Today, we are dealing with a contemporary
classic – We are gonna tell you about Michael Myers’ life, the villain in the Halloween
movies saga, created by John Carpenter in 1978 and whose 11th movie is coming out soon. This famous character has gone through 3 different
versions. In Carpenter’s original version, he is a
psychopathic assassin. There is no logical explanation behind his
actions, apart from a natural and infinite meanness. In the original movie in 1978, Michael Myers
was born in October 19th 1957. He is the son of Donald and Edith Myers, and
he had two sisters. Due to the amount of time he spent alone,
he started hearing voices, voices that only he could hear, and that incited him to kill. In October 31st 1963, when Michael was 6 years
old, he saw his sister and her boyfriend kissing while his grandma, Doris, was taking care
of them. Michael went across the road dressed up as
a clown, entered the house through the kitchen, grabbed a knife and waited until her sister’s
boyfriend had left the house. He went upstairs, walked to her sister’s
room and stabbed her 17 times, until she died. Michael tried to run away, but he was discovered
by his parents. Because of this crime, he is sent to the Smith’s
Grove Sanitarium, a psychiatric hospital, where he stayed for 15 years. In October 30th 1978, after his parents’
death, Michael runs away and goes back to his house to kill his sister Laurie, and finish
what he had started. His psychopathy is a mystery for everyone,
including his psychiatrist, Dr Loomis, who describes him using sentences as “pure evil”
or “lacking any kind of understanding, reason, and sense of life and death, of good and bad”. He describes his eyes as “The Devil’s
Eyes”. His incredible physical skills are also inexplicable
– he can survive 6 gunshots, direct shots to his eyes or serious burns. The giant Michael Myers hides his face behind
an iconic white mask. The Mask used in the original installment
of Halloween was actually a mask from Captain Kirk in Star Treck, with the eyes cut out
and painted in white. In the begining, they were gonna use a mask
with the face of a clown. From the movie Halloween 4, the explanations
about Michael’s origins started turning darker and more supernatural. A curse explains in a supernatural way Michael’s
behavior, linked to black magic and celtic rituals. Michael is a human being with supernatural
skills, essentially evil and indestructible, who keeps inside an evil spirit comparable
to that of the Devil himself. This is explained through the implication
of a celtic cult. Myers has a runic symbol of evil tattooed
on his arm, related to the curse of Thorn, a pagan ritual that druids used to do during
All Saint’s Eve (Halloween). This ritual aims to finish off all the member
of the lineage, hence Michael’s obsession with killing all his family. In Rob Zombie’s version, who directed the
remakes of the saga from 2007 onwards, the origins of Michael as an assassin has more
psychological and social explanations. Michael comes from a dysfunctional family:
her mother is a stripper and a prostitute; his step father, an alcoholic, and he abuses
his sister. Michael has a promiscuous and negligent sister
that doesnt take him out trick or treating in Halloween. On top of all this, other kids bully him at
school. Myers shows classical psychopath behaviors,
such as torturing small animals, a weird obsession with his mother and violent behaviors. His first victim is one of the bullies that
upset him at school. He kills them in the woods with a branch. Behind his white mask, his mechanics overalls
and his kitchen knife, with more than 10 movies behind his back, Michael Myers has turned
into one of the most iconic murderers in the history of cinema. This October 31st, be very careful…

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