7 thoughts on “Miniature 1 to 144 – Small table

  1. I love your work!! I really like this video. I have a question, I see you used bake n bond,… I just got it as the stores here did not have my TLS, translucent liquid Sculpey. do the to work similarly? Is there really a difference? Thank you very much. Thank you for your great videos I really did enjoy this one. But then I enjoyed all your videos actually LOL. Sincerely Kari

  2. 🙋🏼Hi Daniela, You make such cute items so I'm always surprised that you don't have more subscribers by now. Your creations are just as good as other clay artist that have thousands of subscribers. So I will do what I can to steer more subs your way🗣. You truly deserve it. Anyway, until next time take care my friend, Dee😊👍

  3. April 24, 2018—Thanks for the video as you're doing what I hope to do…that is, make silicone molds with Sculpey pieces as my master. But what kind of silicone are you using for your mold as I've never heard of one you can bake.

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