Moonstone – House Of Gog – Statue – Art of Pascal Blanché !!! Review  !!

Moonstone – House Of Gog – Statue – Art of Pascal Blanché !!! Review !!

For centuries, the Moon Clan have been the sworn guardians of the Sacred Lands. Generations of warriors have protected the temples
from the threat of evil and kept the dormant demons confined to their lair…until now. After many years in seclusion, while completing her harsh – even perilous – ancestral training, the young warrior Moonstone has come back to the sacred places of her youth, only to discover desolation and death. The once magnificent temples have been destroyed and her people, vanished. “From the Umbra, Evil has been freed and unleashed into the world.” The last of her kind, she vows to hunt down relentlessly the forces of evil. that rose from the charred ashes and death throes of Derelict Planet.
Her quest has just begun. Hi everyone, it’s Samuel, I hope you are well,
we are together today for a new video about the brand House of Gog. House of Gog I think 99% of people watching this video don’t know it. That’s the advantage, I can make you discover
a brand new company and a new statue production. It is not with great pride that I announce that I was selected by House of Gog, They sent me an e-mail a few months or weeks ago asking me if I
wanted to introduce in the channel their realization of the character of Moonstone. So the mail simply said that they liked the channel, that they liked the
quality of the channel, they liked my presentation, and that they would be honored (and me as well)
that I can introduce their first statue. So I confess to you that to be found next to the
tenors in the US which are RADD TITAN and others which present at the same moment
the same statue is still rather flattering me who am a little French lost in the middle
of France nowhere and who really comes out of nowhere and contacted by big companies like that
across the Atlantic to present their products, I admit that I still had my little pride, it is very appreciable. House of Gog, young Canadian company that produces this statue. This statue, what is it from ? What is its name The character represented on the box is Moonstone, Moonstone you have seen in the introduction of this video, I made the little speech in English and French since now promotional reviews of companies will be subtitled
in English for people who do not speak French it will allow to have an international view of the video. So the character of Moonstone, you have seen a little bit of her story, young warrior who returns to her planet, her planet is completely devastated and she takes weapons to defend it. The is the small speech in summary, this character is created by the great drawer Pascal Blanche, maybe many of you know him, maybe not, I’ll put in the description of the video the twitter, the instagram and everything you need, and also the achievements of Pascal Blanche. So Pascal Blanchet created this beautiful character, drawn on a single print on an illustration. House of Gog, not to be confused with House of GOT, it’s not the same. House of Gog had the responsibility and the challenge to transpose a 2 dimensions drawing in a 3 dimensions statue, when we go from something flat to something in 3 dimensions, the development is quite cheeky, I cannot wait to find out what they did. Let’s talk a little about the packaging, so the packaging, I received the box in a usual brown cardboard, the cardboard was well protected on the corners, there were the plastic protection angles like what I have here. The aspect of the box is very sober and I really like this sobriety, we have a white box with Moonstone which is represented on a black pencil with the huge orange moon on the back. We have the title of the statue : Moonstone Demon Hunter of Derelict Planet. Derelict is the name of the planet of Moonstone. On the side we can find House of Gog, it’s a box that is really refined, I really feel like I’m in front of a Apple’s packaging, If Apple had released this statue we would have a packaging as clean and pretty as that so frankly for the packaging, for the moment, I think it’s really simple and very pretty. On the side, my friends, we have the initials of Pascal Blanche the drawer therefore Art of Pascal Blanche with the PB right here. And so something super sober on the back, since the box is completely white, we can see that the box will open like shoebox, we will discover that immediately together after, on top of the box, I incline it, hop, it’s quite heavy, so we have Moonstone House of Gog and down here, my friends, well we have House of Gog same thing. I’ll put the same way the website and everything in the description of the video. “Follow us” to follow them, all the social networks, everything will be in the description anyway, no fear on it. We are going to open the box together my friends, to discover the inside and how it is packaged inside. I will discover at the same time as you, you know I like to be surprised by the discovery of the statue at the same time as you who follow me. We will discover all this together, I open and we discover this. CONTENT When you open the box, there will be a letter inside that is sealed just there, we will discover what’s inside. I think there should be in my opinion the certificate of authenticity, so we discover everything immediately after the content, so the box. I discover at the same time what we have inside. It really opens like a shoebox, but a huge, HUGE shoebox, wow, WOW, so already here, see the inside is doubled at the cardboard to protect, we have a double cardboard used. The interior is even neat in a black color, it has a double protective box to protect the polystyrene, it is very very very neat, I tell you I really feel like opening something that would have made by Apple, I really feel the same, I’m a Apple addict and when I open Apple it’s so clean, it’s so super neat a with total respect of the person who buys the product, it is really what I feel with House of Gog, it is really important for them to do well and to have the respect of the customer, we open a case, we really open a case, I’ll open those my friends, let’s go. I do it properly. Inside we find the pieces, it seems to be arranged in 2 floors so I will leave the polystyrene, which will show the second floor just below, in these pieces we find the head of Moonstone , we also have here a part a bit robotic I think that must go in his back, the moon, a rod, another helmet in my opinion if I do not say stupidity, yeah there seems to have a second head, we’ll discover together too. I look at what is underneath. Do not make the same mistake as me my friends, take out the polystyrene first and then open the polystyrene so I had a little bit of trouble here, so I think we had better get out the polystyrene, you take it out, you have both levels and it will be much simpler to see the content. Second floor, here it is. I put this here,
so in this second floor we have the body of Moonstone, the base that looks very pretty too.
And then we also have a base and a part that will allow to hold the base. Inside my friends as I told you there is a letter that is sealed,
we will open it and discover together. Here it is open and I discover at the same time that you what is inside. So, hop, there’s a little thing stuck, OK.
So first thing we have, we have a plate, Wow, super nice too,
so we have a small metal plate my friends with Pascal Blanché his initials on an architectural effect that is super nice also in a
small plastic bag and at the back we have House of Gog premium art statue. Then there is a number also my friends,
it is the 001, no it is not my edition my friends, I would have love having the 01, it must be the number 001 of the first statue made by House of Gog
based on the drawings of Pascal Blanché, that’s why there must be in my opinion the number 001 this plate is magnificent, it is metal, it is very luxurious,
I tell you it is really premium quality , we are not on lambda Sideshow quality level, the packaging
itself and the level of care worn at the metal plate that is just the most beautiful effect with a pearly white super nice,
we really feel that House of Gog wants to hit hard, wants to show that a company that is serious who has the financial
means and which really wants to satisfy the customers. The customers will probably be art fans customers Who will really be careful, this is not the lambda collector
who will collect any statue derived from movies, this kind of thing it’s really wanted to be something quite luxurious and quite upscale,
so frankly just the small plate and its design, we see all the essence, all the care that wanted
to bring House of Gog to their products. So inside my friends there is also an art print which is
precisely the visual of Moonstone and this visual made the cover of the Heavy Metal number
270 in the United States, it is a magazine which is really famous, so Heavy Metal
showcased the work of Pascal Blanché by putting Moonstone on the cover, frankly it is amazing. It’s very nice to frame, it’s really beautiful it’s smaller than A4,
it must be a format, I will say it maybe 18 by 15, or maybe a little bigger. In any case the visual is really very pretty to
frame next to his statue, it can really be the most beautiful effect, then we have the certificate of authenticity, Pfiou then it’s the same my
friends, the certificate of authenticity, I have never seen one as beautiful even at XM, even all companies confused,
we have something super luxurious, same thing a kind of white mother-of-pearl effect in relief, you see it at the same time that I speak to you in the visual,
so we have House of Gog certificate of authenticity, document certifying that it is a premium art statue House of Gog,
Moonstone, mine is the 98/400 so we have 400 copies, we have a huge gold label, when I say
in gold we understand ourselves, gold color with the hallmark House of gog, and then the two founders of House of Gog of House of Gog which is Pa L’Espérance a person with whom
I communicate a lot on Instagram and on Facebook , he is a golden person and he is the co founder of House of Gog and Hugues Martel
who is also the co founder with Pa L’Esperance of this company. Hugues Martel is also well known on the Ubisoft side since he was
also responsible for a whole production of video game derivative products, so here we are, two persons who are not unknown in the world of
production and in the world of creation of art objects. In any case they had a very good idea to associate
because they really do something super pretty. So the certificate to frame also, it is the most luxurious
of what I could see in every brands for now. I’m going to reassure you my friends, I’m not paid at all
neither by Pascal Blanché nor by House of Gog to make this video, this video is made totally free always with my integrity, if it is
not beautiful I will tell you, if it is really bad I will tell you also but you have, as I often tell you, eyes like me to see the level of luxury
used for all the products that I show you for the moment, the certificate, the plate, the art print, that’s a very high level. And you who have been following me for a long time for the
unpack of the Prime One statues, this kind of thing, we do not have that, we do not have that, that is really art,
this is art compared of the mass production which the others companies do. Next we have an assembly manual, that is pretty cool because
to assemble the statues when it’s complicated, remember I already had troubles on a lot of statues, here we
have a manual, the manual is ultra simple, it is on card stock, so we have a visual black and white,
inside we have all the parts of the statue, how we can assemble what and where with the numbers
and steps by steps, it’s in English, it’s a bit of a shame for a Canadian company to not have
made two impressions, one in French and one in English, that’s the little complaint I can make while being still neutral as usual.
So here everything is in English but it does not look very complicated to follow, there are letters,
there are steps, if you take the letters even without reading English, ABCD we should be able to make it quite easily. And it looks pretty good,
the little Moonstone looks sexy and pretty, and then you know me I used to have TBLEAUGE figurines, this kind of things,
female characters a little sexy like that while being a little Badass and warrior these are things that I appreciate a lot. On the back we have the 2 visuals, because yes this version of Moonstone can be exposed in 2 ways, there are no exclusive versions as can make other
brands by selling more expensive a version with additional accessories , here House of Gog provided everything directly. So you really have an exclusive
version at the price of a regular version, so no need to pay more for the 2 items. The additional items are a second HS (Head Sculpt) and the possibility to add
many additional accessories on the Moonstone’s weapon around her size, other information, you can follow… OK, listen, the part of the letter was very interesting and very luxurious, especially the small plate and the certificate
I think it is really super nice, what else ? Nothing . A small white cardboard, I put it away and we’ll go
right to the assembling part, let’s go ASSEMBLING First part my friends, as usual to start the assembling part,
we start on the base. So the base, here it is, and there it is. So the base represents a lot of things on the bottom of my friends we have the artwork that is super pretty in the colors.
The statue you will see is mainly 2 colors, we have mainly blue and green, but with a lot of gradient and touches
of contrasts that will just give all the beauty of this statue. As I told you in the introduction, it’s an art statue so it’s
really something we like or do not like. Me, when House of Gog showed me the first visuals I cracked right away and I said wow it’s something totally original it’s really
something we’re not used to see and it’s really what made me want to make you discover
this statue beyond anything else so it’s really the concept and realization that was for me, art lover, in any case, really exceptional
to discover. On the underside we have this orange visual with the signature of Pascal Blanché which is right here below. The number 098/400 House of Gog and
then Moonstone who is also represented on the visual. Premium ART statue, the visual of the base you see at
the same time that I speak to you, so we have a base that represents a lot of architecture, robotics,
engines and there are also skulls that are buried in the rock which is as I told you in a fairly green
color with lots of orange gradients to give a little dust and textures and almost everywhere we
have the contrast that has come to bring out all the details, what we can call a brush or a wash and here the brush and the wash are made of
orange color to accentuate and that it is not in a single mass at the color level. The skulls are just great and then all the robots, all the
architecture of the engines that are buried is really super well managed. It is really something very
very pretty. It’s conceptual it’s really conceptual, then my friends, we put the body. The body of Moonstone, here it is,
so the body is super awesome also it is completely blue, it will certainly make you think a lot of a Navi, it’s true that it
looks a lot like an Avatar character for the color, it is all blue but again with a beautiful shaving a little purple
that takes all the features of his body to illustrate precisely all the shaded parts of the arms,
the underside of the breasts, abdominals, fingers, we have something super cute. As I told you it will not leave all the
men insensitive since it is pretty well molded the pretty Moonstone, a little bra that holds just what it needs, and then at the level of dress,
she just wears a little shorts. The back is well thought out also in terms of design, shoes that
are quite big, a little futuristic, big boots, a little bit like futuristic Doc Martin. We have the interlock
pegs and then she has her weapon that she carries around her neck. Yeah that’s pretty good,
I think on the back as there are 2 pegs we will be able to put the kind of big engine
that I saw earlier in the packaging, so that looks pretty promising and I really like the design.
So is it fitting easily ? I look, yes! It is quite easy and there is even a magnet system, it
fits easily enough. For the moment here is the pretty Moonstone. Then we have, my friends, the back part
I told you, here it is the backpack that is to put in the back, it looks like a huge engine, can certainly
be what feeds his weapon, so we have two big tanks, same thing in a green color, with a
whole orange shading and an orange wash that is represented on it, yeah that’s pretty good, there are a lot of small parts
that are hyper hyper fragile, I’m talking about small pipes that are there for example, it is not PVC
it has been well noted in the record that these parts are soft resins, so we are not at all on PVC parts, it’s soft resin,
same thing for the part that is here, all that is pipes here, everything is resin, resin flexible enough
so be very careful, it is super fragile, it is not PVC. So I return Moonstone, wow, anyway
the magnets are very strong, you saw it, I barely approached the piece it
immediately stuck, it can not fall. The back part is put, yeah I like, I like the badass then we have the head of Moonstone so there as
I told you there are two HS, I will show you both, we go on the first one, it’s just crazy but crazy. She has a face, quite simple, white eyes, you see in the visual just like me, she has white eyes so a shading and lips quite purple,
she even looks a little like Nebula, she has a Nebula’s air with his purple lips, rather pretty under her helmet. So her helmet is what makes all the beauty of the statue, this kind of animal
she killed or she dissected or other things and with which she made herself a protective helmet with the spine of the critter,
the horns same thing, they are flexible and they are in flexible resin also, so it is not PVC for all these parts.
Be very careful not to press too much on it because it’s still quite fragile, yeah frankly it’s pretty,
so it does not face like that, the head of Moonstone is supposed to be like the representation
and the drawing, it is put like this, it is magnetized strong enough. When we approach it we feel the magnet that directly attracts the head.
Moonstone is now assembled, we may still have pieces, yes there are, there are alternative pieces and it is
rather interesting also because our friends of House of GOG have thought precisely to be able to expose the additional
pieces without leaving them in a carton. So that’s really very interesting, as some companies do with a small bust. So we have a little bust to expose the alternative parts. I have here a bust that represents a rock on which I can
put the head right here if I put the alternative or the alternative if I put the regular head on it. We can
also expose the extra weapons, I’ll show you all that. We put this here, we have the second HS.
So here is the second HS, the second head is here, we have another totally different helmet with a
kind of part a little cylindrical, we can not see her face on it anymore, she is really hidden under
and she must see through the visor that is in front. It’s really totally different, here there are a lot of pipes
to look a little more humanoid, the look a little more beastly of this helmet,
here we are on a totally futuristic helmet, so the helmet just sticks, if I say no stupidity,
we must also have a magnet, that’s it. So the helmet comes to be like that and we
can expose as we want the alternative part, and we also have alternative weapons so this part here
is the part that will be able to put itself there and which comes to expose it too, I saw there
was a little pegs that is there, that’s it, we can put it like that and then the part of the weapon
that is here comes to fit here like this. So here we can expose the two parts on the alternative bust, that is pretty good,
and we can alternate as I told you, we can put the same part, same thing, imagine I want to expose Moonstone with his second HS, I remove the original HS, I put the alternative Moonstone HS and
I can expose Moonstone like this, hop I find the good side, I find the good side to put the HS, voila, and I can also expose
Moonstone with its alternative head on the small base, so it’s great to have thought of that,
at least it avoids leaving the pieces in the box. Last item that can be assembled, I will put Moonstone back to regular, with the normal head, we will put the weapons after,
we will see what it gives to the look. I put back Moonstone, I put it back here, I don’t remember in which way,
like that, here I am going to put that aside, I think we still see, yes it’s perfect, we also have the possibility to
expose Moonstone with the moon, I show you that right now, so the moon is here. The moon is just sublime,
in the colors, we have orange with green, we will put this right behind with the small alternative base.
So from what I read to say no stupidity, we first put the rod that is here in the moon to not do any mistake, Hop.
We enter the small plexi rod that is here in the first place and then we have a small additional base which is the one
that will allow to expose the moon just behind, the small base is in alignment and in the same colors than that
part of the base of Moonstone, it is apart so we put it behind, so why apart, because you
have the opportunity to expose Moonstone without the moon, maybe depending on your display, the box in which you’re going to put it away, I’ll give you the measurements anyway at the conclusion, so the part here gets behind, same thing there are small parts
that are buried in the stone and then we just put the moon like this, I look to put that well, that’s
not moving. Here we just exposed the moon, I look right now if I’m centered,
here we can expose the moon, so Moonstone, we can expose the moon behind the character of Moonstone to
have this beautiful diorama in perspective, it looks really nice, it seems that the moon sets
just behind her, it’s really super super pretty. With or without, you are free to expose it as you want, but look
at the display that gives it with this orange moon t hat really brings out all the colorimetry of the statue, it’s just crazy. For the assembly part, I think that I did everything, we will look together,
we will discuss, I will show you the alternative ways to expose it with the HS and additional weapons,
we talk about all this, right now , Let’s go. POSEabb Here we are my friends, I am next to this beautiful Moonstone,
as I told you it’s really really an art object, it’s something we’re not used to see. For me it’s a UFO for a collection,
it’s not everyone who will collect this stuff, but I think that people who love beautiful things should be
seduced because it’s really something very surprising, the colors we talk about, I told you, it’s really very simple.
Three really important colors that stand out from this statue, we have green, we have orange, we have blue. But it’s really all in the shade,
in terms of the gradations used on this statue, we have not a single blue, it is a blue that goes to the purple with shading
a little darker blue, same thing we go on bright green with olive green and it really turns to give all the texture. I really
think it’s beautiful, it’s very daring especially for a company launch. House of Gog, this is their first product. So it is true that to put so
much money for a first realization, we have to say it, it costs money when a company launches a product,
it was really necessary to have as we say at home: Have the cojones to do it because it could not please everyone.
400 copies for a creation like this, it can seem huge, but as I tell you it’s really for art fans. And I think this pin-up of space
which is really badass, with a lot of weapons is just beautiful. We can really expose it as we want,
necessarily if you want to expose with the moon, you can also expose it from the front, nothing prevents you from exposing it as you want,
you can expose it in this way with the moon in the background. So it’s really there that
the intelligence of the moon to be apart is, you can turn the statue as you want, imagine that the moon was part of the base,
you can expose that aside and we could not expose it from the front,
here with this moon apart on the small separate base, we put the statue the way we want. The Moonstone face, with the
moon in the background, it gives as badass as if I put it aside like that. It’s the same thing if
you want to expose it from behind, you can expose it from behind in this way, I look to put it on. You can expose it
from back to three quarter profile, to show all the architecture of the statue at the back with precisely this part,
this backward spine, and all the robotic architecture while keeping the moon also backwards, you can really expose the statue to 360 degrees,
hence the ingenuity of having made this statue in external mode of the base. So that’s really a great
idea from them because frankly without this moon, look if I remove it is a little pity what, it doesn’t give the same depth at all to
the statue when removing this moon that gives just the beauty of architecture and reflects the orange color on the statue, frankly,
I am hyper hyper hyper enthusiasm for this achievement. Especially since I spoke with Pa L’Esperance
not long ago, and he told me that this is the first realization interpretations of Pascal Blanché that will arrive. And I just saw a character
who was drawn from the world of Moonstone, it is this kind of beast, I put it to you there, a kind of predator crab alien.
If House of Gog makes us that kind of beast to put with Moonstone, I will be the happiest man in the world because it
would go really but really great together and it is ultra badass this crab, so Pa L’Espérance, if you look at my video, I think you’ll see it,
think about doing this kind of big predator crab, because I think it deserves to be made, I will also show you my friends
what Moonstone looks like with additional items. We can remove the head of Moonstone,
I take the alternative head that is here, I put it like this, that’s it. Then I’ll put the head back
on its base and assemble the parts that are here, so it’s up, so we have the part that will come to assemble right here.
And then we have the grappling part that will come to fit right here. The part
that is here comes to stick, so it’s hyper class too, look at the pipe part magnetize to give all the fluidity to the weapon,
and there is another level with this harpoon. It’s just but just ultra badass, I really love it.
I show it to you also with the moon but from the front so you can see it like this, with her new helmet and her spear, same thing you
can put the spear if you want and the head with the kind of big beast, the spine. You can expose it as you wish, really like you wish,
but it is true that this additional weapon with the spear is for me the best way to expose this statue.
She really has an ultra badass pose while being super sexy. Look at the back rump they gave him with his sexy pose. Nonchalantly
also with these arms relaxed quietly on her weapon, like “come you will see what will happen to you”.
No they really made a great representation, and I tell you the challenge of putting 2D on 3D
is really a total success by House of GOG. I’m really amazed, really blown away. I’m going to look at what that gives
with the alternative head and the regular head I put it back, like this, yeah no it’s badass also with her weapon… It really gives something super super pretty.
Look at that, I tell you, but without the moon, no interest, frankly, without the moon, it’s all the beauty of the statue
that is really on the moon. It is really something that gives all the beauty to this statue. It’s great, it’s great. Well, listen my friends, we immediately go to the conclusion. CONCLUSION Conclusion my friends on this House Of GOG Moonstone,
really a very very beautiful realization as I told you, it is really an object of art that can please
a lot of people and as that can displease to other people . You have to like concrete and totally abstract art too, it’s really a mix of both. It’s really a great idea straight out of the mind of our designer Pascal Blanché, it’s something crazy. And it’s especially crazy for the company
House of GOG, to embark on this challenge, in this experience for a first realization, hat down because for me,
the contract is really really but REALLY fulfilled, we really have something super nice. For the format, I tend to say
that it is 1:5, for the waist my friends with the moon, we are on a height of 47 cm by 26 cm deep so
it fits without problems in a BESTA, a STUVA, you can expose it really as you want without any problem. Without the
moon my friends the statue is 40 cm high by 26 cm also, so easily exposed in any showcase collection. No worries at all. To get it my friends as I told you there is only one possibility,
on the site of House of Gog in the description of the video I will put you the link to get it, for the price my friends it is 780 $ to which must be added the shipping costs, the shipping costs I can not tell you since it depends on where you are,
Belgium, Switzerland, England, Germany, United States, you will see on the site when you make your quote. Personally, very very beautiful realization, then what am I going to say to you :
Buy it or do not buy it, I can not tell you this, it’s really a UFO in
a collection that I can not tell you yes you have to buy it, it’s the statue to have. No it’s just your eyes, it’s just your heart stroke it’s just your impression that will tell you “it’s something that I can enjoy and I like the concept,
I love art and I really like what is done or no it’s not at all for me because I’m more into movie, because
I’m more into comics this kind of stuff. Personally, it’s really something that I totally loved, it’s really a
great achievement but I can understand as I told you that you like it and that it does not please other people.
Congratulations to House of GOG for the nerve, for the realization, for the materials used for the design, for the challenge because from
2D to 3D it’s really very well done, so very very big positive point for the moon removed from the base,
which really allows to put Moonstone 360 degree, to expose with the moon, so that’s really a great idea. I have no negative point,
everything was well packaged, the packaging is great it’s super sober as I told you
I feel like unpacking a beautiful object from Apple, the items provided in the letter that was here,
the metal plate that is right here, the certificate of authenticity that was just luxurious, all that was really
super super super super neat. Frankly that’s perfect. A big thank you to you my friends for following me,
especially a huge thank you also to Pa L’Espérance and thank you to House of GOG for trusting Virtual Devil to present their product,
I repeat it is in total objectivity, it was really a crush for me from the visual paper when I received the
proposal to make this video, well before anything else. I would have not liked it, I would have refused anyway to make the video because to promote something which I personally am not convinced, it is rather difficult. And you’re used to see my videos anyway. When I don’t like it, I tell you openly. I liked the prototype a lot, it was a pre-order that started 6 months ago, so 6 months it must be May if
I don’t make a mistake, and the statue is being sent to everyone. So 6 months of production to have the finished product in the hands,
I admit that it is very appreciable because you know it usually 1 year or even 2 years of waiting, so congratulations also to
House of Gog for the speed and care taken in production. Thanks for everything my friends, as usual
if you liked the video I invite you to like it, if you also like the statue, like for House of Gog
it encourages them to continue their projects, I also invite you to subscribe to the channel if it’s not done yet and
if you have a little bit of time as usual you can go into the description,
you look at some videos, you sponsor the channel totally for free, the small metal plate fells but it is not very serious.
I salute you all, I wish you a good weekend and see you soon for a next video. Thank you all again because it’s all thanks to you. See you soon. VISUAL

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  1. Moi qui adore le dessin et l'art en général je prend pas n'importe quelle figurines ou statues et j'avous que c'est vraiment du lourd, merci de nous présenter cette nouvelle société qui commence tout juste dans le monde de l'art et la statue j'aurais eu les sous je me la serais prise sans hésiter. D'ailleur je suis aussi beaucoup d'illustrateurs et je connaissais pas celui-ci bien maintenant je pourrais le suivre grâce à toi merci Sam ! 😊

  2. C’est vraiment spécial, on dirait du Moebius; j’avoue que j’ai des sentiments partagés à cause des teintes vertes mais c’est une réussite pour une première!

  3. Semble etre de la belle qualité, maintenant effectivement, faut aimer cette fig, pas bcp de variante de couleur, bcp de vert ! Lol, bonne review de cette marque en tout cas !

  4. Merci Samuel pour cette très belle review de notre Moonstone. Tu a su bien saisir les nuances de notre travail ainsi que les nombreuses décisions d'ingénierie que nous avons prises. Ta passion et la justesse de tes propos en disent long sur l'amour et les connaissances que tu as pour ce hobby et pour ton appréciation de l'art de façon générale.

    Tu es sans aucun doute un atout important pour nous, collectionneurs, et nous en sommes reconnaissant!

    Au plaisir de collaborer ensemble dans un avenir proche et nous tenons a te dire à quel point tu es un mec sympathique, respectueux et professionnel dans tout tes interactions avec nous.


  5. Wouaw magnifique statue. Un OVNI dans le milieu de la sculpture, jaime vraiment beaucoup.
    Merci Sam de nous faire découvrir ce genre de projet .

  6. Le design est fantastique. Digne de Moebius. J'adore. Je suis moins fan du choix des couleurs trop limités à mon goût et qui ne font pas honneur au très nombreux détails…

  7. Ça fait plaisir de voir des entreprises qui se lancent dans l'aventure des statues sans faire du Marvel et du DC et en plus avec un résultat magnifique ! Bonne continuation et thx pour la review 👌

  8. La colo et la compo donne vraiment quelque chose de très classe.
    Par contre la paire de sein géante nique clairement la statue… C'est immonde :/

  9. Très jolie cette statue. Perso j'aime beaucoup les personnages ayant une teinte de peau spécifique (exemple Poison Ivy, Mystique, Lady death, Purgatory, Raven).
    les pièces suplémentaires sont clairement apréciables que ce soit le petit socle pour l'autre HS et les accessoires de l'arme, ou la lune et tout ça dans une seule version … car bon un peu marre de ne jamais avoir les version Premium dans nos boutiques francaises des sideshow. que ce soit la Hache de purga, la chauve souris de Vampirella, l'épée de Lady death etc c'est un peu abusé vu le prix de la statue et le fait que les emplacements soient même prévu dans les cartons ou les socles …
    Bref vraiment sympa, et 6 mois tu as dit en effet c'est peu ma dernière statue c'était Aspen et j'ai du l'attendre au moins 1 an et demi je crois. Ya toujours des retards énormes.

  10. Très belle statue je trouve même si le vert est peut-être un peux trop flashy a mon goût mais c'est pour moi une très belle réussite pour une première statue .

    Si vous continuez ainsi je pense que vous aurez beaucoup voire énormément de succès .

    Le fait de fournir des accessoires alternatifs est une bonne chose je trouve .

    Faites nous rêver .

  11. Magnifique réalisation dans les couleurs et la qualité. Si c'était un personnage plus robotique je me serai bien laisser tenter. En tout cas je vais suivre leurs prochaines réalisations.

  12. …la confiance que te font les marques est mériter à 200% comme notre confiance et notre joie de voir tes revues…

  13. Une review encore génialissime et très professionnel comme d'habitude l'esthétique de la statue est fantastique bien que le choix des couleurs ne soit pas forcément du goût de tout le monde mais j'approuve la prise de risque en espérant que leur futur réalisation soit à la hauteur de celle-ci

  14. Un projet qui serait super cool serait de trouver un sculpteur qui ferait des réalisations 3D des plus belles couvertures de heavy métal magazine. Je suis sûr qu'il y aura un marché très important à prendre.

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