“La Casa de Papel” is a Spanish action
series, released in 2017. It started out as a project of the production
company Atresmedia for Spain , but thanks to its broadcast through Netflix under the
title “Money Heist”, it’s been raising more and more followers around the world….
it even became the most-watched non-English language series ever in the history of this
platform. The plot revolves around a not very common
heist… that looks like it’s going to be the biggest robbery in history. The great mind behind all this complicated
plan is a mysterious character with a fine sense of humor who goes by “The Professor”. And to carry out his plan, he recruits a group
of 8 professionals with different skills, and only one thing in common. They all have nothing to lose. Their personal identities are kept secret
among them, something necessary for the perfect running of the plan. So each one of them gets a code name – the
name of a city. Berlin, the leader in the group, is a jewels
thief used to good living. Tokyo is a tough and impulsive woman who initiated herself in the back streets when she was a teenager. Rio is an expert hacker, who despite his young
age, is already under an arrest warrant by the Interpol. Nairobi is a young single mom who was forced
to become an expert forger to survive. There is also a father and his son: Moscow,
a former miner turned an expert opening strongboxes, and Denver, a young offender with a very impulsive
temper. And last but not least, we also have two imposing
goons of few words from Serbia – they are the brute strength of the group, Helsinki
and Oslo. They all lock themselves up for five months
remembering each step of the plan, each detail, each potential mistake… until finally, the
day comes, and they start working on it. Their objective is to rob the Royal Mint of
Spain in Madrid, the building where money is coined before it’s put in circulation. Their choice is not out of the blue, it follows
a very simple motivation. The plan is not stealing money, but creating
it. Printing nothing less than 2 thousand and
4 hundred million euros. But in order to do this, the team needs to
be locked up for 11 endless days, where they’ll have to keep in line the elite police forces
surrounding the building, and deal with the 67 hostages inside the building. If just resisting sounds like an impossible
mission… escaping sounds more like a miracle. Will they make it? The series was released on May 2nd 2017, in
the Spanish channel Antena 3, and was broadcasted during that year in two parts of nine and
six episodes each. Its success was moderate, with an average
audience of a bit more than 2 million people, and a share of almost the 15%. The real boom came when, at the end of that
same year, Netflix bought the rights for the series, to distribute it to the rest of the
countries under the title “Money Heist”. For this, they had to change its format, from
15 to 22 episodes, and little by little it gained more and more followers around the
world. Its popularity was such that it not only got
that recognition we were talking about (the most-watched non-English language series in
Netflix). Also, in 2018, it won the Emmy International
Award for Best Drama Series, something completely new for a spanish fiction series. And in April that same year, the platform
announced a third season, exclusive and for the whole world, to be released in 2019. The series also has its own particular iconography. For example, the clothes the thieves wear,
red overalls and masks – these masks were gonna have Don Quixote’s face on it, but
in the end they chose the painter Salvador Dalí. Or the revolutionary song Bella Ciao, which
had a new revival with the series, thanks to its importance in the plot – there are
even new remixes and versions of it, as the one by the famous DJ and producer Steve Aoki. Even tho the ones in charge of the series
promise lots of surprises and frenetic action, it’s difficult to imagine what the plot
is going to be like after the shocking ending of the second season. Are you fans of the series, tiktakers? What’s your favorite part of this 3rd season? We are reading your comments!

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  1. In poland there's lots of advertisements about it in polish its called "Dom Z papuriu" something like that i cant spell in it

  2. Uhh may i request a story of princess ahmanet??? Cuz u are good at drawing and good story teller, and i really love your vids.

  3. Nice one! Always impress me!! And ur drawing skills are getting more creative!! Keep it up!! Im a big fan!!!

  4. My favorite part is where Berlin and that one hostage stay to fight off the assault team so the rest can get away. I also ngl cried when Moscow, Oslo, and, (not so much) Berlin

  5. I really like your videos a lot! Keep up the good work!😊 But a piece of advice: Do not rub marker ink with bare hands. Marker ink is poisonous. Use a rubber or any clothes to rub the ink.

  6. O BELLA CIAO , BELLA CIAO , BELLA CIAO ,CIAO , CIAO. And I love the part from the sez 1 ep 5 when Nairobi and Tokyo got drunk after Tokyo said " Te gusta Tequila" I think, or when Denver and Moskowa Sang " Maria mi vida mi amor" ( Sorry if I didin't write it correct i'm from Romanian and idk so much spanish)

  7. You made me so interested in this show cant believe i just heard about it i am about to finish season three.

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