Minecraft - The Artisan #1 - Rottling

Minecraft – The Artisan #1 – Rottling

hello and welcome back to the Yogscast hahahahaha oh my god for the success of our previous puzzle map we're doing a complete the monument mat race for the wheel see this up here I can't wait that Brown love wall we play race at all let's bail oh I see some kind of like race for the wall do you have to collect the walls from this this place so there are some rules in here they don't actually really help painting glitch never now taking everything yeah well the painting ditch just says sometimes you may see the armor says I made it disappear and how this happens just quit and reload oh that's a glitch okay map notes basically every time you bring a piece of wool to the Ardennes monument be sure to check this chest you'll be rewarded for your efforts make sure you do everything his chest before placing wool block okay so guys off you go wait wait Duncan Duncan still hasn't washed his lab coat or his face no I did it just soaked through again he's all sticky and gross shit shinu got beaver talking about your head actually what did you mean hang on you got that what tuft of hair sleep my hand like Harry smell down for you oh yeah like a mini mogul so this is the artist and I can't get hung get rid of it look but it's not going to go away Kass just keeps coming back up again ah that's what she said hahaha Zed's will do it good let's get on with it so we take our way each oh yeah go just explore it see what you find well those buttons say a disabled death counter and they were death counter okay then a pollinate okay there neighbor death camp storage room over here it's only guessing you check it oh my god it's for the star oh please powder we might need that squid eyes ran minutes it's rabbit vanilla thing there can you get oh well yeah yeah gasps tear-gassed glass bottles I only put everything in the end of chest and then we we gotta kill it where we are good idea really good idea actually these books says make craft wool from string for beds but not to do the e Monument play lazy no leaving the map boundaries making a nether portal we'll get on safe so I found some liquid XP right put it in the end chest but everything in the end chest but this is like an enchanting room look it's got like a table in the middle and everything give anything to enchant an apple can you enchant apples no okay no I don't I see if I can actually find anything to actually do I'll go forward I've seen lots of dungeon one stone root depths there's a painting here do we jump through the paint a painting ah it's like Mario stop I'm in a gallery these woods are really fat Galleria is this mahogany guys know it's monogamy it's real monogamy doors come here Jesus Jesus I think so I think this is like mario 64 you know where you will go through the hauntings yeah it's my great-uncle into attention Inigo shin riding his faithful spider go through well go we're in the painting cube in Atlanta yeah look and they're teleporters to the dungeon well I'll go to the dungeon we like meant to be inside the paintings at the idea huh where did you guys go Oh God laids battle-ax look all cobwebs are really useful you can use them as like clutch trampolines if you're falling really far you could just like pop one down you land in it it's like a like a big mattress okay which dungeon did you go into remember one Duncan I found three here you'll find it so please understand let's just take these rusty leggings bow rusty boots as money in the armorstand secret please but now I must and do do whoa do what Shin you look like a badass where's my set well you could have to find them I guess later Oh doing here that's where they are oh man holy crap you get a whole bunch of supplies for this right away for free are you found the earring I found for again I'm gonna base my daily bread your color miss Beulah miss out of him badly well thank you for you verse number one I'm back in the entrance which way did you go it was one of the actresses but the one one of them it's like the first one you'll find us she's kneeling this is amazing there's a grand adventure this show there no yeah I found it this is a what this is our house don't don't look off there it's very scary and look at this all since these lovely a forest the area it's like playing sky blocks again it's like agrarian skies but a bit a bit nicer this is what you should have made the word little I Duncan this is a beautiful example of nature it's like oh where are you I'm killing us our dead where's Duncan he's fine he'll be all the way down route depth this is true that's your car you okay you got you got to catch your nose if it's your soul trying to escape in a beautiful world is that what sneezes yeah the devil breeds like dust into the air and every time you sneeze your soul flies free and he eats it is that what sort of was believed by ancient tribes and some might say bless you yeah that such as me puts us all back in here shin like soul glue I don't know it's opening but I'm gonna just break through this soul are we allowed to realize about bran in Myr yeah you're out to do anything I've got torches watch out behind you oh my god there's a zombie what's it called rolling a root root Ling no way no it's not bad oh no is it is definitely bad um oh my god okay kill that spawner did you get given okay dokay did you miss the armor there's none left because you guys took it on no it was definitely an armor set left in that shit you are your name on it shit it even it even came pre purple stain did it yeah oh that's really thoughtful for right be an accident guy yeah good put some torches down down here shin all right I can't carry on with another cake let's do get the torches from in the chest with all the armor which I said I didn't see yeah you know I found a simple witches get a sue which is their kids you find a witches child no kit killers shit I'm making witches so watch out it's quite a lot of them Oh Mike that's a squatter down that oh my god oh my god I know this quite fetus night emulsion this rolling stick rulings rulings rot legs bloody rot wings everywhere lastly down here shin they got sticks all right hand oh let's Yama here we go me only torch guy oh you have to because I'm not not any more be given have you abandoned your torch spamming ways where the heck did these guys come from isn't it arrows I picked a but there's a bow but no arrows that's right that's how it works OOP keep going keep going away okay Oh chest figuring that way oh my gosh it already when you know it's over you know you're done but like you can't anything man it's even like tons of process of healing and stuff you had no excuse for dying there shoo well no excuse shims from with you I was always being coaxed you were saying go go forwards go charge and then creeper Dragonscale sabatons are down here shin oh my god well I've already grabbed I said dibs it's not fair now we should give them two Ribena accident guy hasn't got much well tough shit I'm putting them on there might make the mouse doesn't obey the Lords of dibs let's make the rules of dibs you can't dip something if you can't like see it yeah can see you have to be like present like the rule of shotgun yeah you cut you can lease a shotgun when you were like when you could see the car yes that doesn't doesn't work on tips rules I think it's the same as shotgun as not you know it is this is right oh god I just saw a creeper walk past yeah he's just chilling oh my god there's so many rulings oh oh these are veggie pads oz100 shit I'm just hiding down here all right I will I think I'm gonna I'm gonna guard the wall Ruger pickaxe with this yeah copy is that cuz I just tried to hit that spawner for about 50 years and it never died guys I think this is a paint palette a paint palette yeah it's like a big brown board and it's then the wool colors of paints Oh a suns and monument fairy the clever a fuchsia there I have deduced a deduction I have the juice to reduction I hereby decree this is a paid part oh you're a genius shin well give up on us bonus took like 20 years of the sort your freaking genius you know oh-oh-oh I found I found more weapons oh yeah and some music I know how many torches or a pickaxe or anything I feel like I'm hopefully equipped for this I think not missed an idea I think he should have made musical disks throwable like missile weapons like in Shaun of the Dead yeah haha I'm going deeper guys it's an astonishing weird still outside you're not even bosses this is beautiful I'm gonna need some assistance down here at some point oh yeah yeah yeah dungeon oh right the adventure oh okay there's more what cave spiders are more route links down here I lost all my stuff was there is a grave no no I put it all in the chest where you died though alright I've got the tool done couldn't have to be skort you there I don't know the way how I do it that's good young choices cuz I have none we'll just follow the torch line there should be a line of torches leading them down yeah yeah okay yeah get in there most of this spawn as I think of dead yeah I want to get this why cuz nulls been this no no no you don't know you don't you don't want to go the way no one's been this place is crazy Duncan there's all these kinds of Rawlings rulings they're from a tree skimpy scamp's Oh skimpy scam changhua sirs shin that's a drink potion of healing here I'm not even making this up why am I keep half me oh god geez where the heck did you come from that's the way I just was going really yeah how did you come here it leads up to the other way does it it's a circle don't you just ran past this horde of spiders no they spawned out to him probably no they weren't here I didn't go this way come with your names hey guys they should oh what's that thing at ancient armor Archer thing thank you ruthless Rawlings snarling not snot was as Chang was us since like summer care of Australia sounds like think from hey guys oh god where there's so many added spiders Duncan your poisons watch out don't joke friend oh my goodness me the tough guys I'm like slowly heating up here no no I got a dragon's licks yet I can tree what does because it's so pitiful screen lick SIA over here maybe maybe they refine loan its weakness with the poison blindness hunger nausea mining fatigue can I try some 9 is too damaged – citizen speed not sure why I'd use that uh but it's a splash potion of damage can you throw it against them ok uh Reno it's not a stash potion let's do it let's do it let's get this born what do you break spawn is with swords pickaxe oh here is this 2015 get in there and keep him off me ok shoot down the gun and one oh is this the way out I found a way up yes where I came she actually out no it's not it's not my eyes so it's the way up it's not her him you came this way I don't know I came same way past the will spin away look unkilled I mention again somewhere else we cool we found some cobwebs can I keep killing that stuff should we uh Holly's proposition to me towards your shin no no very much more I haven't taken them all there in that chest I know I looked at everything from the chest but there was no chest there's no torches really that's really annoying that's a rock thing fault oh that's a spitter a chair biggest bud as a poison yeah I'll call the pickaxe oh that's a creep up I'm gonna go with him B X um go into the Chocolate Factory boy oh I got the dragon scale brigand Dean guys it was like a a rare breastplate okay so I guess there's there's probably four pieces of dragon scale stuff I also have an axe of dragon fire now Yes Doctor hello I'm good he's he's taking this happening Duncan I wasn't half a heart and I had to fight spider oh my god that's Gary no avoid doing that but I just made some sticks and and I would mind some coal so I can make some torches Oh tolling are asking system in said game I found some torches soon well I made what any do what's in here Oh chisels dawn breaks and she is okay use that for hmm oh hello Duncan I'm going G hello I think someone just took out where these torches though just spitter I don't know the poison the poison why we are just going round in circles PGI yes dude mini-map okay so we need to fight a dark horrible deep hole to go down Oh full of monsters ideally you know where that one of those might be don't think sounds very fun I think that that's probably where we have to go though huh I think all an ancient archers at what Shin failed no I found ancient armor ancient archers I'm fine yeah I think maybe they've got like a chiseled stone brick on the head chisels doin brick and a like really tough actually I don't know where you oh how you deep under strip Al's of the place I guess if you just wander around enough you'll find a way down to the deep and the I dig the idea is we're looking we're looking for the world right this is that we got to find the first piece of wool in this dungeon yes what's the story though what's my what's my motivation the paint palette yeah it's your motivation is that I'm telling you to do it okay let's go what's me got do it yes no slacking off all right boss you've been slacking off too much yeah no I haven't been walking forward oh shit that's a trap right I actually got if that's if this is a trap full of arrows oh it's a Luling throws I've got a power bow now like an enchanted bow hello so you stuck with success ever that total crap you carry out the ceiling Wow don't stand on that it's cool / but she said he dug we love to dig on yeah we are we are yeah well screw this then Oh God Shin this bolsters there that's all right she's just digging off for the tone that's why they just leave oh look oh it was a golden pickaxe and it's done is that all you managed to get out of it yeah it is it's a choice bonus quick ah little bit preferable that's an enchanted stone brick oh my god Shin this just goes really deep yeah oh my god go go go careful traps I just stepped someone and nearly died again Oh actually I've got a stone Hyundai and then I'm reading oh shit – um oh I like the school board a school board is gonna be rude you guys will find the archer and then you guys weren't there anymore yeah I've learned my lesson now away from there not gonna go near these these deadly 20 so could go oh the shadow it was like where we were finding arches and you just left have you taken a little stuff shit no no no I haven't taken will grab it guy that gave it okay it's okay you could just leave it and I can pick it up well I'll share it with you I'll give you a bunch of stuff when you get back did I just hit a spectator what's this that's like in the Walsman every time I title it just pick everything up and they give you but like a stone shit petrified don't mock that Stosh oh that's a very important piece of shit oh look at these chain of ancient warriors shin have you seen this oh my god yeah Duncan had this enchanted sword as well yeah where the heck are you shit I'm guarding Duncan stuff quote-unquote god you're not gonna be guarding a much longer because we're all gonna be dead okay well yeah I think you deserve a couple of day or my god I told you this is just a entire like our median awakened from the day I've got a bow emoji if you shoot me I will slap you in the face don't get in my life oh you are dead oh I'm not dead that's right watch out watch out I might watch it oh oh you're providing covering fire I appreciate it oh we gotten war fuck sorry go into the bull's face fuck oh sorry Luis how many there are seen they just keep coming as well others lead oh wow I've got torches I'm gonna find the special take care anything any interest I know yeah sorry we got the best stuff done can learn it back please yeah yeah after i dispatched the me how i should pick up all of your stuffs it's just as too much pick up everything that you left which was the the dregs I'll be honest yes you get okay come down the way with the torches bash this have you got a pickaxe yes you cover me oh nice right I'll behind oh please save me alright don't give me one back it's a competition sir mama is it a competition I don't know you what is it this is death cancer well you go shin okay they are here is there a competition but we should be killing each other don't think that's part of the competition okay well it could be but I think it would take a lot it make this take a rather long time Oh My gods they keep coming from behind there's a hundred thousand of them didn't we get the sporters fuckers then go back see if I can find more spoilers oh I think if you die you're a big girl descending odds well I think if your friends take all your armor you're a bit dizzy I gave you a bunch of stuff I threw up the floor did you not quit in time no I died when I was equipping it Oh took your armor and then I threw it on the ground to fill the ground I don't need that armor Oh through your armor on the blenders yeah there's Knights were like hitting for like four or five hearts yeah not me Oh Lois oh they're because we've got armor yeah I'm slowly killing my way through all these monsters keep inventory sweetie useful energy oh yeah it's sheet see when I think has it GTS oculus exciting fad a secret Jets exciting and joyous nothing excites me like a prospect of keeping my arm around cadets didn't the Faroes believe that nothing is quite as fun is continuously running back to the same place Dragon Scale hell nah yeah thanks I fell off come on third day what's this you take my helmet shin golden boot for God's sake oh good I don't have any only do you want to just stay at home me and Luis I'll get this one you just put my stuff somewhere and let me actually pick yeah we're guarding it we're going it going up it's fine right have you are you okay now babble ena you're right yeah right being atropine accident guy ya rabbina babble Lena missing most of his armor but I managed to stay back I think I'm right I think we can't it can't be that much further to the end you took my torch Esther didn't know I think this might be the end look yeah there's a if you want some I'll give you some torches I've uncovered a secret area of brick Anna oh and a glass room this looks like what it all is yeah yeah yellow wool okay what yeah what's taking us monsters that's born from this born it is spitters above us okay if you die you have to throw the wall away remember that's not true that's it work rules well no the thesis there's no keep event remember oh I have to get it back safe but I think whatever that's take take one each learn too much trouble take 50 let's head up I'm feeling these my dungeon one complete them I feel like yeah that's dungeon one feels really yellow was a horrible dungeon Duncan's losing so far look it is love um well me and should have made it Oh what yeah we were out yeah and we got the wall I got one in Lewis Scott I'm not for Wyatt yeah no Duncan's winning go down here and hit the museum teleport wait with him is like I'm doing it she's really secret things happening like the upstairs area I'm winning on deaths I'm winning on walls and win on everything I am the best minecraft player and all of us yellow wool does some Strad on the ladder be sure to check the center chest oh my god it's full of stuff holy crap in it it's full of stuff there's an elixir ah no way a dragon's elixir wait for me wait for me I want to get some of the cool stuff cures all no come on oh the girl is cool stuff hmm how do you get home iron leggings I was a pretty strange there's a bow with power 3 there's a bunch of foodstuffs diamond boot take those golden apples a machine-gun this horse is running around on fire like like some horrible wall I see Hanna I see Hannah Oh creeper

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  1. Lewis is complaining to Duncan how he gave him a bunch of Armour when he literally just gave him 3 chest plates.

  2. 17.58
    Duncan: Give me back some of my armor.
    Lewis: Here is some armor.
    gives Duncan 3 chestplates

    True Yogscast.

  3. So i had a bad cold and i sneezed like 7 times every minute and cause no one was with me at the time no one said bless you so i have no soal

  4. they actually say bless you, because of back in the black plague days, sneezing was a symptom or what not, so when u sneezed they were saying "god bless you soul" as in 'hope ya dnt got the plague'

  5. the the whole jump into the painting is mario 64 too bad there's no effects when you teleport and you have to puss a button so its not that good

  6. Its quite interessting how these guys play so much minecraft but doesnt even eat to regenerate… so strange.

  7. There's a difference between an artist and an artisan. They are similar, but an artisan makes things like vases, bracelets, shoes, and other items. Artists make art.

  8. The names are funny over here in Australia because if we change anything the abos will go bitch to the council about racism

  9. Don't get me wrong, I love Lewis, Duncan, and Sjin, but I sure do miss Simon. It's going to be really good when he comes back! <3

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