MUNCHIES Presents: The Art Of Making Danish Hot Dogs

MUNCHIES Presents: The Art Of Making Danish Hot Dogs

everyday I have one you look like a pretty fit lot freedom hot dogs every day you think it’s good for the dog more like you have like a Chinese yes my name’s Holly William Wallace I’m from Dublin Ireland I’m sous chef and restaurant my ammo tree mentioned star in Oslo we’re here in Copenhagen to rediscover the beautiful national treasure that is a hot dog I would have often told to all you know how to make a hot dog but not too sure I just make them at home in Denmark they have their own special way on a few traditional things that make it very different onion eek rabbu-l crispy onions pickled cucumber and fresh onions make it one of the most delicious snacks available so right now we’re going off to see Peter he’s going to show us a thing or two on how to make some hot dog hi all right oh yeah yeah very well you’re awfully smiley today you’re looking fine my dear Archie my first one always a perfect crime in time I risk that with everything get your most of fruit hard on you everything please [Music] there’s a nice stuff you can get anywhere around the world normally so what is Ramlal exactly here cabbage cucumber mix together and – that’s time without delicious yeah thank you very much that to me is comfort food and it doesn’t really get better not especially at this kind of price food mmm so how long you been here Peter a full jigna wool one so what makes you keep doing it after 14 years I can’t know anything else in the 1950s there’s over 400 hot dog signs in Copenhagen at this point there’s only about 60 with the culture and tradition of eating hot dog stand strong so what does one usually drink with the hot dog chocolate hot or cold cause the hottest pepper is that yes whatever you think I’ll take I’ll take I’ll take where everything is bad if you talk to milk this is add at English national treasure and it is weird so it is associated with hot dogs you see it all the time right now I’m just going to get into it look mmm I’ve never had a half before either it even makes it weird on the Mayport something about it is special unholy and delicious I think you should try to my god yeah can I come in sure yeah super have yourself chuckle you’re gonna go for smoke yeah don’t clap the hot dog risk that with everything nice-looking dog now one of everything isn’t it and then obviously Graham allow this is what for me really makes it up fresh audience oh the crispy onions and some magic pickles month I’ve seen them sometimes they can be skimpy on the pickles look Danish hot dogs is not delicate thing to eat you know it’s not the most stable probably well have you looking like that oh my dear it’s a wrong one you just put the miners on it no okay I mean again okay this one this one this one or another no not this one well they know my name oh that attempted a hot dog was not so great because I put mayonnaise in it which is a big no-no only for the French guys only the French like mayonnaise in our hotdogs always tricky boys yeah my dear is the right mark go ahead Jinky bikes so peter is okay with you I’m going to force this hot dog on someone and see if they’ll give us the thumbs up as well you look like a man that could eat a hot dog sir you get into you let me know if it’s okay or not mostly I’m very nervous like yeah [Music] good soup attack started a load off one and he’s gone I was especially awkward was not thank you so much for your time I learned a world of things very hot dogs mostly don’t put mayonnaise or it doesn’t belong oh thank you very much Peter you’re gentlemen Houston tuk-tuk from us Peter’s been in this hot dogs on for 14 years likely he’s not going anywhere else and it’s a good thing really because if he goes somewhere then we’ll be missing an institution to this country it is nice to see as well having spent a lot of time and hire open kitchen that these guys are kind of just as tight on what ingredients go on what so adding mayonnaise immediately no way you got to get rid of that got to be right every single time because the customer expects with delicious hotdogs every time [Music]

100 thoughts on “MUNCHIES Presents: The Art Of Making Danish Hot Dogs

  1. I appreciate, despite my east coast code of putting nothing other than yellow mustard and a bun around a frank, that the Danes have a code of honor and pride of place with their sausages. I will try their version someday. The Chicago frank is a weird beast to me, but I appreciate their code of ethics and enjoy their food.

  2. We have the danish remoulade in Germany, too ;). It is a staple on Hot Dogs and Hamburgers in the northwest.

  3. Scandinavians are the most civilized and good looking people on earth, yet blacks go there breed and have drug dealing kids

  4. Hahahaha love that hotdog man, we asked him what he wished for on christmas, he just sad boobies and dick… 😂

  5. Peter polsner picked peppers and run rocked rhymes
    Haighleh went to Denmark
    To have good times
    Now two fuckin hotdogs would get ya full quick
    But they still ain't long as my man Pete's dick

  6. They should make a hot dog with sauteed mushrooms fried onions and japoltlay sauce. And they would run out of hot dogs

  7. I learned 1 year ago that Chicago dogs are the best dogs. I’m talkin bout them hot dogs and literal dogs cause all dogs are good.

  8. You have to commend Munchies and the host for trying the real deal, traditional danish hotdog. Not the hipster praised, organic, fermented bullshit we see in most videos. This cheap, mass produced in a polish factory hotdog is the way to do it if you ever come to Denmark.

  9. At the local hotdog stand where i live the guy mixes remoulade with a bit of the water from the pickles it makes it so so much better

  10. Can't get remulade anywhere else in the world? Try again. Hei kjære naboer i sør, vi har remulade vi også.

  11. In response to the language comments. It's no wonder the Danes speak English, they just about fucking invented it.

  12. I've been to 43 countries the past 14 years, and I can safely say, no country comes close to the danish hotdog. It's the best example of junk being able to stimulate ur sweet and savery cravings at the same time, without it being weird. I guess the danish hotdog would suit pregnant women, since their cravings can be both at the same time!

  13. Peter's great personality and dedication to his craft are well worth my adoration. If I lived there I'd most definitely be a superfan!!

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