My Art Becomes SENTIENT

My Art Becomes SENTIENT

hello I am an aspiring artist as you can
see over here this is my art studio here you can see my drawing and painting
tools and here you can see my lovely array of colors I call this prestigious
art studio Microsoft Paint quite handy it has become for my art pieces now let
us commence what I usually like to do first is outline the body it paves a way
for me to draw even more things afterwards as you can see I have created
a lovely avatar but there is something not quite right about it
perhaps I can add clothes because nudity can get people demonetised my art skills
truly shines within this masterpiece that I have developed Oh would you look
at the time it’s time for me to wrap things up a hard day’s work really has paid off I
guess that concludes my day from the moment I woke up the next day I
knew there was something different hello there I’m Billy this surely was a
bizarre moment I didn’t know what to think how to feel and what to do so I
have responded with an articulate sequence of words formulated in a split
second hi Billy so um do you wanna like hang
out and stuff the moment I heard hang out I panicked for you see I have
developed very little social skills for the past 25 years since I have devoted
all of that time to art speaking of which even if I were to agree to hang
out with Billy I would have less time creating million-dollar masterpieces but
since I have given birth to an entirely new life entity I might as well make the
most of it let’s get down to business I want to give your life meaning so here
are all of the chores and my homework you must complete no need to thank me I
am only doing what is best for the both of us right away sir with my new worker I was able to live a
happier life with slightly less work to do
however Billy started to change how was your day Billy it was actually great I
met a girl she became a girlfriend and we started a family together greetings
I’m Karen and I’m Bob so I just came to ask what am I gonna get paid what do you
mean I mean when will you pay me for all of the labor that I did look man I got a
family to feed now don’t give me that attitude I was the one who gave life to
you and I can easily take it away you ungrateful entitled greedy piece of
paper you know what I’m fed up with you your tyranny shall reign upon us no more [sounds of suffering] and that was how my greatest masterpiece
ended for all artists out there I hope you learn from my experience Oh

21 thoughts on “My Art Becomes SENTIENT

  1. Expectations: Someday, my piece of art will come to life and it will be a masterpiece…

    Reality: ME HOY MINOY!!! ~ Doodlebob

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