More than wood:  ‘Michael Brolly: Redux’

More than wood: ‘Michael Brolly: Redux’

Michael Brolly: Humans have this desire to communicate to whatever means possible What’s so utilitarian that people don’t realize that you can also use it to speak Brolly collaborated with Moravian Academy students to build this Sehira, a musical ark, that sings and speaks to whales. I think that when early sailors went out the vibration of the wind on their ropes went into the water, it brought the whales and then the whales got, the whales scared the sailors and when they got back they got drunk they turned into these big monsters So I figured that I could reverse-engineer that, so that’s what the boat’s about. That’s what I’m trying to say I’m sorry For more of Brolly’s unique work, check out ‘Michael Brolly: Reux’ on display at the Ronald K DeLong Art Gallery at Penn State Lehigh Valley through March 18, 2017 ((background music))

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