More Randomly Generated Drawing Challenges

More Randomly Generated Drawing Challenges

– [Nathan] Welcome to Drawfee,
where we take dumb ideas– – [Jacob] And make even dumber drawings. – I’m Nathan!
– I’m Jacob. – [Julia] I’m Julia. – [Nathan] And I don’t know
what we’re drawing today. – [Jacob] Wha-wha-wha-what? – [Julia] The theme is Mystery. – [Nathan] Who knows
what will be generated by the Drawfee suggestion generator. We’re returning to that good website. – [Jacob] Yeah, our
good friend, Nick Glen– – [Nathan] Friend of the show. – [Jacob] Made this website – [Nathan] It’s a fun
website, it’s got over 200, sorry, it’s got exactly
273,904 possibilities, so I bet we haven’t done all those. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think
we’ve only done like three. – [Nathan] Yeah, we’ve only done three. – [Jacob] So we’ve got a
good bit more to get through. – [Nathan] Yeah, we did an
episode with it a while ago, and we want to bring it back. I’m gonna get a suggestion. – [Jacob] Let’s do it. – [Nathan] So I know there’s a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine sort of stuff, sort of body horror stuff going around. You know we did an episode, and then also the artist’s name is Joel, Joel Carroll– – [Jacob] Drew a really horrifying one. – [Nathan] Drew a really
horrifying one, and the two get conflated a lot. – [Jacob] There’s lots
of bad Thomas’ out there that are up to no good. – [Nathan] This is an
amused talking train. This train is just happy to be here. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s out to help you with your big problems. – [Nathan] It’s answering
life’s most important questions. – [Jacob] Your body’s
going through changes, and you’ve gotta ask someone about it, and maybe your parents aren’t comfortable. You’ve gotta talk to this train. This train’s gonna know
what to do for you. – [Nathan] I think it’s eyes are definitely gonna be dilated. – [Jacob] Yeah, for seeing things beyond. Beyond what the mortal eye can see. – [Nathan] He’s so amused, he’s just like “Haha! I love to talk about life’s “most important questions!” – [Julia] “Doesn’t stress
me out whatsoever!” – [Jacob] “Nothing happens after you die!” “Wow, I didn’t even ask that one.” – [Nathan] “Yeah, no, it’s true.” – [Jacob] “It’s true, no heaven, no hell, “no gods in the sky!” – [Nathan] “Where were
you in the Renaissance? “It’s the same. “It’s the same as that. “It’s the nothingness. “You won’t care, you won’t
be conscious anymore. “So don’t worry about it. “Live your life. “Do with your life what you wanna do, “and don’t worry about it too much.” – [Jacob] So this is the new kid’s show they can tune into
– Yeah. – [Jacob] To see this train tell them that when they die, nothing happens, but like in an amused way. – [Nathan] I mean maybe
something happens, I dunno. – [Jacob] Well the train knows. – [Nathan] The train knows. Nothing happened to John
Snow, that’s what he said. There was nothing. And I trust John Snow. – [Jacob] This train
also trusts John Snow. This train gets all it’s
lessons from John Snow. – [Nathan] How do trains do? – [Jacob] They have wheels. – [Julia] They got a bar
in between the wheels. – [Jacob] Yeah, there’s a bar in between– – [Nathan] Okay I’ll add
the bar, how many wheels? – [Jacob] Just a bunch. – [Nathan] I’m gonna
do four little wheels, and then one big. – [Jacob] Oh a big wheel, like a tractor. You’re doing a tractor train. – [Nathan] Trains have
one big wheel, don’t they? – [Jacob] Do they? I’m not confident enough to refute you, but I think you’re wrong. – [Nathan] I have an image
in my mind of a train. – [Jacob] You’re thinking of a tractor. – [Nathan] I think I’m
thinking of a train. – [Jacob] A trainctor. – [Nathan] This is a trainctor. – [Jacob] This is Tramas the Trainctor. Here to tell you– – [Nathan] Here to tell you
“toot toot, I’m a train.” – [Jacob] “Toot toot, I’m a train. “All flesh is temporary.” – [Nathan] “All flesh is temporary. “Our bodies are meat prisons. “Our souls become as of stars. “Our earthly memories are as nothing. “I’m Tramas the Trainctor.” – [Julia] So I looked up trains. – Yes.
– Do they have one big wheel? Or am I an idiot? – [Julia] There’s no big wheel. – [Jacob] What purpose
would the big wheel serve? – [Nathan] I just, I’m looking up train. – [Julia] I looked up steam engine trains, which is what you’re drawing,
and there’s no big wheel. They just have four wheels
in the front in a row. – [Jacob] There’s just
no reason it would have a big wheel, the big wheel
wouldn’t be for anything. – [Julia] That one has two big wheels, but no one big wheel like
it’s a coal powered penny– – [Nathan] I’m gonna
give it two big wheels. I guess it’s technically four big wheels. – [Jacob] “I don’t know
what I am, and I don’t know “who created me, I’m Tramas the Trainctor. “I have one big wheel, no,
look again, two big wheels. “An ever-changing number of big wheels.” – [Nathan] Which actually
makes it four big wheels, because there’s one on each side. – [Jacob] Well then we’ll just
have to trust you on that. – [Nathan] Yeah, you have
no idea what’s on the, it’s all legs. – [Jacob] Yeah, could
be all legs over there, could be nothing. – [Nathan] These wheels are some butt. – [Jacob] Well Tramas
doesn’t have any reason to go anywhere. Tramas cannot move. – [Nathan] The wheels shouldn’t
overlap like I’ve just done. Here’s what I’m gonna do. – [Jacob] And they shouldn’t
be so ovular probably. – [Nathan] No that’s just perspective. – [Jacob] Oh perspective, I’ve forgotten. – [Nathan] Jacob, I’ve
seen you draw cars wheels as little nubbins, so
get off my fucking case. – [Jacob] You get on my page. My webpage, my Nathan
fan page that I’ve made. – [Nathan] You made a fan page for me? – [Jacob] Yeah, I did it on Geocities. – Awe.
– It’s got little Nathan gifs, and the background’s twinkling stars, and there’s one gif of Goku
charging up on there too, but that’s unrelated. I feel like you’re getting
hung up on the details here. – [Julia] Yeah you are. – [Jacob] I think Tramas
the Trainc Engine, the Trainctor, he doesn’t have to operate by train standard rules. – [Julia] Thomas just has
four wheels on either side, so you’re already going further. – [Nathan] Well this is a trainctor. – [Julia] Right. – [Nathan] This is a
trainctor, so everybody get off my case. – [Jacob] Be sure to get all
the technical aspects correct so that the audience will not
feel cheated in this drawing of a train with a face that
tells you you’re gonna die. – [Nathan] I mean that’s not a secret. Everyone dies. – [Jacob] It’s a secret to kids. – [Nathan] I guess that’s true. Your dog isn’t at a farm up-state. – [Jacob] Yes. – [Nathan] Your dog
isn’t at a farm up-state. – [Jacob] Julia, your dog
is at a farm up-state. – [Julia] Oh, okay. – [Jacob] But all the other ones are dead, but yours will never die. – [Julia] Where do they go? – [Jacob] The farm up-state. I’ve been caught in my lie! – [Nathan] So yeah,
that’s what it’s saying. I think it’s saying “All
flesh is temporary.” – [Jacob] Yeah, well that’s
kind of it’s catchphrase. Here it comes down the track, and you hear instead of a train horn,
“All flesh is temporary! “Escape your meat prisons, children!” – [Julia] “Stay hydrated!” – [Jacob] “Stay hydrated!” – [Nathan] Sucks. (laughing) – [Jacob] It’s Tramas! – [Nathan] It’s Tramas the Tranc Engine. – [Jacob] Everybody loves the trainctor. – [Nathan] It’s telling
it to a cow that it’s about to plow into,
because it’s on the tracks. – [Jacob] To give the cow
some sort of final solace? – [Nathan] Yeah. The cow’s just resigned to it’s fate. – [Jacob] The cow before
maybe would’ve been upset, but because Tramas really laid things out, the cow’s kind of like “Well I do see “where you’re coming from. “Perhaps I was out of my
place to be on the track, “but it’s good knowing
that this would’ve happened “eventually anyways, so.” – [Nathan] Yeah, especially for cows. They’re just gonna become hamburger. – [Jacob] Now it’s gonna
become trainburger, as Tramas the Tranc
Engine gulps down the cow in it’s big maw. – [Nathan] That’s just a Caldwell comic. Look up that one. – [Jacob] Did he do one
where Thomas eats a cow? – [Nathan] He does one where Thomas’ mouth gets really big and eats a cow. – Wow.
– It’s pretty good. – [Jacob] That does sound pretty good. – [Nathan] Look that up. Caldwell couldn’t make it on this episode, but he lives on in our hearts. – [Jacob] His spirit is eternal, and is also the makings of stardust. I like this, how the
front thing of the train goes way too low. – [Nathan] It’s all wrong. Everything about, the cow
isn’t even on the tracks, he’s like veering off the
tracks to hit this cow. The cow’s like “I thought I was okay.” – [Jacob] “I thought this was safe.” – [Nathan] He’s like “Nu-uh!” – [Jacob] “You didn’t
realize I was coming.” – [Nathan] He’s so, what’s
the word that this train is? – [Jacob] Amused. – [Nathan] He’s so amused to
be about to murder this cow. – [Jacob] “You thought you were safe!” – [Nathan] “You weren’t!” I’m done, this was a good
suggestion, thank you. I did Tramas the Tranc Engine. (laughing) Here he comes! Oh how bad a time it is. – Let me have a time.
– Yeah, you have a time now. – [Jacob] It’s Jacob’s turn. Let’s see what I’ve got. (laughing) – [Nathan] Just eating the hands? – Just the hands.
– Just the hands. The tastiest part. – [Jacob] Sure, of course it would be doing that. – [Nathan] Just sort of
lazily eating the hands. – [Jacob] Yeah, I think
we’ll start with like a hot dog head, and this
hot dog’s been like eating, so maybe it’s got a bit of a belly. – [Nathan] Oh. It’s one of them stuffed dogs. It’s got, instead of cheese in the middle, it’s all hands. It’s all the hands it’s been eating. – [Jacob] Yeah, and a bun. Hot dog have bun. – [Nathan] Oh the bun’s
like a little chair for it the way you’ve drawn it. – [Julia] Like a beanbag. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s very comfy. Well it’s lazy, and
it’s got a comfy chair, it doesn’t wanna get up– – [Nathan] This would
be such a sweet drawing if I didn’t know it was
gonna be eating hands. – [Jacob] It also is in a beanbag. – [Nathan] Oh that’s
great, double comfort. – [Jacob] Yeah, double
comfort for this dog. Yeah, and this is gonna
come around like this, maybe it kinda dips
there behind the belly, and then yeah, I think legs, it’s got ’em. This hot dog’s got ’em,
I’ll tell you what. Because I feel like, in order to be lazy, you have to have the
capacity to be not lazy. – [Julia] To make the choice. – [Jacob] Like if the hot
dog was just a hot dog with no limbs or method of mobility– – [Nathan] Then it’s
cruel to call it lazy. – [Jacob] It’s not really being lazy, that’s all it can do. – [Nathan] Laziness is a choice. – [Jacob] Yeah, but this
hot dog, it’s got legs, it could get up and go get the hands. – [Nathan] This was a hot
dog that was gifted legs, – By a wizard.
– By a wizard, and having the option to use them, this hot dog was like “no.” – [Jacob] He was like “I don’t think so.” – [Nathan] “I wanna eat hands, though.” (laughing) “I do wanna eat just, just hands.” – [Jacob] “I really want to eat hands.” – [Julia] Is he eating
the hands of the wizard that gave him the legs, because he sees it as more of a curse? Because he’s like “Well
now I have no excuse.” – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s true, he could be. – [Nathan] I’m curious how the hot dog procures the hands if it’s so lazy. Is there like a hands delivery service that the hot dog uses? – [Jacob] I think we’re gonna get there. The hot dog does have pretty nice kicks, which again is like these
are really good shoes for like going and
playing some basketball, but you’re not gonna,
are you, Mr. Hot Dog. – Certainly not.
– Certainly not going to. And like, if you’re gonna just sit here, then take the shoes off. You’re tracking mud, because the shoes are really muddy, because
the hot dog just came in from being cursed by a
wizard, and then immediately sat on his beanbag and
demanded a feast of hands. – [Nathan] This beanbag
needs to be taller. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m gonna fix that. Otherwise the hot dog’s doing
an aggressive workout routine. – [Nathan] Or maybe there’s
just another beanbag underneath. – [Jacob] Yeah, there’s another one. They’re stacked as high
as they need to go. – [Nathan] Yeah, they
weren’t used to having legs when it made it’s initial stack, so it kept stacking ’em. – [Jacob] Here’s another,
there’s another one back here, it’s a pile of beanbags for this dog. – [Nathan] What a lazy dog. – [Jacob] This is a lazy dog. The lazy dog jumped over
the brown fox or whatever. – [Nathan] It was the
quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. – [Jacob] The lazy dog
jumps over the brown fox. – [Nathan] You need
quick in there, otherwise you don’t have the q. It’s a sentence that
uses all of the letters in the English language at least once. – [Jacob] Quick! The lazy dog jumps over a brown fox! How do you like that? – [Nathan] I guess that works. – [Jacob] That’s good, right? Quick! Because you’ll miss it. The lazy dog doesn’t
do things all the time. – [Nathan] When it
does, it goes very fast, because it has to immediately
go back to lounging. – [Jacob] Yeah, it really
wants to get things done. Okay, lazy hot dog mouth. Let’s get a nose first. – [Julia] Oh, it’s looking up. – [Nathan] This is a Julia head pose. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s a Julia head pose, because I want the dog to
really be just like uh. Yeah, I’m not bothering. – [Nathan] This is giving
me some Lemon Grab vibes. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m not
bothering with even looking– – [Nathan] I guess Lemon
Grab is kind of a lazy idiot who does end up eating
not hands, but just like all the other Lemon Grabs. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s true. – [Nathan] That’s kind of a
crazy episode of Adventure Time. – [Jacob] Let’s get that. – [Nathan] The Lemonhope saga. – [Jacob] That’s some truly
wild stuff, may I just say. – [Nathan] There’s some truly wild stuff on Adventure Time, and
people should watch that show even though it’s done. I think it’s better to
watch a show once it’s done, because you know it has an end point. I’ll watch One Piece whenever that ends. – [Julia] It won’t. – [Nathan] It won’t. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s not going to. – [Nathan] There’s infinite
stories that can be told about the funny pirates and their stuff. – [Jacob] And all their cool stuff. – [Nathan] That’s a big hand. – [Jacob] Well the hand is in the mouth. – [Nathan] Oh, okay. So it doesn’t detach
the hand before eating. – [Jacob] But it is, like Julia said, it’s still attached to the wizard. – [Nathan] Okay so how
did the wizard come to be in this situation? – [Jacob] You know, Nathan,
I’m not one to judge. Maybe it’s something the wizard’s into. – [Nathan] The wizard is
into having his hands eaten? Can the wizard just magic
new hands onto himself? – [Jacob] Yeah, probably, it’s a wizard. I dunno. – [Nathan] So this is some
sort of horrible blood ritual. – [Jacob] Yeah, horrible
thing the wizard does and gets into, and people
kind of like see it, and are like “I don’t get it. “I don’t wanna judge, but I don’t get it. “I don’t understand
why you’re doing this.” And the wizard’s like “A wizard
always keeps his secrets!” and it’s like “I get that, but…” (laughing) – [Nathan] “Yeah I don’t,
I just, I’m just gonna go.” – [Jacob] “I don’t know
why you invited me here, “I guess is really my question. “I don’t mind that you’re
doing it, I just don’t.” – [Nathan] “I don’t want
to be here for this.” – [Jacob] “You said this
was a dinner party.” – [Nathan] “It’s my secret! “You see now!” “Well it’s not a secret,
because I’m watching you do it.” Oh he’s enjoying this too much. – [Jacob] “Yeah, I’m seeing you do it, “and that’s what I don’t like about it. “That’s the part I don’t like.” – [Nathan] The expression in
the eye is one of pleasure. – [Jacob] One of utmost pleasure, yeah. – [Nathan] It’s like an
embarrassing amount of pleasure. Even if he wasn’t sticking his
hand into a hot dog’s mouth, I think if I saw a person
making this expression, I would think– – [Jacob] “I’ve stumbled into something.” – [Nathan] “This isn’t a
feeling that you should be “sharing with me. “This is a private feeling.” – [Jacob] “This is a
private feeling, and you did “invite me over, and you
said you’d be really hurt “if I didn’t come, and I had other stuff “I was supposed to do tonight.” – [Nathan] This wizard’s
a bit of an exhibitionist. – [Jacob] Yeah. Here’s his little beard. It’s really slobbery. – [Nathan] He’s got cool hair. He’s got a cool aesthetic for a wizard. – [Jacob] Well that’s how he gets you in. You’re like “Well that
wizard seemed kind of cool, “so maybe there’ll be
some kind of cool party.” But then it’s just this
guy, and he’s here, he’s sticking his hand
in the hot dog’s mouth. – [Nathan] So the wizard made
this hot dog to eat his hand is what I’m gathering from this image. – [Jacob] That’s what I’m gathering too, but you know, I really
know as much as you do. We can only guess. – [Nathan] Julia, what are your thoughts? – [Julia] You know, to each their own. (laughing) – [Jacob] The issue here,
Julia, is that he’s made it, the wizard has made it our own. That’s the problem, not
that the wizard is getting his hand eaten by a hot
dog of his own volition, it’s that he’s done it, and
he made us come and see it. – [Julia] Well this scene
makes me feel like I’ve opened a door at a hotel,
thinking it was my room, and then it wasn’t, and
then you do the “Oh uh, “I’m gonna turn and leave
as quietly as possible.” – [Jacob] “Oh geez, I’m
sorry, oh god, oh no.” – [Julia] And then you
debate like do you tell the front desk clerk
about it, or do you tell absolutely no one ever in your life? – [Nathan] What rules does
this violate, you know? It makes me uncomfortable for sure, but it seems like everybody
involved is consenting. – [Jacob] It seems that way, and I don’t wanna look into it anymore. This is also the thing. I don’t want to think about
it more than I have to. – [Nathan] The hot dog
has legs, but no arms. – [Jacob] No arms on the
hot dog, no, but legs, yes. – [Nathan] The wizard is wearing, this is reminding me of
Manos: The Hands of Fate a little bit with the hands on the robe. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s
what that was about, right? – [Nathan] I don’t know what that was– This may as well be what that was about. – [Jacob] I think that this
is what that was about. – Jacob.
– Yeah? – [Julia] Jacob, you drew one
less finger on the elbow hand. – [Jacob] Well this one’s getting eaten. – [Julia] No, the elbow hand. – [Jacob] Well this one’s only got three. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] That one’s only got three. The wizard’s not a clothing designer, he’s just a hand wizard. – [Julia] I mean it does
look like he’s wearing like a big hand print mumu. – [Jacob] Yeah. (giggling) That’s what’s happening. – [Nathan] This is… – [Julia] What is this? – [Nathan] He’s got a little Santa– – [Jacob] Well these are his pajama robes. – [Nathan] This is his bedtime routine. Before he goes to bed, he
gets his old hands eaten off from the day so that he can
conjure new hands for himself for the next day. – [Jacob] I’m not here to judge. – [Nathan] This is unpleasant. – [Jacob] I’m not here to
judge, but I am done drawing. – [Nathan] You know,
all flesh is temporary, we know that. – [Jacob] So keeping that in
mind, I think we move forward from this, and we say
“You know what, wizard? “More power to you if
this is what you like. “Just don’t call us in next time.” – [Nathan] “This is your thing. “This is just for you.” – [Julia] Let me do. – [Jacob] Julia, yeah, please. (laughing) – [Julia] It my turn! Let us begin the shuffle. – [Jacob] Someone’s
gotta crunch the numbers, and there’s a way you’re supposed
to dress when you do that, and I’ll tell you something… – [Nathan] That ghost is
not dressed appropriately. – [Jacob] That ghost is not doing it. – [Julia] Okay. – [Nathan] Do you get to
choose how you’re dressed when you’re a ghost,
or are you just wearing whatever you died in? – [Jacob] The fact that it
says an inappropriately dressed ghost seems to imply some sort
of agency on the ghost’s part much like the lazy hot dog
implies that it could be unlazy, an inappropriately
dressed ghost implies that it could be appropriately
dressed if it wanted to be. – [Nathan] Well I guess in that instance, appropriate for whom? Who’s giving these standards of what is appropriate attire for a ghost? – [Jacob] The number company. – [Nathan] I see. Maybe the number company’s
fashion requirements aren’t ghost-friendly. Maybe whatever a ghost wears, the company will find fault with. – [Julia] Companies have never
been wrong about anything. (laughing) – [Jacob] That’s definitely true, so I don’t know what you’re
talking about, Nathan. Companies are people is the thing. – [Nathan] There needs
to be a ghost on the advisory board that’s
setting these standards for the company, because
otherwise they’re not gonna be setting reasonable expectations for their ghost employees. There are different things
to consider with ghosts. – [Jacob] And I think with
my knowledge of companies, if we just told them
they need to have a ghost on the advisory board, they’d
probably get one immediately. I’ve never known companies
to not be well-representative of their workforce on the
upper levels of management. No company I’ve ever seen. Not a one. Are these the numbers? – [Julia] You know what? – [Jacob] Oh they’re not the numbers. Oh it’s more numbers. – [Nathan] These are some more numbers. The ghost already has some numbers. – [Jacob] So the ghost is
working on some numbers, but we’ve got more numbers coming in, and that’s, when you
work at numbers corp– – [Nathan] Julia, the
composition of this scene is already so good. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’ve already
set up a border of this man. – [Nathan] I’ve gotta start
doing more compositions when it’s my turn to draw. – [Julia] What are you talking about? Your train trac, what was it? – [Nathan] Tramas the Tranc Engine. – [Julia] Tramas was on those rails, he was hitting that cow. – [Nathan] A good visual balance to the, it’s just this over the shoulder, it’s so good, it just
frames everything so nicely. – [Jacob] Nathan, you should just start, in every drawing you do,
start with it looking over a person’s shoulder. Make a witness for all your drawings. The same guy. – [Nathan] Julia takes like
two minutes to draw this pose with perfect shading, for me
it’ll be the first 10 minutes of my drawing just being like “Fuck, shit, how do shoulders, shit.” – [Jacob] Maybe we just have in the PSD, this guy’s already there. – [Nathan] Okay yeah, Julia,
can you just make this sort of a template for future
episodes where I can just, there’s such a mood here. This person is, you don’t
know what facial expression they’re making, but it’s
gonna be so informed by what this scene is. – [Jacob] I mean, what
I really wanna see now, and maybe we can get this in the edit, I really wanna see this
guy, but he’s looking at the hot dog eating the wizard’s hand. Oh you can do it just now, can you? – [Julia] Yeah, I can
do it just now, I can. There you go. – [Jacob] Yeah, let’s
just slide that wizard and hot dog over a bit,
let’s get him in frame here. – [Julia] Yep. – [Jacob] And this can be what he’s just, he’s brought the numbers, but he went in the wrong hotel room. – [Nathan] So first he
brings the numbers here, and then he’s like “Oh,
um, I, this was not… “This was not what I meant”– – [Julia] “This is the wrong office.” – [Nathan] “I’m sorry, I’m new, I was told “it was the third floor.” “You’re in the wrong
room, but you can stay!” – [Jacob] “No I don’t
think I actually know–” – [Nathan] “I’d love it if you stayed.” – [Jacob] “I’ve really gotta get”– – [Nathan] “Watch this
hot dog eat my hand!” – [Jacob] “I do see
that’s what’s happening, “but I’ve really should get these”– – [Nathan] “Off it goes! “Don’t worry, I can make
new hands for myself.” – [Jacob] Just slam the door
on this, and let’s get back to the room he was supposed to go to. – [Nathan] So this temp
at this company is like “Okay, I hope this is
the place the numbers go. “I was in the wrong place before.” – [Jacob] Oh so that’s the
stack of outgoing numbers. – [Nathan] This is an efficient ghost. – [Jacob] This ghost has been crushing it. – [Julia] Yeah, I mean he
has a lot of work to do, they think that he can
just get a lot done, because he’s a ghost and he
has all the time in the world, and he doesn’t need to sleep. – [Nathan] All that unfinished business. – [Jacob] But the in pile is even bigger. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] No wonder this ghost
is dressed inappropriately, it’s got no time to dress. – [Jacob] Yeah, if I had
this many numbers to crunch, you’d be lucky if you saw a
single stitch of clothes on me, because I need full mobility. I’ve gotta be live to
get these numbers in. So this ghost’s head. – [Nathan] This ghost has
been working too hard. – [Jacob] They’ve been working
this ghost to the bone. – [Nathan] Awe, ghosts
don’t even have bones. – [Julia] What do I want his face to do? That’s always the question. – [Nathan] That’s always
a question for drawing. What do you want a face to do? – [Jacob] Make sure it’s
ghostly, it’s Ghastly. – [Nathan] I mean I’m
getting some ghost vibes from this for sure. – [Jacob] This is just a man. This is just a sad man. Is that a big chair? Is it a sad man in a big chair, or a sad man in a bear costume? – [Julia] This is a sad
man in a bear costume. – [Nathan] That’s the inappropriate dress? This ghost comes to
work dressed as a bear. – [Jacob] Yeah he had a bear outfit, and they do all the numbers. – [Nathan] “I died wearing this.” – [Jacob] “I just feel more comfortable. “It makes me feel ferocious.” – [Nathan] “It’s so cuddly,
I’m so cold as a ghost, “and this bear costume
adds a little bit of warmth “to my ectoplasm” – [Jacob] “Give me a
little warmth to give me “the edge I need to get
those numbers done.” Are those the eyes of the bear? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Was this a bear at one point, or is this a costume? – [Julia] I think it’s just a costume. – [Nathan] Okay, it’s just a
very realistic bear costume. – [Julia] Because if he
was wearing a real bear, it would imply so much
story, like cool story to this dude, and I don’t want that. – [Jacob] No, he’s just
wearing his favorite bear costume when he died because he got hit by a train. – [Julia] The Train of Truth. – [Nathan] He wasn’t even on the tracks. He was further from the
tracks than the cow. – [Jacob] Yeah, he was in his home, but the train barreled on through. – [Nathan] This train is a menace. I think we can all agree.
– Tramas the Trainctor, the Trainc Engine, right through the wall. – [Nathan] Must be stopped. That’s what the plot of
the movie Unstoppable is. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s about that. But you know, the cool
thing about this guy is, sure, he got hit by a
trainc engine and died, but I’ll be damned if he
didn’t get up the next morning and head right into work and
come here to do the numbers. – [Nathan] Anyone else
showing up to work this many days a week wearing a bear costume, they get a talking to from
HR, but the numbers ghost? They’re too good. – [Jacob] Came in to work dead. I mean that’s, talk about
not taking a sick day. Didn’t even take a death day. – [Nathan] I guarantee if I
die, not coming in to work the next day. – [Jacob] Yeah, you’re not
gonna see me here ever again. I’m gonna go straight onto the after-life. No unfinished business. – [Nathan] I love this
job, I love getting to make Drawfee, but yeah, I’m not
sticking around as a ghost. I’m not recording any episodes as a ghost. I’ll tell you that much. My contract ends. – [Jacob] It’s fulfilled at that juncture. No mas. – [Nathan] Oh it’s a diaper bear. – [Julia] It’s inappropriately dressed. – [Jacob] Yeah that does make it worse. (laughing) The bear’s got a little pacifier. – [Nathan] Yeah, this makes
it sort of in a weird space where I don’t know. I don’t know why this costume exists. I believe it exists. – [Jacob] I think it
had to be custom ordered for sure by this guy. – [Nathan] Some people just
love their diapey bears. – [Jacob] Yeah, some do, some do. Then again, much like hot dog wizard, if you wanna dress like
a diaper bear, do it. – [Nathan] Not at work. – [Jacob] But don’t come to work dressed like a diaper
bear to do the numbers. – [Nathan] There’s absolutely nothing that indicates ghost in this. – [Julia] He’s got whispy arms. – [Nathan] Oh the whispy
arms, you’re right. Oh, and you can see the desk
through the, translucent. – [Julia] Yeah, you can
see a little bit of the molding back there. – [Nathan] Julia, this drawing’s so good. – [Jacob] This is a very good drawing. – [Nathan] All of the
drawings I think are good in their own way. – [Jacob] I think so too. I think every drawing is good. Especially these. – [Nathan] Yeah, so these
are some suggestions that were randomly generated. – [Jacob] Thank you again
to Nick Glen’s unofficial Drawfee suggestion generator
at – [Nathan] Yeah, thanks
so much for watching, if you like suggesting us
what to draw, leave a comment. If you wanna yell at us directly, get that immediate feedback,
check out our Twitch streams. We stream every Friday at
3 PM Eastern Standard Time, ’til 5 PM Eastern Standard
Time, and depending on when this video comes out, we might be doing more Twitch streams as well. – [Jacob] So go give the Twitch a follow. – [Nathan] Give that
Drawfee Twitch a follow. – [Jacob] Then you’ll
know whenever we go on, and you can yell at us,
and you’ll know for sure that we’ve seen it, and
that it affected us deeply. – [Nathan] We’re sorry. – [Jacob] We’re sorry. – [Julia] Sorry. – [Nathan] All flesh is permanent. – Temporary.
– Stay hydrated. – [Nathan] Temporary,
all flesh is temporary. What did I say? – [Jacob] You said it’s all permanent. – [Nathan] Oh shit. This is permanent. – Sorry.
– Sorry.

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