My husband guides me through a Bob Ross tutorial

My husband guides me through a Bob Ross tutorial

(soft piano music) (Evan laughing) Welcome back. We’re Evan and Katelyn. Certain- (laughs) Certainly glad you
could join us today. After our first Bob Ross video, you guys had so many requests
for us to do another one, we decided we’d give it a shot, and today there’s a twist. I will be telling Katelyn
all of the instructions. She can’t see anything. This is gonna be more
of a communication test than a painting test. Also a painting test, yeah. I actually feel like…
Freedom? No, no, no.
Maybe? An unwarranted
level of confidence (Evan laughing)
that I’m gonna have something turn out pretty good, because our last tutorial
turned out great. (Katelyn laughing, strained) Yeah. But also, at the same time, you’re gonna be doing your own. Like Bob Ross says, if everyone can-
Well, no. I still want it
to look like his. If everyone painted
the same painting, what a boring world
this would be. KATELYN: I feel like you’re
just setting yourself up to be a bad communicator. I’m-
The goal is to make it look like his. Do you want the exact
same number of trees? The exact same
orientation of the path? Like, everything the same? I want you to do your
best, and I’ll do my best. Okay, sounds like a plan. (Evan laughing) KATELYN: This video’s
sponsored by Squarespace. From websites and online stores to marketing tools
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all-in-one platform to build a beautiful online
presence and run your business. Thought today maybe we’d do a… Let’s do a little winter scene. Something that’s… Let’s just see what happens. Let’s start with black and blue, or blue and black. Katelyn. Yeah? (Evan laughing) This is gonna be really
interesting, because I think Bob Ross comes up with
these paintings on the spot. Your brain doesn’t
work that way. No!
You want to have the whole vision-
Yes. Beforehand. I think that I can describe it in a way that appeals
to your, your… Your brain and head. But at the same time,
you’re also very visual. Okay, so there’s
gonna be four layers. The first is gonna be a gradient from blue, blue here, and then a slight bit of yellow, for, like, a sun… Or, sorry, not yellow.
I don’t have yellow. No, no, red, red, red.
(Evan laughing) Okay, okay, okay.
Like, faded. Nothing distinct.
Like a light blue. Like, no, but… So he did it all with
this black and this blue. It’s gonna be like-
A dark blue. But, but, not that dark.
(Evan laughing) He somehow made it light and
beautiful and airy and fluffy, and I believe in you. BOB: Just have a
good time with this. Just have a good time with this! So, we already have a
layer of liquid white. Yes.
I’m just gonna… Just paint some happy clouds. BOB: We’ll just
pop in a little… Maybe you need a little
more blended than that. I’ll blend it on the canvas. BOB: Little spots. I don’t want this to be
a flat, old, dead sky. You don’t want it to be
a flat, old, dead sky. Flat, old, dead sky. It seems so harsh. It seems like there’s
so much paint on there. Remove all the paint
from your brush. Okay, well, this is
part of the instructions that you need to
communicate to me. I am, I am! This is going great. BOB: Tell you what, maybe
we’ll get a little crazy here. I don’t really know
what I’m going for here. (Evan laughing) What are his strokes like? Is he, like, tapping? BOB: Really just pop
in the little sky here. Okay.
(laughs) Oh my gosh! Is this better? (Evan laughing)
Am I, like, on track? Do I get to beat the devil? (paintbrush smacking
against bucket) Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. Fluffy, soft edges. Is this a live
sky or a dead sky? You know what? Every sky is
different. (laughing) So it’s a lighter path
in the center-middle. Okay.
Yeah. (bell dinging) Don’t wanna have dead
water, I’m assuming. This is water. Shoot, tell you what. Maybe we’ll get a
little crazy here. Little touch, a little
touch, not much. A little touch. A little touch, not
much, of the crimson. KATELYN: Is this a touch? EVAN: Start with that, yeah. BOB: I’m gonna put just
a little pink in there. I like these colors. I don’t know if this is what
they’re supposed to look like, but this is like
a stormy unicorn, and I’m kinda feeling it. ‘Cos he can just,
like, blend this he– (bell dinging)
(both laughing) He even goes a little
bit up here with it. I wouldn’t (laughs). He even touches the sky.
I kinda want to. Go for it. You know what’s funny?
What’s that? I mean, I know we’re only into the background part of this, but I’m feeling
way more confident because I’m not comparing myself to what I’m actually seeing. I’m like, yeah, this is nice! This looks objectively
nice, right? That’s what bothers– Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! That looks nice, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, leave it!
Cool. High five.
Thanks. You know what? I’m glad I watched
the whole thing, because we’re going about
this in not the precise order, but it’s okay.
I need to go in Bob’s order. I want to follow the tutorial! It’s not that if you’re
just telling me, like, “Oh, yeah, there’s gonna
be a tree here later, “go ahead and do it!” (stammering) Bob says,
look, I’m gonna quote him. (laughing) Who knows?
“Who knows?” It doesn’t matter.
“It doesn’t matter.” Doesn’t matter.
“Doesn’t matter.” BOB: ‘Cuz we can fix anything
that can happen here. “‘Cuz we can fix anything
that can happen here.” (rising, sharp, eerie music
drowning Evan and Bob out) BOB: Black, blue, crimson, and I’m gonna get some white. EVAN: It’s gonna be a drab,
blue, wintery blue color. BOB: Load it full of color. Okay.
Load it up heavy. Heavy?
Load it up heavy. Paint six trees, and don’t
worry about the bases yet. Just the leaves?
‘Cos what we’re gonna do, paint the trees, and
we’re gonna do the thing where you, like, push at it,
and it fades and blends in. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know? Okay. So, do them about this tall.
Okay. (Bob drowned out by Evan)
Do two patches of trees, one over here, one over there.
How do I do the strokes? Hold the brush, angle
it down a tiny bit. Now, when you push
at the canvas, push like this.
So, straight in. Not straight in,
but he kinda like… You’re going… That’s a different motion! Like this?
Yeah, yeah. Are you ready?
No, no, no, no! (laughing) Sorry. (Evan laughing) Yeah, like that! Yeah, like that, like that. Trees! No, no, no, no, up, up. You’re pushing in,
and then dragging it. Here, here.
(Katelyn laughing) Here are the brushes,
and here’s the canvas. He kind of goes like
this, and then like that. So it’s kind of like a… Yeah, kind of like that. BOB: There, maybe another
little tree right there. And you decide how many
trees live in your world. Oh, I forgot to get
skinnier as I went up. (Evan laughing) I feel like that
looks like a tree. Yeah, nice, nice, nice.
(Bob drowned out) And then three more right here. BOB: How many trees
do we want here? Okay. BOB: Now, then. Gonna take the old
two-inch brush. I wanna create the
illusion of mist. So what you’re gonna do, go ahead and take a
fresh two-inch brush, and just stab it
in, straight at it, and kind of work that
color across the base, to make it look like fog. (Evan laughing) Just go, (imitating
brush on canvas). Oh, a gentle tapping.
Gentle tap, yeah. You said stab. Like this?
Yeah, like that. Yeah, mist, mist, mist! You know what? Now that I’m just
looking at yours, I like it a lot more.
More than Bob’s? No, I, I like… I like yours more. Oh, just more than you
previously liked it? (laughing) Yeah, it looks nice! Thanks.
You know what? Each painting and
each painter is– Okay.
(Evan laughing) That’s not the
purpose of this video. The purpose is to
do it just like Bob! (Evan laughing) Or is that the
purpose, you know? What if this is
just an exploration of how art is interpreted
differently by different people? Hmm.
Yeah. Yeah, it’s like a
game of telephone. Yeah!
From Bob, to you, to me. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Okay, I’ll say this. I’ll say this. Yours is different than Bob’s. It’s just, like,
how it’s gonna be. But I like yours. I believe in you.
Thanks, baby. Okay. The mist is done. Now it’s time for something,
like, really exciting, that’s also gonna be the
hardest part of this. You’re gonna paint a barn. (gasps) No! Yes. You picked a barn one?
I picked a, yeah. Something man-made, you know?
Okay. (Evan laughing) I’m not, I’ve never been
good at doing buildings. (Katelyn coughing)
(Evan laughing) So you can be pretty
interpretative with trees. Yeah.
It’s like, well. That leaf is just– Funky.
Maybe a type of leaf you’ve never seen before.
Right? But I can’t be like, no,
the barn’s roof’s that way. (both laughing) I’m also very worried, because you’re gonna
want to paint his barn. I wanna see your barn.
No, there’s no barn! There’s no barn
waiting to come out. I believe in you, because you are an artist.
Thank you. Okay, what do I need? BOB: Let’s paint a
little barn today. One of the easiest
ways is to take a, scrape out a basic shape. So, what he does is
scrapes and sketches a barn into the canvas with
a palette knife. I feel like this is where… This is the point where
this is gonna go from looking like something decent to something that, like– Is awesome!
A child made it. (Evan laughing) This is where it
all falls apart! BOB: And you’re not committed. I like how he’s just
freakin’ freehanding a barn with a palette knife in
the middle of his painting. Yeah. Okay, is it a
three-quarter view? It’s a three-quarter view. So it’s like a triangle roof, and then kind of goes
down towards the back. Not, not, not sloping too much. It’s about this big, total.
(both drowning Bob out) Okay, but it’s kind of centered? Yeah. BOB: Barns come in
all kinds of shapes. And then hitting
off that first roof is a second roof
for, like, cows. Okay, one thing at a time.
Okay, okay. The camera.
Oh, jeez, oh, jeez. I’m so nervous! I’m so… I trust you so much. (intense music) (Katelyn groans in anticipation) EVAN: Oh, so, (mumbling) (Evan laughing) So the A, the top of the
A, is about right there. Oh, right in the middle.
Right in the middle, yeah. Right there. (knife scratching on canvas) Yep, about that big, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Okay, that’s the first
part of the barn. He does the little
side structure coming out of the side.
Okay. (knife scratching on canvas) Just let me do this.
(Evan laughing) My cabin’s taking shape
and it’s mine now. EVAN: Okay, perfect, perfect. Okay.
Okay, okay. So, I think that’s good.
So, now I paint? Um, I think it’s palette knife. I think the whole
house is palette knife. Ooh, oh. You are not committed. Van Dyke Brown, Dark Sienna. The two browns. BOB: The back eave, see that. Little barn comes down. Boop, boop, boop, boop. Gotta make those noises. While you apply the
paint with that, you’re gonna say, “Bloop
bloop, bloop bloop.” You have to do those noises.
Okay. Just do the front face first. Okay, maybe I need
to use the back? I don’t get how he does it. BOB: Really need
some dark color. See, he doesn’t explain
how he does magic. You can’t use
words to say, like, use magical Bob Ross powers. (laughs) We’ll
clean that up later. (laughing) This is where
it’s all falling apart. (Evan laughing) EVAN: You know what? That barn has character. KATELYN: I just feel so lost. EVAN: This is the
part of the tutorial where just does it magically. He’s like, “I’m Bob Ross.” Here’s a barn!
(laughing) Yeah! Hey, it’s getting there, though. BOB: Here we go, doop-be-doop. You forgot the bloop bloop. Bloop, bloop, bloop bloop bloop! (Bob speaking, drowned out)
So, he did the entire house in that technique,
except for the roofs. KATELYN: Hmm, they
gonna have snow? EVAN: Yeah, they’re
gonna have snow. Bob Ross is doing
dark magic (laughs). Bob Ross is a dark wizard. But that’s a little
bit lighter now. Is that better? Well, he… That was his
original dark color. Yours is a little bit light. Sorry, is this stressful
or is this fun? (Evan laughing) Just a healthy mix of both.
(Evan laughing) It’s looking great, honey. He uses that shape knife. I’m not sure if it matters.
Oh. You’re just now telling
me, after the cabin? Thankfully, that’s
not sharp (laughs). Nice, nice, nice. Nice, nice. Oh, pro, pro move. Bob, is that you?
(laughs) Bob! It looks like chocolate. (Evan laughing) Right, time for the roof. He does an outline of
white along the top and on the left side, and then he pulls it down in
one swoop, like (whistles). I always feel like I’m just picking up
the color underneath rather than applying
the new one. Yeah, is our oil
paints just cheap? Well, yeah.
(Evan laughing) See how it’s just sliding off? I’m trying so hard to
not pull that pink down. EVAN: Bob’s paint
knife is thicker. Maybe he can load
up more paint on it. He just knows how to roll.
(Evan laughing) Oh, god, that’s too
much, that’s too much. It’s picking up underneath, and I’m just seeing the
blue from the trees. Oh, no!
No! It’s just not gonna be
single, beautiful Bob strokes. Looks great.
Except for… maybe that’s an icicle.
(Evan laughing) Okay, okay, okay.
Okay. I’m gonna not get flustered.
No. (tranquil pan-flute music)
I’m gonna take my time. Yes.
I’m gonna apply this precisely and with confidence.
Yes, you can do it. Dab, dab, dab!
Just dab, dab, dab! Make your cabin fab! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Very nice.
Okay. We done with the cabin. I dunno how much more
cabin I can take. I think we need a little hug after the cabin experience. (speech muffled) It looks like a
sad Hershey’s bar. (Evan laughing) Decide where your door
lives and (whistles). He just said, just
make a door (whistles). And then there’s a door. He just went like,
(imitating knife on canvas)? EVAN: Yep. (both laughing)
It’s a little… It’s a little like, whoo! You have paint underneath
your eye, somehow. Come here, let me make
sure it’s not too thick. You know, it’s just part
of your makeup look. My new look.
Your new look. There you go! Whoa, wait, wait, wait. You’ve also got some green
underneath your nose. There’s no…! (Evan drowning out Bob)
So, what he does to clean it up, he
takes this knife, and he just goes,
(imitating knife on canvas). But yeah, you could do
this one, like, going back. Oh.
(bell dinging) (feet shuffling on floor) Let’s load it up, all right. Get your two-inch brush,
let’s load it up with white. Let’s get a little snow.
Okay. This is gonna be so interesting, because it’s gonna
be so dangerous. So you’re gonna paint it, kind of like doing
a swipe across this. Across the bottom of the cabin? Across the bottom of the cabin. BOB: Watch that brown snow. You know what they say about it. He says, “Careful
of the brown snow, “you know what
they say about it.” Bob. Am I outlining a hill, or
am I cleaning up the bottom, or is it both at the same time? Both at the same time. So, he’s adding another
sweep right here of white, and then it’s going, like– (bell dinging)
Stop touching it! Kind of goes right here?
You’re making me nervous. Bob, I have a lot of brown snow. (Evan laughing) Can I blend out all this crap?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. KATELYN: With more white? Blend it down with the white. KATELYN: Feel like that’ll
make me feel a lot better. EVAN: Yeah, look at that! Yeah, my perspective is
a little questionable. What’s in front of what
is a little questionable. BOB: Okay, here we go. Maybe right here, with
a little paint thinner. I’m trying to figure out
the best way to approach the rest of this painting.
Okay. Because it’s, uh… Remind you to get
interpretative. You know what I mean?
Am I that far off? Bob, what color are you using? Is it the same as before?
I don’t know. He’s just mixing them. He’s just like, (imitating
brush on palette). All right, so do a tree. His was a little more over here, a little bit smaller
or something. He does a tree right there.
The cabin? His house, I think,
is a lot smaller. Okay. Okay, so where am
I putting the tree? Right, left?
I don’t know! How big is the stem? I mean, (laughs) the trunk. EVAN: To there, yeah. BOB: And they’re very simple. Yeah, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s the technique, that’s it! Bob says you can’t
make a mistake here. Well, I’m gonna
prove you wrong, Bob. (Evan laughing) Think I’ve been proving
you wrong this whole time. Okay, so he says take
that gray color you have. He just, zoom, makes a path. From here, and it
kind of gets wider as it goes out.
Is it a straight path or a curvy path? No, it’s kind of like
a shadowy, rough path. It’s not like a
straight, (whistles). Oh, so at the very first,
he does it like this. And then he just slowly
tilts it like that, as he goes.
This is advanced. His brush is skinnier
than his door, so you’re gonna
have to be careful that you don’t make the
path wider than your door. Oh, gosh (groans).
You got this, baby. I believe in you. Okay, so starts out horizontal, kind of ia going (imitating
brush strokes) back and forth. Rotating.
But you see how yours has stroke streaks in? I’m not saying it’s you. I think it’s the brush,
the paint and the canvas. (Evan laughing) Yes, it’s everything
else’s fault. EVAN: So I like
that it’s uneven. KATELYN: You know, my
path is just gonna be more of a shadow than a path. It’s a shadowy path.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Some highlights on
our little evergreens, and clean off the other spot. I changed the blue. I’ve been using Prussian Blue. This is a blue spruce,
I just made a decision. Command-level
decision, right here. Right, next, Bob has made
a command-level decision that these are now blue trees. Or something like
that (laughing). Mix a little bit of white and a little bit of Pthalo Blue. Now, do the same thing as
you did on these trees, but on the top side of ’em, and add a little bit of
a blue snowy highlight. Painted a little tree over here. Don’t forget it. Sometimes I look
over at your face and I get nervous.
Yeah, but, like… He’s just like, “Let’s just
do a little bit of white “on snowy parts
overlapping the top, “and he’s like, boop boop boop!” You know how Bob does.
I know. You know, we are
mere mortals, Bob. I know.
Have mercy upon us. And he just kinda
went, boop boop boop. Okay, you ready?
(laughs) Yeah, so it’s like, now, so what he did is, these trees are now on
a hill over the path. And then he just starts
blending randomly in a few different places,
back and forth strokes. Okay. Applying paint from the
trees down to the path. Yep. (sad trumpet music)
(Evan laughing) I’m not done!
(Evan laughing) And then…
No, no, no! You said back and forth!
(Evan laughing) You said, apply this paint from
the trees down to the path. And then he goes like this!
(Evan laughing) We have record. (Evan speaking in slow motion)
He just starts blending, back and forth strokes. Oh, no!
Well… That was a mess-up.
It’s a waterfall! It’s a waterfall! It’s a river, it’s a river! And he doesn’t really curve it. It’s kind of straight
lines, going diagonal-ish. Oh, no no no, straight. You’re curving again. KATELYN: Those are straight
lines going diagonal. EVAN: Oh, my god. I think this is one of
the most difficult things we’ve ever done on this channel. Okay, okay, but
where do I proceed? EVAN: I dunno, I’m giving
you all of the words I have. You said do hills,
and I curved them, ‘cuz hills are curved,
and you said, “No curves! “Diagonal lines, downwards!” And then I did that
and you laughed at me. EVAN: Do your own
interpretation. Once I stop telling
you what to do, then you get better. See, that’s already
a lot better. I like the direction. Okay.
Looks good, looks good. Looks good. Looks beautiful,
you look beautiful. And do the same for this one. BOB: That easy. EVAN: Yeah, same there. BOB: See, he sort
of sits up high. Okay.
Yeah? His path looks like it’s
now winding back and forth. I’ll try. (Evan laughing) Where does it come from? (Katelyn groaning) BOB: But just by pulling
some of that color, that you can create
that illusion. Gosh, this is all gonna
blend to a dang gray. Well, we are stronger than this, and we will defeat this painting by making it look beautiful.
Yeah. You’re going down! Yeah, nice, nice. You’re doing it!
We’re doing it. It’s a team effort.
Team effort. (Evan clapping)
Bush time? (Evan laughing) Um, let’s see. Let’s see how he
does these bushes. Show us the way, bring us home. KATELYN: Bring us home, Bob. BOB: We’ll just pop in
a little duder here. Pop a little duder.
(Katelyn laughing) Kind of just did a little
line, and he lifts up. Yeah, yeah. One more, a little farther down. This is the best thing I’ve done out of this whole painting.
Yeah, baby! You’re gonna be making
the big trees now, babe. Okay, big trees.
Dark, really dark. You ready for your bravery test? (Bob whistling) All right, this is
the bravery test. This is the biggest
bravery test yet. It’s two big strokes.
Two trees? You wanna just do it in one go, you know what I mean? You know the idea?
Okay. I’m just gonna go for it. One tree that goes all the way
from here all the way down. Yeah, but, like–
This is nerve-wracking! Because every time
I have tried to do any sort of long stroke,
the paint just sticks and then fades.
Fades, yeah. Be one with the paint.
Are you ready? I’m ready. And it gets fatter
at the bottom? Yep. It’s looking great,
it’s looking great. Do I stop here?
Yeah. Hey! I can do a line. BOB: Okay, let’s
give him a friend. He also starts at the top. Through that thick snow. Oh gosh. Picked up a lot of snow. Looks great!
Okay. EVAN: We’re gonna be adding snow to the side of the
tree anyways later. Perfect.
I think the choice to overlap your house with
the tree was a bold one, and I think it
looks really great. Thanks! I think it distracts from
how bad the house is. Yeah, and you can’t see the
perspective issues any more. Yeah, exactly!
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birch tree that lives out here. Okay, so he gets white
on his palette knife, and then he does little
(imitating knife on canvas). And he adds a little bit
of snow to the right side. Oh, no, no, not that hard. Barely touch it, and
it should just be a light kiss. Maybe a stronger kiss. So, so far, do you think
this is easier or harder than watching it?
It’s 10,000 times harder. EVAN: Yeah, that’s
what I think too. It’s gonna get even better
when we do more details. About ready to eat.
Yeah, me too. BOB: Maybe there’s a
little stick right in here. Few little twigs and
sticks and things. Really hope you’ve enjoyed
this little painting. I hope you’ll try it. Katelyn, this is the final step. All you need to do is add a few little
details to this tree, to some bushes if you
want, to the bottom. (bell dinging)
Okay. You’ve touched it,
like, six times! No, you don’t get a hug.
(whining) I’m sorry! You can add a stick
there (laughs)! Bob added a stick there!
(Evan laughing) All right, add the sticks! In this top section from here up just add a few little
squiggly bare branches. Happy little squiggle. So, Katelyn, would you
recommend this fun activity for people to try at home
with their significant other? Yes.
No (laughing)! Of every home DIY, of every
project we’ve taken on, over 120 different
projects, this is by far, Most stressful.
The most stressful and difficult thing we
have done as a couple. I expected there to
be a little stress. Like, that tree’s
a little too big. But not like, you
ruined the barn. (Evan laughing) EVAN: I think at the
end, when you step back, you’re gonna really like it. KATELYN: I know that’s
what happened last time. Yeah. Those little
details in the trees make this look so awesome. Perfect. You gotta… Now, you just have to sign it!
Oh, my gosh. Really hope you’ve enjoyed
this little painting. I hope you’ll try it. Because you know, you can do anything that
you believe you can do. Let’s see what this
actually looks like. Well, here, let’s… Here, step back, step back.
Okay, okay, okay. Step back with me over here. What do you think about
that, as a painting, as a piece of art? You know, from back here, it only kind of sucks.
No, it looks pretty good! Like, the gradient
in the background. What part do you like,
what part don’t you like? KATELYN: I really like
the foreground trees. Yep.
I really like the tiny shrubs.
Yep. I like the snow, I
like the foggy trees. Can you guess what
part I don’t like? You don’t like the barn.
I don’t like the barn! It could be worse.
Okay, let’s show you his. Open your eyes. Oh, man. His is so good!
It looks very similar. Oh, my gosh. Those trees, holy crap.
I know, right? They’re so thick and luscious. They’re so thick and luscious! I think this is further
proof that Bob is a wizard. Yep.
We are just mere mortals. You did good, you did good.
Thanks. KATELYN: I feel like we did
get it pretty darn close. Pretty darn close. Would I recommend doing this, where you can’t see
a Bob Ross tutorial, and you’re having someone
describe it to you? No. No, I would not recommend this. Well, I mean, depends
on what your goal is. Depends on what your goal is.
Depending on your goal? Are you gonna strengthen
your communication? If your goal is to stress-test
your communication skills, then this is a
great stress-tester. This is the most stressed
we have been in a long time. Yes, but hey, we
pulled it together. Yep.
We got teamwork. Teamwork. Something came out
the other side. (laughing) And… Maybe we’ll give it
to one of our moms. They’ll love it. ‘Cuz they’ll love
it no matter what. (laughing) All right guys,
hope to see you next time. Bye!
Bye! Check out our gaming channel! Look at that. So pretty. Ooh, ooh, that’s nice! I know, but Katelyn.
Much rock. There’s a problem.
What? Not a big problem. We just need–
(whipping sound) Well. Our torches aren’t centered. (Evan laughing) I’m gonna fix those,
I’m gonna fix those.

100 thoughts on “My husband guides me through a Bob Ross tutorial

  1. Hope y'all enjoy this one! Should we do any other videos like this? <3 E&K
    🎮 dId yOu kNoW wE hAvE a gAmInG cHaNnEl?

    🎙️ And a podcast!

  2. The trees 🌲 looked really good….. the snickers barn… just ok.. lol. Nice job. It’s harder then he makes it look

  3. Omg lol the painting turned out better than expected! Please tell me the next video will be Evan’s turn to take instructions 😂

  4. I think it came out great! I followed along with a Bob Ross tutorial and I had to keep stopping the DVD. His 30 min painting took me 5-6 hours to finish. But it looked amazing for my first ever painting.

  5. that hug after saying he wouldn't get one…..whipped
    and tbh I really like the perspective of this one, the trees in front of the barn were a nice toucg

  6. I cringe at how unknowingly shady Evan is😂 You can tell he doesn’t mean to be insulting, but he’s so good at being innocently mean😂 like a 4 year old.

  7. "Ross painted three versions of almost every painting featured on his show. The first was painted prior to taping, and sat on an easel, off-camera, during filming, where Ross used it as a reference to create the second copy—the one viewers actually watched him paint. After filming the episode, Ross painted a more detailed version for inclusion in his instructional books. The different versions were marked as follows on the side or back of the canvas: "Kowalski" for the initial version, "tv" for the version painted during the tv show, and "book" for the book version."

  8. My biggest stress test between me and my girlfriend was that she got a cool shelf and it had there weird connecting dude. But the part that made it the stress part was that she had not eaten in over 12 hours cuz he had to do blood work later and the day. We were not able to finish before her appointment because the instructions were super confusing and It didn't seemed the pieces fit but she finished them later with food in her belly and we both survived lol

  9. I think next time Evan should be able to have a blank canvas and a brush with no paint just so he can show the type of brush stroke Bob's using this was a great video It was hilarious and the painting turned out great good job

  10. OMG guys I haven't laughed so much in a long time lol. I am curious as to why you decided to paint yours in portrait rather than in landscape as Bob did. Might have been less stressful when trying to fit things in place. Katelyn, I think you did an awesome job, even if Evan does need more communication skills lol. Luv to you both and the supervisor (missed her today). Diane, UK xxxx

  11. Bob actually painted three paintings, one before the show, the during the show one, and the post show one. Then he would pick the one he liked best and that would be the one that was put in the collection with all the others.

  12. Fun Fact: Bob Ross actually designed and painted each painting before filming a season's worth of episodes, he would have a finished painting off-camera to refer to when filming. That's why he's so quick in each episode, he's already painted that painting, like, twice!

  13. I loved this idea and this video so much and also you two are literally the two best and most wholesome people on YouTube and I want to be your friend 😆

  14. Katelyn, you did AWESOME! Remember that every painting is an "interpretation" and that yours is just as relevant as anyone else!

  15. I think one of the issues you were having with the barn is that Bob scraped more paint off during the initial sketch. I think your layers were a bit too thick, which was why you kept picking up other colors. However I do like how it turned out! So much texture!

  16. 6 minutes in and I feel so bad for Katelyn. Evan really needs to work on his communication skills.
    Got to the end and I like Katelyn's painting.
    Ok, now we need to have the reverse, Katelyn tells Evan how to paint a Bob Ross painting. And make sure you keep touching his painting!

  17. Evan you are really terrible in explaining 😛 next time switch it around and let Katelyn explain ^^ Still great painting Katelyn 🙂

  18. Actually, bob ross made three versions of the paintings he did in the show, a bad one, a really good one, and the one he made on T.V.

  19. At 11:20 the barn looked like a really nice horse.
    I haven't finished the video but I'm certain that it'll look awesome.
    Also the thanks baby, the " honey"'s and cabin comfort are so cute!.

  20. Fun fact , bob ross did not come up with his paintings on the spot. He did a rough draft, a filmed version and a good draft of his paintings. So in fact, there are 3 original bob ross paintings for every tutorial he did.

  21. Actually, Bob Ross did 3 versions of every painting, one done before the show where he figured out what he wanted to do, one during the filming and another final version.. So it really wasn't totally spontaneous- he did have a goal in mind, so you should actually always look at the final painting before following the tutorial as then you are focusing on learning the techniques for creating the various aspects vs just following instructions without understanding why you're doing something…

  22. The fact that Evan didn’t tell her there was another part of the barn that she didn’t paint HURT me. Loved the video tho!

  23. on the roof I wouldn't have been to worried about the pink being dragged with the white because it would actually be showing that the cabin is picking up the colors of the sky. also adds more believable looks but I do love how the painting came out you did good. I also do art as well I just love seeing others do artwork even if they are experienced or not, you cant really mess up unless your copying a photo all I say is Great job.

  24. I'm actually really impressed with how little you two faught. i know first hand how hard it can be to cooperate with your signifigant other sometimes XD

  25. Lol great job guys and great painting!! perhaps a halloween themed painting challenge for evan? A spooky manor with a huge moon and pumpkins? The bestest holiday ever is almost here!!!

  26. 1:40 Actually Bob Ross didn't come up his painting on the spot. He planned concept, palette, composition and each step carefully before show was shot. He actually did three versions of each painting appeared in the show: one for practice and reference, one what we see on television and third one for his instructional books, which he used most time (hours instead minutes).

  27. I definitely paused and took 5 minutes out of my day to find my name on the Patreon list. So happy I decided to sign up for you guys!!!

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