Mini Abstract Art Challenge – In Four Mini Mixed Media Parts!

Mini Abstract Art Challenge – In Four Mini Mixed Media Parts!

this week’s mini abstract challenge for
you comes in four parts so keep on watching to see the whole thing because
I’m gonna break this down this week and show you the meat and potatoes you can
use to make mini a mini abstract I don’t know why I said meat and potatoes paint
and brushes I don’t know anyway now you know there’s lots of ways that you can
do these mini abstracts and you know some of those ways are going to be
unique to you and this is kind of what we’re teasing out here trying to find
the things that you enjoy doing and how you sort of put them together to get
artwork that is just about you really so we’re testing and we’re playing and
we’re pushing ourselves to see what we can do with the products that we’re
using so this week I thought what I would do is I would break down this mini
abstract into four distinct parts so hopefully at the end of it you’ll have
some pick-and-mix ideas to swap in and out of and just have to play with anyway
let’s get on with part one that’s what I’m doing at the moment and part one if
you try splurging some color onto the surface and acrylic paint is good for
this because you can once it’s dry you can layer over top enough to worry about
it but just use whatever you want really use what you’re drawn to using today
don’t worry too much about it just for this part
get some color down on to your mini abstract and if you want to see what I’m
using then don’t forget that I list all my products in the description as a
guide for you as well but of course you know you don’t have to use exactly the
same thing to swap in what you’ve got in your stash already now I’ve picked a
couple of colors and I’ve watered the paint down so that I can get some drips
and dribbles as well and add some nice visual texture to this and you’re going
to want to let it completely dry before moving on to part two of the challenge
and this is where we’re going to add in some collage elements pop back to the
video last week if you need a reminder for the technique of gluing this element
down in this week I really want you to have a look at the placement so for
example my two paints lodges are kind of slanted a little
and to me they look as if they’re leaning towards that left-hand side so
they’re heavily on that left-hand side so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to put
a strip of book page it’s cutting across them and then I’ll have its are more
loaded towards the right-hand side of the page to counterbalance the color
underneath and it also means that I keep clear that interesting drip and dribble
on the left so have a real good look at your paints bloody is and you know see
where you can put your collage piece to add and harmonize with that layer and
you can move now straight on to part three which is to add some paint details
so we started with random splutters this time try some less random more
controlled mark-making anything you like you can see that I changed up my colors
and gone from a cold color palette of those smudges to this warmer color
palette and this just adds a contrast but you can really do whatever you want
so just go for it for my motley king I’m adding some arcs
because well I’m kind of in this very icky place at the moment I don’t know
what that’s about but I’ve been adding quite a few marks here and there are
some arc marks so go with what is you know calling you at the moment you could
add patterns you could add dots lines circles you know the drill just have
some fun with it and play now once you’ve let this mark-making dry if
you’ve used wet materials if you’ve used dry materials then don’t worry about it
but if you’ve used wet materials like paint then you want to let that dry
because we’re now gonna move on to the final part part four which is going to
be about finer details and for this you’re going to want to use a pen that
works on the layers that you’ve been using and I’m gonna use a ballpoint pen
because I kind of like adding ballpoint pen but you could use a paint pen or a
fine line marker if it’ll go over the paint you could use pencils or crayons
whatever you feel comfortable with using and here add in some finer details some
finer patterns and mark-making and we’ve moved up in refinement for
this four-part challenge haven’t we so this this is the point of the challenge
we’ve gone for something that’s really splotchy and random and then added some
more random with clods but maybe a little bit more thought in it and then
we’ve gone for some more details to the final layer which is all about fine
details and that’s your challenge so stop big ants bloody then move up
through your layers to the final details at the end in total challenge
tag me in on Instagram to see the results because you know I would love to
see it and you can catch up with my other mini abstract videos too to keep
you inspired and there’s some challenges in those as well or watch these
mixed-media videos next for some more ideas and techniques and I’ll see you
over there bye

7 thoughts on “Mini Abstract Art Challenge – In Four Mini Mixed Media Parts!

  1. Big and splodgy to detailed…great concept! I love how your arcs are kind of loosely repeated with the pen work. You're just such an inspiration, Kim. With Christmas looming and beginning to work on creating presents I was feeling a little anxious about having to put aside my mini abstracts in order to work on those…but along comes your video to remind me that abstract studies can be quick (and still cute!) without being too time-intensive. I like this and will be using your challenge a lot this week as I try to balance my mini acrylic paintings with my Christmas creativity. It's a good lesson – you don't have to miss out on the things you love in order to do the things with a deadline. Thanks for that reminder! I hope you are well, friend. ❀

    Edit: One quick question…I have tons of Amaterdam paint in the Standard Series. How does that differ from the Expert? Is there a different feel? Or is it similar, only different "levels"?

  2. Beautiful I love how you broke this down into steps and of course, it's gorgeous. Can't wait to see the others. πŸ‘πŸŽ¨πŸ€©πŸ’™

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