both books I know that there is one book where it doesn't have a photograph it's just the words from I wrote this for you these are similar but different they have some of the symbols from here but also different ones it's kind of weird I enjoy both of these a lot I absolutely love them they're beautiful relatable like there's just something about them that I really really really enjoy so I highly highly recommend these the next one is probably one of my favorite poetry looks of all time one of my favorite poets of all time and then pansy by Andrea Gibson they came to my school and I watched them perform and I really enjoyed their poetry so so so much and this book has just like changed my life watching their spoken poetry out loud has just been amazing for me their genderqueer and effeminate and gay and it's just amazing to have them be so intersectional with everything all of the poetry and they're beautiful beautiful love poems oh my gosh amazing and they're just so funny and I really really really love this books and I really live with this person the next book I have is no matter the wreckage by Sarah Kay if you've heard of staircase probably from her TED talk she did something one of her poems you did as a tent I can't remember which ones it's one of the only ones I really enjoyed in the truck these homes are more like story poems like I don't know how to explain it there are some really awesome lines and I do really enjoy some of them but it's just not my favorite it just may be someone else's favorite so I still recommend it because it is still very contemporary modern I really enjoy it some of the poems but not all of them they just kind of bored me compared to what I'm usually into but so really really good writing she talented her TED Talks are awesome I know a lot of people who really enjoy her so this is still a good book I would still suggest it just not one of my favorites this next one is one that I think one Goodreads best poetry book of 2016 and that was the parent of States herself in this one by Amanda Loveland I really didn't like this to not like to that all and I feel bad because it won the best poetry book I just don't know why because I did not enjoy any of the poems they felt lazy and like something that I would just could have gotten like a tumblr post they were just bad I just really don't like this book and if you like this book please explain to me why because I just there's nothing a feeling to me about it I tried so hard I read through them out of it maybe there's some good ones in here I read the whole thing and I did not like a single column in here not a single one and it really didn't like this and I really feel bad and I usually don't talk about not liking books that much just because I feel bad like somebody somebody wrote this on this one I'm writing this and a lot of people enjoyed this but I just thought it was something that I could have read me something that I've heard very cliche just like cliche tumblr post like it was not good to me sorry if you like this book it's just not funny at all but yeah I own it took further collection see you next time I have is one that I have from a class a couple of years ago with intro to poetry and those touch poems by Henry Cole I haven't read this in a long time but I did like it it is a little more traditional a little less entertaining but it is still really good talent loans I honestly cannot remember anything about this but I own it so yeah the next one I have is Clementine bomb radek's mouthful of forever this was awesome I really love this it is true and raw and it was pretty much just about the life of the 20-something year old woman and I found it really genuine and really believable and beautiful and I really enjoyed this one it's not my top favorite there are some really great colors in here and I haven't stiff looking her up she's got some some really awesome stuff there's something in here that swimming all over the internet but I can't remember what it did but this is a really good one the next two poetry books from the same author and that is our H sin I have whiskey words in a shovel the second one I don't have the first one I've never seemed to come across it and I liked a lot of the ones in here very good some of them came off a little cliche but a lot of them are also really good and I recently got their new book and also really good I think I enjoyed this one slightly better than this one this one's but they're both very good I also have a sentence me this next book is Simpson by Claudia Rankine I had to read for a class this is a really amazing book of prose poetry and it is focused on a lot of social justice issues they feel actually on the front so it talks about grace and being black and it was honestly like really eye-opening for me I thought it was really hard hitting an awesome book it's won the National Book Award or was a National Book Award final commitment but I thought this was really great it's been documenting to read this in a class as if it was something that I heard many people have read in class so I really really love the climb I think if you're interested in social justice issues kind of opening up that old saying then this is a really great read for you these two books are also from the same author and then Alexandra L I found her on Instagram her family it's the cutest little family I've ever seen her Instagram posts are beautifully written ike it highly just finding her on instagram / handle is a packed Alec l like in the like her name but I was that ele so beautiful this view we written and I can't get over how you can make an Instagram post them so beautiful this book is affirmations and stuff so it's not really poetry but I thought I kind of went with this idea the affirmation day really acute and just affirming I really enjoyed these her experiences are very similar to these affirmations and then for this book love in my language it's half poetry half like nonfiction like life's memoirs stuff and it got spot for you to kind of write for yourself until you think I have done that but I love the poems in the back some of them are so beautiful about love and life and being a woman and just really really good stuff and I really enjoyed it I love this and I also highly offend this because I think it she isn't very underrated and could be a lot of rhythm I think that she is and of course we have the very popular milk and honey by Ruby core I love just love it just like everybody else amazing not much more to say I'm sure you've heard it all so I don't need to say much this beautiful beautiful poetry short beautiful drawings and about the book flawless absolute tolerance amazing okay so yes look I have is Ray Buckley's magnesium I did a review on this I will link that below as well really great intellectual poetry it makes you think a lot so if you're kind of into more existentialist type of feel definitely check this one out I really love the way that it's structured and all that sort of things I think this is really smell January 10th to get so it is already out I have just picking this up and yeah the last one I have is not contemporary or modern but just a fun ones and I think I've shown in a hall before and that is Emily Dickinson envelope poems it's just poems that she had written on envelopes and scraps of paper and then translated on the nouns like presided very interesting deep stuff if you haven't checked out Emily Dickinson she's one of my favorite classic poets so I highly suggest as well I don't have one of my poetry books and that is audre Lorde's to the poems I mentioned in a book called for October is amazing check her out amazing amazing feminist queer writers poets everything about her she is so many others just as well so I hope that you have enjoyed this collection it's been highly anticipated if you want more specifics on any of these books let me know below and I will do that as well also I recently hit twenty five hundred subscribers which is amazing it's been going up and I'm just so happy and like honored to it has everybody watching and that excuse me happy so I have it gonna make you in in a while so if you have any questions about my life about books about reading writing might absence of anything like that create oh my gosh this is the funniest thing my cat is looking at the viewfinder of the camera watching me wow I wish I could show you but then here we feel fantasy founder it is the cutest English anyways if you have any questions please feel free to ask me below if you have any video requests also Weezer's below and yeah I hope you guys enjoy don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you in range video you

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  1. I like the princess saves herself in this one for me personally it's the beginning cause I can relate to loving books more then people at times & the whole I'm not a delicate flower thing it's got going on like you grow up and you learn you can do amazing things 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don't that's what I got out of it

  2. Hi! My name is De'Rico and I'm a new author that just released my first collection book of poetry. I was wondering if you could do me the honor of reviewing my book, The Bird That Flew Past Midnight. It's available on Amazon and it's 13.99. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and I hope you have a nice day.

  3. Great video!! You should check out The Subconscious Poetry Diary, it's on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!!

  4. New Books, classic styled books -NEW AUTHOR – T. Ponder – LULU BookStore

  5. I just published my first poetry collection called ‘I Saw You As A Flower’. There is a book trailer for it on my channel and reviews on Amazon. I’d love for you to read it and share your thoughts😍

  6. Do you have Noor Jahan 1935 written by gurubhakt Singh bhakt if yes than please reply or help me in finding that

  7. hi i just came across your account and i have half the books you have just spoke about and i normally would leave a comment but i saw you talk about in this one the princess saves herself and u mentioned to comment if any of us liked it and why …
    i know u probably wont see this or read it but hey its worth a shot.
    so i purchased the princess saves herself in this one, about a year ago tho i don't disagree its very tumbler ess, u did ask us to tell you what we liked or why we like this book. for me tho it was quite a cliche i enjoyed the read of it and at the time i was getting over an abusive relationship i felt like some of the poems in there really helped me to do that as they spoke to me about how i didn't need him anymore and how i would be perfectly fine on my own
    page 186 it ends by saying "emotional abuse is still abuse"
    this is one i still love tho its simple it was nice to read those words on the page and know i wasn't alone in this x

  8. I actually loved The Princess Saves Herself In This One more so because I can relate to it. Other than that great list.

  9. thanks for sharing this video recently i read "Love Pain and Life" it's pretty cool, I totally enjoyed reading it specially life and pain part keep reading and keep sharing good luck gals

  10. What about a verse novel!? Under Contract: Life in the Middle of Dreams it’s about a lady name Marcy Gene who wants to start a art studio but she’s raising a family as a married mother when the property she’d been eyeballing goes “under contract” causing her dream to be crushed in that solitude moment. Look on Amazon for it.

  11. Try my channel for brand new groundbreaking modern poetry. from a head injury, an all my own material. ta

  12. 1. Love, a missadventures
    2. Dirty pretty things
    3. I wrote this for you
    4. Pansy
    5. No matter the wreckage
    6. The princess saves herself in this one
    7. Touch poems
    8. Monthful of forevers
    9. Rest in the morning
    10. Citizen
    11. Love in my language
    12. Words from a wonderer
    13. Milk and honey
    14. Magnesium
    15. Envelope Poems

  13. Must poetry reads

    Check out Handle with Care and Nirvana by Michael Tavon

    His style is refreshing and breathtaking, he's diffrent from the popular poets

  14. You need to check out "Neon Soul" by Alexandra Elle.
    It helps you understand yourself and makes you fall in love with yourself more and more everytime you read a new poem or prose. You will love it I promise xx

  15. You should read more classic poets like edgar allan poe, pablo neruda, walt whitman and robert frost. If love love poems you should read pablo neruda's poems his poems are so so good.

  16. the princess saves herself in this one was kind of poorly written overall but i could relate to it highly because my sister died of a genetic disease, so i could relate to how she felt

  17. Instead of saying if you like them which is irrelevant to persuading people to read poetry, tell us what the poems are about and what the theme is. If you say 'this is a good book' no one will be like 'oh that sounds interesting so I'm going to buy that one'

  18. First of all, you're super adorable and I loved this video c:
    Also I would recommend checking out 'Naked Human' by Christopher Pointdexter, its the absolute best!

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