MP303 - Testing The Artisan EVO3 Electric Motorbike

MP303 – Testing The Artisan EVO3 Electric Motorbike

now many of you know what an advocate or a supporter and what a fan of electric cars I am my involvement with formulary over the last five seasons has just opened my eyes to a an amazing set of technologies that I wasn't really very aware of beforehand but now I mean I'm all over it I love the stuff I think we've got incredible potential for the future of electric transportation and it is happening right now and very recently what's the back of all that I was given the opportunity to not just test any old electric vehicle I mean I've driven electric cars skateboards vans this time I was given an electric motorcycle now that's cool I love motorbikes but the experience didn't get off to the very best of starts so for the last few days I've had an electric motor bike from artists an electric scooters haven't had a lot of chance to get out on it because I've been doing this long commute to the wheeler dealers sets each week but I'm pleased to say I've now had a chance to go out on it so I've popped over to Guildford on the bike this is it the certainly looks different and stands out in a lineup a motorbike and I like that unfortunately after Zen have given me the version of this bike is the Evo 3 which has the smaller of its two battery options and I'm told that this one will give you a range of around about 40 miles of real-world usage which is fine for most people because you know 40 miles on this little time kind of small scooter like motor bike is probably absolutely fine and more than most people would do in a day but of course I've pushed it a bit too far and I've come over from my house over to Guildford I'm not sure how many miles it is but of course I had it in the highest power mode I had the throttle wide open for the whole thing and I've now got here with 41 percent of the battery left having started at 100% and doesn't take a genius to work out that has gone way over halfway to do half of my journey so now I've got the challenge of getting home now that was a nerve-racking journey the battery bike the battery says zero on the bike and it said zero for probably the last two miles of the journey I can tell you that that is enough to make the journey a tense one but I've got to say one of the things about this bike and this is not a good thing I have to say artisan the battery meter the energy meter on the dashboard on this bike varies enormously as you're going along at times on my journey home the battery was going from one or two percent and this is with still a fair few miles to go one or two percent and then 30 seconds later showing 25 percent and it seems to be almost like those range meters you get in the car that changed depending how you're using the throttle give it a load of throttle the predicted range will go down well that's what the battery meter the energy meter on this thing seems to be doing it seems to be giving a predicted energy level or almost a predicted range but in terms of an energy level of display that's not what I need I need to know how much energy is in the battery I'll then work out how to use that energy to get as far as I need to go I don't need to have my energy levels of fluctuating massively between empty and a quarter fall so don't really have any idea how much energy is actually in the battery anyway we made it home and there is a lot of positive stuff about this bike which I'm going to tell you in or in a little while but that was a nervous moment one of the most one of the most nervous times I've had in terms of range anxiety in any electric vehicle whether it's my skateboard or electric cars and now electric motor bikes that was tenses it's been well that wasn't perhaps the best introduction and the best first experience of this bike it wasn't the only experience of course and I'm going to go on to talk about lots of great things about this bike but that idea of range anxiety that lots of people have over them have hanging over them the idea that they will be you know into the situation that it can't get out of because we ain't going to be a petrol station just two minutes down the road from wherever they they might need one the idea of having to stretch your energy to get you to where you need to be to the next available charge point he's a real thing and the way that this bike works doesn't really help that that display I mean look it's a nice clear LED display it's it's very functional in most senses however the idea of using your battery range your battery meter as more of a fluctuating range Peter it's just definitely not the way to go by all means have that but let's have a full on battery energy meter as well at the same time and you know it may be that it's just a software change or it may be that it's a sensor upgrade that needs to happen it's not the end of the world absolutely not the end of the world and I'm sure that if you use the bike for consent continued periods you would probably get used to how that works and have a better feel for how much energy you've actually got when the battery meter is showing whatever it's showing the other thing you'll notice about this display here he said it's got the speedo the two great big digital numbers there in miles per hour so I was riding down the a3 between Guildford and here and it was showing at times 75 miles an hour now it was not doing 75 miles an hour so I think what I can get from what I can gather has happened is the the speedo is actually reading kilometers an hour even though it says miles per hour on the display so again it's a tiny little niggle that's not perfect but again it's one of those things you can very quickly get used to and actually a simple software upgrade could quite easily sort I have no doubt other than that there is loads of positive stuff about this bike I think it looks great it's got a real unique appearance to it which I really like I feel the same way about electric cars that they should look a little bit different and the bike is exactly the same it stands out and I think it should do exactly that it comes in this brilliant green color or it comes in a bright vibrant red color as well both of those options really pop it out and make it stand out on the street so that I really like and then a technical level as well it has some interesting features it has a fully adjustable rear suspension coil over shocks on the back there that has an adjustable platform so you can make adjustments to the spring rate stiffness it has a 3,000 watt electric motor really really good electric motor and just look where it's positioned all the way down as low as possible and over the center of the bike giving it a really great center of gravity really nice balance the motor is a really effective piece of kit as well it's a it's a very powerful and instantaneous motor when you need to get that power delivery from it drilled brake discs with twin pop calipers front and rear means that it stops very very effectively as well so from a safety perspective it's great I like the fact that the frame is exposed as well again just adding to that slightly different slightly unique appearance the space on the back for a certain amount of luggage yes not a huge amount but look it's a motorbike and a small motorbike at that it doesn't stand very big it's not a dominant motorbike this is more of a scooter style bike if you like you might equate it to the Honda Navi bike if anyone's familiar with those petrol powered version which again is very very small like a commuter bike but for that for that purpose this thing is actually very very useful the seat again comes with leather options in the green or red to match the frame and again that just adds that appearance which are like it's got a fake petrol cap not sure about that I mean why are we going with a fake petrol cap when you know where you should be embracing the fact that this thing's a lecture but the controls are all there very easy to use it's a twisting go bike as well so really really simple it's responsive in that you know the power is instantaneous you get a great launch from the line with this thing however having said that there's a tiny little delay between you activating the throttle and the power coming in and that's not a problem for when you're launching from the traffic lights for example when it is a problem though and motor breakers will know this when you're trying to do a very slow type maneuver when you're trying to go around a very tight turning circle and with a petrol-powered more conventional motorcycle you'd hold your revs on when you need to sort of balance it on the clutch to bring the power in and out so to enable you to keep your balance going through that tight turning circle you can't do that with this bike first of all of course you've got no clutch to do that but you can't even do it on the twist and go throttle handle because of that delay you twist it nothing happens and your instinct is to twist it a bit more because nothing's happened and then all of a sudden you get a load of throttle come in so again it's probably something you need to get used to but for me counterintuitive and such a simple thing and it's a it's it shouldn't be that hard to fix in my view and actually would make quite a big difference to the the kind of feeling you get the experience you get of riding this thing that it's smooth that it's easy to manage in all sorts of circumstances so that's one little thing that I think could easily be tweaked it could easily be improved and would make a massive difference to the way this thing operates there are three power mode settings on the handlebar you can just see the dial there of course it's left in number three because that's the only one I had it in but what happens there is that it's actually a sort of speed limiter so what that does is and the way this bike was set up was it actually had the same power delivery but only up to a maximum speed it's there because if you need to extend your range of course you can limit it to thirty miles an hour to fifty miles an hour or whatever it whatever it is you want through those three settings and it will of course extend your range accordingly so quite useful I'm not sure how many people would actually use it but in that moment when I was desperately trying to save energy to get myself home I did have to crank it down to the lowest level I was the slowest thing on the road but it did manage to extend the range to get me home the idea about this thing is that it's quick and easy it's a twist and go as I said so the idea is you can just hop on it and go without any fuss without any preparation without having to you know get it warmed right it's literally there for when you need to buzz off down to the shops always to the station on your way to work you know and for those reasons and for those purposes this is a great great bike it has more adjustment down at the foot pegs as well not again something that most people would use on a regular basis but it's there as an option for you there's that motor again looking nice in the side and if you step back and look at the whole thing I really like the appearance of this bike it looks sporty it looks fast yeah it looks a little bit different so let's give you some stats on this three kilowatt motor 30 and power battery in that particular model the specs will say it does 90 kilometers on a charge but look don't hold this against artisan it won't do that it may do if you're running around in the lowest power mode but look every single electric vehicle manufacturer in fact every single vehicle manufacturer will inflate the stats relating to their vehicle and what miles per gallon it will do if it's a petrol or a diesel what range it will do if it's electric so of course they're inflated the tests are done in in unrealistic conditions out on the rear in the real world my test shows you that average you know usage real-world usage you'll get much much much less than that somewhere around the 30 miles on a full charge but generally that's having a bit of fun with it that's I was going very slowly on the way home from Guildford that day but on the way there I was flat out all the way and having a bit of fun with it it handle was reasonably well this thing because it's such a small bite you can use this thing on a provisional license as well your insurance is cheap it has a lot of benefits to it as well you can recharge it using just a normal standard three-pin plug in your house it will take around six hours so overnight which is fine again for most people but you'd put the advantages you don't need to have any special charging system installed at home it will just work anyway so then the question comes well how much is it well a basic mic will cost you around about 3300 pounds but then when you've got a couple of added options on that it'll bring it out at around about 3,400 3,500 pounds so would I have one and I thought about this long and hard because yes I love motorbikes but this is not for somebody who's a motorbike lover this is for somebody who needs a commuter to get you know 10 miles up the road to the station five miles up the road there and back but someone who wants to save a fortune in parking costs because maybe you can park it for free at your local station whereas otherwise maybe it costs you five seven eight quid a day and I know lots of people that have to do that my wife does that every single day pays 8 quid a day in parking at the station well if we have one of these we wouldn't do that and that would save us a a hell of a lot of money and actually when I work that out it wouldn't take that long to be able to use one of these every day for Claire my wife to actually almost recoup its costs in parking and fuel costs even once you've added in your electricity to charge the thing up so there are definite advantages to this so the question it the answer to the question would I have one I'm starting to think that maybe I would yes it could be improved on yes we could do better with electric bikes and it will happen very very quickly I have no doubts but as a first instance as a first experience for me I reckon I could overcome the issues that I've perceived it to have and I reckon I can get quite a lot of use out of it so answers an I might be back

31 thoughts on “MP303 – Testing The Artisan EVO3 Electric Motorbike

  1. It's a commuter bike so to the people comparing it to a regular one for touring is a little unfair.

    The throttle sensitivity issue could be worked round by riding the rear break, like you'd do on a petrol scooter. It's how you ride them at super low speeds. Even full sized bikes, I ride a big single and you have to use the rear brake to smooth the power delivery if you're doing slow maneuvers.

    Styling wise I think it's a bit disappointing, it looks like a mini ducati monster but with all the wrong proportions. And that fuel flap is just wrong lol

    Have a go on a Zero, that's a proper ev motorbike 🙂

  2. This bike has issues.. you are being nice. Power meter thing is big, MPH not KPH or whatever.. a two minute software fix. throttle lag.. unacceptable. needs a bigger battery.

  3. That throttle response sounds like an issue with the potentiometer. It very well may be the wrong type of pot. Certain lift trucks, walkie pallet trucks and rider pallet trucks, use pots that allow you to very accurately control from creeping along at less than walking speeds, up to full throttle via twisting the handle.

  4. Just wait if you do any long distance flying with your drone, and you aren't sure if it can make it back with the battery left. That is serious range anxiety!! lol I think your Mavic Air has a range of around 5 miles, but it is hard to test unless you land it after it has gone 5 miles.

  5. 40 miles range….. So much for a day of touring on your bike on mountain roads….
    I want to believe that electrified vehicles are the future, but I just can't see it. When we get to the point where batteries are interchangeable in a matter of minutes or seconds even (like changing the AA's of your remote), electrified vehicles will lose their range anxiety issues and become usable for all, instead of just city people.

    Instead of fully electric vehicles, I believe that hybrids work much better. Every car should be a (plug-in) hybrid. All the range you want, but also very efficient for city trips. The perfect compromise.

    I must admit that I feel a lot of resistance for new vehicles, with all their systems that are powered by electricity and computers. The worst thing is that cars start to do things when they decide that you fail to do it, such as braking or a lane assist feature. My way of thinking is: if I want to hit that car in front of me, then I should be in a position to do so. A car is an object that is controlled by ME and I will not have it the other way around.

    Ps: orices if new cars have gone through the roof lately. If only a manufacturer would create an electric car with the 90s options (cruise control, maybe some ABS and TC, AC, cigarette lighter/12V supplier), the car would become a whole lot cheaper to produce and therefore purchase. It will probably also use much less energy due to the lack of systems requiring that. Hence, cars will gain range by just losing options. I mean, why is it important to have a very intricate CPU and other sensors, systems and stuff that we can also do.

    Okay, rant over. Awesome videos Mark! I always have a blast watching them.

  6. Sounds like mechanically this bike is pretty good. As a software/electrical engineer I think all your issues could be easily fixed with updated firmware/software. I am surprised some of those issues made it out. Is this a prototype model, or a production model?

  7. Great motability vehicle! I’m going to mention this to the Cystic Fibrosis trust.
    Certainly get me to hospital and back on a weekly basis.
    Easy to park too, I like it!!

  8. Seems like a firmware update might fix some of that. Is there one available with better range? Perhaps hot-rod one? 😉

  9. In Toronto, E bikes restricted to 40kph are everywhere because they are cheap and the gov't doesn't require a licence or insurance. Just think about the type of people this appeals to. They all look like burnouts and they ride like they are. They ride through the park, in the bicycle lanes, sidewalks, the wrong way up one way streets. Burnouts who can't qualify for any licence get these and become road warriors with baseball caps for helmets.  

    Beyond this, I just don't think they tried enough to redesign the whole form factor of these. Being electric means they don't have to look like a petrol bike at all. Fake gas tank??? And those wheels are tiny. I'm not sure why they do that. Wouldn't larger wheels, which are proportional to the bike, give the bike more stability??

  10. If your wife starts riding one of those to work everyday you'll have to sing her off with a little, "Motorcycle Mama, won't lay your big spike down."

  11. My ex-girlfriends gas gauge always used to say zero and she never let it bother her. Of course, there was that one time……

  12. It looks similar to the KTM Duke but that's where the good things about it end at least for me. It's probably useful for people who want to get from A to B just like all the other electrical thingies are. Obviously it lacks any personality, has the sound of a washing machine and the smell of a blender motor. It's basically a standard home appliance but not even safe for kids although it would make a great toy otherwise.

  13. With motorbikes that‘s not gonna happen. For many people the driving fun is no1 when driving a motorbikes and that includes the great sound that normal motorbikes have.

  14. Something which slightly annoys me about those bikes (petrol ones too) Is that they're made in China and cost roughly £500, anyone can buy them on Alibaba, so for them to charge £3,500… Nope… I can't get onboard with that :/ and yes I'm well aware every vehicle maker has a huge mark up on ther products, and there is import duty, tax, shipping etc etc. But… Why are we not making them here????

  15. Marc, I am sure I read somewhere that there is a switch on the right hand side, which toggles between mph and kph.

  16. Sounds like some defective cells in the battery giving you less battery and then more? Jumping 1% to 20% sounds like too much of an estimate jump to be correct.

  17. Looks great but would not want the range to be alot longer , especially when there is not many electric stations at the moment.

  18. 40 miles? :/ well when battery density gets better they might be worth looking at. They're not really any good for going out on a weekend and riding about all day just for fun though are they :/ A lot of problems need to be overcome before electric motorbikes become popular, Zero TT is helping a lot on that front though! You should do a video on the ZeroTT on your electrics Tuesdays thing… If you haven't already… They've gone from a 96.8mph winning lap to a 121.9mph in 10 years…That's the same progress which petrol bikes took 39 years to manage! 1950 (93.3) – 1989 (121.3) It just goes to show that electric vehicle tech is progressing at 4 times the rate that petrol engines did.

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