Morty (Rick & Morty) Season 4 – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Morty (Rick & Morty) Season 4 – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create Morty from the season 4 teaser from Rick & Morty with his ice cream. Yeah, I got some comments which said: ‘Dude, you’re only creating the same stuff over and over again’ and I think you’re right. I have these phases where I only create Clash Royale or only Fortnite, for example and I thought before I release another Fortnite tutorial tomorrow we have some time for a nice short tutorial which isn’t even getting related. Well, I’m not familiar with Rick & Morty game, but this is Morty from the season 5 trailer, which you have probably seen or not. I haven’t seen it until you wrote in the comments that I should have a look at Rick & Morty. And I can tell you I’m subscribed to Netflix now and I have watched the first four or five episodes. I think so. Yeah. So, if you like Rick & Morty and although it is in the game, still not sure about that, I would probably also create Rick and maybe something more. If you have other ideas. But now let’s talk about the creation and we will mix this skin color There is typically the skin color you can buy, but I’m always struggling to find the right skin colour for my creations and this is why I am mixing my own skin colors all the time. You’ve just seen that I threw in some brown and some red and I think this matches the skin color from Morty perfectly. So, I’m still in season 1 so please no spoilers in the comments about Rick & Morty. Of course, I have seen the trailer for the next season. I think it will probably be released even this year. I heard some rumors about it. Well, who knows? We will see. But you’re probably wondering why I have decided to create a character from the Rick & Morty Universe. I have watched these episodes and I have never seen a series before with so many, with such a big variety of ideas. This is so crazy what the creators of this series are coming up with, what they have for ideas in their crazy minds. Because each episode… I am remembering this one where there is an amusement park inside with this old man’s body. This is just insane, but I love this insane stuff. So this was really nice to watch and I’ll probably go on watching this series, as well. And maybe this is also nice for you to see something different from time to time. I will also come back to my story cube series. Some of you who are subscribers from the very early hours know this series on my channel where I roll these story cubes and I have to create one creation which fits all the symbols on three dices. Dice? What’s the plural dices? Not sure. And this is always very fun. I haven’t done this for one and a half years now and I think it’s also time for that. And of course there is Clash Royale and I’m already working on the next tutorial which will be released next week. There is also a new card. This one was released… Well, is it? No, it is released tomorrow I think. But there were some spoilers and also if you visit the Clash Royale YouTube channel you see the card or the character of the new card already in the wallpaper of the YouTube channel from Clash Royale. So now create Morty’s big wide open mouth. Well it’s not so big and normally his mouth is closed in the relaxed pose, but for this one well he wants to eat this ice-cream and in this trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it Rick and Morty are talking about ice cream for like four minutes, five minutes. ‘Oh, ice cream! It’s pretty nice. Yeah, I love ice cream.’ It’s so insane and at the end of the conversation Morty tries to eat his ice cream but he fails, because there is… somehow the time is freezing and he has struggles to eat it. Yeah. I don’t want to spoil the trailer. So this one was quite funny especially in the conversation between those two. So this will be the bottom part of the ice cream. What’s it called? Waffle? Yeah, probably. And I will cut it in order to get some chocolate sauce! Placing it onto the waffle. It already looks quite nice. Right now summer has totally arrived. It is so hot and I am literally eating ice cream each day. And now let’s add some tiny sprinkles onto the ice cream with this tiny red line. If you have to create these tiny details with clay normally I even go with a pen but this one was okay to create with clay, I guess. We put everything onto the plate and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Morty and the funny part of assembling starts. I use a different glue. Sometimes you don’t always need… Yeah, that makes sense. Sometimes always. You can also just take normal glue and not only superglue I’m normally using. Placing it into the hand. I should talk one whole episode about glue or transparent polish. So, placing the transparent polish onto the eyes in order to get a shiny effect and to make these eyes really alive. Also some transparent polish for the tongue and maybe on the ice cream, as well. Oh, it looks so cool. And well see you tomorrow with a Fortnite tutorial, but for today that’s it Morty from Rick & Morty. I hope you enjoyed this new series on my channel. Let me know what you think. Write down in the comments if you want to see more tutorials from Rick and Morty. I guess that’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching. Take care guys. Bye! No, polymer clay is not very tasty. No, no! I hope that children don’t watch this right now. Polymer clay is not really tasty. It tastes like nothing. Ice cream, ice cream is pretty good.

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  1. I bought clay from the store and tools and I only made spider man so far bc I just bought the clay and the tools

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