Moose the Artist

Moose the Artist

my name is moose I live in the South of England just outside Brighton I'm 42 years old I'm a 42 year old teenager I was born in Manchester my background is quite diverse I was stage managers stage builder works in rock and roll was a roadie for Stevie Wonder Whitney Houston I went to art college in my twenties and I really hated it I really found it quite stifling it made me not want to be an artist I was at a great college with I actually was living with Damien Hirst and he was at college with me and it was a really good college but I just didn't feel I just felt like they'd seen it all before and you know I wasn't really getting a great response and so that made me think well why am I doing this you know why bother doing it so that put me off doing art so actually to call myself an artist is something quite new to me

5 thoughts on “Moose the Artist

  1. thats crazy. he went to college with damien hurst. hes like the highest paid artist. one of his pieces went for 100 million. thats crazy.

  2. I loathe most "street art". But I absolutely love the "reverse graffiti" outside the rest garden in Dyke Road, Brighton. I presume that it's one of yours?
    It's so subtle that, at first, you don't notice it. It manages to make a statement while also respecting the surroundings. Which is quite an achievement.

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