Mixed Media Dog Art Journal Page – Pick A Stick Challenge @PASC0919

Mixed Media Dog Art Journal Page – Pick A Stick Challenge @PASC0919

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloSTudio and and today I’m sharing with you my mixed media art
journal page it is a dog and it’s done using the randomly drawn one-word
prompts from the Pick A Stick Challenge Facebook group there’s a link below the
video and you can go ask to join that group if you would like to have these
types of challenges there’s an altered tag and an artist trading card challenge
each month as well as the art journal page also below the video you’ll find a
link to peg Robinson’s page that she made using the same prompts which is
kind of fun to see what someone else did using the same prompts so the first
prompt for this one was carve and I sometimes carved my own stamps using
speedy carve by speed ball and their little tools and then that was the first
thing I was thinking about and then I thought you know what I’m gonna do it a
different way so that people can see that you don’t have to spend the money
on the speedy carve and the tools if you don’t want to you can do it a lot
cheaper so this is some fun foam self adhesive fun foam from you know the
craft the kids craft department and in the Walmart or whatever Michaels
whatever cheap stuff and I stuck the two pieces together so that I would have
double thick also sometimes you can find it in a thicker format but this is a
real thin so I i stacked one on top of the other using this self adhesion and
then I cut out some shapes and then I stuck my shapes down on some cardboard
backs so that it would be a little bit more firm and then I’m carving into it
using a wood burning tool this smells not too great when you do this it smells
like burning plastic but it doesn’t hurt the tool it doesn’t
really hurt me and it quickly can make impressions into the fun foam so easy
you can also do this using a ballpoint pen but you have to add a lot of
pressure with the heat thing which I also got at
Walmart I think probably for 10 bucks or something it’s very quick and easy to do
this so I prefer it of course you don’t want to touch that thing to your finger
because it will burn you it’s hot it’s designed for for burning wood making
designs with burnt wood on type of top of pine or something but it’s good for
other things too it’s good for cutting out your own stencils out of inexpensive
plastic and that’s the reason I originally bought it and then it’s also
good for this so these are just super random shapes and I just I wanted to use
them sorry about the autofocus guys I fit
once again new computer forgot to turn off the autofocus I don’t know why it’s
suddenly doing that it’s the same software as it was before but now it
wants to do that so I have to remember yeah that’s really annoying
I don’t enjoy that at all but it but all I did for the next step is called emboss
and emboss it means a lot of things I mean the tech you can there’s a lot of
techniques you can do emboss means one thing it means to make raised and it
means to make a raised texture and so the first thing I did was to use some
heavy gesso super heavy gesso and press my homemade stamps into it to make a
raised texture on my page there’s a lot of texture on this page I wish you could
feel it but of course you can’t you can only look at it and look at the
close-ups at the end you’ll be able to see the texture so then I decided I’d go
ahead and add some color with some embossing powder embossing powder is a
plastic ground-up with pigment that you melt on to a sticky surface so I just
put some colors of embossing powder on there and let it stick to any place that
was still wet just stick to the gesso and then I heated it up to melt the
plastic like you do when you’re embossing this is one way of embossing
heat embossing there’s also pressure embossing and you know emboss just means
make raised so there’s lots of ways to do it
then I felt like I didn’t have enough pattern and color in some of the places
so I got out my Versamark ink pad this is just a sticky ink pad it doesn’t have
any color it’s just sticky of course my pad doesn’t look like it’s clear because
it’s cut so much junk on it from having it for years that it just looks kind of
gray and nasty but it still works it doesn’t deposit any color onto anything
that I stamped you know I use the stamp to stamp with the ink doesn’t it deposit
any color so then I need the embossing powder on there and the embossing powder
sticks to the sticky stuff and then you can heat emboss it so I did that with my
stamps I added some more color here and there and around with the different
embossing powder colors that I was using the colors for this project that the
randomly drawn colors are periwinkle which is kind of a blueish lavender and
blue which could be light blue dark blue royal blue navy blue whatever blue you
want because it’s just blue and so I used a light blue and another kind of a
medium tone blue plus this lavender e color and then I throw in some moss
green as well just for contrast because I thought it was interesting and a lot
of my little stamp shapes that I made her similar to a feather or a leaf so if
it was a leaf it would be green probably so anyway I had enough of my embossing
so I decided to just get out some acrylic paint and my finger and just
fill in some areas I mean I would it continue to emboss forever to get all
this whole page done it’s a 9 by 12 art journals so it’s pretty big and I was
getting pretty tired of it so I just decided to fill in some of the areas
with some paint and my finger which is something I like to do anyway it kind of
integrates things and blends everything together so then the next
is dog and that’s in the shape category that we have one shape drawn each month
could be anything could be a circle could be a you know a rectangle or it
could be a dog or it could be a fish last month it was fish so this time it’s
dog and so I am just using my little scratch paper that I was using to pick
up the embossing powder and put it back into its container to draw just a
generic kind of like a maybe it’s kind of like a pitbull I don’t know it has
kind of a squarish head in short ears but it’s just a dog some sort of dog and
I’d torn the paper in half and then realized I needed a bigger piece so I
had to tape it back together but I’m just using a drawing tool to do this and
I just want mostly its face but I realized I was gonna have to have
probably the top part of its paws and its neck maybe so just just drawing
along nothing major it’s just trying to give proportions sort of correct and
there you have it a dog then I cut it out so that I could place it around and
figure out where it’s going to be on the page and realize that I probably needed
to add more to it but then I decided now I’m just gonna I’m just gonna wing it
that’s what I usually do anyway I just wing it
so these are some gel prints that I did the other day when I was doing a a
technique video on linear does how to make linear designs with your gel print
that would be lines and grids and these are just the leftovers from that when I
was doing that I decided to use them to do some paper piecing to make an
interesting dog so I’m using my little drawing as a pattern and just cutting
out around it nothing fancy people I’m just holding the tip drawing over the
piece of print and cutting around so it’s not
perfect I’m not doing anything perfect this is very fly by the seat of your
pants do it as you go I’m still putting the pieces back on to try to make sure
that you know I’m doing it proportionately and to get things in the
right areas but it’s just really cutting out pieces of paper and sticking them on
there that’s it you know this is an hour journal page
it’s not something that’s that I’m gonna hang up it’s going to be in my journal I
don’t want to spend hours and hours and hours carefully fussing about everything
I want it to be quick and simple and fun and exercise in in practice in art
self-expression without making it too fussy you know you can do that you can
go a little bit crazy and you can spend ten hours doing this then it would be in
your journaling be like why did I spend ten hours doing that that was silly so
I’m quickly doing it and that is that is the key for art journal I think I mean
some people they might want to art journal for hours and that’s cool too
because that’s still self-expression that’s their choice but I want to do it
fairly quickly I’ve I want to have fun and do it quickly so I’m cutting some
other pieces I decided to make one of his ears and over his eye a darker color
the base of the dog is whitish it’s a print it’s a cleanup print that I I
cleaned up a bunch of paint off the plate that was in purples and blues with
white paint onto white paper so that’s why it looks like that and then I have a
light blue piece and a kind of dark purple blue piece and I’m just
alternating those different colors making some shadowy areas with
eat the light-blue making kind of a spot or something over his eye and on his
back with the darker color and then of course darker nose darker eyes from a
different piece and then I’ve got some pink that I’ve cut the insides of the
ears and I’m going to cut the inside of the mouth out of that pink and as I’m
lining everything up I’m taking the patterns and putting them back over just
to make sure that I get things where they should be some more shadows with
the lighter blue a light blue is a good shadow color I think even when you’re
just coloring or whatever decide to make a little bit of a spot on his back just
filling in things the way I like them and cutting the paper without any
pattern at all at this point just cutting it it’s all deli paper I think
with the exception of the white background the other pieces were a deli
paper pieces I heard that on this 6 by 6 plate so then I have the next prompt
which is spritz spritzing generally requires something with a sprayer so I’m
using marabou art spray that is permanent when it’s dry it’s an acrylic
spray from marabou and I sprint I put the pattern back over to kind of mask
the dog so that it doesn’t get any of the spray on it and I spritzed it with a
lavender collar and then dried it and then the next prompt was drip and
remember there’s six prompts that you do in order that’s the only rule there is a
wild card and if you don’t want to want one of the prompts you can always use
the wild card so I use the wild card knife and I’m just using my knife to
help me take off the tape because some of my collaging has gone over the tape
so that’s what I use the knife for got a little bit crazy on the side there
but I fixed it with some pin work and I’m having to glue things down a little
bit here and there where I’ve kind of pulled them up while taking the tape off
so the next thing that I did after drip and knife is just to add some pasta pin
black pasta pin and then I’m using my pen what is this thing called a water
tank brush a brush that has water inlet in the handle to blend out and make kind
of a shadow around my image that I’ve glued on with collage and also inside
the dog image as well just blending it out so it’s not such a harsh line with
that water brush you can always do that with the pasta pins as long as they
don’t are not dry you just have to do a little bit at a time and then blend it
and then go to the next thing do a little bit at a time and blend it they
that pasta pins are acrylic paint in a pin format so works really good for this
and I can add some shadows and some area around the outside of the dog that helps
it to blend into the background a little bit but yet still stand out does that
make sense looks like it’s supposed to be there not
just stuck on there like a sticker that’s what I’m trying to say and again
not fussy I’m doing this quickly this is is pretty abstracted it’s not super
precise or or any fan just having fun with it it’s a fun little dog he’s got a
good happy look on his face like he’s about to jump out and lick you so that’s
what I was going for fixing up his eyeballs a little bit
giving him some shadow around his eyes so that they look as if they’re recessed
into you his you know skull supposed to be giving him some spots where his
whiskers might be just little things like that little details and then I’m
also gonna do the same a little bit of highlighting with my white paw scoop in
here and there to add some more detail and make it more interesting like you do
gotta use your white pasta pin or else it’s just not the same then I thought I
need a saying and so I decided to write my saying from the internet you know you
type in dog quotes and you get something and I liked this one this one’s true
people will know how large your soul is by how you treat a dog and that’s that’s
true that is you know you know what I’m saying
but of course the whole thing didn’t fit it’s not like I measured or anything I
just wrote it so then I needed the words a dog to be somewhere on the page so
that the quote makes sense so after I wrote over this made sure it was nice
and dark you know there’s a lot of texture on there and there’s embossing
powder which is a plastic on there so I needed to write over it to make sure it
was nice and and clear and dark and then I just wrote the words a dog on that
same dark piece of paper with the lines it’s kind of a purpley blue dark and I
cut that out and put it at the top of the page so then you can go people will
know how large your soul by how you treat and then you can go back to the
top wrap around and say a doc so how I finished my page I think it’s cute
I also am going to say that this is my animal portrait for August since I ran
out of August and did not get an animal portrait done I’m gonna double down this
is my animal portrait for August and then I’ll make another one for September
at the end of the month because I usually do the animal portrait at the
end of the month and this is the beginning of the month so I feel like I
have made up for my not getting my animal portrait done last month by
making this really cute dog yep that’s my story and I’m sticking to
it and it’s right next to next to a cat in the book too so dogs and cats cats
and dogs things are getting crazy around here I also felt that something needed
to be up in that upper right corner so I cut out a bone dog treat shape out of
the same paper and glued it on there so I hope you’ve enjoyed this pick a stick
challenge video and I hope that you give me a thumbs up and then you leave a
comment or question below you subscribe and if you do subscribe please turn on
your notification bells that really helps me out helps you out to know when
there’s a new video and of course you can pin this on Pinterest share it on
Facebook anything that you want to do to share it is great and yeah I think
that’s it for me I did put some white pasta pen around the words in the bone
and then I also came back in with black which happened after I shut the camera
off and so that is it for me for pick a stick for September thanks bye bye

35 thoughts on “Mixed Media Dog Art Journal Page – Pick A Stick Challenge @PASC0919

  1. Great tip to use a heat tool! I have a stencil cutting tool I'm going to use now. Had given up on home made stamps because I couldn't get a decent indent. Thank you!

  2. Love that background. I was going to do a gelli print dog, but wanted the challenge of drawing and painting. I tried to do a yappy chihuahua. It kind of looks like a cat, but oh well. I had fun.

  3. I am so amazed by this! To see so many techniques used with such challenging prompts is mind boggling. You are not only A Master of Art, you are a Wizard of Art! I love the page and am so grateful that you share your talent!

  4. Shel, I Love, Love, Love, this Dog. Adorable! The stencil demo was exactly, what I needed to see and learn. I must give this a try. After all, I have the tools. The background technique and colors you chose are lovely, and work so well together….Thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

  5. Totally adorable! The quote is so true. Great tip for using the wood burning tool. I was amazed at how fast you made the stamps compared to using a pen to make the impressions.

  6. Great idea to double up the use of the page to cover both. You create animals so well, Shel, and your dog is really cute with those big eyes and huge smile! Awesome technique to use embossing for the background and then doing that two ways. Love the page! 🥰

  7. Too cute❣️very friendly looking little fella❣️❣️❣️❣️ very nice job❣️so creative ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  8. Your dog is too cute, Shel! The quote is very good and true. We lost our dog 3 weeks ago, I miss him so much. Some ppl say it´s "just a dog" but I love him very much. Tfs, Fia xx

  9. Such an adorable dog! To me, he has such a trusting and expectant look on his face. The quote is perfect and so true. Just looking at this piece of ART, I had no idea how it was created. THAT’s why I enjoy watching your process videos so much. What a treat…a collage painting and knowing you used embossing powder, including the two assigned colors, to make your background! I want to see this finished picture! I love this interpretation of the randomly drawn, single word prompts, created in the order they were drawn. Amazing! Thank YOU, Ms Shel! 💕

  10. Hi Shel C, this is my first time commenting. Love the techniques used in the video – very educational. Love the colour combos. Love love the doggo, he's so cute! I think he's going to need a name. Nice how he's sitting next to a cat, hopefully they'll be good friends. Now all we need it to see a bird picture hint hint. Thanks for all the good work!

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