Mimikyu Pokemon– Polymer Clay Tutorial

Mimikyu Pokemon– Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial. Today we will create the Pokemon Mimikyu. You decided in the Poll, so let’s get started! When I first heard about this Pokemon Mimikyu I kind of felt sorry for him. I asked myself why is it covering beneath this Pikachu styled cover and then I read about it and I heard that it is either because of the intolerance of the sunlight or and this one really touched me because it is so lonely and tries to connect with the humans and the only way is to look like the popular Pikachu. Well, it’s the only way to get in touch with people. Maybe Mimikyu’s real form is just too ugly. Yeah. I prefer the second story because it’s so sad and I felt so sorry. OK but let’s jump in, let’s create our own Mimikyu together. You have seen I started with ochre and yellow. I mixed it up for this Mimikyu kind of dirty yellow. And then you need some black. I have already started cutting it out. This black part, well it’s part of the real Mimikyu body. So, this is not the cover it is using. Yeah. I tried to get this shape so that it matches to the cover, the yellow cover. Just to clean my hands. This is always helpful, by the way, when you’re working with black clay don’t forget to clean your hands with some toilet paper, for example. Ok, this will be the head and it should really look like as if it’s hanging down. As if it’s some kind of a puppet. And this will be the ears. I kind of reminded me of my Pokemon my Pikachu tutorial, when I created Mimikyu. Of course, Mimikyu tries to imitate Pikachu, so they are very similar. One ear will just go up, point into the air. So, this is this one. And the other ear will hang down, so we will make some detail work on the other ear, hanging down. If you have seen my previous tutorial of Gyarados you know that I’m creating Mimikyu because you were all suggesting I should create it. I made that poll and Mimikyu won! I have already mentioned that. Well, I haven’t heard about this Pokemon before, so I am really thankful for all your suggestions, although I am not able to answer to all of you, but I am noticing these, I’m writing them down for creating the next polls. And by the way, here we go! This is the next poll, for next Pokemon tutorial I will make. OK. The mouth is made out of black clay. The eyes and also this red on the cheeks are made with a pen. After hardening it in the oven the real eyes we are working on right now are made out of clay. The body is almost finished. I decided to make this Mimikyu look a bit different, so I want to make these monstrous arms. coming right under the cover. So these will be the arms. This is just covered aluminum wire with black clay. And you need some more black clay for the hands. I will show you how I created one of the hands. This is a very thin aluminum wire, also covered with black clay. The reason I did that is because otherwise the very thin fingers would break too easily. What’s correct.. would easily break, yeah. That sounds tight. And the other reason, when it is hardening in the oven the clay gets very soft and kind of melts down and the aluminum wire helps it to keep the form. OK, the hand and also the arm are put together. You see that I already did it on the other side as well. And now I’m just bending the end of the aluminum wire , so we can stick it right under Mimikyu. But you can also leave it out. It’s just up to you how you like it. Yeah, your own Mimikyu. This is the wooden part. So this will be the wooden stuff, Mimikyu tries to imitate the Pikachu’s tail with it. You can add some detail work on this wooden stuff. And I’m mixing it with the brighter brown. And then you just start bending it. It’s nearly the same shape as Pikachu’s tail, but it should look like as if it’s a little bit broken. OK, now we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Mimikyu! What’s left? I’m using some sandpaper to get a smooth surface of this figure. And also to clean it just a little bit. After that we will glue this wooden stuff right to the body . I’m using my superglue for that. Fast drying. And now we can focus on the cheeks first. Don’t think too much while drawing, just try to paint. And these will be the eyes. Just make some circles. It really should look like as if a kindergarten child has made it. Yeah. And I guess finally.. …that’s it! I’ve been creating Pokemon for such a long time now and it’s still so much fun. This is the first Pokemon I’ve ever created. Check out Koffing! I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think if you like these arms. OK, I guess that’s it. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you next week. Bye! I’m Mimikyu. I’m Koffing! Coughing?

100 thoughts on “Mimikyu Pokemon– Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. Although it has been a year since you made this, I just want to point out 1 tiny flaw, as the Mimikyu is super cute: the wooden tail is held by the black shadow under its Pikachu costume, not sticking on the costume 😀

  2. I wanna see ya do a bad ass magmar… my all time favorite. Then god gave birth to gen 4, 5, 6, and 7… i can confirm switches gen 8. Due to these generations id be happy with magmortar but he's too much work just to satisfy 1 fan. So do magmar. Iv made it easy for ya lol. Keep up the good work your mimikyu is awesome.

  3. The lore shouldn't be this hard… He is like that because he tried to Mimic Pikachu but he can't mimic him perfectly so he looks different… Not that hard to understand.

  4. There is also a story that mimikyu is jealous of pikachu because of all the attention pikachu gets.

  5. mimikyu it was a student and he lookt under a mimikyu,s shirt or pants or dress opk but that student died

  6. Mimikyu is a black figer he`s a he's actually Porygon I don't know how he fits
    Ash likes pikachu more than him that's why mimikyu hates pikachu and his
    Black holes are actually eyes they see pikachu,Pikachu's Doomed mimikyu
    Likes Ash he hates pikachu mimikyu is a devil his arms are devil's it can kill humans
    In one hit sooooooooooooooo don't hit it or act like it's ugly


  8. Mimikyu’s true form was so terrifying the trainer died when they saw it so mimikyu made a cloth based off of pikachu merchandise so he can connect with humans he’s also is jealous of pikachu since he’s the most famous Pokémon it says this in his Pokédex entry

  9. Mimikyu fact:
    Mimikyu mimics Pikachu because he wants to get closer to humans, and Pikachu is the thing mimikyu hates the most.

  10. The reason Mimikyu wears a Pikachu Costplay is because if you look at whatever is under the costplay, you will die. Also because Mimikyu despises Pikachu and it wants to mock it

  11. Mimikyu is actually a picachu that died like human but
    Then the soul grabbed the skin ann so it became mimikyu

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