Montana Spider Effect Spray Paint

Montana Spider Effect Spray Paint

Montana Spider Effect Paint
provides the artist with a unique spider web effect
straight from the can. This standard can allows you
to make broad as well as thin marks, making it great for
lettering techniques, or as I’m about to
show you, calligraphy. (can hissing) The thinner lines
look cool too. It’s a high pressure can
that comes in two colours, black and silver. It can also be used in
conjunction with other Montana products. As always,
shake the cans really well and use any
spray products outdoors or in
a well-ventilated space. Check out the Blick website
for more details on this and other Montana products. Captioned by GigEcast

65 thoughts on “Montana Spider Effect Spray Paint

  1. this is only intended for that spider effect, have seen them around for a long time, and complained of the sucky strips it makes, I'm an ignorant, as well had never seen them in a real nice action like with this guy.

  2. thats pre sick stuff! but honestly, a tag should only be next to a better bigger piece, not just scribbled everywhere like a child with a crayon 😛 i know, taggers be hating

  3. I bought one of each color ($8) and they both looked really cool. It sucks that the cans are only 200ml though, because with such high pressure, paint goes fast.

  4. No.. I have a random cap that does this, have no clue what the can was, but it wasn't spray paint. But it does have the spider web effect just not as great.

  5. Blick Art Materials, the creator of this video, carries the Montana line of paints. We are nationwide. Please check our website (linked to our channel) for more information about our locations and shipping.

  6. Yep, you're right. Just bought one and at first I thought they betrayed me. Put the cap on a standart montana black and I got a normal calligraphy style without the spider effect.

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