My Art Supplies 2019 – Huta Chan

My Art Supplies 2019 – Huta Chan

Hello everyone! Today I will be back with a video introducing art supplies that I’ve regularly used and a number of my works were painted. As someone who likes to draw, you might pay much attention to the pens, colors and drawing papers Here, I have a box of pens and brushes. For the studio tour, I would work in another video. For pen, I use two main types which are mechanical and wooden pencil. 6B 1500 koh wooden pencil, it is pretty bold that facilitate for up bold. Pentel graphgear 500 mechanical pencil – 0.5mm 2B and another Deli 0.7 mm 2B. However, to sketch, I primarily use the Pentel because of a very steady hand in holding, the Deli is still quite slippery and heavy. These leads I choose will often bold and soft. I have copic pencils for lines. The black one, I use a pen with a 0.1mm Particularly for Micron’s coloring artline pen, I only buy a 0.05 mm brown pencil which is the right color for line-drawing to paint water-colours. Besides, I have a 0.05 mmm black Marvy artline pen and brush nib. However the Marvy’s brush nib isn’t good, I bought the Pentel instead. This pen is highly valued when you can draw both thick and thin strokes with water-proof ink I bought a set of 1 pen and 2 fountains costing $9 and 4 more fountains($4.3) for reserve. And this is fountain pen. I started to use it when I joined the comic book group three years ago. Now it’s pretty old because I haven’t been used for a while. Next, there are some of my brushes including mop brushes of Nabi Snow Holic and Art Secret brand, thin-stroke calligraphy brushes and some other pieces as well. Information of each brush will be in description box. So those are some brushes I usually use. And now we’ll look at the colour that I have. This is a small corner of my colours, not too much stuff but enough for use. The first is a 24 chalk Pastels Set. Good packaging. The palette’s colour is so beautiful. This palette costs over $5. Texture of these chalks is not soft too but the colours are so bright and with that price I think it is okay. Next is a set of 5 starry colors by Superior and accompanied by a water brush. I buy it for watercolor painting. It costs 140,000 vnd. This is an 48-watercolor Holbein Pocket. This pocket is suitable for the students who can’t afford to take a full set of Holbein. You just need a small amount of watercolor enough to paint Depending on the demand you can choose to buy a full colour palette or pocket. A full set of 48 color costs more than $87 and only $12.4 for the extraction. And this is 24-colour set by Leningrad I’ve used for 5 years. It is packed in wooden boxes and as old as over the years. Inside, the rest of colours is still a lot, Leningrad watercolours have quite deep tone. Little while I’ll show you those I tested. These are still plenty because I drew pencil or digital painting mainly. Currently, I have used more watercolors. These two pocket are donated; one is Pentel and another is Holbein. Besides is a Prismacolor set with 36 coloured pencils, about $39 per set. Colours is placed in tin can to be better preserved. Three compartments compose the box with bright and blend colours well. If possible you should purchase it, I’m sure you will like it. Here is the 36-colour COPIC Ciao Marker Set 36 made by Japan. This is high-grade makers with the price range from $144 to $161. Somewhere it will be reach $260 so you need to consider before buying. It is quite difficult to use maker therefore you need time to practice with it. This is the Ecoline liquid watercolor, code 640. I bought it because of its very beautiful and bright blue. Next take a look at my drawing paper. Though I want to show you my works see these works through 5 years past but parts of them have disappeared from a house transfer. Currently only few paintings left. I have an 120-page sketchbook which is suitable for pencil and crayon drawing. There are some pictures I painted in this year, and they also has their own videos. You can watch the videos on my youtube channel. The sketchbook is quite thick but I have drawn a lot so well I will change the new one soon. Also sketchbook but smaller one. It’s not be recorded the size in the cover. The vein of paper is not too lumpy and a bit slippery. On the paper, lead doesn’t stick well but coloured pencil and marker are. Because of the low quality, it’s not suitable for watercolor painting. I tried to paint several pictures in it to test the color on the paper and saw the color up quite well. I think using a small book like this to draw ideas will convenient to carry around. The price of the book is quite cheap, even less than $1. It’s still new because I haven’t used it much. These Nabii sketchbooks These days, I prefer small paintings so A4 is quite as big. A Nabii Aqua Fat watercolour sketchbook. This book is used to test the watercolor. This is the Holbein watercolor palette. I have to colour following the order arranged on the palette. You will find some very little colour diffirences there. Therefore painting all colours of the palette on paper like this that is easier to remember and observe. This side is the palette of Leningrad, its colours are deeper and denser than the Holbein. And this is COPIC Ciao Maker Set B including dark tones but also full of cool, warm and neutral colours. Rear, I have not painted anything yet. Inside of 32-page Nabii Ima sketchbook, I also did a test table of Primascolor coloured pencil. As you can see, lead can grip on its paper very well and the colour is also very beautiful. Here are some of my hand-drawing shapes by Micron line pen and Copic Ciao marker. To practice drawing hands, you should learn from available patterns or copy of your hand shape. At firt, you will find it hard but sketching and examining patterns are the good way for you to solve problems. In addition, I also draw some other hand-shapes. I have recieved many requests of hand drawing tutorial but now I need more time to find the most understandable way to tell you. I hope you can wait a while for my best tutorial video. With this A5 booklet, I will use to draw some parts of human body. I have the habit of drawing each topic in each book. Eg this Ima A5 sketchbook for body parts of humman, then I will draw themed as eye, ear, nose, mouth, hands, feet, etc. Or as the Sakura sketchbook, I will sketch the character portrait. This depends on the preferences of each person, but because of my forgetfulness, every bibliography must go folders by topic. Last sketchbook is Ima Sketchbook in size A4. Because of its large size, it will be used to draw up the figure, clothing accessories, footwear, etc. Very little because I just drew them a few days ago. This is the bag for A5 size containing some my paintings about the series of Vietnam ethnics on Nabii watercoloured paper. I think Nabii paper is appropriate to draw large size more. The colour spread of this paper is pretty good and the paper is not bent much. Recently I have bought 300gsm cold-vvein Baohong paper. Only that I often confused between the front and back of the paper. The picture of Hermione was drawn on Baohong paper with Leningrad colours. Its takes 4 hours to complete this picture. Next is a light pad. It lets me draw the line on watercolor paper from sketches. For those of you are not good at the line, you should have light pad. When sketching directly on watercolor paper, you will erase a lot and this may affect the paper. So sketching at first and then tracing again on the light pad is easiest. I also like to draw digital painting so I have a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Medium (CTH-680) with the price about $140 at that time. I bought in 2014. Here is Wacom Intuos Pro Medium that is priced at around $350, also old by the years These scratches are caused by drawing so much. I think the video should end here. Please support me by like, share, comment and do not forget to subscribe my channel! Thank you for watching!

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